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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2976 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2976
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The succubus said this, and she actually turned around and asked for Yang Kai, but the demon kings who were inquired all shook their heads, looking at Yang Kai with expression as if looking at a dead person, full of ridicule and mockery.

The succubus turned around and looked at Yang Kai with regret: “Little brother, it’s not this elder sister unwilling to help, but they are not happy to let you go. How could this be good?”

Yang Kai grinned and said, “No matter what, I have to thank this elder sister. Well, you can step aside.”

“What are you going to do?” The succubus was slightly startled.

Yang Kai said earnestly: “If they don’t want to take the initiative to retreat, i can only let them retreat in the hard way. Sister, your delicate skin and tender flesh look weak, so you should stand farther to avoid accidental injury later.”

The succubus was a little dumbfounded, and only felt that Yang Kai’s words were ridiculous. A guy equivalent to a low-grade Demon King actually uttered a lot of words here. Is this not enough? But he looked extremely sincere, and she cautiously asked for proof at the moment. : “You mean… do you want to fight?”

“Indeed!” Yang Kai nodded, and make a posture to fight.

As soon as he raised his hand, the quaint Mountains and Rivers Bell has been summoned, and an extremely ancient and desolate aura burst into the air. The magnificent pattern on the body of the bell gleamed with light, and a force of suppressing everything fell from the sky, as if an invisible heavy hammer hit drop.

Perceiving this repressive force, many powerful Demon Race standing in mid-air changed their expression, because under the suppression of such a force, they had a feeling of a huge mountain pressing their head, and their blood qi swelled, Breathing is not smooth, and the figure is falling involuntarily.

Some of the less powerful Demon Chief Commanders actually vomited blood one after another, turning in midair, unable to stabilize their figure, and fell one after another.

Even those demon kings with a high level of cultivation are not able to move freely, and they have to use secret methods one after another to get rid of the shackles of this suppressive force.

The Mountains and Rivers Bell suddenly grew big and fell directly from the high sky. The huge bell shadow obscured the light in front of several demon kings, and swallowed them like the mouth of a giant beast in their panicked shouts.

With a thud, the Mountains and Rivers Bell fell to the ground, and the entire Demon Fury City was shaken three times, and many less reliable buildings collapsed at this instant.

The scene was quiet, and the eyes of all the Demon Race were filled with horror. They looked stupidly at the place where the huge bell body was. Below the bell body, several demon kings with good cultivation skills was suppressed at this moment, one of them even ranks in the top ten of the entire Demon Fury City in terms of strength.

But such a powerful Demon King didn’t even have time to react when faced with this terrifying blow, and now his life and death situation is unknown.


Yang Kai move his magic arts, Mountains and Rivers Bell slid and flew back to his hand, while several incomplete corpses were left on the ground. Each corpse was like a biscuit, as if being pinch to pieces by someone.

A burst of inhaling cold air sounded, and many Demon Race changed their expression. The previous Demon Race who had ridiculed Yang Kai could no longer say a word, only deep fear spreading in their hearts. Every Demon Race unconsciously stepped back, trying to distance themselves from Yang Kai.

With a single blow, there is such a mighty power. Who in this Demon Fury City could stand up to it? Even the most powerful Demon King can’t do so. If they really provoke this person to kill here, the whole Demon Fury CIty will be destroyed.

“Hehe…” The succubus who had spoken paled and said while swallowing her saliva: “Little brother, you are so bad. You actually pretended to be a pig and eat a tiger to scare people. This sister was almost scared to death by you.” She squeezed a smile, but it was even more ugly than crying, and her voice trembled, which was obviously extremely scared.

Although she is a Demon King, her strength is only downstream in the entire Demon Fury City. If the blow was performed against her, then she would definitely have no good end.

Only then did she discover that this human race with harmless smile actually possesses destructive power.

Yang Kai held the Mountains and Rivers Bell in his hand, and shook his head when he heard the voice, “My sister is wrong.”

“What’s wrong?” The succubus felt awkward, and think that she might have said something wrong this time. She glanced at the little bell in horror, her body trembling a little.

Yang Kai said sternly: “I never said that I am not a tiger, so how can I pretend to be a pig?”

“Yes, yes, that’s the truth.” The succubus replied repeatedly, “They have eyes but fail to sse, and they deserve it when they die.”

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Yang Kai smiled and said, “My sister is really good at chatting. People can’t help but want to chat with my sister for a while. Oh, what can I do? I still have an urgent matter.”

“Hehe…” The succubus looked stiff and turned sideways and said, “If you have an urgent matter, then go quickly, don’t delay the time.”

“Never mind!” Yang Kai nodded, “This young master will leave first, no one wants to stop me now, right?”

The succubus shook her head and said, “Naturally, there is no one who doesn’t have eyes.”

Many demon kings looked solemn, but no one dared to say something at will. They were afraid that they would provoke this human race if they say a word.

