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Martial Peak Chapter 2975

After a cup of tea time, Zhu Lie lay on the ground with a blue and swollen nose, untidy clothes, panting, like a helpless girl who had been ravaged by hundreds of strong men.

His eyes were swollen, almost imperceptible, and his handsome face was even more horrible, almost deformed.

“Next time you dare to be disrespectful to me or Qing’er, this is the end.” Yang Kai looked down at him condescendingly.

Zhu Lie tilted his head to the side, ignored him, and secretly made up his mind to keep the green hills without fear of firewood. ‘Didn’t the Human race say that the gentlement don’t mind waiting the right time? Self control for a moment for a better outbreak, and one day i will make him know how powerful this dragon is.’

Yang Kai withdraw the Dragon Transformation Technique and restored his original figure.

“Yang…Palace Lord Yang!” Li Jiao’s timid voice came from there, “Help.”

Yang Kai turned his head and looked around, suddenly wanting to laugh.

He saw that the little black dog over there ran to Li Jiao’s side at some point, smelt and sniffed at him, its eyes flashed with dazed and curious expressions, and occasionally stretched out its tongue to lick Li Jiao’s bare skin.

Li Jiao was corroded by the Demon Qi, and exuded a smell similar to that of the demon race. It was probably because of this that he attracted the attention of the little black dog.

The scene where it swallowed a Demon King Blood Demon is vivid, and Li Jiao is also very afraid of this little beast. In addition, it is a beast pet brought by Yang Kai and he dare not act rashly. He could only ask Yang Kai for help.

“Awang, that’s not food!” Yang Kai greeted.

The little black dog gave Li Jiao a reluctant look, walked back obediently, and jumped into Zhu Qing’s arms.

“Choosing look!” Yang Kai looked at it contemptuously. Speaking of it, the little black dog had only been close to him before, but since meeting Zhu Qing, it has been drowning beside her and will not walk away.

Zhu Qing said: “What nonsense, it’s a girl!”

Yang Kai was dumbfounded: “Really?”

He had never paid attention to the gender of the little black dog. He walked over and grabbed the little black dog’s tail to take a look, but Zhu Qing slapped his big hand off.

“Look at what’s important…” Yang Kai screamed, and didn’t want to be entangled in this matter. He looked at Li Jiao and Zhu Lie over there and said, “Since i found you guys, let’s go to Cloudy Wind Mountain.”

Li Jiao said, “What is in the Cloudy Wind Mountain?”

Yang Kai said, “If you want to leave this world, that is the only way out.”

Li Jiao’s spirits suddenly trembled, and he stood up vigorously: “Then what are you waiting for, hurry up.”

Among the people present, his cultivation level is not the lowest. After all, there is still Yang Kai who is at the bottom, but he is undoubtedly the weakest one, plus being corroded by the Demon Qi, he is uncomfortable. Wish to leave this ghost place soon.

“Let’s go.” Yang Kai had summoned his own Flowing Clouds Shuttle as he spoke.

Zhu Qing walked in with the little black dog, and Li Jiao also entered the shuttle with a smile.

Yang Kai turned his head and looked not far away: “Do you want to come in?”

“Humh!” Zhu Lie snorted coldly, with a bad look. Whoever had just been beaten would not have a good temper, let alone the dragon clan.

“Don’t want to come, then walk!” Yang Kai pouted and didn’t force it. He had already invited him anyway. If he didn’t come in, he wouldn’t blame him. Zhu Lie didn’t treat him as a brother-in-law, and he didn’t need to be enthusiastic about him.

He went directly into the shuttle and recognized the direction. Emperor Yuan was urgeed to drive towards the direction of Cloudy Wind Mountain.

The flight Emperor Artifact was extremely fast, and the flowing clouds shuttle turned into a stream of light, which disappeared in no time.

Li Jiao was very self-aware, and found a corner position to meditate cross-legged, urging his own strength to resist the erosion of the Demon Qi, and a trace of eagerness in his heart continued to grow. He had no intention, but after he listen Yang Kai urged him to find Zhu Lie to get some dragon blood to suppress and expel the Demon Qi in his body. Although it sounds unrealistic, he took it seriously.

And the more he feel that this idea is good, dragon blood has a divine nature, and it can definitely get rid of the Demon Qi. For a half dragon like him, dragon blood has another more important function, that is, pure blood power.

His cultivation has reached the top, and there is no hope of improvement in this life. If he want to improve his strength, the only way is to start with his bloodline.

In the past, he brought back a dragon blood flower from the frozen earth. For three hundred years, he used his own blood to pour and cultivate it. The melon was finally ripened, but it became other people thing. He felt pain every time he thought of it, it was taken from his hands and fell into Zhu Qing’s hands, the dragon clan, he dare not even think of taking revenge.

However, compared with the truly pure dragon blood, the dragon blood flower is simply weak.

If he can get a drop of dragon blood, it will be more beneficial than taking more than one hundred dragon blood flowers.

The more he think about it, the more difficult it is to control himself. It is definitely impossible to fight. He want to ask Zhu Lie, but he is not sure if he will agree to give a drop of pure Dragon Blood.

Thinking about this in his head, the Demon Qi on his body was tumbling, the little black dog raised its head from Zhu Qing’s arms, and stared at Li Jiao scorchingly.

