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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2929 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2929
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Nearly ten emperor realms shot together, and there are many of them in the 2nd order Emperor Realm. How spectacular is the scene? The light of all kinds of secret technique divine ability bloomed, the power of the Emperor Artifact was wanton, and the world’s spiritual energy was in disorder.

Feng Ming also reacted in time, a beam of light burst from the Spear and exploded directly in front.

All the attacks rushed into the huge mouth, but it seemed to sink into the sea without any reaction.

Close the big mouth and swallow Feng Ming into the abdomen in one mouthful.


The sound of inhaling cold breath sounded, everyone felt their scalp numb, and looked at the one-foot-long little beast with horror, almost bursting their eyes out.

Yang Kai was also a little confused.

The little black dog had two appearance. The first time was after the elders of the Azure Sun Temple drank collectively, and the second time was when he set up the Space Law Formation, except for the second time he encountered it and there is some changes with the demon qi in his dantian, there is nothing special about it.

Now that he think about it, he just missed it.

This little black dog is very likely to inherit the blood of some strange beast, otherwise it would not have such a strange ability, a strong 2nd order Empero Realm was swallowed by it, even if it is suspected of underestimating the enemy, this ability is also enough to make people astounded.

After swallowing Feng Ming, the huge mouth disappeared, and the little black dog returned to its original size, but still showed an extremely violent and aggressive appearance.

With the lessons learned from the past, how can the rest dare to come forward easily? Each displayed their divine ability, and blasted forward.

The huge mouth reappeared, swallowing all the attacks of the many emperor realms. The huge mouth connected to it seemed to be a bottomless pit, and it could be swallowed clean no matter how many things went in.

Gong Yue hid behind the little black dog, constantly changing his hands, and driving the little black dog to fight against the powerful, with one against many enemy, he did not lose the wind.

For several times, Yang Kai wanted to teleport over, to capture him, but Gong Yue saw through it in advance and stopped him.


Divine Sense surging among the many emperor realms, after some exchanges, no one knew what kind of strange beast’s blood was inherited by this little black dog, and the ability to swallow everyting was unheard of. Without a clue, no one dared to be greedy for merit, lest they end up like Feng Ming.

In ancient times, there were indeed many powerful monster beast in the world, and Holy Spirit were the best among these strange beasts. Each Holy Spirit had the ability to move mountains and overwhelm the earth, but something as peculiar as the black dog has never been documented.

During the battle, Yang Kai’s mind flashed, and he shouted in a deep voice, “Demon beaast?”

Gong Yue, who has been sitting behind the little black dog, using it as a barrier, smiled slightly: “You are really different. You do know a lot of things. This beast has a trace of the Return to the Ruins Blood blood. Although it is not pure and rich, it is also extremely impressive. If you want to kill the old man, you have to pass it first.”

“Return to the Ruins?”

The emperor realm present was shocked when they heard the words, because no one had heard of the name, even the elder Chen Qian, who was familiar with the most history books, was confused.

But it is undeniable that this little black dog with this trace of the Return to the Ruins blood is powerful and a bit heaven defying. Under the drive of Gong Yue, a hole appeared in the void with one bite, and the whole world seemed to be a delicious piece of cake in front of it, a bite will leave a mark, it will not heal for a long time.

After several times, the spirit sword peak is full of voids. Looking around, it seems that a beautiful landscape painting has been accidentally sprinkled with a lot of ink. There is nothing in the void, which contains great damage, and everyone has to be careful to avoid it.

Only Yang Kai was able to swim freely in it. He leaped forward in these boid, looking for opportunities to bypass the Return to the Ruins to attack Gong Yue, but he was block by the Return to the Ruins several times and had to withdraw temporarily.

“We can’t delay any longer. Brother Feng is in danger.” Chen Wenhao shouted in a low voice, with a solemn expression: “When the moon is full, it will be lost, and when the water is full, it will overflow! Everyone, help me.”

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When the words fell, the Flowing Water Sword in his hand suddenly swayed with a dazzling light, and under the Emperor Prestige, the whole person seemed to have become an indestructible sword, the sword intent soaring to the sky.

The world’s spiritual energy within a radius of tens of miles swayed, converging towards the Flowing Water Sword one after another.

Everyone also shined upon hearing the words, and cast their own spells.

Gong Yue’s brows wrinkled indistinctly, but his hands still kept moving.

Nearly ten Emperor Realm used their full strength, and the entire Azure Sun Temple seemed to start to be turbulent. With the Spirit Sword Peak as the center, it was like a huge vortex appeared here, sucking all the spiritual energy from a thousand-mile radius. All kinds of ferocious and surging divine ability are brewing and taking shape.

“Boundless Swordmanship!” Chen Wenhao was the first to make a move. When the Flowing Water Sword was slashed forward, he set off a stormy wave of spiritual energy that was visible to the naked eye. In that huge wave, hundreds of millions of sword lights continued to throb, seeming to be able to destroy all obstacles.

