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Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor Chapter 87

Episode 87

Even though I retired and got older, I was still a tiger.

I can’t believe he’s this strong even though he doesn’t have a German weapon in his hand.

‘I knew it wasn’t an opponent that could be easily defeated, but…’

It seemed like it would be a much harder fight than expected.

I added strength to the hand holding the sword and watched the opponent’s movements.

If he was capable of performing different forms, he would have probably learned Choi Sang-seung’s walking method.

It wasn’t strange no matter when or how the distance was narrowed.

‘Anyway, the supernormal ability of the White Lightning God Technique is amazing.’

Even though he was hit head-on with a powerful fist, he suffered no significant damage other than minor internal injuries.

The body, strengthened by brain-spirit, withstood the semi-elasticity that would have distorted the intestines of an ordinary person.

‘This makes it clear. It is also possible to counteract strong energy by amplifying the power of the sword strike by incorporating thunder energy. It’s not perfect, but…’

Once again, the image of Dokgo Woo-jin in the past when he was dealing with the demon of evil spirits came to mind.

The sight of him wearing a thunder flag all over his body and holding down demons with his overwhelming strength was reminiscent of the Thunder God in folktales.

If I reach the state of enlightenment, will I also be able to show off such overwhelming inaction?


Lee Kang-hak kicked off the ground and rushed forward.

This time, rather than attacking the blind spot of the field of view, I fired at the new model in a straight line.

The speed was frighteningly fast.

I immediately sprinkled a pile of Wolyeonggeom’s herbivores.

April, the twelfth herbivorous month.

The eighth herbivorous month (暑月).

The illusion of a fluttering sword blocked the opponent’s vision, and the heated sword aimed at the nape of the neck.

Lee Kang-hak did not react to Heo Cho’s attack and only accurately struck down the sword flying towards his neck.

The fifth herbivorous half moon.

Instead of going against the semi-resilient force, I took advantage of it.

The sword’s trajectory, which had been soaring in a gentle curve, suddenly fell down.

Lee Kang-hak urgently twisted his body as the sword struck with the force of splitting the top of his head in two.

A sudden stop that seems to ignore inertia.

He pivoted his left foot to avoid the sword strike, then swung a fist filled with energy and aimed at my abdomen.


The sound of the blast rang in my ears.

A blow that passes by at a gap of half an inch.

I was able to narrowly avoid being bitten by the new type.

My entire abdomen was almost torn off.

Even though I didn’t touch it directly, a feeling of nausea rose up into my throat.

‘It was dangerous.’

Who did that?

A crisis is an opportunity.

I put out my tightly clenched left hand and struck the opponent’s wrist.


The sensation of bones breaking reached my fingertips.

Lee Kang-hak frowned and bit down on Shin Hyeong.

I followed along without missing it.

The second herbivorous month (殘月).

The presence of the sword was instantly erased.

A sword strike that surges silently from the blind spot of vision.

Lee Kang-hak, who could not react, cracked his shoulder and blood spattered.


He didn’t suffer quietly either.

He held out his broken left hand, blocking my view, and swung his right hand, striking my side.


I flew out, spitting blood out of my mouth, and rolled awkwardly on the ground.

If it hadn’t been for a split second to protect his side by forming a shield of brain energy, he would have gone straight into the goal.

‘Even a wounded wild animal wouldn’t be that fierce.’

I sighed as I stared at Lee Kang-hak, who was glaring at me with burning eyes.

As I shakily stood up, he asked in a low voice.

“Where is the recluse?”

“Are you curious about that in this situation?”

“I’ve seen someone use a similar martial art before.”


“He was a lawyer, not a prosecutor. So it was late to remember.”

I asked with wide eyes.

“Do you know Master?”

“As expected, he seems to be the contemporary successor to Tianreimun. So he sang the song ‘Disciple, Disciple’. “It seems like I’ve finally found the vein.”

“What is your relationship with Master?”

“A long time ago, we briefly joined forces in the process of rescuing Master Yeongun, who was in danger.”


I lowered my sword and let out a small exclamation.

A conversation I had with Dokgo Woojin in the past flashed through my mind.

[What is this?]

[Summoning group.]

[Summoning group? Are you talking about the summoning group called the Shaolin Temple’s secret elixir?]


[Is it a stolen object?]

[What kind of nonsense are you talking about? This is something I received from Master Yeongwoon when I was young.]

“They say he is a man with great wealth and no knowledge, and he is the master and his disciple.”


“Where on earth did you find this guy?”

“If you know about Master, you can say that my identity is also guaranteed. “How about we end this fruitless fight at this point?”

“You can’t do that. It’s not that I don’t know your teacher’s character, but that’s it. I don’t know about you.”

“You can kill two birds with one stone. “I can save my granddaughter’s life and I don’t have to be dragged along by the devil’s will.”

“On the other hand, you might miss two birds with one stone. “He was not able to save his granddaughter’s life and suffered the stigma of colluding with a demonic cult.”

“Do you really have to think so negatively?”

“At least, if the introducer wasn’t Sohyeongeom, I might have had high hopes for you.”


It seems that the former Meng Dao had a not very good impression of the Meng Elders.

Shouldn’t you have come separately instead of asking Sohyeongeom to make arrangements?

