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Novel Harvey York’s Rise To Power Chapter 5263

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Chapter 5263


Westley Wright almost stumbled to the ground again after hearing those words.

He quickly turned around before squinting at Harvey York, almost to the point of hitting Harvey as if he could no longer suppress his fury.

Blaine John quickly cleared his throat before giving him a look, signaling him not to be reckless.

Westley furiously gritted his teeth when his entire face turned purple. He tightly clenched his fist before letting go after a short while.

“Fine! You asked for it!” he exclaimed crackly after taking a long breath.

“You better hope that you can take it!

“The money’s for your damn funeral!”

Westley immediately slapped himself a few times and threw a check to the ground before leaving.

Everyone was shocked after seeing Blaine and the others leave with their tails between their legs.

Prince Gibson even showed admiration in his eyes when looking at Harvey.

He thought Harvey was just a man who could devise plans behind the scenes.

But he did not expect Harvey to handle a young master from Wolsing fearlessly.

“Since we’ve completely disrespected Westley and Blaine, I’m afraid…”


Prince hesitated for a moment.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of.

Harvey folded his arms with a nonchalant expression.

“I wouldn’t want Quill’s funeral to be that quiet anyway.

“It’d be nice to make some noise.

“We’ll have to make sure that we send a few people to accompany him too.”

Inside the Gibson family’s residence, all the higher-ups of the six Hermit Families were gathered.

Everyone felt utterly speechless after hearing about Westley and the others being utterly disrespected and leaving fifteen million dollars worth of compensation.

On one hand, they were shocked by Harvey’s ruthless methods.

On the other hand, they knew a huge storm was coming because of Harvey’s actions.

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“Harvey’s directing all that hate from both the John family and the Wright family to himself…” said Arlet Pagan, her face showing worry.

“Can he deal with Blaine and the others all by himself?

“If Blaine gets desperate, who knows what will happen?”

Saul Robbins heaved a sigh before setting down his cup.

“Harvey did get quite reckless this time…

“Blaine would probably care about the bigger picture…

“But not Westley.

“Nobody’s going to know what’ll happen next.”

A few higher-ups were starting to get anxious.

Only Azrael Bolton and Watson Braff were still calm and collected.

“What should we do next, Father? You should tell us!”

exclaimed Kade Bollon.

“What’s the rush?

Azrael showed a vacant expression as he played with his fidget walnuts.

“You people only see what’s happening on the surface, not Sir York’s true intentions.

“His slaps might seem reckless, but he’s already been planning ahead.

“After all, Blaine and the others clearly didn’t come with good intentions.

“They’ve been hiding their true intentions. We would never know when they’ll reveal their true colors.

“Compared to that, why not just bring the fight to them in the first place?

“No matter what Blaine and Westley prepared, they couldn’t bring any of it up because of this.

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“A public quarrel is way easier to deal with than the ones invisible to the naked eye.

“Sir York’s planning for the people involved with Quill’s death to join him as well!

“That said…”

Azrael frowned.

“What is it?”

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Watson was confused.

“Speak your mind.”

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