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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2947 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2947
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When Li Jiao escaped from the frozen earth, he naturally paid more attention to the frozen earth. However, there is too little information on the frozen earth in this world. Even if he collected it intentionally, he couldn’t find much useful things.

He knew that there was a kind of heavenly power in the frozen earth called the cold wave, and knew that under the cold wave, no one could live, but how the cold wave formed, how to avoid it, and what it looked like, he didn’t know.

Until now, he saw it with his own eyes, and he was immediately sure that it was a cold wave.

The three of them were not fast, and tried their best to escape the chase of the cold wave. Seeing the distance getting closer and closer, the expressions of Yang Kai and Zhu Lie were not very good.

No one can remain indifferent at the critical moment of life and death.

Yang Kai tried to mobilize the Space Principle, but found it extremely difficult. The chill in the frozen earth seemed to freeze the space, making him have to dispel the idea of ​​teleporting.

The cold wave was getting closer and closer to the three of them, and the bone-chilling chill seemed to hit the back like a sledgehammer, making people tremble all over.

Li Jiao suddenly said with a grim expression: “If Li is killed by you this time, he will be a ghost and will not let you go!”

The grievances and anger that have lasted for many days finally broke out at this moment, he is dying, how can there be so many scruples? He opened his mouth and said: “Yang Kai, aren’t you very good? Even the Monster King is driven by you at will. Think of a way out now!”

Seeing that Yang Kai didn’t say a word, he said angrily: “You can only fake the tiger skin. Do you think Li is really afraid of you? If it weren’t for Great Master Ji Ying’s face, Li had already taken someone to beat you down. Destroy your High Heaven Palace. It is better for you to die! 1st order Emperor Realm dare to be arrogant in front of this Li, I don’t know what to say.”

As soon as he scolded, he didn’t seem to be satisfied. He turned his head and rushed to the side Zhu Lie and said: “Dragon Clan? Dragon Clan are so great? Dragon Clan can look down on people? The blood of this king is impure, so what? This king has cultivated to the 3rd order Emperor Realm with his own efforts. If you don’t have the blood of the dragon clan, I’m afraid you are not as good as this king. You put on a haughty look all day and don’t know who to show it to. If you have the ability, don’t use your blood power to suppress this king. Li will let you know how powerful this king is. Damn… how come Li would go to this muddy water with you, the two scourge, I’ve told you nothing good will come entering this Frozen Earth… It’s fine to leave early, it’s all your fault. Li has already taken you to the place, so why hold on to Li? This Li is really so easy to be bullied. You just wait, if i can survive the catastrophe this time, Li will definitely take someone to the High Heaven Palace and Dragon Island and kill you all…”

He chattered for a while, as if he had lost his mind, and became a little hysterical, but no matter how he vented his anger, Yang Kai and Zhu Lie ignored his intentions.

The two looked at each other. Zhu Lie said, “If you have any trump card, use them as soon as possible. I’m afraid it’s really too late if you delay it.”

Yang Kai curled his lips and said, “You have many secret technique from the Dragon Clan, why count on me? I only have 1st order Emperor Realm. What trump fcard can I have?”

Zhu Lie took a deep look at him and sighed: “Well, since you want to hide it, then i won’t force you, let me do it.”


Li Jiao’s yelling and cursing stopped abruptly, as if his mouth was pinched by an invisible big hand. He looked at Yang Kai and Zhu Lie. With a smile on his face, he asked cautiously: “My lord, do you have a way out of the crisis?”

Zhu Lie said coldly: “I can give it a try.”

Li Jiao immediately said: “Then what are you waiting for, do it now.”

Yang Kai looked at him with a smile while flying.

Li Jiao’s face turned white from the cold, couldn’t help showing a trace of flushing, and said embarrassedly: “My lord, you must take me. Just now… I didn’t know what was wrong just now. I was confused. It’s definitely not my real thoughts, my lords, don’t care about it.”

He couldn’t wait to slap himself, his mouth was quick, he didn’t expect to cause a catastrophe, and he didn’t know whether this dragon clan was willing to take care of himself.

Fortunately, his worries were unnecessary. When a dragon roar came out, a red dragon appeared on top of Zhu Lie’s head. The dragon hovered and immediately wrapped the three of them inside.

The bitter chill seemed to be isolated, and it made people feel safe.

Zhu Lie let out a low cry, some signs of dragon transformation appeared on the surface of his body, and then he directly turned around and rushed towards the direction of the cold wave.

Li Jiao was so frightened that he screamed, but he didn’t dare to get rid of the protection of the red dragon. He could only watch as he was getting closer and closer to the cold wave.

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Yang Kai was also slightly surprised, but he soon understood Zhu Lie’s plan.

With the current speed of the three of them, it is impossible to escape the cold wave chase. Instead of being caught up, it is better to go the other way, and perhaps be able to make a breakthrough with the power of the three.

