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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2918 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2918
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When Yang Kai performed the seventh Wizard Technique, the huge water giant burst into pieces, Yang Tai’s screams stopped abruptly, and the roaring sea returned to calm at this moment.

Yang Kai look coldly, let go of his Divine Sense, and looked around for Yang Tai.

But he didn’t find anything. In this Imaginary Formation, Yang Tai’s aura disappeared without a trace. After a short while, Yang Kai sensed the existence of the formation eye here, and suddenly realized that Yang Tai had escaped, and he was no longer here.

The facts are just like what Yang Kai observed. At this moment, in the cave, beside a piece of blue smoke, a figure suddenly flashed by, and Yang Tai appeared in an embarrassed manner. As soon as he appeared, he coughed violently and coughed out large amount of fresh blood.

“Brother Yang… why are you…” Not far away, Gong Yue, who was presiding over the Six Directions Dominion Formation, was shocked when he saw this. He was in a daze and almost made the formation flawed. At this time, the Six Directions Dominion Formation had been set up. When it was arranged, Hua Yulu, Fang Zhuo, Wu Kuangyi and Shen Bingru were pale and suspended in the air, arranged according to a special law, but they seemed to have lost the power to resist. Everyone had a tiny wounds, and the red blood was gurgling out of these wounds, and gathered towards the Scarlet Door under the lead of Gong Yue.

And the Scarlet Door seemed to have turned into a bottomless pit, and no matter how much blood was sent, it was swallowed cleanly without any trickles. With the inflow of blood, the Scarlet Door gradually bloomed with a weird light.

Gong Yue has the 2nd order Emperor Realm cultivation level, and his strength is not vulgar, but also has the help of formation. Hua Yulu and others are not opponents at all. During the entanglement between Yang Kai and Yang Tai, they were restrained, and there is no way to fight back.

Gong Yue originally thought that Yang Tai would not have to take any effort to win that Yang Jiu, but when Yang Tai appeared, he knew that he was wrong.

That Yang Jiu was able to defeat Yang Tai in the illusion, how could he have such great ability?

“How’s it going?” Yang Tai ignored Gong Yue’s shock, his attitude was no longer the affinity he had before, and his eyebrows were majestic and impatient. At this moment, he seemed to be a superior king questioning his subordinates.

Gong Yue frowned and said: “I have no problem here, but if there are two people missing, the speed of breaking the restriction will become very slow, and it will take about an hour.”

The trapped Hua Yulu and others heard the words. All face is as gray as death.

Using blood sacrifices to break the formation, they are definitely not as easy as it seems on the surface. Every time a piece of blood is taken away, they can feel the heart-piercing pain, but with the formation suppression, they’re not able to shout.

As soon as it is heard that it was another hour, the four of them were panicked. If this is the case, it would be better to die immediately, so as not to suffer such torture again.

“An hour is too long!” Yang Tai yelled, turning his head and looking at the pale blue smoke with some trepidation. Yang Jiu was trapped in it, but he had no guts to go in and fight with him.


To be honest, although Yang Jiu’s previous performance surprised him, he didn’t have much fear. But at the last moment, the several secret techniques that Yang Jiu displayed made him feel deeply shocked, as if he had encountered a natural enemy, and even the courage to face him was gone.

“Use my blood!” Yang Tai took the initiative to move closer to Hua Yulu and the others. He stood in another position and pointed a knife on his wrist. Blood immediately poured out, as if he didn’t need it.

“Brother Yang…” Gong Yue looked at Yang Tai in surprise, instinctively feeling that his state at the moment was not quite right.

This is different from what was planned, in the plan of the two of them. Although Yang Tai would also get in the Six Directions Dominion Formation, it was only a support. The most important source of the blood sacrifice was the other five people, as long as the blood of those five people was drained. It should be enough to break the formation.

But things were a little different from what was expected. First, Yang Jiu spotted some flaws, which led to some accidents. Now they can’t even get all the people together in the formation, and Yang Tai actually doesn’t spare his own blood. As if swearing not to stop until the formation is broken.

“What are you waiting for. Hurry up!” Seeing Gong Yue hesitating, Yang Tai couldn’t help but urged, and his tone was extremely unfriendly.

Gong Yue frowned and said, “Brother Yang, is there really something you said behind this door?”

At this time, Gong Yue had some thoughts about retreating, mainly because Yang Tai’s performance made him feel uneasy, and he couldn’t help wondering whether all this things he did was worth it.

Yang Tai hummed coldly: “You also have a little insight into the mystery of that text, and you know how powerful it is. There are more text like this behind the door, which hide the ultimate mystery of Martial Dao. As long as you can open the restriction, you will be promoted to the 3rd order. The situation is easy. Who would dare to look down upon your Heavenly River Valley Gong Family? As for the reputation of your Gong family, they will all be dead. Who would know what happened here? The old man is with you, so naturally he won’t expose today’s matter.”

Gong Yue’s expression changed a few times, and finally he made up his mind and said: “Okay!”

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The main reason why he agreed to cooperate with Yang Tai to deceive others is that he has seen the power of that ancient text. Yang Tai used the 1st order Emperor Realm cultivation level to display the text but it was comparable to the strength of the 2nd order, indicating that the text had a big origin.