‘No, if that were the case, I wouldn’t have met you at all.’

Fortunately, a big man as big as So Hyeon-geom stepped forward to take on the role of arranger, so Lee Kang-hak could not refuse and gave his time.

Otherwise, there was a high possibility that foreigners visiting the manor would have been kicked out in order to avoid being discovered that he had made a deal with a demonic cult.

“It is true that I asked senior So Hyeon-geom to make arrangements, but I am not particularly serving him as my superior.”

“How can I believe that?”

“The stories continue to run parallel paths.”

“If you were a warrior, you would know. “There is only one way you can convince me.”

I clutched the back of my sore neck and organized my thoughts in my head.

Although he had the upper hand, he couldn’t let down his guard as the opponent’s level of martial arts was higher.

The moment I made a mistake, I could have had to quit my job.

I had to not lose concentration until the very end.

‘It’s a tiring fight.’

The opponent was attacking me with the intent to kill me, but I had to be careful not to kill or cripple him.

I felt like I was going into a fight wearing heavy sandbags.

Even if you do your best, it’s an opponent you can’t be sure of winning.

It was unfortunate because the opponent had bare hands. Otherwise, the moment he sensed something bad, he would have made the thirty-six precepts.

‘If I had run away, the problem would have grown out of control.’

Having memories of my past life, I knew how great the power of Lee Kang-hak’s personal connections was.

What if he decides to threaten to harm himself?

I would be falsely accused and accused of being a public enemy without even knowing why.

‘Somehow, we have to settle the matter here.’

As I watched Lee Kang-hak take off his outer garment and tie up his broken left hand, I jumped up from the ground and sprayed Wolyeonggeom’s herbivorous weapon.

The twentieth herbivorous month.

Dozens of strands of sword energy poured down toward the ground.

Lee Kang-hak continued to throw punches into the air with great enthusiasm.

Numerous hand movements filled the air.

The weapon, which had a knack for attacking the air, struck the air and hit my body.

Lee Kang-hak was also not safe, and wounds appeared all over his body.

I surrounded my entire body with energy, reducing the impact, and fell toward the opponent.

The chosik shown earlier was merely a ploy to limit the opponent’s movements.

The spinning kick, whose power was doubled by the addition of Cheongeunchu (千斤錘)’s technique, exploded.


Lee Kang-hak’s face, which raised both arms to protect his head, was distorted as if he were a murderer.

The ground sank hard, and stone debris flew everywhere.

The pain must have been beyond imagination as a strong impact had already been applied to the broken wrist.


Lee Kang-hak kicked off the ground and ran like a wild boar that had been hit.

After bouncing in a parabola, I landed on the ground and flew to the right without even having time to correct my posture.

A large man narrowly passed by, grazing his shoulder.

My clothes were torn by the wind pressure, and my exposed left arm turned bright red and swelled.

I rushed towards the opponent without even having time to wipe away the blood running down my chin.

At best, my opponent had turned his back on me, but I couldn’t miss this opportunity.

He spread the ghost beam with all his might, narrowed the distance to the opponent, and loaded his clenched fists with internal energy and brain energy.

The first herbivorous Paam Fist of Byeokryeok Fist.

Implementing a regime with the might of ten thousand years of power.

Lee Kang-hak hurriedly turned around and punched him in the face, but because he was unable to correct his posture, he was unable to apply sufficient force.

The clash between the fist and the thunderbolt.

With a roar, a dragon fist wind swept through the area.

Unknown plants were uprooted and flew into the sky.

Lee Kang-hak was thrown back in a struggle and hit his back against the wall.

The wall collapsed after being unable to withstand the shock.

Lee Kang-hak, buried in the rubble, vomited blood and groaned.

I took a deep breath and walked up to him.

“It looks like the game is up.”

“It’s not over yet.”

“no. It’s done. Don’t you feel it? Gasols are flocking here, drawn by the commotion.”


“I’m sure you don’t plan on getting them involved too.”

“It’s deplorable. “I’ve been practicing martial arts all my life, but I can’t do anything about a young friend and end up like this.”

“If he had been carrying a large sword, a German weapon, the outcome would have been different.”

“How old are you?”

“I turned 20 this year.”

“Did I just lose to a young man with a weak face? They say that the back wave of the Yangtze River pushes out the front wave, but I think this is a bit harsh.”

I pointed out Lee Kang-hak’s fallen demon blood.

In order to explain the situation to the Gasols who would soon flock here, I did not mention the details.

“Please guide me to where my granddaughter is.”

Lee Kang-hak was supported and sat against the wall that had not yet collapsed.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as if he was thinking for a while, then sighed and looked around.


Warriors appeared from all over the place and were closing the distance with their swords drawn.

I sat down next to Lee Kang-hak with a tired expression on my face.

Tension filled the garden.

Lee Kang-hak dissuaded the warriors in a soft voice.

“stop. He is my guest.”

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

Moon-Shadow Sword Emperor

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Status: Ongoing Released: 2023
“What a dogshit life… honestly.” Though he had become a disciple of the Heavenly Demon amidst the strife-filled Demonic Sect, Yeon So-Woon gets betrayed by his disciple-brother and comes to meet his end.


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