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Martial Peak Chapter 2984

The World’s Law in the Wheel World will change in a cycle, sometimes toward the Star Boundary, sometimes toward the Demon Territory. There is no law at all. The reason is nothing more than the Wheel World being in the space gap between the two world. When drifting in the cracks, occasionally there will be some short-term intersection with these two great worlds. With which great world it lean to, the world’s law will be affected by that great world.

However, in general, some extremely obvious signs will appeared before the world’s law change, and the human races get into the Human Imperial City to avoid this disaster.

With the spirit pills distributed by Yang Kai, the recovery speed of many demon kings has indeed become much faster, but there are still some that cannot satisfy the devouring of the little black dog.

Yang Kai can only pin his hopes on the changes in the Wheel World.

This wait is half a month’s effort.

Within half a month, the demon king and the demon chief commander of Demon Fury City were basically rounded by the little black dog nearly ten times, meditating and recovering, and then urging the demon qi to be swallowed by the little black dog.

No strong man can withstand such a toss, even Yang Kai can’t. As a result, after half a month, all the demon kings and demon chief commander have a lifeless expression, their expressions are gray, as if their life essence is approaching its limit, they may die suddenly at any time. There are even those individual Demon Kings and Demon Chief Commanders whose cultivation level have regressed a lot, and they don’t know how long it will take to recover.

This day is simply impossible. If they could escape, they would have escaped long ago, but there is Return to the Ruins, two Dragon Clan sitting in town, and Yang Kai looking at them. How can they escape?

They also looked forward to the arrival of the law of the Demon Territory.

After half a month, the world finally changed, and a thunderous sound rolled in, making the excited eyes of the Demon Race who have been waiting for so long to see tears and cheering.

After the sound, the world’s aura seemed to begin to undergo subtle changes.

Li Jiao came to Yang Kai’s side, frowning and said: “Palace Lord Yang, help.”

Since coming here, he has asked Yang Kai for help more than once.

“What’s wrong?”

Li Jiao said: “Li has been eroded by Demon Qi. These days, demon thought is full, and it is very hard to cope. The world’s law is about to change. If I don’t find a place to hide, I’m afraid this time i will really be demonized.”

He stayed out with Zhu Lie last time. When the world’s law changed, he didn’t find a place to hide. He was invaded by Demon Qi. He has been relying on his powerful cultivation level to suppress the Demon Thought in his body. At this time, the world will be filled with Demon Qi again.

In his current state, there is no way to survive, and he will definitely be completely swallowed up by the Demon Thoughts and become a demon.

“Then find a place to hide, what do you ask me to do?” Yang Kai asked with a chuckle.

Li Jiao said with a bitter face: “But I don’t know where to go. I heard Palace Lord Yang said before that there is an imperial city here, I don’t know…”

“Don’t think about Human Imperial City. Although it’s not far from here, you don’t have time to get there anymore.”

When Li Jiao heard this, he suddenly panicked: “How can that be good?”

Yang Kai shrugged, spreading his hands and said, “You can only ask for more blessings.”

Li Jiao’s face turned dark, and he almost cried: “Palace Lord Yang, you can’t let me die. Li came here because of you.”

Yang Kai said: “If i can save you, i will save you, but now I can’t help you.”

Li Jiao’s expression couldn’t help becoming hard to look. Among the people present, the two dragon clan don’t have to worry about being corroded by Demon Qi. After all, they are a Holy Spirit. Dragon blood is divine and has strong resistance to Demon Qi. If they are thrown into the Demon Territory, it is unlikely that they will be demonized.

But Yang Kai couldn’t take it lightly. Although Li Jiao didn’t know what confidence he had to ensure that he was safe and sound, seeing his relaxed attitude at the moment, he knew that he must have a way.

Li Jiao was a little angry, feeling that Yang Kai’s broom is precious and was unwilling to help him.

“Didn’t I show you a way before, what can you do if you don’t cherish it?”

Li Jiao said solemnly: “Palace Lord Yang, don’t be joking, taking a blood from the dragon clan is not something you have to do. If Li makes this request, I’m afraid it will end badly.”

“Anyway, you’re going to Become Devil, can there be something worse than this?”

“Palace Lord Yang, do you really want to let me die?” Li Jiao’s eyebrows gave birth to some malevolent aura, black qi on his body rolled, anger and evil thoughts breed in his heart, and his demon essence suddenly increased a lot, especially at this moment, when the transformation of Demon Qi affected his character even more.

Yang Kai sneered at him: “You bite me?”

“Damn it!” Li Jiao finally couldn’t help it, his face turned hideous, and he gritted his teeth and shouted: “If it weren’t for you, how could Li be reduced to such a field? Since you are cold-blooded and ruthless, don’t blame Li for not being affectionate, I fight with you.”

When the words fell, the black Qi on the body surface rolled, his eyes became extremely red, he shook his head, and his head suddenly turned into a huge flood dragon head, and he bit down at Yang Kai incomparably hideously.

He had been eroded by the Demon Qi, and he was so suffocated these days, and stimulated by Yang Kai, he finally couldn’t maintain his nature, his depressed demon thoughts burst out, and he fell into the demon way in an instant.

