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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2934 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2934
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It can even be said that Return to the Ruins was hiding in the back mountain after being injured, and he might be waiting for his arrival.

The reason why Return to the Ruins became so cruel was Gong Yue’s secret technique. Yang Kai still remembered that when he tracked Gong Yue through that half demon thought, he was on the Spirit Sword Peak, and Return to the Ruins took a bite of Gong Yue.

The Demon Sealing Land is hidden under the Spirit Sword Peak, and the birth of Return to the Ruin’s bloodline should be related to this.

However, Yang Kai has the Ancient Demon Black Pupil, and the ancient demon Qi was sealed in his body, and Return to the Ruins might be aware of it, so he wanted to get close to him.

All kinds of thoughts flashed in his mind, and Yang Kai soon came to the Space Law Formation, and went straight to the North Territory High Heaven Palace.

After a while, light flashed above the circle, and two figures appeared.

“Palace Lord, this is the Azure Sun Temple?” Nanmen Dajun looked around curiously, and said, “It’s not as good as our High Heaven Palace, well, the world’s spiritual energy seems to be inferior.”

“Work more and talk less, don’t you understand this.” Yang Kai took the lead and flew forward.

Nanmen Dajun chuckled and said: “Yes, yes, ah, right, Xiao Hou ask me to ask you how is the Flight Artifact, and if there is any need to be repaired.”

“No, it’s pretty good.”

“Also, Palace Lord, the girl named Yao from Ice Heart Valley has been here several times. Every time she comes, she will look for you, if you are not there she will leave. Is that our Palace Lord’s lady?”

“You talk a lot?”

“Good, good, don’t tell me.” Nanmend Dajun covered his mouth, and after holding it for a while, suddenly said again: “That girl is still very good.”

“We’re here!” Yang Kai fell down as he spoke.

The group of people underneath had obviously noticed, and when they looked up, they were all curious as to why Yang Kai suddenly brought a stranger over.


Nanmen Dajun looked like a cat smelling the smell of fish, looking excitedly at the entrance of the Demon Sealing Land, with glowing eyes, walking back and forth in front of the entrance of the cave, and his expression became more and more excited.

After a while, he suddenly turned around and said: “Palace Lord, I’m going down, wait for my good news.”

He ignored everyone and jumped straight down, and soon disappeared.

A group of people looked at Yang Kai curiously.

Yang Kai said, “That is the Emperor Formation Expert Nanmen Dajun of the Northern Territory, and Nanmen Dajun is just nearby, so I asked him to help.”

Wen Zishan looked at him with a smile, as if he had discovered something, but he didn’t say anything.

With the passage of time, news continued to spread from below. Nanmen Dajun is worthy of being an Emperor Formation Expert. After entering the Demon Sealing Land, he quickly broke many of the remaining formation restrictions and used his own strength to gain the lead, making the group of Formation Expert in the temple respect him.

The breakthrough lasted for two days. During this period, people from the major sects of the Southern Territory continued to come to Azure Sun Temple to inquire about the news, and all these people were released to the temple. Several temple elders took turns to receive and tell them about the Demon Sealing Land and the matter of Demon thoughts breaking the restriction.

Many people turned pale and worried.

Two days later, hundreds of people gathered under the Spirit Sword Peak, basically all of the powerhouses of the Emperor Realm, all waiting for news in the Demon Sealing Land.

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Now that Demon Thought has fled, how to track it is a big problem. It is the first time in the Southern Territory that they have encountered such a thing in the ages. They have no experience at all. Everything can only count on what clues may be left in the Demon Sealing Land, otherwise it will be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

There is no clue in the Demon Sealing Land cave.

The Formation Expert of the temple and Nanmen Dajun have cracked all the restrictions inside, but they could not find the information of the Demon Thought, but those cracked formations made them some gains.

It may be used when the Demon Thought is sealed again in the future.

For a while, everyone was worried.

The Star Soul Palace is here, and the Great Elder Lei Hong personally led the team and brought the great emperor’s demon-killing order to order all the sect clan forces in the Southern Territory to check the disciples in their sect, in case someone might be corroded by demon thought.

Lei Hong announced the great emperor’s order under the Spirit Sword Peak, and everyone naturally agreed.

The great emperor’s order to remove the demons has found the backbone of the entire Southern Territory, and the moods of many powerful people are not as disturbed as before. After all, there is a Star Soul Palace in the Southern Territory, and there is also a Bright Moon great Emperor. No matter how secretive and fierce the Demon Thought is, as long as there is a great emperor, they will never make any waves.

After the demon-killing order was issued, many emperor realm were ready to leave the Azure Sun Temple and return to their respective sects to start the matter.

At this moment, a red light suddenly galloped from the outside, with a fierce momentum, as if no one was around, in the blink of an eye, it crossed a distance of hundreds of miles and rushed to the front of the Spirit Sword Peak.

Just after encountering the demon thought breaking out of the restriction, many powerful people are more sensitive. It seems that people are so unscrupulous, and they go straight to the Azure Sun Temple without notification, thinking that something has happened.

