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Martial Peak Chapter 2954

“Get out of the way!”

Just as Yang Kai was observing the surroundings in silence, a very rude shout suddenly came from behind. He turned his head and saw that a large number of people suddenly appeared on the huge space law formation, the number was more than a dozen. Every one has an extraordinary cultivation level.

One of the men was the most conspicuous. He looked in his early twenties. He was handsome and arrogant. He has a pair of red phoenix eyes, and he was dressed in a moon-white cloak.

The rest of the crowd scattered around, surrounding him.

As soon as this group of people appeared, they walked in a certain direction, while the leader of the martial artist cleared the road in front, rudely pushing the person in the way.

The person being pushed did not dare to resist at all, but ran to the side tremblingly.

“It’s His Royal Highness the 3rd Prince, the 3rd Prince is back.”

“Knelt down quickly and don’t talk, don’t look at him, you’re done if he sees you.”

The crowd clashed for a while, and they all knelt down on the ground. Regardless of men, women and children, and regardless of their strengths, people within a radius of one hundred meters from the center of the formation, no matter what they are doing, they all kneel on the ground, expressing respect.

Yang Kai was dumbfounded.

He was looking curiously at the so-called third prince, listening to those whispering talks about him, and wondering what the prince was. Because a title like this seems to be available only in the worldly kingdom. He basically never heard such a name in the martial artist group.

Everyone was kneeling around, only he and Zhu Qing were standing in place, and Zhu Qing was holding a small black dog in her arms, which suddenly seemed special and unconventional.

He sighed slightly, knowing that it was going to be bad, and he wasn’t very willing to cause trouble before he had fully understood the situation in the Wheel World and the human imperial city. But things in life, there are a lot of trouble, he will not cause trouble, but trouble always find him.

He glanced at Zhu Qing helplessly, and she smiled at him.


The abnormality of Yang Kai and Zhu Qing caught the attention of the group of people in an instant. The leading martial artist came to Yang Kai in a few steps. This guy was tall, like an iron tower, giving people a strong sense of oppression. He looked down at Yang Kai from a high ground, and shouted in a low voice: “Boy, seeing the 3rd prince, Why don’t you kneel?”

While talking. Extremely strong coercion diffused from this person’s body, and slammed toward Yang Kai.

He has the cultivation level of the 1st order Emperor Realm, and it seems that he has been fighting for a long time, so this emperor realm has a very strong bloody aura, and ordinary people will be frightened immediately when they touch it, and the heart of resistance is mostly eliminated.

Yang Kai was indifferent. He still stood there. It seemed that there was only a breeze blowing his face, only letting his hair fly. He looked at the brawny man and said: “The countryman has never seen anything in the world. I don’t know much about etiquette, don’t blame me. I will leave now.” While speaking, he wanted to leave with Zhu Qing.

It doesn’t matter if this is the third prince or a few princes. It is absolutely impossible for him to kneel down. As for Zhu Qing, it is even more impossible. Even if a dragon clan is dead, it is impossible to kneel to a mortal, so it is better to go first to avoid more troubles.

It’s a pity that he didn’t get his wish. Seeing Yang Kai was about to leave, the brawny man widened his eyes and shouted “presumptuous”. Like a mad bull, the big palm-like palms snapped at Yang Kai. Pat directly on his shoulder.

With a loud bang, Yang Kai was as stable as Mount Tai. The violent power spread from his body all the way to his feet, splitting the slate on the ground.

Yang Kai rolled his eyelids, glanced at the strong man, and said lazily, “What do you mean by this sir?”

The brawny man showed a surprised expression and said with a grin: “No wonder you are so arrogant, it turns out that you have some ability, but unfortunately you met Lao Tzu!” The force of his hand suddenly became more violent while speaking, and the veins of his stout neck were piled up. All his strength was used, and he was about to overwhelm Yang Kai to the ground.

Yang Kai glanced at the other people casually, only to see that the remaining guards looked at him coldly, seeming to think that he had committed some taboo and must be punished.

On the contrary, the 3rd prince, with a cold expression on his face, did not care much about him, but when he saw Zhu Qing, an amazing expression flashed in his eyes, but that was all, there was no more attention.

His eyes crossed the crowd and half of the Human Imperial City, staring at a certain place, shining with fiery light.

He is still standing here, he should just wait for his men to teach Yang Kai a lesson, so that the residents of the human imperial city can know the cost of offending them and know how to be humble.

The brawny man was still putting pressure on Yang Kai. At the beginning, he had an expression of victory, because he also noticed that Yang Kai only had the cultivation level of 1st order Emperor Realm, and he was not afraid of any opponents at the same cultivation level. Not to mention the inexplicable kid in front of him.

But with the passage of time and the surging of his Emperor Yuan, his face gradually became hard to look at, because no matter how he urged his energy, he could not shake the boy in front of him. He seemed to have taken root on the ground. There is no trace of shaking.

