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Novel Harvey York’s Rise To Power Chapter 5261

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Chapter 5261

Westley Wright took a deep breath, prepared to get his people raring to attack.

Blaine John frowned while standing beside him, calling him filth under his breath.

Harvey York already made everything clear, yet Westley still decided to go against him.

If someone were to upload the entire footage of the incident online, it would cause a huge stir.

If that were to happen, it would be troublesome even to try to rectify the situation…

Let alone crush Harvey and Prince.

Blaine got Westley and the others here to resolve trouble and not to cause more.

Instinctively, Blaine had no choice but to stop watching the show and whisper in Westley’s ear.

Westley stood frozen before he returned to his senses.

“I see!

“So you have the Patel family’s support!

“No wonder you’d dare to go against Young Master Emery!

“But if I remember correctly, the five hidden families made a promise when they were first established…

“As long as the country exists, the families would never get involved with the royal court!


“Are you planning to go against that now?

“Is this a part of your plan? Or are the others also involved in this?

“If the Patel family’s involved, do you know what that means?

“The royal court can justify wiping out the Patel family!

“You’re dead, Harvey!

“And so is the Patel family!

“Everyone who supports you will lose their lives because of their disobedience!

“Your entire bloodline will be annihilated!”

Westley knew that Harvey was a formidable opponent, but he still got cocky because of his own words.

All Blaine did was whisper a few words in his car.

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‘I’m a prominent figure! There’s no need for me to fight such useless filth like Harvey!

‘I’ll drag the Patel family down by bringing up the royal court!

“That bastard will surely kneel after that!

‘And if he doesn’t, then that’s even better!

‘Young Master John and Young Master Emery’s been devising to destroy the Patel family anyway!

“That said, the family had deep roots within Golden Sands.

It’d be difficult to pull off such a thing for now.

‘Since there’s a reason for me to take action this time, I’ll gladly take the opportunity!”

Without a second thought, Westley gave a smile.

He did not expect such a blessing when he came to Golden Sands.

If he succeeded in his mission, he would serve right beside Emery if he rose to power!


Harvey swung the back of his palm across Westley’s face again, making him stumble to the ground. The turquoise fell out of his hand, while a side of his face became completely swollen.

Westley was infuriated.

“How dare you hit me again, you bastard?!

“You want to die?!”

“You come from the Wright family, the Big Boss’ family…

“But not only are you out here embarrassing his name, but you’re also framing and taking advantage of other people as you please!

“A legendary being like the Big Boss doesn’t exist for you to show off!

“Who even are you?

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“How dare you use the royal court’s name to flaunt your strength?!

“Are you even worthy?!”

“Am I even worthy?” exclaimed Westley.

“Not only am I a relative to the damn family, I also hold a position in the government!

“You tell me if I’m worthy or not!”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

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Harvey York’s Rise To Power

Harvey York’s Rise To Power

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