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Martial Peak Chapter 2942

More than half a month ago, when Nanmen Dajun returned from the Azure Sun Temple to the High Heaven Palace, Yang Kai handed him Thousand Imaginary Dreamland and brought it back. Yang Kai attached great importance to Thousand Imaginary Dreamland because he benefited a lot from the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland.

The Thousand Imaginary Dreamland will surely become the foundation of the High Heaven Palace. Compared with it, the function of the Heavenly Music Hall, which is arranged with the Heavenly Music Treasure Box as its center, is much smaller.

However, the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland is not static. Every martial artist who enters it may encounter a different illusion. The illusion is enough to turn fake into real things, but it is born out of reality. It is difficult to distinguish between true and false, but the benefits gained in the illusion can make people get a lot of improvement.

Especially since the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland has the magical effect of stretching time, which is precious. Chi Yue and others are Yang Kai’s friends and relatives, so Hua Qingsi selected them as the first batch of candidates to enter the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland. Facts have proved that each of them has gained something in the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland.

The Thousand Imaginary Dreamland is a huge treasure, it is impossible to mine it all at once, you can only dig it gradually and slowly.

After chatting with Hua Qingsi for a while, Yang Kai and Zhu Lie set off.

Flowing Clouds Shuttle speed was extremely fast, and one person and one dragon stayed inside the shuttle and broke through the air.

Zhu Lie was puzzled by Yang Kai’s behavior.

“Zhu Qing is trapped in the Frozen Earth, why are you going to the Fire Dragon Palace?”

Yang Kai glanced at him while controlling the Flowing Clouds Shuttle, and asked, “Have you been to the Frozen Earth?”

Zhu Lie shook his head: “I have rarely left Dragon Island since I was born. The dragon clan are not allowed to show up frequently. The name of Frozen Earth is only heard of and never visited.”

“I haven’t been there either.” Yang Kai chuckled and asked again: “Then you know where to find your sister?”

Zhu Lie continued to shook his head: “I don’t know. I tried to contact her these days, but I still didn’t get a response. Maybe she really is…”

Yang Kai said, “If she is alive i want to see her in person, and if she is dead, i want to see the corpse. Don’t jump to conclusions before you see her.”

“That said, but…”

“No but!” Yang Kai glanced at him sharply, “Neither you nor I have been to the Frozen Earth, let alone where to find your sister, but there is someone who can help.”

Zhu Lie thought for a while and said, “Someone in the Fire Dragon Palace does?”

“You’re still smart!” Yang Kai grinned, “Workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do their best. Although it will take some time for us to find the person in Fire Dragon Palace, it is better than blindly looking for someone in the frozen earth.” After a pause, Yang Kai said, “But that person’s status and identity are a bit unusual, and i may have to rely on your strength then.”

Zhu Lie sneered and said, “You can’t beat him?”

Yang Kai changed his expression and shook his head: “This is not a question of who is strong and who is weak, but of courage. If I want that person to accompany me to the frozen earth, he must be unwilling. If I use force, i’m afraid that I will tear my face with him. It’s not helpful to find your sister, but if you can come forward, maybe the matter will be handled well.”

“Oh?” Zhu Lie was curious. He didn’t know who would be like Yang Kai said, but he didn’t ask much, anyway, he would know when he met.

Fire Dragon Palace has been established for tens of thousands of years. In the Northern Territory, it has been called the four top sects with Ice heart Valley, Asking Passion Sect and Full Sky Sect, because each of the four sects has the powerhouse of 3rd order Emperor Realm.

Li Jiao, the lord of the Fire Dragon Palace, was a half-monster powerhouse with a trace of dragon blood. In its heyday, Fire Dragon Palace had overwhelmed the other three sects, and the limelight was strong.

However, since the birth of a High Heaven Palace in the Northern Territory, the life of the Fire Dragon Palace has been difficult.

No one knows how their palace lord offended the High Heaven Palace. Since last year, 80% of the income from the sect has to be turned over to the High Heaven Palace, and he can only leave a mere 20%.

Fire Dragon Palace has big business, and tens of thousands of sect disciples, a mere 20% of the income is only 10 million high-rank source crystals, how can such a quantity be consumed? From Li Jiao to ordinary disciple in the palace, all kinds of benefits fell from the sky to the ground all at once, and no one did not tighten their belts to live.

Because of this incident, many elders in Fire Dragon Palace were extremely dissatisfied with the High Heaven Palace, and from time to time they would blow light in Li Jiao’s ears, wanting him to take himself and others to the High Heaven Palace for revenge.

Li Jiao didn’t have the courage, the elders and disciples underneath didn’t know the background of the High Heaven Palace, but he couldn’t be more clear. Last time he just went to join Ji Ying in for the fun, and he almost lost the family business. Now when he hear others mention the word High Heaven Palace, his heart is beating loud, how could he dare to go visit.

Fortunately, his Fire Dragon Palace is not the only one, and the situation of Full Sky Sect was similar. The two top sects are now brothers in cold and can only hug each other to keep warm.

