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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2961 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2961
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Facts proved that his guess was correct. When he performed the first fire snake technique, he really resonated with the Saint Tree, resulting in some subtle connections. Repeated uses afterwards made this connection even more firm.

That’s why he was blessed by the Saint Tree, and he was able to display the “Saint Technique” that Fu Shu and the goatee knew.

The so-called Saint Technique are nothing but wizard technique blessed by another kind of power.

People in the human imperial city think that the Saint Tree protects the royal family, so the royal family here is awe-inspiring, with many privileges, and no one can resist. But in fact, it is probably because in the human imperial city, only the royal family is a wizard and can establish resonance and connection with the Saint Tree and mobilize the power of the Saint Tree.

Except for the royal family, no one else could practice wizard technique at all, or was prevented from practising wizard technique.

This should be a means to control the human imperial city.

The only thing Yang Kai didn’t understand was what the Saint Tree was and why it would shelter and be used by wizards.

All kinds of thoughts flashed through his mind, and Yang Kai couldn’t find the answer for the time being, unless he saw the so-called Saint Tree with his own eyes. But how easy is this kind of thing? Since the Saint Tree is so special and important, it must be under the protection of the human imperial city. If outsider like him want to see it, it will be more difficult than climbing to the sky.

He put his thoughts on the thin bamboo pole in front of him, smiled and said: “Let me guess, the eldest prince and the erd prince have all appeared, are you the second prince’s people? No, you should not belong to the second prince, although I am not sure if there is a second prince.”

The thin bamboo pole looked silent, and said lightly: “How can you see it?”

His voice was like his thin body, it sounded dry, as if he hadn’t drunk a sip of water in decades.

Yang Kai hummed: “Since ancient times, the royal family has no affection, and the princes must fight fiercely. If you are really the second prince’s people, the eldest prince will die, how can you kindly save him? The spirit pill you gave him just now is not bad.”

“So, it seems that you have some power of observation.” The thin bamboo pole nodded slightly: “You are right, I am not the second prince’s people.”

“Then whose person are you?” Yang Kai asked, narrowing his eyes.

Thin bamboo pole said: “By the order of the human emperor, please enter the palace!”


“Human Emperor!” Yang Kai raised his eyebrows, turned his head and said to Zhu Qing: “Madam, do you think we should go or not?”

Zhu Qing said: “It’s fine for you to decide.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, and chuckled: “First ask, I beat the prince, the human emperor won’t do anything to me, right?”

Thin bamboo pole said: “Human Emperor thoughts, as a subordinate, I don’t try to figure it out, I only follow orders, two people please!”

While speaking, he turned his side and put on an inviting posture.

Yang Kai said to Zhu Qing: “It looks like we have to go there. It just so happens that I also have some questions I want to ask others.”

“Then go.” Zhu Qing nodded.

“Lead the way ahead!” Yang Kai gesture the thin bamboo pole.

The thin bamboo pole didn’t say a word, and flew in a certain direction with a sway, and Yang Kai stepped to keep up.

The little black dog ran out from somewhere, barking for a while, and rushed into Zhu Qing’s arms.

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When the fight begun just now, this guy was hiding without a trace, but now that the fight is over, it appears immediately.

The human imperial city is huge, and the thin bamboo pole is obviously also a powerful person, because Yang Kai had noticed the five-leaf symbol on his clothes before.

The five-leaf logo is far from the eldest prince and the third prince, but it is also a symbol of power. According to the previous statement of the goatee, the six-leaf mark is qualified to mobilize the power of the Saint Tree and perform the Saint Technique that crush everything.

Five-leaf and six-leaf are only a short distance away.

Yang Kai estimated that in this human imperial city, all true royal relatives should have at least six leaves, like this thin bamboo poles, with a high level of cultivation but no royal blood. Five leaves are the pinnacle, and there can be no more room for improvement.

He is the 3rd order Emperor Realm, placed outside, is definitely a top sect’s sect master or a powerful party, but in this human imperial city, he is driven by people.

In this human imperial city, there are leaves to distinguish the civilians from the nobles, and the number of leaves to distinguish the real nobles from the powerful under his command. This is a means of control, and Yang Kai will not agree, nor does he want to criticize.

he just felt that the Human Emperor was really stingy, and the first impression was much worse.

The reason why the human emperor would summon him was probably because he was able to communicate the power of the Saint Tree and urging the Saint Tree power. His appearance and deeds shaken the foundation of the Human Emperor’s rule.

He is like a stone thrown into a calm lake, splashing layers of ripples on the lake, attracting the attention of the overlord of the lake.

Yang Kai estimated that if he refused the call of the Human Emperor, he would immediately welcome the rejection and pursuit of the Human Emperor, so he would not be allowed to refuse this call in any case. Since he could not refuse, he could only follow the boat.

However, this journey will definitely not be peaceful, and it will take more precautions.

In the human imperial city, only the powerful can fly in the air. No matter how high the cultivation level, the leafless body must walk honestly on the ground.

