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Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner Chapter 982

Necromancer School’s Summoning Genius Episode 982

“His Holiness the Pope! “His Holiness the Pope!”

Lete’s messenger arrived at the ‘left cathedral’ on the premises of the Vatican.

He opened the door and hurried inside.

“I have something to report urgently…! ah.”

His mouth closed involuntarily.

Five huge pressures felt from the front.

No, I couldn’t say it was a feeling of pressure. It was almost like a feeling of foreignness because something difficult to touch cannot be felt through human thinking.

He knelt down, enduring a pounding headache.

“The Saint of the Star has sent a letter.”

In those words.

One of the five people sitting in front of the Left Cathedral turned his head and looked at the messenger.


The kind old woman smiled. When smiling, the muscles of the mouth and the eyebrows were delicately distorted.

“Shall we take you forward?”


The messenger barely suppressed the scream that was about to escape his throat. Suddenly, something like light appeared from under my feet, picked me up, and began to slowly move.

Soon the messenger appeared as if he had been dragged in front of the pulpit where the five archbishops were sitting.


The headache got even worse. I didn’t even dare to look up to them. The bodies of the archbishops sitting in their respective seats were covered in shadow, so only their silhouettes were visible, and only the eye lights were shining where their heads were.

The messenger moved his trembling arms and unfolded the scroll.

“I’ll read this! “The identity of selected student No. 9 Lisara, who was the target of the demon subjugation war initiated by the general affairs director, is not a demon…!”

“The star saint won.”

The messenger was interrupted by the voice of an old man. Then another voice spoke.

“The interpretation of the Gospel of Bachum is just around the corner, but even the saints are short-tempered when it comes to political turmoil.”

“Don’t be like that. “If the conflict is deep, a stage is needed to resolve it.”

“Now that we’ve talked about that, how far has God’s womb been reassembled?”

The messenger was sweating profusely. My head hurt more and more as I watched them discussing other worldly affairs as if the Sky Island civil war was nothing.


That moment.


The messenger’s body rose high.

The messenger looked at his feet in astonishment. The floor didn’t rise; he was on someone’s finger from the beginning. A finger made of light lifted the messenger and headed towards the ceiling of the cathedral.



A halo of light fluttered from the ceiling and took the shape of a face.

[Shall we listen to the story of the new saint Lisara?]

Ruler of the Holy Federation.

Pope Hersilia Ephner was smiling with a transcendental look, resting her chin.


Nearly a week has passed on Sky Island since Lisara’s awakening.

The bishop general was arrested and his trial is underway at the Vatican. The sin of denying the great will of the goddess and trying to kill the saint and install the next saint according to his own intentions and interests was a great one.

Although he was a candidate for the next archbishop, there were predictions that it would be difficult to avoid capital punishment.

In addition, several people connected to the general affairs bishop were dragged out one after another, investigated, and dismissed from their positions. During the investigation, additional unjust activities of the Bishop were revealed, causing a storm of bloodshed on Sky Island.

“But that one thing is a bit disappointing.”

Lethe and Simon were chatting as they watched the flock of sheep grazing peacefully in front of the fence.

“You couldn’t tie Dana up and send her away with you.”


There’s no way it’s easy.

Simon shook his head, and Lethe clenched her fists, still as if her anger had not dissipated.

“Anyway, that clever fox b*stard! From the beginning, I did not leave a single record of military deployment and did not mobilize a single soldier under my command. He claims that he personally participated in the subjugation of the Bishop General while on vacation and that he is also a victim of lies. Ha really.”

Simon calmed down Lethe, who was furious.

“Still, the case was resolved and the General Affairs Bishop, who was a major member of the hard-liners, was arrested, so it’s okay.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

Lethe tilted her head.

“This incident has definitely changed the mood at Afnel.”

The war was so close that Israfil expressed his concerns directly to Simon.

The conflict between war hardliners and moderates within the Federation did not last for a day or two, but countless incidents and abnormal phenomena committed by the organization were variables.

The actions committed by the group caused terrible damage, and the residents, who had a hard time making a living, became dissatisfied with the ruling class, Afnel, and even began to question their faith.