“A little kid dare to be presumptuous in front of this Li Jiao, you are so brave.”

Facing Li Jiao’s angry blow, Yang Kai just chuckled, urging his body’s golden holy dragon’s Origin power, he raised his hand and point towards Li Jiao’s forehead.

A little golden light bloomed at the fingertips, the golden light was not dazzling, but Li Jiao was like seeing a namesis, with a scream, the huge head shrank back to its original size, and Emperor Yuan inside his body was unable to work well, and he almost couldn’t breath.

Pointing the fingertip on Li Jiao’s forehead shocked Li Jiao’s body, and a trace of clarity was restored in his eyes.

After returning to his senses, he was shocked, and he didn’t expect that he would actually do such a thing and attack Yang Kai. He also knew that this was an action that was swayed by the Demon Essence, not the original intention, but he was afraid that Yang Kai didn’t know and he would kill him.

His cultivation is indeed two small levels higher than Yang Kai, but under the suppression of bloodline power, such a gap has no advantage at all. If he really want to kill him, it is really like squeezing a snail with ten fingers, and he doesn’t even have the slightest chance to resist.

This is the sorrow of the bloodline of the dragon descendants. The bloodline of the dragon descendants really allows him to go farther and stand higher than others. Now the 3rd order Emperor Realm cultivation level is a clear proof. If there is no dragon blood, It’s impossible for him to have such a high level of cultivation with his aptitude.

But in front of opponents who also have the blood of the dragon clan, self-cultivation is often second, and the power of the bloodline is the key.

A cold sweat broke out behind him, and he hurriedly said: “Palace Lord Yang, I was wrong, please be merciful.”

Yang Kai still chuckled, ignoring him, as if he really wanted to kill him.

Li Jiao’s face was ashen, and secretly thinking it’s over now. He feel bad for his Fire Dragon Palace and those beautiful concubines, and he didn’t know who would get the benefit from his death in the future.

The distracting thoughts turned, but there was no call for death. Yang Kai’s hand was still on his forehead, and there was no killing intent, just looking at him jokingly.

Suddenly, Li Jiao felt that the power in Yang Kai’s body had undergone a tremendous change, and the aura that permeated had a taste of ancient vicissitudes, as if it had come across from the ancient times.

A deep and solemn chant sounded, and a ray of light bloomed from Yang Kai’s fingertips, covering Li Jiao.

In the next instant, Li Jiao’s body vibrated, and his bones crackled, his already tall body suddenly swelled, and the fierce and surging blood Qi flowed out of his body, impacting the Demon QI that wrapped his body.

Li Jiao was standing still. Although he didn’t know what Yang Kai had done to him, he obviously felt that his strength had improved a lot, and he had a very bloodthirsty and warlike thought inexplicably, even though this thought made him feel better and some discomfort, but it dilutes the influence of the Demon Thoughts on him, allowing him to maintain a strange sober state.

From a distance, Li Jiao at this moment was filled with two colors, one was the dark Demon Qi, and the other was the blooming blood Qi in his body. The red and black were tumbling and wriggling, very strange.

“This is…” Li Jiao asked silently. By this time, he also knew that Yang Kai had no intention of killing himself. The reason for doing this might be to help him. It’s just that he can’t figure it out. Since Yang Kai has this ability, he can do it early. Why does he want to play with him?

“Ancient bloodthirsty technique!” Yang Kai smiled slightly, “It has a strong effect on the Demon Qi that invades the human body. The great wizards of the ancient times used this method to save the people, but the world’s law today is not the same as at that time. It’s a little bit different. It’s not difficult to get rid of the Demon Qi in your body, but it takes a little effort to get rid of that Demon Essence. It is best to let you explode all the Demon Essence to get rid of it once and for all, otherwise, there may be hidden dangers left, you don’t want to be affected by it when cultivating in the future and Become Devil, right?”

Li Jiao looked at Yang Kai with a touch of emotion: “That’s why Palace Lord Yang has been ignoring me these days? Deliberately hanging me and squeezing me?”

If it weren’t for this, the demon essence in his body wouldn’t explode so quickly.

Yang Kai said, “Since we come in together, we naturally have to go out together, not to mention that you owe me a lot of Source Crystals. Naturally, I can’t just let you die like this.”

“Many thanks Palace Lord Yang, Li remembers it in his heart!” Li Jiao was so excited, the situation that he thought he was bound to die, unexpectedly turned around, not only has the hope of survival, but also won’t have any worries.

“Don’t be happy too early, I said, today’s world’s laws are not the same as the ancient world’s laws, and people living in different laws are different. This method is useful for ancient human race, but i don’t know how effective it is to you. Be careful when you cultivate in the future.”

“Yes, yes, Li must be careful!” Li Jiao nodded repeatedly.

Yang Kai’s expression suddenly changed, and the chant in his mouth changed. He raised his hand to pat Li Jiao and shouted in a low voice, “Demon Suppression!”

Under a palm, the Demon Qi tumbling around Li Jiao’s body seemed to be suppressed by something, and it madly retracted from his body.


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