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Martial Peak Chapter 2927

“There is Senior Brother Qiu and the others there too!” Yang Kai said.

Gao Xueting said: “Even though Brother Qiu and the others are good, I’m afraid they don’t know the secrets of the demon thought, and might accidentally get recruited. I can’t contact them at this moment, and I don’t know what’s going on in the temple. You said you saw Gong Yue in the Spirit Sword Peak, why is it there?”

“I’m also curious about this.” Yang Kai shook his head. There are many Spirit Peak in the Azure Sun Temple. However, Gong Yue found the Spirit Sword Peak. Yang Kai even wondered if he was deliberately attacking and taking revenge, because he had been obstructing the comeback of the demon thought in the ancient cave mansion.

But this is not right. Gong Yue could not take such a big risk if it was just retaliation.

“Senior Sister, what did you mean by saying that the Palace Lord has no time to help and is distracted?” Yang Kai asked.

Gao Xueting groaned for a moment, as if pondering, and then replied after a moment: “Since you are the Elder of the temple, there is nothing i can’t tell you. Do you remember the last time you wanted to use the Divine Movement Mirror but was blocked by me?”

“Of course I remember, what does this have to do with that?” Yang Kai was a little puzzled.

“The Palace Lord has something to do with the Divine Movement Mirror.” Gao Xueting explained casually, “I told you at the time that someone was using the Divine Movement Mirror, so it can’t be disturbed. Do you know who that person is?”

This is also what Yang Kai felt strange at the time. The Divine Movement Mirror is regarded as the treasure of the Azure Sun Temple, and it is also regarded as the foundation of the temple. It is precisely because of the existence of the Divine Movement Mirror that the strong divine soul cultivation in the temple is generally high than general level. However, it is not a simple matter to cultivate in the Divine Movement Mirror. Generally, disciples need to make great achievements to get a rare reward, and as an Elder, every time you enter the Divine Movement Mirror, you have to pay three thousand elder contributions, and no one can be an exception.

Elder contributions are relatively rare. Three thousand is not a small amount, and Yang Kai, as the newly-canonized elder, naturally does not have such a thing.

Gao Xueting stopped him not because he did not have enough elder contributions, but because someone was using the Divine Movement Mirror at the time.

At that time, Yang Kai was curious about who this person was. But because he wasn’t too anxious, he didn’t pursue it either.

But she didn’t expect Gao Xueting to bring up the matter at this time.

“Who?” Yang Kai frowned and asked, vaguely feeling that this person should be an incredible guy.

“This person is closely related to the Palacce Lord, and the Palace Lord was taught by him.” Gao Xueting glanced at Yang Kai faintly, without mentioning the person’s name directly.

Yang Kai’s figure was shocked, and a person immediately appeared in his mind, and he suddenly realized: “It turned out to be him!”

Gao Xueting looked at him curiously and said, “You are more calm than I thought.”

Yang Kai realized something vaguely, and asked: “That senior entered the Divine Movement Mirror to separate the divine soul?”

Gao Xueting’s body trembled. Looking at Yang Kai in amazement, “How do you know about this?”

She doesn’t know this secret, maybe it’s because Wen Zishan inadvertently babbled a few words in front of her, which made her guess, but she didn’t expect Yang Kai to tell the truth in one go. No one could have such ability, unless Yang Kai knew something in advance.

Yang Kai smiled bitterly: “That senior become like that, and it has something to do with me.”

“With you?” Gao Xueting was even more dazed, her beautiful eyes full of puzzlement. She stared at Yang Kai, as if a tireless student was seeking to know a field she hadn’t touched on.

Yang Kai simply recounted what happened in Star Fragments Sea. Then he said: “It was a coincidence that I was able to encounter that, and more of it is luck than unlucky. It’s just that the senior seemed to have some connection with the divine soul of another person, and had two soul in one body. I didn’t expect him to return to the temple. Yes, the Divine Movement Mirror is the world of Divine Soul. There is also Tian Yan in it, and there may really be a way to separate the two souls.”

“That’s it!” Gao Xueting suddenly realized that many things she didn’t understand were suddenly understood by Yang Kai’s explanation, but she never thought that this matter had something to do with Yang Kai, and Yang Kai was fortunate to be involved in the two great emperor battle. Even though the two great emperors were not at the peak level at that time, this kind of opportunity was not something that everyone could encounter.

The most important thing is that Yang Kai also played a role in it. If it weren’t for him to contribute, I’m afraid that senior would be gone now, and died together with the enemy. Although the situation wasn’t so wonderful right now, it was finally saved. As long as he is alive, he could always find a way to separate the two souls.

It was precisely because that person’s identity was too sensitive that it was impossible for Yang Kai to use the Divine Movement Mirror at that time.

Gao Xueting continued: “The progress over there seems to be very unsatisfactory, so the Palace Lord has also gone to help. Now the Palace Lord’s divine soul is in the Divine Movement Mirror and knows nothing about the outside world, so if Gong Yue really does evil in the temple, the palace lord is unaware.”

“That’s it!” Yang Kai nodded, knowing Gao Xueting’s worries.