-I was treated in an unspeakably horrible way by a gangster! But no matter how much I pleaded for her life, the goddess ended up ignoring me!

-I don’t know what the meaning is of praying every day and making offerings and sacrifices every month.

With religion, the foundation of the Holy Federation, faltering from its roots, it seemed only a matter of time before Epnel, who was cornered, would resort to war. There was no other means than war to rally public sentiment and bring wavering faith to the center.

In particular, Dana’s hardliners were steadily making preparations for war, using the logic that the group was the necromancers of the Dark Alliance.

Fortunately, this incident greatly dampened the momentum of the hardliners, and Dana was forced to take precautions for the time being. Above all, Lisara, one of the new seven saints.

She considers Lethe a mentor and loathes the Archbishop and the hardliners who tried to kill her. Naturally, there was a high possibility that he would follow Lethe and come over here.

If you leave aside the total power and count only the number of saints, it is 4:3. For the first time, moderates surpassed hardliners. Now, if things went well, it was not a dream that a cooperative operation between the Dark Federation and the Holy Federation would unfold to deal with the common enemy called the Order.

Simon, who was listening to the story, opened his mouth.

“If Israfil’s influence grows, the war itself may be prevented, but the Holy Federation is still shaken due to the association, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Lethe put her elbow on the fence.

“So, it starts now. “In order to prevent the resentment of the people of the federation from getting any deeper, those of us who oppose the war will have to go around even more and get heat rashes on our feet to resolve the situation.”

“I chose the path that goes around.”


Lethe smiled mischievously and poked Simon’s cheek.

“So are we going to go to war with you guys? “In the end, we all want to die together.”

“that’s right.”

Simon gently grabbed Lethe’s finger and turned it so that he could stab her in the cheek.

“No matter how painful and difficult the road is, you must not turn a blind eye or lose your senses. “It’s especially not possible for things to go as planned.”

“what. “There’s nothing you can’t do to a saintly woman, right?”

Lethe playfully threw a kick, and Simon dodged it, laughing out loud.


She lowered her raised foot, slightly pulled down her school uniform skirt, and spoke.

“Now that you’re at the end of your life on Sky Island, how was it?”

“What are you doing?”

Simon smiled brightly.

“it was fun. There was a lot to learn. I’ve been to the Holy Federation a few times, but it was incomparably more beneficial than before. “I feel like I’m learning a lot more about this place.”

Lethe nodded, crossing her arms. Somehow, he seemed to be in a better mood.

“I’m glad you had fun. “What do you regret?”

“I couldn’t finish the rookie worship service because you stopped me, Lete.”

“That couldn’t be helped!”

Her voice rose as if she, too, had been stabbed.

“In the first place, spies are supposed to act secretly, but you stand out so uniquely!”


“Yes you! “Do you know how many people are desperately looking for you right now?”

She touched her forehead with a troubled expression.

“The rumor has already spread, so it’s not a big deal to ask who the excellent investigator who helped the Star Maiden solve the case is. Didn’t Sway ask for your address, saying he would take all the selected students out on vacation during vacation? Isn’t that a professor of Suhohak who has no choice but to make you his son-in-law? Even the child who became a saint this time is in love with you!”

“what? “Lisa?”


When Lethe stepped on Simon’s foot, Simon let out a muffled scream and took his foot away.

“I told you not to mess with the juniors and just focus on the investigation, right? “I wonder if someone is ‘that human’ son.”

Simon touched the foot he stepped on with a look of injustice in his eyes, and Lethe continued speaking.

“Let’s say everything is good. Since the case was being investigated, it might stand out! But of course! why!”

She tilted her back and glared at Simon. This time, I felt genuine anger.

“Dana! “Is that person looking for you?”

The anger in his voice was creepy, so Simon swallowed his saliva and closed his mouth. It seemed like no matter what I said, it would inflame her anger.

As Simon remained silent, Lethe soon sighed, ‘Haa’ and crossed her arms.