This is not a very good way, but it is worth a try. Maybe it can really get rid of the crisis.

Amid the howling of the cold wind, the cold wave was getting closer and closer to everyone, and Li Jiao was already horrified, if not for his cultivation level, he would have already fainted.

After more than ten breaths, the three of them finally collided head-on with the cold wave, and were directly shrouded in the darkness.

Zhu Lie’s face changed drastically, and suddenly he found something wrong.

This cold wave was a little different from what he had expected. It didn’t seem to be a natural disaster caused by the world. The cold wave made him feel more like an indescribable existence, making all his preparations unable to exert any strength, and he was directly affected by it, and swallowed in it.

Yang Kai even lost his voice: “Space Principle?”

He did not expect that the Heavenly Power Cold Wave existing in this frozen earth contained the power of extremely strong Space Principle. At the moment of being wrapped by the cold wave, the surrounding space was chaotic and turbulent. This feeling of transmission, and this feeling is more violent than cross-domain transmission, the whole person seems to be torn apart, turning into countless tiny powders rushing into the void tunnel.

Almost instinctively, Yang Kai also urged his own Space Principle.

The next moment his head feels dizzy, and he could no longer feel the existence of Zhu Lie and Li Jiao, and no one knew where the two of them had gone. Yang Kai only felt like he was falling, never ending, and the feeling of dizziness became more and more serious, and he felt better only when he activated the Space Principle.

It’s unknown how long it took before that feeling of dizziness suddenly disappeared. He fell heavily to a solid ground, bounced again, and rolled several times before finally stabilizing.

The bones all over his body seemed to be broken, and the nausea he had never had before hit his heart, causing him to retching a few times.

The surrounding area was quiet, still snowy, but Li Jiao and Zhu Lie were no longer visible.

Slowly getting up, Yang Kai’s expression gradually became serious.

Although the surrounding scenery does not look much different from before, there is no longer the kind of cold that goes deep into the soul. He keenly feels the difference here. It seems to be another world, not on the same plane as the Frozen Earth.

He tried to feel the world’s law around him, and for a moment, he confirmed the guess in his heart.

This is indeed another world. Although the world’s law here are complete, they seem to be chaotic, which is very different from the Star Boundary’s Law. In other words, he is not in the Star Boundary now.

He recalled what had happened before, and gradually he had a trace of speculation, but he was not quite sure.

The only thing that is certain is that the reason why he came to this place has a huge relationship with the cold wave. Perhaps the cold wave is the entrance to this world, and the destruction power is just a disguise.

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Suddenly, with a red light in the corner of his eye, Yang Kai turned his head to look, and saw that the dragon blood coral that he had been holding in his hand was blooming a hundred times more violently than ever before.

The enveloping light on the coral crown has now condensed a thick red band, floating in a certain direction, guiding Yang Kai.

“Zhu Qing!” Yang Kai raised his brows and immediately understood why the dragon blood coral had this change.

This is something created by Zhu Lie using his own dragon blood to display the secret technique of the dragon clan. The main purpose is to find Zhu Qing’s whereabouts. When he was searching in the frozen earth before, it indeed pointed out the direction.

But it is far less violent and obvious than the guidance this time.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Zhu Qing is nearby! Maybe not far from him.

When the cold wave came, it swept across a wide range. He was brought into this world by the cold wave. If Zhu Qing was also swallowed by the cold wave, she should also appear in this world, so this dragon blood coral would be abnormal.

At this point, Yang Kai quickly cheered up, picked up the dragon blood coral, and ran away in the direction it pointed.

In the vast snow-capped mountains, Yang Kai walked alone.

After half an hour, Yang Kai found the familiar figure in a place less than three hundred miles away from him.

With long blood-red hair and a petite and exquisite body, lying on her side on the snowy ground, her live and death situation is unknown.

Yang Kai hurriedly rushed over to lift the figure up, lifted the hair that was brushing her face, and saw Zhu Qing’s face, he breathed out slightly, although he didn’t know where he was now, but he finally have a good news.

Zhu Qing was found. As for Zhu Lie and Li Jiao, Yang Kai estimated that they should not be in any danger. The cold wave looked terrifying but it seemed to be harmless.

The reason why they separated was completely because at the moment when they were enveloped by the cold wave, he instinctively urged the Space Principle.

Zhu Qing’s situation seems a bit wrong. She is also a dragon clan, and she has a cultivation level comparable to that of the 3rd order Emperor Realm. There is no reason to comatose on the ground for no reason. Maybe it has something to do with being swallowed by the cold wave just now. After all, even Yang Kai, who is proficient in the Space Law, was disgusted for a while.

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But this is not the main reason.

Yang Kai felt that her body was very cold, like a mass of ice, even her vitality was extremely weak.

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