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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2946 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2946
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The three of them worked together and quickly removed all the snow covering the vicinity, and the huge traces of the dragon’s fall were suddenly revealed.

As Li Jiao said before, there are only traces here, and no dragon’s body is visible, because the dragon’s blood essence and even the bones have become nutrients, giving birth to a dragon blood flower.

There is no message left by Zhu Qing, and no one knows whether she has been here.

Yang Kai sensed silently for a long time, then shook his head and said, “The power of the origin is not here.”

Although he is not a dragon clan, since he has practiced the dragon transformation technique that Zhu Qing taught him, the power of the golden holy dragon has begun to truly merge with him, and his blood and body are gradually transforming to the dragon clan, so if there is a dragon clan origin in this place, he must be able to feel it.

Zhu Lie glanced at him and said, “I want to use the Dragon Clan secret technique, protect me.”

Yang Kai nodded, and walked aside, Li Jiao’s expression moved even more, looking at Zhu Lie curiously and eagerly.

The Dragon Secret Technique is a very mysterious Secret Technique, which can only be performed when you have a Dragon Clan blood. Yang Kai can suppress Zhu Lie and Zhu Qing with the power of the blood, but he does not even go through systematic learning. Perhaps the dragon clan secret technique involved the use of Dragon Qi and the spell of the dragon language.

Li Jiao had a trace of the dragon clan bloodline, and he was naturally curious and yearning for this.

Zhu Lie closed his eyes and concentrated his mind.

After a while, he suddenly opened his eyes, pointed like a knife, and slid slightly on his other hand, his sharp nails cut his palm, and a strong bloody Qi immediately filled the air.

Zhu Lie squeezed the big wounded hand, raised it high, Dragon Qi surging inside his body, and a low chant sound came from his mouth. The chant was mysterious and complicated, and it made people feel very awkward when hearing it. Zhu Lie’s mouth was full of things like talking.

Li Jiao, with his ears pricked up, looked blank, scratching his ears anxiously, he finally came across a pure dragon clan performing the dragon clan secret technique in front of him. He naturally want to deliberately learn it, but unfortunately he couldn’t even hear what others said. How can he learn it?

Yang Kai also didn’t understand, but he always felt that when Zhu Lie used this dragon clan secret technique, it was a bit similar to the wizard technique of the ancient times that needed to chant a spell.

Under the gaze of the two, a drop of blood dripped from Zhu Lie’s palm. His dragon blood was not the same as normal blood, like a burning flame, exuding a scorching aura.


After falling on the ground, there was a piercing sound, which melted into the ground and disappeared.

The wind blows, the snow flies, and Zhu Lie’s chant is getting louder and louder, gradually becoming similar to the dragon’s voice, and it seems that thunder is rolling by, the eardrum of the people is hurting, the red hair is dancing, the clothes waving, It seems to be completely flooded by this dragon roar.

Suddenly, Zhu Lie’s voice stopped, and the momentum of the whole person climbing to the extreme like a frustrated ball, suddenly withered a lot, even some sweat oozes from that delicate face.

Although It’s unknown what kind of Dragon Clan secret technique this is, this trick is undoubtedly very expensive for him.

Yang Kai and Li Jiao both stared at him blankly, but Zhu Lie’s eyes drooped, staring at the ground.

The earth was poured red by his blood, and the hot energy collided with the cold air here, emitting steaming heat.

At a certain moment, Zhu Lie’s eyes lit up, and at the same time, Yang Kai and Li Jiao also noticed a slight change.

The blood-stained earth was squirming, and it seemed that something was about to break through the ground.

Under the attention of the three people, a little red bloomed from the soil, and immediately rose rapidly, and the branches and leaves spread out. It was just a moment effort, and there was an extra plant one foot high on the ground, red as if poured by bloodat first glance, this thing looks like a blood coral.

Zhu Lie sucked up the one-foot-high blood coral and held it in the palm of his hand. The energetic red light gathered on the canopy, drifting in a certain direction as if it were alive, like a red ribbon hanging on the canopy.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

What’s weird is that the direction in which the red ribbon flies is completely different from the wind direction here.

Zhu Lie pointed to the direction guided by the red ribbon and said: “Zhu Qing is over there, still alive.”

Although it’s unknown how he judged this information, it is undoubtedly related to the Dragon Clan secret technique he used.

Yang Kai summon the Flowing Clouds Shuttle without saying a word, and shouted in a low voice: “Go!”

Li Jiao stood there and didn’t move. He looked at Yang Kai flatly and said, “Palace Lord Yang, Li has taken you to the place, this next journey…hmm, the gentleman does not move his mouth, and Li is also…”

Before he finished speaking, Zhu Lie was lifted and threw him directly into the Flowing CLouds Shuttle, with a bitter and resentful expression on his face.

He doesn’t know why this dragon clan is still unwilling to let him go. He has completed his task and brought Yang Kai and Zhu Lie to the place. The next thing should have nothing to do with him. He should be able to leave this ghost place, returning to the Fire Dragon Palace.

