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Martial Peak Chapter 2935

Offending the Dragon Clan is not a good thing. The Dragon Clan is proud of its strength above all souls. If they had known that the person who came was actually a Dragon Clan, no one would rush to attack. But the red dragon rushed in silently and quickly at this extremely sensitive time. Who could stop the instinct to do it?

Attacking the dragon clan is humiliating the dragon clan, which is definitely a big trouble. Fortunately, the enemy were not clear just now, and everyone was scrupulous when they took action and did not go all out. Otherwise, it would damage the Dragon Clan, and I am afraid that everyone present will suffer.

“You have the courage to make a move, but you dare not admit it?” The Red Dragon roared, “Ants, you are all going to die!”

As soon as this remark came out, the complexion of many emperor realm changed drastically. The dragon clan are not easy to deal with, and the dragon clan in the rage are even more unreasonable. Hundreds of emperor realms can indeed not be afraid of a giant dragon, but what if they have beaten him, there is Dragon Island behind him. If the dragon island send out a group of dragon clan, the entire Star Boundary will be messed up.

The red dragon was obviously really angry, and he would shoot when he burst out. With a solemn expression on Wen Zishan’s face, he secretly decided that even if he really offended the Dragon Island, he would not allow so many emperor realm to be killed in the Azure Sun Temple. He secretly communicated with the temple Sect Protecting Formation, ready to do something right away.

“Wait!” Lei Hong shouted in a low voice and stood up.

“Old thing, you make the shot just now!” The red dragon hovered in the sky. Its huge body gave people a strong visual impact and mental pressure. At this moment, he suddenly bent down, and the dragon’s head was less than three feet away from Lei Hong. The dragon eye, bigger than the window, stared at him maliciously.

Everyone squeezed a sweat for Lei Hong.

Lei Hong clasped his fist and said, “Dare to ask, are you from…the legendary East Sea Dragon Island?”

“So what?” A hot breath erupted from the red dragon’s nostrils, and Lei Hong’s body flickered. The hair was still a little burnt.

“Sure enough…” Lei Hong showed a suddenly realization look. He smiled and said: “It is rumored that there is a dragon island in the East Sea, and there is a dragon clan on the island, which is invisible to the world. But even so, the reputation of the dragon island is so great that it is not inferior compared to the great emperor’s sect.”

It’s rare to see the scenes where the Great Elder of the Star Soul Palace blatant flattery, and a group of emperor realm are dumbfounded when they hear it.

But these words that are not painful or itchy but have a miraculous effect.

Everyone clearly felt that the red dragon’s anger had weakened a lot. The huge dragon head was a little far away from Lei Hong, and he kept nodding his head,: “Hey, the old thing is quite knowledgeable, knowing the reputation of our Dragon Island. It’s true. Who doesn’t know the name of my Dragon Island in the world? What is the great emperor’s sect worth?”

Lei Hong chuckled dryly, although there was a lot of unhappiness in his heart, it was not easy to show it.

He is the great elder of the Great Emperor’s Sect. The words in the Red Dragon’s mouth naturally makes him uncomfortable, but he knows the nature of the dragon clan well, so he doesn’t want to care about it. So as not to add fuel to the fire.

The red dragon seemed to be poked to the itch. Still boasting over there: “My dragon clan just doesn’t want to compete with you ants for fame or gain, otherwise, when my dragon island elite comes out, everything from the great emperor to the great emperor’s sect will have to stand aside, believe me or not, you all will drown…”

The more he talked, the more outrageous he was. A group of emperor realm frowned, and Lei Ting hurriedly interrupted him: “The dragon clan hasn’t appeared in a long time. This is the first time I’ve seen it. So when you came flying here, many of the people here don’t recognize it. They thought it was an enemy coming, so they rashly took the action, causing a bit of misunderstanding.”

“Yeah, yeah, I was too impulsive just now, so please don’t mind this.”

“If the lord reveals his true body early, how can I take action against you.”

“It’s really fortunate for me to see the real body of the dragon clan today.”


A group of people were clamoring and chattering. Everyone could see that although the red dragon here was grumpy and not easy to get along with, it seemed to be soft-headed, and a few good words could calm his anger. This is also a common problem for people who are too arrogant. Since they are arrogant, naturally they don’t want to care too much about people who are too humble.

For a time, everyone praised and praised.

The dragon clan listened to this, relaxed and happy. The anger that was about to erupt like a volcano just disappeared at this moment, and he hummed softly: “It’s nothing, I don’t bother to care about you, just forget it, you will have to open your eyes to see clearly the next time you make a move.”

Everyone sighed softly, Wen Zishan also dissipated the concentrated strength, and cast a grateful look at Lei Hong.

The temple has undergone many changes, and he himself was injured in the world of the Divine Movement Mirror before. At this moment, he is upset. If Lei Hong did not deal with it in time, this time, there would be trouble again. Once these emperor realms and red dragon clashes, no matter who wins or loses, Azure Sun Temple will suffer.

Lei Hong smiled slightly and motioned to him not to care.

Wen Zishan held his fist into the sky and said, “Since you’re from the Dragon Island, dare to ask what is your name?”