“Life and death seal, one seal distinguishes life and death!”

“Nine Sun!”

“Crossing yin and yang, breaking the world!”

“Years Ups And Downs, Such as Flying Such as Dreaming!”

Many divine ability bloomed together, causing the sky to shatter, the world turned upside down, and rumbling forward, so many emperor realms joined forces to cast spells, and even a 3rd order Emperor Realm would break their body in front of this attack.

Gong Yue’s expression became extremely serious, and his skills changed faster.

There was a beast roar, and it was shocking in all directions. Return to the Ruins’s body remained unchanged, but its mouth suddenly opened. It was larger than any previous time. It seemed to be able to swallow half a mountain. The huge mouth was dark, as if connected to another world.

A series of powerful attacks fell into its mouth, splashing layers of ripples visible to the naked eye, and then disappeared.

With only three breaths before and after, Return to the Ruins has swallowed all the attacks. It closed its mouth suddenly, and its one-foot-long body swayed in mid-air, as if drunk, and the surface was fluctuating with rays of light.

The hearts of nearly ten Emperor Realm suddenly sank to the bottom, and everyone’s expressions were ashen and ugly, and even Chen Wenhao’s confidence was shaken a lot.

He previously greeted everyone to take action together, just to use this method to burst Return to the Ruins. As he said before, when the moon is full, it will be lost, and when the water is full, it will overflow. Although the ability of the Return to the Ruins to swallow everything is weird, it can’t swallow everything indefinitely. As long as it has a limit, everyone can defeat it.

But this time they joined forces and failed to deal with it, which is far from what was expected.

“Come on, it can’t hold on anymore!” Yang Kai’s loud shout suddenly spread to everyone’s ears.

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In a moment, a group of people seemed to have found the backbone, and once again raised their spirits to display their divine ability.

After a while, with a rumbling sound, Return to the Ruins’s mouth opened again, but this time it was a little different. Return to the Ruins actually showed a very painful look. This discovery made everyone look excited, and they felt that they were not far away from victory.

Sure enough, after the big mouth of Return to the Ruins opened this time, it failed to swallow all the attacks. When it was halfway through, it suddenly shut up, and the rest of the attacks passed by, and the volume of madness was rolled up. It was bloody, and there was no good place on it.

Its physical body doesn’t seem to be powerful, but its special divine ability make people feel helpless.

It swayed, its mouth closed tightly, and its abdomen kept tumbling, as if something was brewing in it.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“Come, you guys also take the old man’s move!” Gong Yue smiled inexplicably, with his right hand on his chest, his thumb and ring finger interlocking, and the other three fingers facing up. When the words fell, they were facing forward.

Everyone has a warning sign in their hearts, and an inexplicable breath of death enveloped themselves. This feeling made many people feel cold and their hands and feet cold.

Return to the Ruins suddenly opened his mouth, and dazzling rays of light spewed out from its mouth, and the familiar aura permeated.

“This is…” Chen Wenhao exclaimed, with a shocked and horrified expression on his face.

What Return to the Ruins vomited was actually the divine ability they had previously displayed, but this time the target was not the enemy, but their masters who displayed the divine ability.

No one had expected that Return to the Ruins had such a peculiar ability, not only could it swallow other people’s attacks, it could even vomit it back intact.

Everyone was suddenly unlucky.

Just now in order to make a quick battle, a group of people used the most powerful divine ability, and they used them without reservation. At this time, they suddenly became a weapon in the enemy’s hands, and the speed of the change made people at a loss.

The attack came too suddenly, no one came to react, everyone could only hurriedly gather the protection Emperor Yuan.

At the moment of crisis, Yang Kai stood up, and instantly came to the top of everyone’s heads. The Space Principle was frantic and he slapped down with a palm.

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Without any signs, when the palm print was taken, he and the other emperor realms suddenly disappeared.

A series of powerful divine ability hit the void, burning the void with visible traces, and then hitting the large and small mountain peaks in the distance. The whole Azure Sun Temple mountains shook in an instant, chickens and dogs jumped, countless disciples looked at the collapsed mountains in panic, wondering what had happened.

Since the creation of the temple, they have never encountered such a thing.

Hundreds of feet away, a figure in the sky flashed by, and Yang Kai showed up with others leisurely. Everyone was full of lingering fears. Yang Kai’s face was as pale as paper, and his whole body trembled violently.

Forcibly displaying and leading other with the Space Force power without the cooperation of others, it was extremely costly to him, especially because there were too many people with him this time, and all of them were good at strength, and he was completely hollowed out at once.

At this moment, he even had to do his best to stand still.

“Teleportation!” Gong Yue’s eyes sank, his head tilted to look into the distance, his face twitched slightly, and his eyes were full of spiteful expressions.

He was obviously blaming Yang Kai for ruining his good deeds. If Yang Kai hadn’t make a move just now, the sudden attack alone would have caused more than half the death and injury of the emperor realm present.

But it was because of Yang Kai’s existence that everyone was able to get out of trouble without any risk.

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