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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2982 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2982
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Zhu Lie had been sitting in the same place, never moved a bit, only that he had urged the Dragon Prestige to the limit. The many demon kings standing in front of him were all sweating profusely, and those with a slightly weaker cultivation level shivered, their faces were pale, their chests seemed to be pressed by a large mountain, and their breathing was not smooth.

Although the battle between Yang Kai and the blood demon was very short, the dust settled, but without Zhu Lie’s deterrence, other demon kings would not be able to stand by like this. Anyway, everyone is a demon race, this kind of death is impossible to be ignore.

In fact, several Demon Kings wanted to help as soon as the Blood Demon took action, but they were suppressed by Zhu Lie before they could act.

The red-haired young man puts a lot of pressure on the demon kings than the Human Race. No one is confident that they can survive under his hands, so when under his pressure, they can only wait obediently, and secretly pray that they will not catch fire.

Now that the dust has settled, the Blood Demon has been severely wounded, and even though he is alive, he is like a walking dead, making them fearful and chilling in their hearts, not knowing what kind of fate is waiting for them.

“What do you want to do?” Zhu Lie frowned, looking at Yang Kai impatiently.

First, he ran to this Demon Fury City to find a group of demon kings to inquire about informations, and then made a big fight, if the blood demon was killed, it was just a bit inexplicable to kill the others.

“You’ll find out later.” Yang Kai replied faintly. In his vision, Zhu Qing had already flown over, followed by Li Jiao, half a step behind Zhu Qing, not knowing what he was flattering, nodding and bowing his face. The smile kept on going, but Zhu Qing didn’t response at all.

After the two of them flew closer, Li Jiao hurriedly came up to greet Yang Kai with great diligence.

“What’s wrong here?” Zhu Qing looked at him with a puzzled look, curious as to what happened here. There seemed to be traces of fighting, but it lasted a short time.

“Nothing.” Yang Kai casually responded, looking at the little black dog in her arms and said: “How is the situation?”

“It’s getting better, but it seems a little weak.” Zhu Qing reached out and touched the black dog’s head.

The situation has indeed improved. When Yang Kai left before, the little black dog was still frozen into ice. Now, although there is still frost on the body surface, it is obviously much stronger than before.

And at this moment, this guy seemed to smell some extremely delicious food, and it was looking up at the demon kings, drooling down the corners of its mouth, disgusting to death.

Many demon kings were stared at by it, and all of them looked like seing namesis, with cold hands and feet, and their eyes evasive.


“Want to eat?” Yang Kai asked with a smile.

“Wang!” The little black dog suddenly became energetic, struggling to get up from Zhu Qing’s arms.

“Don’t eat things indiscriminately.” Zhu Qing frowned and teach it a lesson. She wanted to say it when she saw Awang swallowed to Demon Race, but the topic was changed. Now, seeing that it has regained its old state, she immediately knocked on its head.

The little black dog whimpered aggrievedly.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand to lift the little black dog out of Zhu Qing’s arms, and said, “Qing’er, if we want to leave here, we might really want to make it eat more.”

“What?” Zhu Qing frowned, wondering what Yang Kai meant.

When she looked up, she saw Yang Kai directly throw the little black dog out, and the target was facing the Blood Demon who was standing absent-mindedly.

In the midair, Awang was full of energy, as if it was radiating the New Year. Its two black eyes burst into a terrifying light, its mouth suddenly split open, the size of a door, and it swept the blood demon into its mouth with one mouthful.


A sound of inhaling cold air sounded, and many demon kings stared at the sudden change of the little black dog with dumbfounded eyes. The terrifying information that had just been awakened by Yang Kai was constantly churning in their minds, and what they saw in front of them gradually confirmed, and a conjecture that was enough to make them dreaded fills their minds.

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“Return to the Ruins!”

The succubus screamed enough to break through the sky, and she had just recovered some blood and turned pale again. It seemed that she lost her strength and fell to the ground.

Although the other demon kings were not so unbearable, they were obviously greatly frightened. The panic spread among the demon kings, making each demon king feel unsteady and chaos in the mind.

The legendary strange beast that was thought to be extinct suddenly appeared in front of them, which made them simply unacceptable. After all, in the history of the demon race, Return to the Ruins has occupied a thick ink. It represents the existence of destruction. The entire Demon Territory is almost destroyed by its mouth, and the harsh environment of the demon territory now has a lot to do with it.

They couldn’t figure it out anyway, how could Return to the Ruins still be alive? Hasn’t it been killed by the Great Demon God? Could it be said that the rumor mentioned just now is true? Return to the Ruins just escaped by feign death, hoping it could raise again in the future, when the time comes, it will definitely go to the Great Demon God for revenge, and now the broken Demon Territory can no longer withstand its tossing.

With so many demon kings, it is impossible to mistake the identity of Return to the Ruins. Although Return to the Ruins looks very ordinary at first glance, when it changes, its characteristics can’t be more obvious.

