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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2921 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2921

In the Thousand imaginary Dreamland, Yang Kai had seen too many similar things. In the battlefield where the two races are fighting together, even if the Demon Race is successfully killed, only one Demon Thought can also convert the Barbarian Race to Demon, and the aura and remnant soul of the Demon Race are extremely corrosive.

“What now?” Fang Zhuo also asked.

Before Yang Kai had time to speak, the roaring Gong Yue suddenly calmed down. He suddenly raised his head, revealing a pair of dark eyes, and a terrible appearance.

“Gong… Old Patriarch Gong!” Shen Bingru screamed, hoping to confirm the identity of the person in front of her.

Gong Yue turned a deaf ear, but tilted his head to look at Yang Kai, revealing a vague but curious look, as if he had just awakened from a big dream, and he was still a little confused about his environment.

Yang Kai held his breath, secretly guarding.

Gong Yue didn’t shoot at him, but made a weird sound from his throat, and then walked slowly outside.

Shen Bingru, Fang Zhuo, Hua Yulu and the others hurriedly stepped aside, and the few of them did not have the strength to fight and did not dare to stop him at all.

Gong Yue was obviously eroded by Demon Thought, because his action at this moment was very different from before. He seemed to have a new soul in his body, unable to fully control his body, and even his walking posture was not normal.

In the silence, only Gong Yue’s footsteps were extremely loud, drifting away.

After waiting until the footsteps couldn’t be heard, Hua Yulu and others sighed a relieved breath. After witnessing Gong Yue’s transformation with their own eyes, they no longer questioned Yang Kai’s previous statement about Demon Thought.

“Is the old Patriarch Gong’s body being taken away?” Fang Zhuo asked Yang Kai, looking at him.

If it is like this. That matter is troublesome. Gong Yue is the former head of the Gong family after all. Moreover, there is also the cultivation level of 2nd order Emperor Realm. If such a person runs out, it may cause much harm to the Southern Territory.

“I don’t know, but it may be more serious than seizing the body!” Yang Kai’s expression was severe. The only thing he can be sure of is that Gong Yue has become a demon, but there is one thing he doesn’t understand. The Demon Thought eroded him easily. How could he not be able to resist?

But he saw it with his own eyes and couldn’t find a reasonable explanation.

Thinking about it, Yang Kai was shocked and shouted in a low voice: “Demon Text!”

“What?” Hua Yulu turned to look at him.

“That Demon Text!” Yang Kai looked solemn, turned his head and looked at several people: “How much do you see?”

Hua Yulu said: “The secret technique that Yang Tai had previously used? I didn’t see it clearly.”

Yang Kai looked at the three of them and said in a deep voice, “No matter how much you see, it’s best to find a way to forget that thing. Yang Tai’s [Become Devil] and Gong Yue’s erosion may have something to do with it.”

“What’s the meaning of this?” Fang Zhuo asked curiously. When Yang Tai performed the secret technique before, he specially observed it. So he saw more things than Hua Yulu. Yang Kai said it seriously, he didn’t dare to take it lightly.

Shen Bingru also cast a curious look.

Yang Kai said: “Yang Tai had no chance to contact that demon thought before, but he was already demonized when he came here. His [Become Devil] is very likely to be related to the ancient demon text he learned. Yang Tai wanted to persuade Gong Yue, he might show its power to him. Gong Yue may have studied it a little bit. So…some Demon Essence should have been born in his body. This is the only way that can make him to risk the world’s bad luck and team up with Yang Tai to act against us. Yes, it must be so, otherwise, as the former head of the Gong family, how could Gong Yue make such a confused choice? He has been affected by the Demon Essence hidden in his body, and he can’t maintain his nature. And the reason why that Demon Thought can easily erode him is not that Gong Yue’s protection is ineffective, but that the Demon Essence in his body is attracting that Demon Thought, unconsciously giving up resistance!”

These words. Yang Kai is half speculation and half answer, the more he talks, the more he feels that his speculation is correct.

The root of everything lies in that ancient demon text.

Half a year ago, Hua Yulu, Yang Tai, and Wu Kuangyi discovered this ancient cave. The three of them had different benefits. The ancient demon texts that Yang Tai learned was basically a trap, a bait that tempted him to open the restriction and release the demon thoughts after releasing the door.

Anyone who learned that ancient demon text would make the same choice as Yang Tai.

It is precisely by relying on the true meaning of that demon text that Yang Tai can establish an inexplicable connection with the demon thought behind the door, he can know what is behind the door, and he will say that it is his task to open the restriction!

Hua Yulu’s face was pale and her delicate body trembled.

She felt that her luck was good enough. Last time, she only got a small flower drum. If she had learned the ancient demon text like Yang Tai, Yang Tai’s experience would be her current fate.

She is a beauty-loving woman, dying so miserably, there were no bones, and even the corpses and pieces of flesh became a secret technique to break the restriction, which was simply unacceptable to her.