On this day, above the main hall of the Fire Dragon Palace, many elders gathered. As in the past, there was a lot of noise in the hall, and many emperor realm did not have the corresponding cultivation and calm temperament. The whole hall was like a vegetable market, noisy and smoky.

This situation was not common before, but it has happened frequently since last year. Many elders only talk about the benefits!

The annual income from Fire Dragon Palace is about 50 million high-rank source crystal. Such a large amount of income, if there are no special circumstances, the entire sect will definitely be spent, and it can meet the needs of each elder, and there is still a surplus. Expand the sect inventory to prepare for future needs.

But since last year, the number of 50 million has dropped to 10 million, and the problem has been exposed. Every elder wants to fight for more benefits for the Spirit Peak Hall under his control. Pill Refining needs source crystals, and Item Refinin need source crystal, cultivation needs source crystal, who is willing to suffer?

But there are only 10 million source crystals in total, and it will last for a year, and the distribution below will become more and more rare.

If there is a surplus in the warehouse, it’s okay to say, the big deal is to open the sect warehouse and transfer the source crystals from it to alleviate the crisis, but the problem is that the warehouse near the Fire Dragon Palace is basically empty. The accumulation of the sect over the years has long been given to that High Heaven Palace to pay their debt, and there will be no improvement in the next fifty years.

Under these circumstances, the elders gathered in the hall naturally became more and more unwilling to back down, and all of them have red face and were noisy, trying to get the most benefit for themselves.

Li Jiao sat in the first seat, listening to the noise below with a gloomy expression, without saying a word, and without any intention to stop it.

He only hated why he had to go to the High Heaven Palace with Ji Ying in the first place.

What a ghost! Li Jiao sighed and slowly closed his eyes.

At some point, the noise below stopped, and an old man with white hair and beard clasped his fist and said: “Palace Lord, disciples cannot practice without medicine pill. The operation of my pill hall is the top priority of the entire sect. Sect Master, please set aside 3 million high-rank source crystals as the Pill Refining Cost for the Pill Hall this year.

“Three million? Elder Xu, you have a big mouth? There are only ten million source crystals available in the palace every year, and you actually ask for three million cost in one bite. What do you want us to do? Eat the dirt?”

“Yeah, three million is too much. I think 500,000 would be fine. You can practice without a pill, but it’s just a bit slower. It will survive these fifty years.”

“Fifty years? Fifty years later, the younger generation has long been abolished. Without sufficient pill support, how can their potential be tapped? A huge fault will inevitably occur in the younger generation of Fire Dragon Palace, and the sect will be weakened. Who can afford this responsibility?”

“Brother Xu, don’t say such thing so seriously. It’s only fifty years. Which one of you and I have not practiced for thousands of years? When you were young, you had plenty of pills to take? Haven’t you cultivated to the Emperor Realm in the same way?”

“That’s why the old man is only at the 1st order. If he had enough pills when he was young, the old man would definitely be more than this level.”

After a brief period of calm, there was another round of quarrels.

Li Jiao finally couldn’t bear it, angrily patted the chair he sat in, and it turn to ashes.

The noisy hall suddenly fell silent, and a pair of eyes turned towards Li Jiao’s attention.

The palace lord was angry, and they didn’t dare to be presumptuous anymore.

“Enough!” Li Jiao swept his eyes down, gritted his teeth and said: “Every day I hear you making noise here, but still can’t come up with a solution. You are all the elders of the Fire Dragon Palace. All of you are in the Emperor Realm level, being so noisy in such a style, if the disciples saw this, there is no majesty at all.”

Everyone was embarrassed to be teached, and all bowed their heads.

Elder Xu from the Pill Hall pondered for a moment and said: “Palace Lord, Source Crystal needs to be resolved as soon as possible, otherwise…”

“You think i don’t know?” Li Jiao glared at him irritably, “This king has an oversight that day and was caught in the trap of a small thief, which leave my Fire Dragon Palace to this state.”

Elder Xu said: “Palace Lord does not have to blame himself too much. Sect Master Mi did not see the flaws either. We can only blame the kid in the High Heaven Palace for being too cunning. As long as the palace lord is still alive, Fire Dragon Palace will make a comeback.”

A group of elders nodded in agreement.

Li Jiao said: “In short, things are already like this. I have a proposal. I also hope that many elders can do their best to cooperate. If it can be implemented, my Fire Dragon Palace will definitely be able to get through this difficult situation.”

Elder Xu said: “I wonder if the palace lord has any tricks?”

Li Jiao looked around and coughed slightly and said: “You are all in the Emperor Realm. It has not been one or two years since you have been the elder of the Fire Dragon Palace. You must have some savings on hand. What this king means is… Use your savings to fill in for the sect use. If you lend it to the palace, after 50 years, even the principal and interest will be returned to you. It will not let you suffer. I don’t know what you think?”

No one responded, everyone lowered their heads wherever Li Jiao’s gaze passed.

Li Jiao snorted coldly, “Don’t you have any savings? Is it possible that my Fire Dragon Palace are so poor?”


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