Novel Harvey York’s Rise To Power Chapter 4640

Chapter 4640

Naturally, Lilian Yates wanted to disrespect Harvey York in public.

“Don’t worry, Mother!

“There are a lot of witnesses here! Harvey won’t get away with this!

Gabriel Lee was excited.

“He’ll be dead once this gets sent to the police!”

Xynthia Zimmer showed a bitter expression.

“You need to trust Harvey! He’s not that kind of person!”

“Heh heh heh! Trust him?!

“What do you know?!

“He’s just a shameless man infatuated by beauty and riches!

“He’s completely inferior compared to Young Master John!

“I saw through him already!

“People like him should be sent straight to jail!

“That’ll teach him a lesson for sure!

“I’m going to trample his pride in front of everyone right now!”

Lilian pressed the play button with an excited look.

But the next moment, the entire family trembled as if lightning struck them.

They saw that the person doing heinous things was none other than the son-in-law Lilian looked up to, Silas John.

The person who saved Mandy was Harvey!

How shameful!

Lilian felt a sharp pain on her face. The shame seemed more painful than the slap she took from Harvey.

A few raised their heads to look at Harvey before realizing he had already left.

It was not that he was afraid of Lilian.

He thought that he should deal with the situation once and for all.

Silas was already dealt with, but the instigator, Alma John, could not just be off the hook.

Harvey needed to get things done immediately so there would be no further problems.

Harvey sent out a few texts before sitting in his Audi. Then, he told Thomas Burton to drive back to Fortune Hall.

Mandy’s situation did not end there. It was just the beginning.

Voom voom voom!

Ten minutes later, Harvey received a phone call. It was Kairi Patel.

“Looks like you’re planning something big tonight, Sir York.

“The John family received word.

“Blaine John hasn’t shown up yet, but another prominent figure did.

“They’re planning to find you. They also want you to cough up Silas.

“If not, they’ll raze Fortune Hall to the ground!”

Harvey calmly smiled.

“Looks like Silas is a small fry, after all!

Blaine doesn’t care about him at all!

“He’s not even going to see his younger brother before his passing?

“Right, but the second young master, Colson John, did.

“He might be Silas’ half-brother.

“He’ll probably be standing up for Silas soon.”

Naturally, Kairi knew that Harvey had already taken care of Silas.

“The second young master?

Harvey smiled.

“Since the big fish isn’t coming out yet, we’ll just deal with the small ones first.

“Since Colson’s the older brother, he’ll naturally have to take responsibility.”

Harvey was already planning to show up at the John family’s front door…

But he did not expect that they would come to him first.

This would definitely save Harvey some time.

“If Colson also dies, Blaine would naturally have to come out after, right?” Kairi rationalized with a faint smile.

“There’s no rush. We’ll see what they’re planning to do first.

Harvey smiled.

“Please send word saying that I’ll be in Fortune Hall, Ms. Patel.

“Silas is just about to pass after all…

“Hopefully they’ll show up soon enough.

“After all, I’ll have to catch up on my midnight snacks.”

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