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Martial Peak Chapter 2906

Yang Kai snorted, blood flowed out of the nose, and his weak face suddenly became pale as paper, his body swayed, as if he might fall down at any time.

The young man was taken aback for a moment, and quickly collected all of his divine ability.

He has no malice towards Yang Kai, but there are certain things that he must find out, and it is inconvenient to investigate them with his identity, so he will appear here to intercept.

He want to use his means to see it from Yang Kai, but didn’t expect to force Yang Kai to fight back desperately, and it was quite effective.

This made him quite embarrassed.

If a move fails, he won’t be able to make another move. His stature was erratic, and he withdrew from back, as if he had never moved.

Hundreds of feet away, Yang Kai stared in anger. Regardless of it, he frantically mobilized the power of the colorful Mild Soul Lotus, drove his own divine soul, and guarded his consciousness sea. He would not hand over any secrets in the Consciousness Sea unless the other party Knock him down.

The opponent definitely has this strength, and Yang Kai will not give in easily.

This scene is like a rabbit facing a falcon pouring down from the sky. Even if it show the teeth, it might not do much. The falcon still catches the rabbit in mid-air, flies to a high place, and then throws it down to the ground.

The young man looked at Yang Kai for a while, then suddenly sighed softly, then looked up at the sky, seeming to be talking to the air: “The weather is nice.”

After saying this, he stepped forward and suddenly disappeared from Yang Kai’s field of vision, just as he was invisible when he came, and it was also imperceptible when he left.

Yang Kai maintained a vigilant posture for a long while, and his Divine Sense went back and forth within a radius of thousands of meters, and it took a while before he was convinced that the man had really left. Only then did he breathe a sigh of relief and let go of his vigilance.

The unimaginable feeling of exhaustion swept over like a tide, causing him to stagger in the air involuntarily, and almost fell over his head.

Barely stabilize his figure, he stretched out his hand to wipe the blood from his face and frowned.

The man suddenly ran to intercept him, and even used his divine ability to find out his secrets. The result was s strong thunder but small rain, which made Yang Kai very puzzled and surprised.

He ran here deliberately, is it just to say “the weather is nice”?

This is obviously impossible.

After thinking for a while, the depression on Yang Kai’s face gradually dissipated, and he slowly laughed. The more he laughed, the more relaxed he was, and the last layer of worry and burden in his heart was completely let go.

He probably understood what that person meant.

He took away the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland from the fifth floor of the five-color pagoda. As the Lord of the Star Soul Palace, controlling the existence of the five-color pagoda, the great emperor must have discovered something, but he couldn’t fully understand it. That’s why he needs to investigate.

However, Yang Kai was not a disciple of the Star Soul Palace, and entering the five-colored pagoda was only because of a previous agreement, so neither the greaat emperor nor the elders could ask Yang Kai to take the initiative to confess his experience in the five-colored pagoda.

If Yang Kai is just an ordinary Emperor Realm, there will be many secret techniques in the Star Soul Palace that will make him unknowingly reveal the existence of the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland, but now Yang Kai still has the identity as the Azure Sun Temple Elder. Star Soul Palace, as the overlord sect of the Southern Territory, and the patron saint of the Southern Territory, naturally cannot bully the small by the big.

So the great emperor took the shot himself, and the location was not inside the Star Soul Palace, but chose to be outside the Star Soul Palace, indicating that all this had nothing to do with the Star Soul Palace.

He didn’t report his origin and out of this consideration, Yang Kai guessed that there was no point, and the two maintained a tacit understanding of their hearts to some extent, which made major matters smaller.

The matter is over. The great emperor himself still failed to find any useful information, or the great emperor did not force Yang Kai. After this matter, the Star Soul Palace will not stay to investigate Yang Kai’s encounters and gains in the five-color pagoda.

In other words, no matter what Yang Kai took away from the five-color pagoda, Star Soul Palace and Bright Moon Great Emperor both pinched their noses to recognize it.

It was precisely because he understand this that Yang Kai’s mood suddenly became extremely comfortable.

Before, he was somewhat worried that he would be called a thief. In the future, even if he brings the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland back to the High Heaven Palace, he can only use it in hiding, and cannot be exposed openly. But after the experience just now, Thousand Imaginary Dreamland can shine in the world, even if the Star Soul Palace knows it afterwards, there is nothing to say.

Thinking about it carefully, Yang Kai felt that he should still be grateful to the Great Emperor, and the Great Emperor seemed to be quite a good person. With his methods and abilities, it would not be impossible for him to forcefully break through Yang Kai’s Counsciousness Sea defense just now, but he didn’t force it strongly, showing the strong demeanor the powerhouse should have.

This gave Yang Kai a good impression of him.

The ‘nice weather’ is probably also the great emperor’s helplessness and embarrassment.

With a smile, Yang Kai couldn’t laugh anymore, touched under his nose, the blood flowed as if it could not be stopped, the consumption of the divine soul during this period was too great, it had already exceeded his own load, if there is no colorful Mild Soul Lotus guarding him, he has already become an idiot.

