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Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner Chapter 1095

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Necromancer School’s Summoning Genius Chapter 1095

The toy buildings that filled the entire village began to disappear or peel off one by one, and the village was quickly returning to its original appearance.

Meanwhile, Merida, who was sitting on the floor, still had a sleepy look on her face.

“More than that, the deadline for the Merida mission has passed by three days.”

Simon sighed softly and looked around.

Villagers come to their senses and shout, and in the distance, armed men can be seen lying unconscious.

“What happened?”


A sleepy voice came out of her mouth.

“He was a strong enemy.”

Come to think of it.

As the trance was lifted, completely charred or destroyed buildings were revealed throughout the village. This is a sign of Keygen’s overall 2nd place struggles. Could it be that a desperate savior was here?

“They kept threatening me with the lives of villagers. “I can’t pay attention to everything-”


She opened her small mouth, yawned, and continued.


“I wrote a dream. “A little deeper.”

“…okay. “I understand.”

Simon covered his forehead.

“But I would have been careful about using such advanced technology in crowded places. “Where is that powerful enemy?”

Merida pointed to the side.

There, beyond the ruins of the collapsed house, was a person with both legs sticking out. Simon looked and saw that his head had exploded.

It wasn’t Merida’s doing. A type of curse that organizations often use on their members. That’s what happens if you just spit out information or show intent to do so.

“The rest of my subordinates also needed information, so I trapped them in a dream, but it was no use.”

Merida slightly turned her neck as if her shoulders were slumped and looked at Simon.


From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Soon he raised his arms towards Simon.


“Pick me up.”

Simon scratched his head when he suddenly asked me to carry him even though he had no injuries.

“I’m not in the mood to be fooled, Mary. To sort this all out… How long has it been since the villagers fell asleep?”

“5 days.”

When Simon heard those words, his heart sank.

“wait for a sec! “So you’re saying that for five days, all the people in this village were left without a proper meal?”

There may have been deaths during the mission. Simon’s vision turned white at that fact.

But Merida blinked with an innocent expression.

“I’m a fellow Pantasus Sleep user, but I don’t know much about it. “An opponent affected by sleep enters a kind of hibernation-like state.”


“The nutrients in the body are preserved as much as possible. “It’s okay if you don’t eat for a few days.”

She showed a triumphant expression as if she was saying, ‘Did you do well?’ and raised her arms towards Simon again.

“Let’s go resolve the situation and apologize to the villagers.”

Simon had no choice but to grab her hands and say ‘Utcha’ and stand up. She was sitting down and was forced to stand up.

She was staring at my palm, puffed out her cheeks with a dissatisfied expression, and sat down again.

“This is not it.”

“It’s Mary!”

2nd place overall: Merida Hugh Eckel.

From daotranslate dot com

Simon said that he had awakened a new power that surpassed that of his older brother, and for the first time in a long time, Simon felt like he had become more spoiled.

* * *

In the end, it was up to the student council president to resolve the situation.

The members and helpers of the organization captured by Merida were tightly bound and imprisoned in ‘Bon Prison’.

At the same time, he used a teleportation induction spell and used the communication crystal ball to contact nearby Keygen minions. I ordered the criminals to be arrested and the situation investigated.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Afterwards, he took Merida to a place where the villagers were gathered. There were people injured during the desperate hostage situation, but miraculously, there were no deaths due to trance.

“I apologize again.”

Simon bowed his head politely to the villagers.

As Merida stood stiffly with her arms crossed next to him, Simon pressed the hood she was wearing and forced her to apologize.

“After listening to Merida’s story, it was a decision that prioritized the lives of the hostages during the battle. If anyone gets caught up in black magic and gets injured, Kizen takes responsibility…”

“Hahaha! “What are you saying!”


The village people looked very refreshed.

“I had severe insomnia, but my fatigue was completely gone! “I feel like I was reborn!”

“I met my deceased father and mother in a dream. I was happy to return to my childhood after a long time! Thank you for giving me good memories!”

From daotranslate dot com

“I gave up on the civil service exam, but I’m going to prepare again.”

The villagers seemed to be in a happy mood after being forced to sleep for five days. No one blamed Merida.

She said, ‘Did you see?’ I glanced at Simon with an expression that said,

The true value of Phantasms-type sleep is a curse that doesn’t seem to be a curse.

The sweeter and more comfortable sleep it gives, the better the sleep magic is. Merida possesses unrivaled capabilities in this field.

Merida walked in front of the villagers and spread her palms.

“Then don’t just say you like it with words… money…”


Simon blushed and covered Merida’s mouth, then laughed ‘Ahaha’.

“yes! Money is important! Keygen’s minions will be here soon! We will cover all costs for repairs and property damage!”

“thank you!”

“I can’t believe I feel so secure under the protection of the Dark Alliance and Kizen!”

Simon greeted the villagers once and then walked away with Merida, who was like a moving time bomb.

Merida, covering her mouth with her palm, said, ‘Eup eup. ‘Ugh!’ He made a sound of protest. Simon had no choice but to move his palm away.

“Pantasus said great value comes with a cost.”

“…I don’t think you meant to ask for money in times like this.”

Simon sighed and raised his head.

In the distance, a group of robed Kizen minions were riding on ghost horses.

“Let’s go back to school.”

