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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2949 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2949
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It is impossible for a normal dragon clan to have two Origin powers, especially two opposite Origin powers. Ice and fire cannot coexist at all. If Zhu Qing had such two Origin powers in her body long ago, she would probably not survive today.

A bold guess emerged in Yang Kai’s mind between the electric light and flint.

The origin of the ice dragon might be the Origin left by the dragon that died in the frozen earth.

The reason why Zhu Qing came to the Frozen Earth was not to look for the bones of the tribe, because Li Jiao had already said very clearly that the bones of the giant dragon had already turned into ashes, and there was nothing left. Zhu Qing insisted on coming here, just to bring back the Origin power left by the clansman.

Now it seems that she found it, but was harmed by the origin of the ice dragon.

The power of the origin has no thinking and no reason. It is just one kind of power. The two kinds of power coexist in Zhu Qing’s body, instinctively there is huge rejection and struggle, using Zhu Qing’s body as the battlefield, fighting each other endlessly.

Yang Kai couldn’t see this kind of internal struggle, unless these two powers were directly revealed as before.

When he was shocked, the two giant dragons roared together again, and then plunged into Zhu Qing’s body and disappeared.

Zhu Qing wailed in pain. At this moment, she was completely in a coma. The opening of her eyes just now was not a conscious control, but an instinctive reaction of the body.

To the naked eye, a thin layer of ice appeared on Zhu Qing’s body, and the slightest chill overflowed from her flesh and blood, as if to completely freeze her.

But soon there was a scorching power permeating out, and the cold shock was scattered. Let Zhu Qing’s whole person become like a fire. Her skin was red, her body was hot, and even the ground she was lying on was burnt to scorched earth.

The two Origin power appeared in Zhu Qing’s body alternately and repeatedly, seeming to never stop, Zhu Qing’s moaning became more painful.

Yang Kai was a little dazed and didn’t know what to do.

If it’s just injured. No matter how serious the injury is, he can always find a way to solve it, but in fact, Zhu Qing’s treatment of the essence of the Eternal Tree does not have much effect on her body, but the two origins are fighting uncontrollably.

As a flesh body and the battlefield, it is bound to suffer extremely severe damage.


Origin power…Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, and he rushed forward once again, taking Zhu Qing up again, letting her lean in his arms. Then silently urged his own golden holy dragon origin power.

The golden dragon shadow appeared behind him, disappeared in a flash, rushed into his body and disappeared.

The temperature of Zhu Qin’s body surface changes extremely quickly. The moment before it was as hot as a fire, and the next moment was as cold as being picked up from the ice and snow.

And when the aura of the origin of the golden holy dragon came out. The speed of this alternating hot and cold suddenly became slow.

There is a role! Yang Kai is happy. He was only testing at first, wanting to test whether his Golden Holy Dragon origin can produce some suppressive effects, but now it seems to be effective.

Now the most important thing is to awaken Zhu Qing. Only when she stays awake can she fully mobilize the power of her own origin, suppress the origin of the ice dragon, drive it out or kill it.

So Yang Kai pressed against the tip of his tongue, urging the power of the divine soul, and when he was about to cast the spell, Zhu Qing suddenly hugged him tightly. It seemed that She had tasted some sweetness, and the aura of Yang Kai made Zhu Qing respond subconsciously.

Although Zhu Qing’s figure is petite and exquisite, she is a dragon clan after all, and her strength is no less than that of Yang Kai. At the first meeting with her, Yang Kai had experienced her violent strength.

With this tightening, Yang Kai only felt that his body was about to be severed, and couldn’t help but turn blue.

But the soft touch from his chest made his mind rippling.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

It’s not over yet, Zhu Qing is actually like a puppy, arching around in his arms, sniffing lightly, making strange noises in her throat, as if she has found some delicious food, and wants to eat it.

Yang Kai was like being struck by lightning and became extremely stiff. It was not until a burst of pain came from his chest that he suddenly woke up. He pushed Zhu Qing’s head furiously away, his palm against her face, and hissed: “Are you a dog? Why do you bite?”

Zhu Qing’s eyes were full of blur, a strange light glowing, and her breathing became inexplicably quick. Yang Kai clearly felt the heat from her nostrils and her hands were hot, and her delicate face was charming, exuding a kind of coquettish that makes people unable to hold on against it.

Yang Kai’s heart was like tens of thousands of ants crawling over, itching and hard to suppress.

Zhu Qing opened her mouth again, her white teeth biting Yang Kai’s palm. This bite was so heavy that she actually left out a mark, and golden blood came out of the wound.

The blood is like the most delicious food, Zhu Qing swallowed, the small warm tongue unexpectedly kept holding Yang Kai’s palm, bringing a tingling sensation.

Yang Kai wanted to withdraw his hand, he couldn’t bear it anymore.