On the other side, Yang Kai smiled and comforted: “Don’t worry, he is following.”

Zhu Qing sighed: “Don’t bully him like that in the future. Most of the Dragon Clan have this temper, and he didn’t mean it.”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “Your temper seems to be different.”

Although Zhu Qing did look extremely arrogant when they first met, as if no one in the world could enter her eyes, but after that, something changed.

“It’s just you, whoever met you for the first time…” Zhu Qing glared at him, “It should have been clear that you are not a good thing.”

“Then you will stay by my side and don’t leave.” Yang Kai pressed her face to his chest.

Zhu Qing put her hand on his chest and gestured to the side with shame.

Yang Kai looked at Li Jiao who was meditating over there and scolded angrily.

‘I shouldn’t let this guy come up here.’

The Wheel World is indeed not that big. With the speed of Flowing Clouds Shuttle, in just one day, Yang Kai and others arrived not far from Cloudy Wind Mountain.

A huge old castle stood hundreds of miles away from a mountain peak. The old castle was built extremely rough and ferocious. From a distance, it looked like a fierce beast crawling there, ready to choose people and eat it at any time.

There are also various buildings on the periphery of the castle, scattered all around, covering the east and the west. There is no planning at all, but the disorderly buildings form a special city here.

Demon Fury City!

The gathering point of the Demon Race in the Wheel World.

The area of ​​Demon Fury City is much larger than that of Human Imperial City. After all, Demon Fury City does not need any enchantment formation to resist thee changes in world’s law. The Demon Race is not like the Human Race. No matter how the laws of the Wheel World change, None of them will be greatly affected, and it can even be said that when the world lean to the Demon Territory’s laws, they are like a fish in the water.

At this place, the Demon Qi outside is already quite strong, and the Demon Qi here has a hint of coldness, which can almost be called cold Demon Qi.

It is only because the Demon Fury City is near the foot of Cloudy Wind Mountain, and the cold wind blowing down from the Cloudy Wind Mountain has this characteristic, and it is icy cold and inspires Demon Thought.

The Demon Race built the Demon Fury City here, obviously for better cultivation. The closer they are to the Cloudy Wind Mountain, the stronger the Demon Qi will be, and the more suitable it is for the Demon Race to enhance its strength. Hundreds of thousands of years of research have allowed them to reduce the impact of the cold as much as possible while incorporating the Demon Qi into their bodies and turning them into growth capital.

When Flowing Clouds Shuttle broke through the air, many powerful people in Demon Fury City naturally felt it, and a group of figures soared up from within the Demon Fury City, standing in the void.

In the blink of an eye, there are densely packed figures in the Demon Fury City, there are thousands of people, and many of them are at the level of Demon King.

Flowing Clouds Shuttle stopped outside the Demon Fury City, and Yang Kai walked out of the shuttle.

Countless eyes condensed on him, and powerful Divine Sense swept over him, twisting and deforming the surrounding void.

Yang Kai’s face was light and breezy, with a smile on his face.

“The bold human race actually dared to break into my Demon Fury City, really don’t know how to live!”

“Who is coming, report your name!”

“Kill him, kill!”

“Let him come, I want to suck his energy dry, let him get out and die!”

Demon kings screamed and shouted. No human race had ever dared to come to the Demon Fury City in such a fair manner. It was a bit unreasonable. Many demon kings felt that the majesty of the Demon Race had been violated, and naturally they couldn’t let it go.

The dark Demon Qi soared into the sky, covering the sky, turning into a huge black cloud, slowly advancing towards the place where Yang Kai was.

Yang Kai chuckled and said loudly: “This young master wants to go to Cloudy Wind Mountain, passing by here, and has no intention of conflicting with you, so if it is convenient, I would like to ask you to be accommodating.”

“Hahaha, what did this kid just say? Going to Cloudy Wind Mountain? Is he going to find death?”

“It’s said that the human race doesn’t know the heights of the sky and the thickness of the earth, it seems that it is true. With this strength, he also want to break into the Cloudy Wind Mountain? Really make this king laugh.”

“Why did the little brother seek his own death? The Cloudy Wind Mountain is not something even the Demon King can approach easily. If you go there, I’m afraid you will die. Why don’t you stay and chat with this sister? This sister is so lonely here.”

Yang Kai clasped his fists and said, “Thank you for this sister’s concern, but I really want to go to Cloudy Wind Mountain, so I can only take my sister’s kindness. Can i bother this sister to ask the other Demon King to let me pass?”

The talking succubus smiled, with a simple expression, which made people involuntarily develop a good impression. After listening to Yang Kai’s words, she asked innocently: “Little brother, what are you doing in the Cloudy Wind Mountain?”

“It is rumored that Cloudy Wind Mountain has a way to leave this world, so I’m going to find it.”

The succubus nodded: “There is indeed such a rumor, but no one can guarantee whether it is true or not.”

“It’s okay, I just give it a try. If I can’t find a way out, I’ll come back to accompany this sister, this little brother will do a good job, and I won’t let this sister down.”

The succubus covered her mouth and smiled: “Oh, what did the little brother say? I am really ashamed. Hehe, okay, seeing how sincere you are, this sister will help you ask, but whether they’re willing to let you pas, i can’t control it.”


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