He ended his Divine Sense transmission with Gao Xueting, and opened his eyes and said: “I want to use the Space Divine Ability. Even if you feel uncomfortable, please don’t resist it.”

Chen Wenhao and Feng Ming both nodded lightly after hearing this, staring at Yang Kai curiously.

Although they have long heard that Yang Kai is as proficient in the Space Principle as the othe people from spirit beast island, They have never seen it once with their own eyes. This kind of mysterious power cannot be seen casually, especially like Yang Kai’s deep accomplishments.

So they all watched with relish and waited quietly.

The power of the Space Principle fluctuated, wrapping the entire Flowing Clouds Shuttle. This is Yang Kai’s law. Without his previous reminder, if Chen Wenhao and Feng Ming were aware of it, they would definitely resist. But with the previous reminder, they also knew what Yang Kai was going to do, so they relaxed their minds and didn’t interfere with the flow of the law.

Flowing Clouds Shuttle seemed to tremble slightly. For a moment, both Chen Wenhao and Feng Ming felt extremely uncomfortable. It was a sense of loneliness and panic, as if suddenly there was no sound and no light, In a world of nothingness.

However, this feeling was extremely short-lived, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, Flowing Clouds Shuttle has appeared thousands of miles away.

Chen Wenhao and Feng Ming looked at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

Rumor has it that martial artist who are proficient in space force are best at escape. Now it seems that the rumors are true. They are both in the 2nd order emperor realm, but they still can’t move thousands of miles in an instant. Maybe they can do it with some special powers and artifacts, but they won’t be as light as Yang Kai.

With this divine ability, as long as the surrounding space is not blocked, who can stop him in this vast world?

No wonder when the Flower Shadow Great Emperor chased the people from the Spirit Beast Island back then, even though the strength was far beyond, she still couldn’t get her wish. A person who is proficient in the Space Force is as slippery as a loach. If you miss the chance, it will be impossible to track his whereabouts.

Flowing Clouds Shuttle vibrates constantly, and after each vibration, it will appear thousands of miles away.

Several people in the ship are more and more aware of the power of the Space Principle.

At the beginning, Yang Kai had a long aura and a calm complexion, but with the passage of time, he gradually began to lose it. Teleporting with three emperor realms and an Emperor Artifact, the consumption is also immense.

But now the situation is urgent, he can’t care too much, just thinking about the importance of rushing back to the temple first.

Half a day later, he put a handful of spirit pills in his mouth, signaled Gao Xueting to take over Flowing Clouds Shuttle’s control, and then he meditated and adjusted his aura.

Chen Wenhao and Feng Ming could see clearly that all of them are Emperor Pills, any of them were of great value, but he chewed them like jelly beans and swallowed them wholeheartedly.

Even if the two of them have been in high positions, this situation makes them convulsed and yells at the genius in their hearts.

Look at this Flowing Clouds Shuttle. This is a Flight Artifact of the Emperor Artifact level, the value is inestimable, even they don’t have it in their hands.

They want to break their head and want to understand this kid who is still young and not cultivate for many years. How did he earn such a big wealth? Compare with him, it’s almost the different between heaven and earth, how can they have the slightest advantage of the 2nd order Emperor Realm?

The three people take turns to control the Flowing Clouds Shuttle, consume little, and can maintain peak state at any time to deal with possible dangers.

When Yang Kai recovered, he used the Space Divine ability again, greatly increasing the speed.

After three days of this, the group of four finally came to the Azure Sun Mountain Range.

Divine Sense swept through, the mountain range was normal, and it looked the same as usual, and among the scattered peaks, many disciples of the temple also performed their duties, and there was no trace of being attacked.

This made Yang Kai and Gao Xueting, who came back in a hurry, breathed a sigh of relief.

Flowing Clouds Shuttle stopped in front of the Sect Protecting Formation, and the four people walked out of the shuttle, and Gao Xueting immediately noticed something wrong.

There was an inexplicable restriction on the periphery of the Sect Protecting Formation. This layer of restriction was not too strong, but it was extremely concealed. If it weren’t for Gao Xueting’s better understanding of the Great Formation, she would not be able to distinguish it.

And looking at the traces of the restriction, it is clear that they were only laid out in the last few days.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment, took out his elder jade plate, poured Divine Sense into it, and after some test, he said in a deep voice: “It is Gong Yue’s handiwork. It is this level of restriction that blocked our connection with the temple.”

“Damn fellow!” Gao Xueting gritted her teeth and shout, the Ardent Sun Mirror hung high, and a ray of strong sun shrouded it, blasting towards the restriction.

Rumbled for a while, the ground shook the mountain, and the weak barrier was immediately broken.

“Who dares make trouble here… huh, Elder Gao, Elder Yang!”

A disciple flew out from the inside, with a fierce momentum. When he saw Gao Xueting, he immediately withered and hurriedly bowed to salute.

“What has happened to the temple in recent days?” Gao Xueting asked when looking at the disciple.

The disciple dared not look at her at all, wondering why she asked, and replied: “Everything is normal.”

Gao Xueting stopped asking more, knowing that this disciple should know nothing, and eagerly said, “Let’s go to the Spirit Sword Peak!”

While turning around and rushing out, she poured messages into the elder jade plate and sent to other people.


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