But soon Yang Kai discovered a strange phenomenon. After swallowing his own blood, Zhu Qing’s condition seemed to have improved a lot. The frequency of the alternation of cold and heat became more and more slow, and the cold aura continued, but it was suppressed by the fiery heat in a flash.

His own blood seems to be of great help to her current state!

After pondering for a while, Yang Kai vaguely understood.

Although he is a human race, after practicing the Dragon Transformation Technique, he has begun to truly integrate with the Origin power of the Golden Holy Dragon. In other words, the blood in his body is no longer a pure human race blood, and there are some dragon clan blood, and it is an extremely advanced dragon clan bloodline.

In the blood of the dragon clan, the strong have a strong suppressing power over the weak.

The origin aura of the Golden Holy Dragon can help Zhu Qing alleviate the crisis, and his own half-dragon blood will naturally be more effective. No wonder Zhu Qing will bite him, presumably she has already sensed this, so she will do so.

Of course Yang Kai could get rid of her, but he just stood there, letting Zhu Qing drink his blood.

Zhu Qing was still confused, did not regain her sanity, her dim eyes were full of charm, swallowing Yang Kai’s blood with big mouths, her deft tongue kept spinning on Yang Kai’s palm.

The evil thoughts in Yang Kai’s heart almost broke out, and he needed desperate suppression to stabilize his mind. He put aside his gaze, didn’t look at Zhu Qing’s eyes or feel the tingling on the palm of his hand, for fear of another accident.

Don’t know how long it took, he suddenly felt Zhu Qing let go of his hand.

He opened his eyes, and for the first time he saw Zhu Qing flushing and looking at him, and said in surprise: “How are you?”

He could see that Zhu Qing should be awake, and she should have regained her sanity, because the information revealed in those eyes was a little different from just now.

The answer to him was a dragon clan secret technique. Zhu Qing opened her mouth, and a blood arrow spurted out. The blood was Zhu Qing’s own blood. It was red, like a burning flame. The dragon’s blood melted in the air and turned into one. The strangely shaped rune hit Yang Kai’s forehead all at once.

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Yang Kai looked dazed, and fell straight down.

This dragon clan secret technique seems to have a very strong binding power, so that Yang Kai can’t even generate the power of a finger. He is amazed, and instinctively wants to urge the power of the Golden Holy Dragon.

Although the dragon secret technique that Zhu Qing showed was powerful, Yang Kai felt that it could be unlocked by the power of the Golden Holy Dragon’s origin. He is just caught off guard, Yang Kai didn’t expect that she would attack him, so he was hit.

But he did not act immediately, because a scent of fragrance suddenly hit his face, Zhu Qing was already kneeling between his legs, holding his chest, and looking at him condescendingly, her long red hair was spread on her smooth back, covering the pretty buttocks, adding to the fascinating charm.

Her breathing was so fast, as if she was about to die, and her towering and full chest kept rising and falling, removing the thrilling arc.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

That kind of heart-wrenching fragrance became more and more intense, as if every pore of her could exude such a fragrance, to fill the whole world.

Her long eyelashes were shaking, and she was obviously nervous, but her eyes were like a pool of water that was stirred, showing extreme restlessness and struggle.

“You…what are you going to do?” Yang Kai felt silly to ask this as soon as he spoke.

He recognized this look, it was an extremely hungry look that was looking for food, Shan Qing Luo would often show such look back then.

His blood seemed to be ignited all of a sudden, and it began to boil in the blood and flesh of the meridians, making people burn like fire, and the evil thoughts that had been suppressed for a long time found a catharsis, drowning his reason.

The two small hands on his chest slammed hard and directly tore his clothes.

Yang Kai took a breath, opened his mouth but said nothing.

The clothes were quickly messy, and the clothes that wrapped the two of them quickly turned into fragments, flying all over the sky, Zhu Qing kept making strange noises in her throat, and the fiery body was riding on Yang Kai, twisting restlessly.

She knew what she wanted, but she had never had such experience, and it took a long time to gradually master the method.

The white body sank slightly, her teeth bit her red lips, her eyebrows tufted tightly.

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Yang Kai closed his eyes, spread his hands, grasped the grass beside him, and said in a low voice, “This is my first time, be gentle…”

Zhu Qing’s body sank abruptly, and an abnormal blush instantly appeared on her snow-white skin. She held her head high as if she was suffocated, and her hair fell like a waterfall. There was no response for a long time. After a long time, she roared.

Yang Kai also roared, he felt like he had fallen into the lava, unimaginable scorching heat wrapped him in all directions, as if to melt him.

This kind of feeling has never been experienced before, and it gives him an indescribable excitement.

In the Mysterious Small Boundary, the sky is the quilt, the ground is the bed, the hair is messy, and the fingers are interlocked. They are acting as if there is no tomorrow.

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