Although the Gong family is not a small family, it is a bit awkward in the Southern Territory because there is no 3rd order Emperor Realm powerhouse. When it comes to the Gong family, everyone thinks of formations, but they don’t know that the Gong family also yearns for strong power, especially Gong Yue, he regards the revitalization of the Gong family as the goal of his life, but the 2nd order Emperor Realm cultivation level is not high nor low, and it is really difficult to become a big deal.

Yang Tai assured him that after breaking the formation, he would be able to obtain the mystery hidden in it and be promoted to the 3rd order.

Gong Yue was tempted, and only then joined hands with him.

As Yang Tai said, after the blood sacrifice, everyone present will die. Then who would knows that the former Patriarch of the Gong family has done such despicable things? There will be no damage to the reputation of the Gong family.

Under Yang Tai’s urging, Gong Yue’s hand made a decisive change, and Yang Tai immediately snorted, and a lot of blood poured out from the wound on his wrist, like a fountain.

In order to speed up the speed of breaking the formation, Gong Yue also increased the demand for the blood of the other four. In a moment, Hua Yulu and others showed unbearable expressions and were in pain.

With the inflow of blood, the light of the Scarlet Door became brighter and brighter.

Yang Tai, who had lost a lot of blood, didn’t feel any uncomfortableness. Instead, he looked excited and stared at the Scarlet Door motionless.

At this moment, the light blue smoke next to him suddenly slammed, and Yang Kai’s figure burst out of it.

Without Yang Tai’s host, and Gong Yue was also distracted. The Phantom Formation made by a Formation Plate could not withstand Yang Kai’s onslaught. He broke the formation in a very short time after Yang Tai left, and got out of trouble.

After sweeping away his Divine Sense, Yang Kai immediately got an insight into the current situation.

Under Yang Tai’s anxious and fearful gaze, he waved the Million Sword in his hand, drew a sky-shattering sword light, and slashed at Gong Yue fiercely.

Gong Yue is the main player, and if he wants to break this Six Directions Dominion Formation, he can only attack him.

Gong Yue was not surprised, or he has expected it, he had anticipated this scene after Yang Tai escaped from the phantom formation, so with a flick of his finger, a formation plate flew towards Yang Kai.

As the former Patriarch of the Gong family and the master of the formation method, Gong Yue dont have much things in his body, only things like the Formation Plate, which is terrible, killing formations, phantom formations, and trapping formations. There are always different kinds of formations.

The space was so small that Yang Kai couldn’t avoid it at all. He was dragged into the formation once again, after he had just escaped.

Seeing this scene, Yang Tai exclaimed and laughed, but Hua Yulu and the others turned paler.

They have no other hope now, they are constrained by the Six Directions Dominion Formation, and they are completely unable to exert their strength. Even their freedom is under the control of Gong Yue, and there is no way to get rid of them by their own ability.

They could only put all their hopes on Yang Kai, but Yang Kai was just a flash in the pan, which made them disappointed. The little expectation that had originally emerged was shattered, and only felt that this time it was a dead end.

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“How long can he be trapped?” Yang Tai turned his head and asked Gong Yur.

Gong Yue frowned and replied: “Thirty breaths…”

Yang Tai seemed to be a little dissatisfied, but he also knew that there was nothing he could do. If Gong Yue personally presided over it, it should be able to trap Yang Jiu for a longer time, but now Gong Yue can’t handle it, relying on a masterless formation. It is the limit to be able to trap Yang Jiu’s for 30 breaths.

After ten breaths, the formation suddenly shattered, and Yang Kai’s figure reappeared.

“What?” Gong Yue was shocked, his expression dull.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

He said just now that the formation can trap Yang Kai for 30 breaths of effort, he has overestimated the opponent’s strength as much as possible, but in fact he was only trapped for ten breaths before breaking the formation. How powerful is this Yang Jiu?

“Do it again!” Yang Tai yelled, reminding Gong Yue to use the Formation Plate again.

After suffering a loss, Yang Kai became more careful, and he drove away from Gong Yue in a flash. At the same time, he shouted: “Old Patriarch Gong, whether you are willing or deceived, I will only tell you one thing, Yang Tai has been Demonized! You are from the Gong Family, it will not do any good for the Gong Family. It is still not too late to stop now.”

“What nonsense is this brat talking? When did the old man Demonized?” Yang Tai retorted, fearing that Gong Yue might be affected, and hurriedly urged: “Brother Gong don’t listen to his nonsense. It’s important to take him down quickly.”

Yang Kai’s figure flickered, disappeared, and a voice came from all directions: “Behind this Scarlet Door is a sealed Demon Race, Yang Tai wants to release it, you may not know the horror of the demon race, but I don’t think you want to see it. Gong Yue, are you sure you want to be his accomplice?”

“This is the ancient cave. It hasn’t been explored for more than hundreds of years or tens of thousands of years. How can there be any Demon Race sealed in it? The boy is lying continuously, not to mention that even if a Demon Race were sealed in it, I’m afraid it would be long dead. Brother Gong, behind the door is the ultimate mystery of Martial Dao, don’t believe that kid, open the door, you and I will share the benefits.”

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