The thin bamboo pole has the body of five leaves, and it seems to be the strong man next to the human emperor. He is naturally qualified to fly, and the guys who are greeted by the front retreat one after another.

The status of those powerful people is not as good as the thin bamboo poles.

Yang Kai quickly noticed that six-leaf bodies were rare. At least he hadn’t seen one as he flew all the way along. Most of the powerful were under the three-leaf, and the people above the three-leaf were extremely rare.

In such a comparison, the five-leaf body of the thin bamboo pole appeared to be high. The only difference between him and the prince and the third prince was that he could not mobilize the power of the Saint Tree.

Because he was not from a royal family, he could not practice wizard technique and could not be blessed by the Saint Tree.

The Imperial Palace is located in the center of the human imperial city. There are many palaces and a huge area. It is the direction from which Yang Kai felt the source of resonance and the direction from which the Saint Tree provided strength.

Yang Kai squinted his eyes towards the direction of the Saint Tree, but saw that there was a dimness over there, which seemed to be shrouded in some powerful formations, which made people unable to observe the internal situation. Before that, it should be these formations that blocked his prying Divine Sense.

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Not long after, the thin bamboo pole flew downwards and landed in front of a palace. The palace was extremely magnificent and seemed to be old. Standing outside the palace, a desolate and ancient aura rushed towards them, as if telling the passage of time.

Yang Kai looked down.

The thin bamboo pole handed the big prince, who had been holding it in his hand, to the guards standing outside the hall, and turned his head and said: “Two of you, go in, Lord Human Emperor is inside.”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “There will be no traps, right? Is there an ambush from hundreds of swordsmen in it, just wait for the two of us to go in to hack and chop.”

The thin bamboo pole looked stern: “Is this a joke from the outside world? It doesn’t sound very funny.”

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Yang Kai shrugged: “That’s because you don’t have a sense of humor.”

The thin bamboo pole said: “Human Emperor is supreme. If he really want to deal with you, he don’t need any traps.”

“Everyone is in the Emperor Realm, what kind of bullshit are you playing?” Yang Kai pouted and walked into the hall.

The thin bamboo pole pointed at the little black dog in Zhu Qing’s arms and said, “The beast stay behind.”

“Wang wang!” The little black dog barked at the thin bamboo pole, obviously a little annoyed.

Zhu Qing shook her head and said, “Awang won’t stay outside.”

“Not everyone can enter the Palace of Human Emperor, let alone a beast. Please don’t make it difficult for me.” The thin bamboo pole stepped in front of the two.

Yang Kai sneered: “You said that the human emperor summoned us husband and wife, and now you stop us here again, if you don’t give me a good word.”

The thin bamboo pole opened his mouth, as if he was about to say something, suddenly he turned his ears to listen to it, and it was obvious that someone was transmitting his voice.

After a while, he flashed away and cleared the way.

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“This is the way to treat guests.” Yang Kai smiled slightly and walked inward side by side with Zhu Qing.

From the outside, the light in the Palace of Human Emperor is dim, and it seems that you can’t see anything, but as soon as you enter it, the light is bright. A dozen huge pillars are lined around, like the sky and the earth, dotted with night pearls, the light enveloped the entire hall.

A pair of eyes suddenly swept from all around.

Yang Kai raised his eyebrows. Did not expect that there were so many people in this palace. His gaze swept away, and soon he found a familiar figure in the crowd. He smiled and said: “Hello, 3rd prince, we met again so soon, I have to thank the third prince for taking care of me.”

The third prince snorted coldly, his eyes full of disdain.

These people in the main hall were all above the six-leaf. In other words, they were all real relatives of the human emperor, and they were all powerful wizard, ranging in age, male and female.

There are not many nine-leaf, only two. In addition to the 3rd prince, there is a beautiful woman in her early thirties. The two are standing at the top of the hall, just under the dragon chair, and the rest are lined up beside them.

What surprised Yang Kai slightly was that this beautiful woman actually had the cultivation level of 2nd order Emperor Realm.

There were more than twenty wizards with uneven cultivation level, and there were no 3rd order Emperor Realm in the hall.

And there is a huge dragon chair on it, which is big enough for people to lie on it without being too small. On the dragon chair, a slightly fat half-big old man sits on it. He doesn’t look tall and sits on the dragon. He was chubby and looked a little ridiculous.

But the aura radiating from him surprised Yang Kai.

Before coming here, he was secretly speculating about the cultivation level of the human emperor.

The special situation in the city made him understand that as long as he can communicate with the Saint Tree, mobilizing the power of the Saint Tree is the greatest support, and his own cultivation is the second.

Therefore, he vaguely guessed that the human emperor’s cultivation level should not be too high, and would not reach the level of the Great Emperor.

Because of this, he will come to this Human Emperor Palace with confidence and boldly to meet the Human Emperor.

If the opponent is really the great emperor, he probably won’t even have the chance to resist.

But at this moment, Yang Kai realized that he was too naive after seeing the human emperor. This human emperor was not a great emperor, or even a 3rd order Emperor Realm.

The aura exuding from his body is actually only the 2nd order Emperor Realm! And it’s extremely vain.

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