As the 3rd order Emperor Realm, he hadn’t tasted this kind of powerless feeling for many years, and he secretly made up his mind that if he could go back alive this time, he would never deal with the dragon clan again in the future, it would be too deceptive.

Flowing Clouds Shuttle broke through the air, but the speed was getting slower and slower.

Zhu Lie became very weak after performing the secret technique, and Yang Kai held the blood coral in his hand, relying on the direction of the red light to search for Zhu Qing.

Only less than two thousand miles deep into the frozen ground, Flowing Clouds Shuttle, who was flying, suddenly shook violently, and then plunged its head downwards.

Yang Kai was slightly startled, thinking it was an attack, but soon he understood what was going on, kicked Li Jiao out and awakened Zhu Lie who was recovering from meditation.

Immediately afterwards, he put away Flowing Clouds Shuttle and stood in the air.

The bitter cold wind blows, coldly enveloping people, and seems to be able to freeze people’s divine soul.

In such a treacherous environment, even the strong who cultivate the Ice Attribute Law might not be able to stay for a long time.

Li Jiao flew over, trembling, and said with a depressed look: “What’s the matter?”

There was a degree of isolation in Flowing Clouds Shuttle just now, and now he is directly in contact with the frozen earth with his body, he clearly feels that his vitality is slowly passing away, although it will be fine for a while, but if he stay in this place for a long time, he will die.

“It’s nothing, the next road is probably going by ourselves.” Yang Kai glanced at Zhu Lie as he spoke.

Flowing Clouds Shuttle, such a Flight Artifact was frozen in this place and could not operate normally. If this kind of thing is not experienced personally, no one will believe it.

Zhu Lie’s expression remained unchanged, but Li Jiao’s expression turned white. He hesitated for a while and said: “Two, Li has a relentless request!”

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Zhu Lie looked at him with a cold expression that was even more terrifying than the freezing cold of the frozen earth. Li Jiao’s words suddenly changed: “It’s nothings…”

“That’s very good.” Yang Kai smiled slightly, holding the dragon blood coral in one hand, and took the lead to fly forward.

Zhu Lie stretched out his hand, grabbed Li Jiao and threw him forward, allowing him to follow Yang Kai closely, and walked in the back.

Flying in the frozen earth is definitely not a good thing, but Yang Kai soon discovered an interesting phenomenon, that is, the higher he flies, the greater the consumption, and the more terrifying the ice cold is.

After realizing this, he immediately flew down, not far from the ground, and the resistance he received was much less.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

But in this way, the speed is much slower, but it is also relatively safer.

In a full day, the three talents have traveled hundreds of miles, which is simply incredible for a group of Emperor Realm.

In one day, no matter who they were, the three of them trembled all over, with ice scum on their hair and faces. No matter how the three of them urged the Emperor Yuan, they could not resist the chill that invaded the body.

Li Jiao wanted to leave several times, but as soon as he touched Zhu Lie’s gaze, the courage he had accumulated with his hard work suddenly dissipated. He couldn’t say a word, so he could only fight his life to keep up with Yang Kai’s pace.

He was a little puzzled, Yang Kai was only the 1st order Emperor Realm, why could he persist for so long, logically speaking, the 1st order Emperor Realm should have frozen to death here long ago, but there are only three people. Among them, he seems to be in the best condition. At this point, even Zhu Lie, who is a dragon clan, cannot compare with him.

Another day later, Yang Kai, who was leading the front, suddenly stopped and listened to the sound.

He was vaguely aware of something.

Li Jiao, who was following him, almost ran into him. Seeing Yang Kai’s dignified look, he couldn’t help asking nervously, “What’s the matter Palace Lord Yang?”

Yang Kai looked over Li Jiao, looked at Zhu Lie and said, “Something is here!”

Zhu Lie nodded slightly, he also felt that something was coming, and the surrounding air and chill conveyed an unusual fluctuation.

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“What, what?” Li Jiao asked with a pale face, the frozen earth has no vitality, what can be here? It can be seen that both Yang Kai and Zhu Lie seem to have notice something, and he can’t help but feel worried.

“It should be that thing!” Yang Kai raised his head and looked into the distance, narrowing his eyes.

Li Jiao followed his gaze and swallowed a mouthful of water.

He saw that on the horizon, there was something black and heavy, like a big curtain covering the entire sky, and it was moving quickly toward this side.

“Cold wave!” Li Jiao seemed to think of something, and while exclaiming, he quickly backed away.

Between life and death, he finally suppressed the fear towards Zhu Lie, and ran back and forth on the road without looking back, just wanting to stay away from the cold wave as far as possible.

Yang Kai and Zhu Lie followed him closely, the fear of death offset all the disadvantages. This time, Li Jiao was the first one to run, faster than anyone else.

“What is the cold wave?” Yang Kai asked while running away.

“Heavenly Power!” Li Jiao replied with a grim expression, hating himself for only habing two legs and running slowly, “Frozen Earth’s unique Heavenly Power!”

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