“That’s good.” Yang Kai squeezed his eyes at the succubus: “Sister doesn’t have to be so sad and worried, this young master can’t say that i will come back again. But when that time comes, i will come to talk with the sister in the night, so that her sister can appreciate the charm of the younger brother.”

‘Where am I sad and worried?’ The succubus cursed in her heart, but did not dare to show it, not to mention how uncomfortable it was.

A group of demon kings also had ugly faces. They were frightened by Yang Kai’s words, and they just wanted to make this guy get out of the house and die in the Cloudy Wind Mountain. How could they hope that he would come here again?

Fortunately, Yang Kai didn’t say anything more, otherwise, it would really make these demon kings crazy, Flowing Clouds Shuttle broke through the air again, and went straight to the Cloudy Wind Mountain hundreds of miles away.

The succubus exhaled fiercely, only feeling that her whole body was soaked, and the whole body was cold when the wind blew.

A pair of eyes looked at her, and the succubus gritted her teeth and said: “I did not kill anyone, what are you doing looking at me.”

“You shouldn’t have told him so much.” A strong-spirited Demon King snorted coldly. Demon Fury City had never lost such a big face. Someone broke into the city, and he actually killed several Demon Kings unscrupulously. But no one can stop that human race atrocities.

The demon race are so dejected that they naturally need someone to be the scapegoat.

And only the succubus who had contact with Yang Kai was the best and only candidate.

“Can you blame me?” The succubus screamed, feeling wronged.

“If you talk to him well, how can Demon Fury City suffer from this disaster?”

The succubus looked at the demon king stupidly, she didn’t expect this to be a reason for him to be mad.

“Huh? Someone is here again!” The Demon King turned his head and saw a handsome red-haired young man coming from there, with a gloomy expression and tangled eyebrows, obviously worrying about something.

He broke into Demon Fury City unscrupulously, treating many powerful Demon King as nothing, as if he had entered the back garden of his own home.

The Demon King was furious.

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Demon Fury City has been standing in the Wheel World for hundreds of thousands of years. Has it ever been so look down on? The Human Race that broke through befre is worth mentioning. Although the cultivation level is not too high, the treasure is surprisingly powerful. What kind of green onion is this guy in front of them now?

Glancing around, many powerful Demon King immediately soared up, blocking the way of the red-haired youth.

Zhu Lie stopped and scanned the front coldly. The anger in his heart was like a volcano about to erupt, which could erupt at any time.

The matter between Zhu Qing and Yang Kai made him very irritable. They have ‘cooked’ the rice. He didn’t know how to solve it in the future. His anger was nowhere to vent, and someone took the initiative to send it to the door.

He took a deep breath, tried to calm his mood, and said lightly: “Which one of you is the strongest here?”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

This question is a bit inexplicable, but many Demon Race still glanced in a certain direction subconsciously. Under the eyes of everyone, a guy with a big waist and a Demon Qi took a step forward, and his thunderous voice exploded: “This king is Hao Fei, Who’s coming?”

It was the guy who had reprimanded the succubus before. Among all the demon kings, his strength was recognized as the strongest, and he was only one step away from the shackle to reach the Demon Saint.

He is confident to make a breakthrough within a hundred years. As long as he can be promoted to the Demon Saint, he can attack the human imperial city on a large scale, change the unchanging pattern of the Wheel World for hundreds of thousands of years, and enslave those human race and make this world a back garden of the Demon Race. [MSN: oof, the demon race almost produce a Demon Saint, while the human race is still fighting/suppressing each other.]

He has this ambition and this potential.

Yang Kai used the Mountains and Rivers Bell to perform a terrifying blow. He weighed it a little, and estimated that he could not handle the blow, so he swallowed his breath, but at this time he couldn’t be shrinking his head like a turtle.

The Demon Race is warlike and worships the strong. If he does not answer, he will definitely make the people look down on him, and it will be detrimental to his own practice.

Secretly settled to pay attention to the red-haired young man and let him know the strength of the strongest man in Demon Fury City.

He stared forward, his eyes were hollow, as if he didn’t put anything in his eyes.

Zhu Lie gently spit out a word: “Die!”

When the words fell, his whole person turned into a fire, and he slammed into the Demon King called Hao Fei like a meteor, moving as fast as lightning.

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Hao Fei’s face changed. With Zhu Lie’s move, he instinctively sensed the strength of the opponent, and quickly urged the Demon Qi to resist.


The deafening dragon roar suddenly sounded, causing pain in the eardrum.

There seemed to be a very peculiar power hidden in the voice of the Dragon Roar, and it passed into Hao Fei’s ears, causing the Demon Qi in his body to stop, almost showing signs of collapse.

He was shocked, and hurriedly guarded his mind.

But at this moment, the line of sight suddenly became red, as if the whole world was burning, and a huge dragon head suddenly appeared, covering the whole world. The majestic dragon eye overlooked him fro the high, making Hao Fei whole body stiff and cold.

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