After a while, the brawny man was blushing and his neck was red, and his tower-like body was trembling. Obviously, he was too weak to do anything, but it’s hard to leave after riding the tiger.

He greatly underestimated his opponent.

Yang Kai’s face was dark, his gaze passed the brawny man and stared at the 3rd prince and said, “It is a virtue to stop at the right time.”

The 3rd prince turned a deaf ear, still staring at a certain part of the human imperial city, as if the whole person’s mind was immersed in it, and could no longer perceive foreign objects.

Yang Kai snorted, lifted a palm, and patted the brawny man.

He has secretly warned the third prince, since the other party did not take it seriously, then he doesn’t need to care about other people’s faces. As for the consequences of beating his face, he doesn’t care much.

When things happened in a hurry, the brawny man didn’t expect Yang Kai to fight back. It was too late to think about defense when the palm came over. What’s more, how could he have the power to defend with Yang Kai’s power now.

The fluttering palm seemed innocent, but it made the strong man’s complexion drastically changed, and the whole person flew high like a kite, and fell heavily on the ground.

Everyone was shocked. The people who knelt on the ground secretly raised their eyes and looked on, and immediately screamed after seeing this scene. Obviously, they had never expected this scene.

In this human imperial city, there are people who dare to clash with the guards of the 3rd prince, and it is under the premise that the 3rd prince is present. This person probably had a broken head to do such a stupid thing. Pity the beautiful woman next to him will suffer as well, and it’s unknown how she will end up.

Although the guards of the 3rd prince were shocked by Yang Kai’s counterattack, their reaction was extremely fast, and they all rushed forward without saying a word, and immediately surrounded Yang Kai and Zhu Qing in an airtight manner.

Among these guards, one has 2nd order Emperor Realm, two 1st order Emperor Realm, and the rest are all 3rd order Dao Source Stage. All of them have a strong foundation, and it is not surprising that they can break through at any time.

Although Yang Kai hadn’t been here for long, the quantity and quality of the Emperor Realm in the human imperial city still surprised him, and he didn’t know how the martial artists cultivated here. The emperor realm seems to be very common here.

Such a lineup can be called luxurious as a guard, especially if the 3rd prince is also a 1st order Emperor Realm.

Many powerhouses besieged and did not attack, just waiting for the order of the 3rd prince, as long as the 3rd prince say a word to kill, they will immediately pounce on Yang Kai and Zhu Qing, no matter how strong the two are. Provoking the prince in the human imperial city, the end will not be any better.

Surrounded by people like this, Yang Kai is calm, with a sneer at the corner of his mouth, Zhu Qing also bent down and put down the little black dog, standing beside Yang Kai quietly.

“Are you just coming from outside?” The Third Prince suddenly retracted his gaze, looking at Yang Kai and asked.

“Obviously?” Yang Kai frowned, a little surprised that this guy actually asked about this.

The third prince said lightly: “If you stay here for a while, you will understand that it is not a wise move to conflict with the prince in the human imperial city.”

Yang Kai grinned and said, “So, the third prince really has a good eyes. Yes, my wife and I have just come from outside.”

The third prince nodded lightly and said: “There are rules outside, there are also rules here, this time i will let it go, next time I hope you can follow the customs here.” After saying that, he took a deep look at Yang Kai and went straight pass him.

The guards who gathered around Yang Kai and Zhu Qing listened to their master’s words, didn’t mean to trouble them anymore, and immediately turned to keep up. Even the brawny man who was beaten by Yang Kai and flew out before passed by them. He didn’t squint, as if he had never acted with Yang Kai.

“That’s right.” The third prince who had taken more than a dozen steps suddenly stopped and said without looking back: “I should let you know. It’s not because you showed strong enough strength that i let you go. It’s just your first offend. You have a chance to reform once.”

Yang Kai frowned slightly and squirmed his mouth at Zhu Qing.

Although there was no voice and no sound transmission, Zhu Qing still understood what Yang Kai meant: This guy is really arrogannt.

Zhu Qing covered her mouth and smiled.

“Snap…” With a sound, the third prince snapped his fingers seemingly casually.

Yang Kai’s face changed abruptly, and he suddenly snorted.

Zhu Qing face paled, staring at Yang Kai nervously, “You bleed!”

While talking, she hurriedly took out a silk scarf from her own space and put it under Yang Kai’s nostrils.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand to take the silk scarf, covered his nose, and looked at the third prince who were drifting away with an incredible expression.

“Why are you bleeding?” Zhu Qing frowned and was puzzled. She saw the conflict from beginning to end, but she didn’t find any traces of injury to Yang Kai, but Yang Kai still had a nosebleed, which was abnormal.

“Find a place to talk about it.” Yang Kai looked solemn and pulled Zhu Qing towards the distance.

The residents of the human imperial city around slowly got up, avoiding them.


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