In other words, this is definitely a Return to the Ruins, and it may be the horrible existence that destroyed the Demon Territory and fought life and death battle with the Great Demon God back then.

No wonder, no wonder this human race would inquire about all kinds of informations about Return to the Ruins before.

It turned out that it was true that he had raised a Return to the Ruins. Previously, it sound ridiculous, everyone thought he was bragging.

At this point, the faces of many demon kings were as dark as the bottom of a pot.

They seem to have revealed a lot of information that shouldn’t be revealed, especially the part about Return to the Ruins becoming stronger, which is simply life-threatening information.

For a while, all the demon kings regretted it, especially the demon king who revealed this information, wishing to tear his mouth.

Just when many demon kings lost their minds, the little black dog had swallowed the blood demon in one bite, and the huge mouth was restored to its original shape. It showed a contented expression, and its belly was ups and downs. The frost covering the body surface began to melt visible to the naked eye, and traces of cold air overflowed from its body and merged into the nearby void, causing the surrounding temperature to drop sharply.

Moreover, under Yang Kai’s careful perception, the little black dog’s aura suddenly rose a lot at the moment of the mutation, far exceeding the level of the fifth or sixth-order monster beasts, and after the mutation, it returned to its original state.

In just a dozen breaths of effort, the little black dog has returned to its original state, no longer looks weak as before, with vigorous steps. It looks eagerly at the demon kings, making many demon kings frightened.

“Huh?” Zhu Qing looked at the little black dog with a look of surprise, as if she hadn’t expected that after swallowing a demon king, it would be so helpful to it.

Yang Kai explained: “This little thing is a Demon Beast from the Demon Territory. It seems to have a big name. There is an unknown space in its stomach that can swallow all things, and swallowing the Demon Race seem to make it stronger.”

Zhu Qing thoughtfully said: “Speaking of which, the cold wind it swallowed before was swallowed into that unknown space by it?”

Yang Kai said: “It should be like this, and I guess the size of that space has something to do with its strength. It is not strong enough now, and the space in its belly is too small, so it will be unsustainable to swallow it to a certain extent.”

“It’s really amazing.” Zhu Qing showed a shocked expression and looked at the little black dog seriously, as if she wanted to know it again. The cold demon qi she encountered on Cloudy Wind Mountain before was too terrifying, and the more the cold demon Qi will be going forward, the cold demon Qi that even she and Yang Kai couldn’t resist, could be swallowed by the little black dog into the different space, and it just took them to a thousand meter. This ability is enough to make her feel amazing.

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“Do you want to make it stronger, strong enough to take us to a deep enough place in Cloudy Wind Mountain?” Zhu Lie frowned and asked. Yang Kai’s intentions could not be more obvious. If you still can’t guess it, you would be a fool.

“Indeed.” Yang Kai nodded and said, “Awang is our only opportunity right now. As long as it is strong enough and the space in the stomach is large enough, it will definitely take us out.”

Zhu Lie thought for a while and agreed: “This is indeed an opportunity, but…before that, it needs a lot of food.” As she spoke, she looked at the demon kings.

The faces of many demon kings were bitter, and they were willing to resist, but they were powerless, and they felt aggrieved in their hearts.

The succubus sat on the ground desperately, seemingly unexpected that what was waiting for her would be such a destiny, she thought about how to survive, if there was no blood demon hurting her before, she could try it at this moment, but the previous battle made her very difficult. There is at least one or two months to recover from the injury. How can there be so much time for her to recuperate now?

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Yang Kai said, “Of course, this is just my guess. I don’t know if it will work. If we want to confirm, we have to do an experiment.”

“How do you want to experiment?” Zhu Qing asked.

Yang Kai smiled slightly, stretched out his hand to catch the little black dog, and grabbed it directly. The little black dog looked dazed, not knowing how it would be treated next.

“Take good care of these guys, none of them are allowed to leave.” Yang Kai commanded, and his figure disappeared in place.

Zhu Lie glanced thoughtfully in the direction of Cloudy Winde Mountain.

After a while, she retracted her gaze and sat firmly.

The succubus stayed there for a while, want to run away, but didn’t have the guts to go. After thinking about it, she could only stand up and walk towards the other demon kings.

Taking a look at Zhu Lie carefully, she found that she didn’t mean to stop her, and then secretly relieved.

Many demon kings gathered in one place, and their Divine Sense were surging to communicate, apparently discussing ways to save their lives, and occasionally there was a touch of murderous expression, obviously wanting to fight.

After all, they are not weak in any way. If there is a broken net, they may have a chance to survive. It is better than staying here as a ration for the growth of the Return to the Ruins.

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Demon Fury City has been standing in the Wheel World for hundreds of thousands of years, and it has been in constant friction with the human imperial city, but it has never encountered such a crisis.

This sudden powerhouse is simply beyond their ability to contend.

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