Shen Bingru said uncomfortably, “I will be the same as Yang Tai. Is it possible to [Become Devil]?”

She also saw the ancient demon text.

Yang Kai shook his head and said: “The true meaning of the demon text is not so easy to understand. Yang Tai may have got some help. It doesn’t matter if you have just seen it, but I would advise you to forget it completely. No one knows what effect that Demon Text have.”

Several people nodded, and after looking at each other, they put the Divine Soul Spirit Body into the Consciousness Sea, found the memory of the demon text, and destroyed it voluntarily.

In this way, they will forget the appearance of the word, only remember that there is such a word. And voluntarily destroying such a memory will cause some damage to the divine soul, but compared with the risk of [Become Devil], such damage is acceptable.

Yang Kai didn’t do this, he kept thinking while several people destroyed their memories.

After several people were feeling weak and opened their eyes, Yang Kai said: “There should be more than one demon thought behind this door, maybe there are many more, we need to do two things now!”

Hearing Yang Kai said that there were more demon thoughts behind the door, several people were shocked, but after thinking about it, it was really possible.

Because the restriction of the Scarlet Door had not been completely broken, it was only a gap opened by Yang Tai’s blood sacrifice before, and a demon thought ran out of it. This restriction was laid by the ancient power, and since it was closed again, it means that there are hidden dangers inside.

“What two things?” Fang Zhuo asked. After all the trouble before, Yang Kai faintly became the speaker among several people, and several people had no objection to his decision.

“The first thing is to find someone to stabilize the restriction formation here, so that no one accidentally breaks in and destroys the restriction.” Yang Kai put a finger up, “This is related to the entire Southern Territory, and even the entire star boundary. So you must inform several major sects in the Southern Territory and let them work together to find a way. Well, the Gong family needs to make up for it, and they are also good candidates.”

Gong Yue made a mistake, the destruction of the restriction was caused by him. The Heavenly River Valley Gong Family was responsible for fixing the restriction. Moreover, even if someone from the Gong Family didn’t make trouble, the Gong family was the best candidate. In the Southern Territory, apart from the Formation Grandmaster enshrined by the large sects, only they have the most research on formations.

Fang Zhuo and the others nodded slightly when they heard the words, and felt that Yang Kai was right. Although this time the exploration of the Ancient Cave Mansion was their business, they were not able to bear the consequences.

Even the 2nd order Emperor Realm Gong Yue cannot resist the erosion of the Demon Thought. Once the restrictions here are really broken, the Southern Territory will definitely be in chaos, and by then they may become sinners through the ages.

“So I need you to inform the Gong family in Heavenly River Valley, first to tell them what happened here, and secondly to tell them to guard against Gong Yue, if Gong Yue returns to Heavenly River Valley…Gong Yue probably won’t be so stupid, but always take precautions before that happen.”

“I’ll go.” Hua Yulu volunteered.

Although her cultivation level is not high, she is also the Palace Master of the Hundred Flowers Palace anyway, and what she says carries a certain weight. If she informs the Gong family, the Gong family will take it seriously.

“You three go together!” Yang Kai said solemnly.

The three of them nodded after thinking about it.

They don’t know where Gong Yue is now, maybe he will wait outside for them to throw themselves into the trap. If the three of them work together, they will be somewhat self-protective.

“Who will notify the other big sects?” Fang Zhuo asked in a deep voice. Without those big sects presiding over it, nothing would be possible. Even if they invited the Gong family, maybe the Gong Family will also block the news to prevent the news from leaking out, so they must call on the strong men of those big sects.

Yang Kai said, “I will introduce myself again!”

As he spoke, he stretched out his hand and wiped his face, revealing his original face, his expression as pale as paper, with no trace of blood.

“My name is Yang Kai!”

“Yang Kai!” Shen Bingru frowned, and said in surprise: “I heard that the Azure Sun Temple newly canonized a High Ranking Guest Elder…”

“It’s me.” Yang Kai nodded.

Shen Bingru and Fang Zhuo were in awe, and clasped their fists together.

This time, they did not dare to underestimate Yang Kai. The one who can become the Elder of the top sect of the Southern Territory, even if it is only the High Ranking Guest, is by no means an idle generation, not to mention the legend that on the canonized ceremony, this Yang Kai seems to have exchange a few move with the elder of the Star Soul Palace.

The elders of the Star Soul Palace are the 3rd order Emperor Realm, how easy it is to be able to fight with them.

The two of them didn’t understand until this time why Yang Kai’s aura was not strong, but his performance was amazing everywhere. It turned out that he was the Elder of the Azure Sun Temple.

“I will inform the several major sects. I have my own way to contact the temple. After the news goes out, they will naturally pass on to the other sects.”

The three naturally had no objection.

“What about the second thing?” Hua Yulu asked.

“The second thing… wait until the matter here is dealt with. Before that, I will stay here to guard the restriction, lest Gong Yue came here again.”

“Brother Yang has thoughtful arrangements.” Fang Zhuo agreed.

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