Yang Kai flew staggeringly for more than ten days before arriving.

On the former site of the Thousand Leaves Sect, there are still devastated and ruined walls everywhere. Yang Kai came to the Mountain Valley lightly, activated the Space Principle, and entered the Emperor Heavenly Valley of the Thousand Leaves Sect.

Emperor Heavenly Valley is an independent small world. In today’s world, apart from Yang Kai’s freedom to enter and exit, no one else can enter it.

But at this moment, there was a figure near the entrance of the Emperor Heavenly Valley.

The man has the cultivation level of the Emperor Realm, and he is painting on an open space, sometimes frowning, sometimes widening his eyes, sometimes smiling, and his expression is colorful.

He seemed to be immersed in his own world, unable to extricate himself, even Yang Kai entered without being noticed.

It wasn’t until Yang Kai let out a light cough that he woke up. First he frowned displeasedly, and his face showed obvious anger. He was obviously annoyed because he was studying, but after seeing Yang Kai in a blink of an eye, Those displeasure immediately disappeared, and he greeted him with a smile: “Palace Lord!”

“En.” Yang Kai nodded lightly, glanced casually at the things he drew on the ground, and found that those things were somewhat related to the Space Law Formation. Being able to be immersed in the world of formations all the time, and be able to appear here again, in the entire High Heaven Palace, apart from the Chief Formation Law Expert Nanmen Dajun, there is no one else.

When Yang Kai sent Bian Yuqing back to the Northern Territory High Heaven Palace before, he once asked her to bring a message to let Nanmen Dajun come over. Now it seems that the Emperor Formation Expert should have been here for a while, but has not been able to see Yang Kai, so he study the things here alone.

“Brought the things?” Yang Kai asked.

Nanmen Dajun was taken aback for a moment, and quickly reacted, took out a piece of jade slip and handed it to Yang Kai: “Palace Lord, I have sealed all the information about that formation in it. You can watch it slowly while on the road. But Palace Lord, I have to remind you that this formation is a bit evil and vicious, and the guy who arranged the formation must not be a good thing. Be careful.”

“I remembered.” Yang Kai nodded.

Nanmen Dajun took out another thing, spreading it on the palm of his hand, it looked like a smooth spindle shape, the whole body was shining brightly, and it looked extremely extraordinary, and handed it to Yang Kai.

“What is this?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

Nanmen Dajun smiled: “Didn’t Palace Lord ask Hou Yu to refine a Flight Artifact for you? That’s it.”

“So fast?” Yang Kai took the Flight Artifact in surprise, felt a little, and showed a shocked expression: “Emperor Grade Artifact?”

It has not been long since he brought Hou Yu back to the High Heaven Palace. Although she was assigned the task of refining a Flight Artifact, it would take at least a few years to refine a good Flight Artifact for Yang Kai. How long is this? It seems less than half a year, only three or four months, right?

Nanmen Dajun smiled and said, “Even though Xiao Hou character is not too good, she does have a few skills for Item Refining, and our High Heaven Palace now has no shortage of materials. We threw a lot of materials to her, how could she not be able to refine anything? Xiao Hou said, this thing still has room for improvement. When the Palace Lord is free, let her upgrade it for you.”

“She didn’t think about escaping, did she?” Yang Kai smiled slightly, his Divine Sense slowly sinking into the Flight Artifact in his hand, revealing a look of affection.

Nanmen Dajun sighed, gloating, “The three Monster Kings took turns guarding her. She dared to escape, and her leg will break. The monster kings are not very good at talking.” The respect of the monster kings is only directed at Yang Kai, It’s because of the Heaven Punishment and the origin of the Holy Spirit. For other people like Emperor Formation Expert, Emperor Pill Master, and Emperor Item Refining Expert is nothing but shit. There are no such famous people in the Monster Race, whoever has the power is the king.

The three monster kings took turns to watch Hou Yu, and she shouldn’t expect to escape from the High Heaven Palace for the rest of her life.

Hou Yu’s painful expression appeared in Yang Kai’s mind, and he couldn’t help but laugh. However, Hou Yu was worthy of the name of Grandmaster Hou. Yang Kai felt that this artifact was extremely good before he even started to refine this artifact. If it could be fully refined, it should be able to perform a good function.

But to Yang Kai, the other functions of this Artifact didn’t matter. The most important thing was flying. As long as the speed was fast enough, the others were not important.

“Have Hou Yu named it?” Yang Kai asked.

Nanmen Dajun thought for a while and replied: “Flowing Clouds Shuttle. Well, she said that if the palace lord doesn’t like it, you can choose it yourself, it’s just a name.”

“Just call it Flowing Clouds Shuttle.” Yang Kai smiled slightly.

While speaking, Yang Kai suddenly reached out and took out something, and handed it to Nanmen Dajun: “Bring this back.”

“What is this?” Nanmen Dajun took it curiously, and found that the thing Yang Kai handed over was like a rouge box, but it was obviously not an ordinary rouge box, because there was an ancient aura flowing on the box. It has been handed down for a long time, and it is a good artifact.


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