“This Dragon is Zhu Lie!” Red Dragon shook his head and waved his tail, spreading his voice across the distance.

“It turned out to be Lord Zhu Lie, well, I don’t know what is the intention coming to the Azure Sun Temple?”

“Find someone!” Zhu Lie whispered a few times, the dragon head faced the crowd, and the dragon eyes swept back and forth in the crowd, “Who is Yang Kai?”

Yang Kai was still watching a good show, when he suddenly heard the guy named Zhu Lie calling his name, he was startled.

Hundreds of pairs of eyes are also looking at him, some of the emperor realm standing near Yang Kai hastily retreated to the surroundings, distanced from him, as if standing next to him would be bad luck.

Wen Zishan was also a little surprised.

The giant dragon appeared and came to the Azure Sun Temple. He thought it was the revival of demon thoughts that attracted him. Although the dragon clan boasted of their longevity and high self-esteem, they are indeed a powerful race that has passed on countless years. To say that there are people or creatures in this world who know the Demon Clan’s demon thoughts best, it is none other than the Dragon Clan.

Who knew that this guy actually came for Yang Kai, not for the demon thought.

He looked at Yang Kai curiously and found that Yang Kai also had a blank expression on his face.

“Are you Yang Kai?” No need to be identified by others, seeing the eyes and attitudes from the surrounding emperor realm had already made him recognize the goal of the trip, and he said without the slightest deliberate command: “Follow me.”

“Where?” Yang Kai frowned.

“Go to Dragon Island!” Zhu Lie replied impatiently.

Everyone whispered, even if they were in the emperor realm, they couldn’t calm down when they heard this sentence. It is definitely an honor to be able to set foot on the Dragon Island in one’s lifetime, but seeing Zhu Lie’s attitude, everyone feels that if he goes there, it will be more or less unfortunate.

No one knows how Yang Kai offended Dragon Island and the Dragon Clan.

Yang Kai understood something and frowned, “Did Zhu Qing call you over?”

“She is not qualified to order me!” Zhu Lie snorted, a trace of contempt flashed in his dragon’s eyes.

“Who gave you the order?” Yang Kai asked.

Zhu Lie threw off his tail impatiently, buzzing in response: “You don’t need to know, just follow me back to Dragon Island.”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “I’m going to Dragon Island, but I can’t do it now. There are still some things to be dealt with here, so brother Zhu Lie, can you please go back and tell the person above you? Say that I would go to see you when I was free, no need to send someone to invite me.”

He suddenly became wary of Dragon Island and Dragon Clan.

Before, Zhu Qing invited him to Dragon Island over and over again. At the beginning, Yang Kai thought it was because of the Dragon Island Token in his hand and the few True Dragon Artifact he refined. Now it seems that things are not that simple.

Zhu Qing went to the Frozen Earth of the Northern Territory, and has not returned yet, and there is no news. Dragon Island actually sent out another dragon clan to bring him back to the Dragon Island.

Yang Kai estimated that it had something to do with the Origin power of the Golden Holy Dragon. He seemed to underestimate the attraction of the Origin power of the Golden Holy Dragon to the Dragon Clan. Therefore, it is impossible for him to set foot on Dragon Island before he has made things clear, lest he doesn’t know what he has lost. What’s more, Demon Thought just broke the restriction and escaped. As a participant in this matter, he couldn’t stay out of the matter.

Zhu Lie’s dragon eyes were round, and he looked at Yang Kai in amazement. After a long while, he said in a deep voice, “Human, did you reject me just now?”

The calm anger showed signs of rolling again, and both Lei Hong and Wen Zishan’s complexion changed slightly.

Yang Kai hasn’t answered anything yet, Zhu Lie is already furious: “So courageous! This Dragon came personally, how dare you refuse me! You are seeking your own death!”

He rolled in mid-air, and a hundred miles radius was suddenly filled with unspeakable killing intent.

Yang Kai said with a deep face, “I have already expressed my meaning very clearly. Either you will go back to Dragon Island to convey it, or I will send you back.”

After hearing this, many emperor realms all turned pale, looking at Yang Kai in shock, feeling that this guy was a bit arrogant, and dared to talk with the Dragon Clan like this with a 1st order Emperor Realm.

Wen Zishan, Gao Xueting and others were all dumbfounded as if they had met Yang Kai for the first time.

No one has ever dared to talk to the Dragon Clan like this, and everyone who talked like this is probably dead.

Lei Hong kept winking at Yang Kai, motioning him to converge. After all, Zhu Lie’s anger was finally soothed by him, and Yang Kai’s few words could definitely provoke the anger again.

As the elder of the Star Soul Palace, he can be complacent. Yang Kai is just the High Ranking Guest Elder of the Azure Sun Temple. No matter his cultivation status, he is very different from him. What does it matter if he speaks softly?

It’s too late.

Zhu Lie’s anger was rekindled, and it was several times more vigorous than just now, and he let out a screaming laughter: “The ant dares to provoke the dragon clan. You really don’t know how high the sky is…”

He didn’t finish his words, because Yang Kai had already arrived in front of him in a flash.

The tiny figure was insignificant in comparison with the twenty meter long body.


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