In shock, many people instinctively launched an attack and interception.

A few days ago, the scene of many elders of the temple plus Chen Wenhao and Feng Ming fighting against Gong Yue was hot enough, but compared with the scene that happened now, it was insignificant.

Hundreds of emperor realms gathered here, and even if only one-third of them took the shot, the scene was spectacular.

What’s more, far more than one-third made the shots.

The Empero Prestige spread, and the light of secret technique bloomed, and the power of the Emperor Artifact went up and down, all of them hit the red light.

The red light rushing over was obviously also a little dazed. He didn’t expect to encounter such a thing at all. For a moment in mid-air, the space he was in was already enveloped by countless attacks.

A dragon roar suddenly exploded, the eardrums of the people trembles, and everyone’s expressions changed greatly, because the sound was actually an extremely pure dragon roar, not the sound made by those puppet monster beast.

The moment the Dragon Roar sounded, Yang Kai’s bloodline suddenly agitated, as if he was being drawn uncontrollably. He didn’t make a move just now, but at this moment he looked forward with wide-eyed eyes.

The red light was shining, and a huge figure suddenly appeared in mid-air. The body of more than twenty meter, as tall as a mountain, with a dragon horn and four claws on its abdomen. It is covered with red dragon scales, like a burning flame, When the dragon tail flicked, a gust of wind changed.

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Everyone took a deep breath and looked at the giant in the sky blankly, as if looking at a high god, many people felt weak in their hands and feet for a while.

Dragon Clan! It is actually a pure dragon clan! This is something that no one thought of.

The dragon prestige permeated, and it was as if a tangible force impacted the emperor prestige gathered by hundreds of emperor realms, and the impact was shattered.

There was a crackling, dozens of Emperor Realm’s joint attack blasted on the dragon’s body, the dragon was roaring up to the sky, and a burst of flames splashed on the red scales. The dragon’s body is strong. Although such an attack will not kill the dragon, it also makes him painful and angry.

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The dragon’s head rose high, and the dragon’s breath spewed out.

As if a volcano had erupted, a scorching flame spit directly from the mouth of the dragon to the Spirit Sword Peak. Before the attack, everyone’s skin was sore that the dragon flame could burn all things in the world, even the Emperor Realm can feel the deadly threat from it.

“Not good!” Yang Kai’s expression changed and he stepped forward, and he walked directly in front of everyone. The Elder Jade Plate was in front of him, and when the emperor yuan was surging, magic arts connected.

The formation of the Spirit Sword Peak slammed into motion, and a protective cover visible to the naked eye was condensed directly in front of it.

This is the defense that has mobilized the power of the entire Spirit Sword Peak, but after all, things have rushed and it can’t give full play of the strength.

Dragon Breath hit the shield, and the scorching high temperature instantly baked the shield a little bit. The crackling sound was endless, and the transparent shield was rippling layer after layer, as if it was about to melt away.

Everyone was shocked and almost fleeing away, no one had the confidence to face the terrifying power of this dragon flame.

Lei Hong took a step forward and smashed it out with one punch.

However, there was a sudden crackling outside the shield, and a bucket of thick lightning crashed into the flames, rushing right and left in the flames, reducing Yang Kai’s pressure. This blow was the essence of Lei Hong’s self-cultivation, and the strength of the veteran 3rd order Emperor Realm powerhouse was evident.

As soon as the dragon’s head twisted, the dragon flame became more and more fierce, as if it could melt the lightning.

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“Enough!” Wen Zishan suddenly yelled, with one hand behind his back, holding a jade plate, and a light wave with the other hand, slashing out with a light, directly cutting Dragon Breath.

The dragon raised its head, hovering in the sky, overlooking the crowd from a high altitude, the huge dragon eyes were full of angry flames, and its mouth closed, it seemed that it might spit out another dragon’s breath at any time.

Yang Kai took away the protection of Spirit Sword Peak and wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

“Who are you, explain your intentions, Dragon Clan!” Wen Zishan looked at the red dragon in the sky with a cold expression, and felt that the Azure Sun Temple was really troubled. Now even the Dragon Clan is coming, He don’t know why this year is so unlucky. The wave of unsettled waves has risen again, and it makes him a little tired to deal with it.

However, facing a pure dragon clan, Wen Zishan did not dare to be careless, because there was only one place in the world where there was a dragon clan. Behind the red dragon in front of him, there was a force that the great emperor could not ignore.

“Who hit me? Who hit me just now?” The Red Dragon didn’t respond to Wen Zishan’s question, but instead opened his mouth and roared, as if he had been greatly humiliated. The anger could not be compounded, and the deafening roar made the entire Azure Sun Temple shivered.

Those Emperor Realm who accidentally rushed to the red dragon before were even more pale, and drew back from the crowd, lest they would be recognized by the red dragon.

“You, you, you!” Red Dragon’s gaze kept turning, and he paused on several emperor realms, “and you, don’t hide, I saw it just now, and you all took action!”

“I…I, I didn’t, this lord, you see it wrong.” The speaker shrank even more, and he broke into a cold sweat.

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