“Until now, I’ve just said that he was an investigator hired through my personal route, but when big names like that move in to uncover your identity and twist the situation, it’s hard for you to be safe. “I have arranged a train for tomorrow, so please return to the Dark Alliance.”

“That’s right.”

Simon was immediately convinced.

I never thought things would go that far. There was a reason why Lethe kept herself hidden. This was not the time to complain about not being able to finish the rookie worship service.

Lethe shrugged and shook her head.

“What on earth have you been doing for three weeks that Sky Island has been turned upside down by one idiot like this?”

“…ha ha ha.”

“Anyway, there’s a reason why they stopped me from going to the rookie worship service. “I think the misunderstanding needs to be corrected.”

Simon raised his head and looked at the blue sky.

A cool breeze was blowing and clouds were floating around.

“It’s not only that I broke up without seeing those guys, but it’s also unfortunate that I won first place and couldn’t make a wish for you.”

Lethe was shocked and shook her shoulders.

Simon turned his head.

“what’s the matter?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

Lethe continued speaking in gibberish.

“Well, come to think of it! “It’s true that I didn’t get first place, so maybe I can make a wish for you?”

“Oh, that’s a bit far-fetched.”

Since I couldn’t complete the worship meeting schedule itself, I didn’t get a rank.

Lethe herself must have thought that this was far-fetched, so she clicked her tongue and said nothing more. Simon took a step closer.

“What kind of wish did you try to make of me by being so unreasonable?”


Lethe was startled and her eyes widened.

“You don’t know anything.”

“I’m curious.”

“ah! “I don’t know anything!”

Lete screamed and took a step back and then turned her head.

Simon was surprised to see the blush on her face.

‘Lethe… are you embarrassed?’



Lethe, who pushed Simon’s chest with her palm in a slow motion, crossed her arms and snorted.

“The small wish has passed away, but if it’s just a request, I can grant it. “This is because of your hard work.”

“okay? thank you! Then, without hesitation-”

Simon said emphatically.

“From now on, starting with the third year of Kizen, there will be more external activities and dispatched missions. There will be a lot of work to do when going to the Holy Federation, so I hope we can help each other without harming each other. how is it?”


Lethe looked into Simon’s eyes.

“what’s the matter? Lethe.”

“Oh well…”

She nodded with her eyes wide open.

“This time, I wanted to be like Anna’s son.”


“It’s nothing.”

Lethe turned around, holding her back.

Then he looked back at Simon and smiled mischievously.

“The assistance is good. But you are the corps commander of Kizen and I am the saintess of Afner. “I can’t help you if you’re fighting a priest.”

“I don’t even want that. Additionally, missions related to desperate search and battle have become more mainstream these days than local wars against priests. I’m glad.”

Simon talked about various things and Lethe nodded.

“It’s consistent.”


“It’s nothing.”

Lethe, standing next to him, smiled and leaned her forehead against Simon’s shoulder.

‘That’s exactly what I view as a good thing.’


The next morning.

Sky Island Train Station.


A sacred train was coming in, spouting cloudy smoke. The sight of the Shinsung Train running in the sky along floating rails was impressive no matter how many times I saw it.

And at the station stood Simon and Lethe, covered in robes.



Lethe tilted her head with a sad smile.

“I would like to see you off at the border, but as you know, the entire Sky Island is turned upside down.”

“of course. “It’s a short walk to the border, so I’ll go back and write another letter.”

Simon held out his palm.

“And you’re going to run into a lot of things during your third year, right?”

Lethe also smiled passionately and held her hand.

“It’s a sword that won’t lose. “If you ever meet me on the battlefield, think I’m dead.”

While the two people are shaking hands and smiling.

Clang. Clang.

The Shinsung train arrived in front of the station.

And the empty cabin of that train. There was someone riding alone.


Long black hair flowed from under the hood of the robe-covered man. The outline of armor was visible inside the hood, and the gauntlets coming out of the sleeves of the robe held a sword sheath.


He turned his head and looked at the window.

“I should have told you. Euclid.”

He let out a hushed voice.

“I should have told you, Euclid.”

He let out a hushed voice.

“I will definitely get what I want.”

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