* * *

Simon and Merida immediately returned to Rock Island via the teleportation magic circle and stopped by Vice-Chancellor Jane’s laboratory to report.



Merida was extremely scolded by Jane.

Although he was not the one being scolded, Simon pressed his gaze against the wall and looked away. In fact, even if I wasn’t scolded and saw someone else getting scolded, I would feel guilty.

‘I’ve never seen Professor Jane so angry.’

Jane felt intimidated by her position and had great natural charisma, so there was no need to get angry or discipline the student. Because no student was so overwhelmed that they couldn’t even make a sound when standing in front of her.

However, being angry to that degree is probably intended to put Merida’s spirit in the past.

The more powerful a necromancer is, the more likely he is to become corrupted by his obsession with power, and the greater the risk. Now, it’s not long until Merida graduates and goes out into the world. There is not much time when you can sit down and educate children like this.

“You got the whole village involved! How many times are you going to disappoint me? Merida Hugh Ekel!”

Merida, who acted as if she had a clue about the world, was scolded by Jane with a stiff face, probably because she was scared.

As Merida’s face turned white, Jane stopped nagging and returned to her original calm mood.

“It took longer than expected. “I hope you two are ready to go on your next mission.”

She glanced at Merida.

“It’s possible, right? Merida student.”

Nod nod nod.

Merida quickly nodded three times.

“Answer out loud.”

“Yes, Professor!”


Jane sat down and nodded.

“You two should go to the Ghost Palace right now. The purpose is to support the ‘shedding’ of the Ghost Princess Lord Tenerife. “We ask that you follow her instructions and requests and cooperate in every way possible to ensure she spends her shedding period as safely as possible.”

“yes! professor!”

Simon and Merida answered simultaneously.

“As you two know, the princess’s shedding period is when her strength is at its weakest and it is also a time when the Ghost Palace is particularly dangerous. If there is someone who wants to put the continent in danger, they will target this time. “If the Ghost Palace is breached, the continent will suffer irreparable damage.”

Her eyes sparkled.

“That’s why we at Keygen are sending the two most trustworthy people. “I hope everyone recognizes the weight of sending 1st and 2nd place to Kizen’s highest grades.”

The two responded energetically once again.


Jane sighed softly and snapped her fingers.



The curtains moved on their own to cover the windows, and all kinds of soundproofing and other special barriers began to spread throughout the lab.

Simon could guess what was happening.

“Then this is confidential from now on.”

Jane reached under the desk, took out a red briefcase, and held it out towards the two people. Simon swallowed.

‘As expected, it is Keygen’s top secret.’

Simone and Merida carefully took it, opened the bag, and checked the contents of the red envelope. Jane began to explain further.

“There is no reason for that, and I would like to believe that it cannot be so, but we have received intelligence that the Ghost Princess Tenerife Echeverria, commander of the 4th Corps, has recently been in contact with the commander of the 1st Corps, a person of interest.”


From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Simon and Merida’s eyes widened at the same time.

“This is a sub-mission. Help the Ghost Princess with her work, watch and investigate from her side. “If it turns out that she is collaborating with the 1st Corps and is plotting something.”

Jane’s eyes calmed down.

“I hope the molting support mission is canceled and arrested on the spot. If capturing alive is impossible, killing is also permitted. “We’ll think about fixing the Ghost Palace later.”

Simon felt his head become slightly dizzy.

I heard an incredible story.

* * *

Intelligence that the 1st Corps, known as the strongest, has contacted the 4th Ghost Corps.

Jane also said, ‘There is no reason for that and I want to believe that it cannot be so,’ so the probability was low.

It is the Dark Alliance that pays a huge amount of support to the Ghost Palace. Additionally, the 1st Legion’s territory and the 4th Legion’s Ghost Palace are geographically distant.

Many circumstances deny their alliance, but if two of the six corps commanders rebelled against the Dark Alliance, it would be a serious matter that would shake all of Nephthys’ plans to the core.

So it seemed like Keygen had also ordered an investigation. There is no harm in being careful.

After breaking up with Merida, Simon packed up his luggage, changed into a new uniform, and told his colleagues and classmates in advance that he was going on his next mission.

I couldn’t tell you the destination because it was private, but my classmates and juniors all encouraged and supported me.

So they joined Merida at the teleportation magic circle on the southern hill, and the two stood in front of the teleportation magic circle together.

“Then let’s start the teleportation spell.”


The feet of the two people floated into the air. Simon closed his eyes and felt the sensation of the teleportation magic circle.

So after a while.


Simon felt the floor beneath his feet and cautiously opened his eyes.

Go go go go go go!

Finally, the huge ghost palace that I had only heard about through rumors.


A place other than this came out.

Simon tilted his head.

‘Well, something’s strange.’

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After the ‘100-Year War’ between the Necromancers and Priests, an all-time genius who’ll shake the power structure was born. “Am I a rare case or something? Do I have talent?” A potential beyond all imagination. He obtained his father’s undead army and entered the great Necromancer school of Kizen that divided the continent. Geniuses are geniuses, even when gathered among the elites. The research community was flipped on its head by the appearance of a new case. Professors wouldn’t leave him be alone, wanting to make him study directly under them. Officials from all over the kingdom and heads of organizations fidgeted over whether to scout him. “Professor! When can I make a Lich?” “Gimme a break. How talented are you? You’re crossing the line, honestly.” A genius among geniuses had appeared.


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