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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2985 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2985
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Yang Kai’s curse changed again, with another palm: “Demon Removal.”

When the light flashed, a black Qi whizzed out from behind Li Jiao, as if the posseing soul was repelled, there was a sound of ghost crying and wolf howling.

The black Qi that rushed out lasted for more than a dozen breaths of effort, and when the Demon Qi was gone, Li Jiao couldn’t help flashing a flash of joy.

He is aware of his own situation. These days, he has been entangled with Demon Qi. That Demon QI is like a tarsal body, and it will even continue to grow, even with the 3rd order Emperor Realm cultivation leve, it cannot be driven out.

But now that Yang Kai has done this, he clearly feels that the problem that has plagued him has been completely solved. There is no more Demon Qi left in his body, the Demon Qi is expelled, and there is bloodthirsty technique restraint, and he can no longer find any demon thought in his heart. The Consciousness Sea is actually clear.

“Thank you Palace Lord Yang!” Li Jiao was grateful.

When the voice fell, he saw Yang Kai grinning at him, and then slapped him with a fierce palm. This palm was definitely not a means of eliminating Demon Qi, because it was quite powerful. The most important thing is that it comes with the suppressing power of the dragon bloodline.

Poor Li Jiao, the 3rd order Emperor Realm powerhouse, didn’t even have time to react, and he was knocked out directly under this palm.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand at him, and Li Jiao immediately disappeared.

Zhu Lie, who had been watching with cold eyes, couldn’t help but shrink his eyes, a little bit wondering where Li Jiao had been taken by Yang Kai.

Only Zhu Qing knew that Li Jiao should have been thrown into that weird space. The world’s law is about to change. Although Li Jiao’s Demon Qi is removed, if he doesn’t escape, he will inevitably be eroded by the Demon Qi again. The imperial city is too far away, and there is no hiding place in Demon Fury City. That weird space is the best place.

Thinking of what happened in that weird space, Zhu Qing couldn’t help but have a fever on her cheeks.

At this moment, the transformation of the world’s law is already extremely obvious, and the world’s spiritual energy seems to be affected by a strange kind, and it is rapidly transforming towards Demon Qi.

Many demon kings and demon chief commander are waiting excitedly. This is the aura of the ancestral land. When the laws of the Wheel World are biased towards the Demon Territory, their cultivation and recovery will be much faster.

The little black dog also became extremely excited, obviously very fond of such a world’s law, a big mouth cracked open, constantly devouring the Demon Qi around it.


In a short time, the whole world has changed drastically. The surroundings are full of rich Demon Qi, and the world is dim. The rich Demon Qi fills the four poles, giving people the illusion of entering the Demon Territory.

Although Yang Kai didn’t know what the Demon Territory was like, he guessed that it should not be much different from the current Wheel World.

This time the transformation of the world’s law only lasted three days before it was over. After three days of work, the powerhouses of Demon Fury City recovered a lot, but they still couldn’t satisfy the devouring of the little black dog.

Three days later, Yang Kai took the little black dog to Cloudy Wind Mountain again. When he came back, his brows were furrowed, and under the disappointed gaze of many demon kings and demon chief commander, he left the little black dog and let it continue to devour the Demon Qi.

“What’s the situation?” Zhu Lie raised his head and asked.

“Can’t see the exit.” Yang Kai shook his head.

Although he walked a little further this time, he still couldn’t judge where the exit was. In other words, the little black dog’s current strength was not enough to take them away, and he could only make it stronger.

Zhu Qing stepped forward and lightly held Yang Kai’s hand and said, “Don’t worry, we can always go out, it’s just the length of time.”

Yang Kai chuckled and said, “I don’t worry about anything, it’s just that I’m a bit depressed in this ghost place. I want to leave early and feel at ease.”

Zhu Qing hesitated for a while, and said softly, “What if you really can’t leave?”

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Yang Kai squeezed her hand, and said affectionately: “Then we are here to accompany our old age.”

Zhu Qing lowered her head, her face flushed.

“You two, am i blind?” Zhu Lie snorted, his face ugly.

He had warned Yang Kai sternly before, but he didn’t expect that this guy would not take his words seriously.

Yang Kai raised his hand, put his arm around Zhu Qing’s shoulder, looked at him provocatively, and said, “Just watch what’s going on here. I’ll go out with your sister for a walk.”

After speaking, he left directly with Zhu Qing.

Li Jiao was anxious and shouted from behind: “Palace Lord Yang, come back early.”

Without Yang Kai, he would definitely not be able to resist the erosion of the Demon Qi when the law changed. Although he didn’t know what methods Yang Kai used before, there was indeed no sign of being corroded by the Demon Qi when he was in a coma.

He can only rely on Yang Kai if he wants to survive in this place.

“Where are we going?” Zhu Qing asked innocently, thinking that Yang Kai had brought her out for something.

“Anywhere, as long as no one is there.”

This was too blatant, Zhu Qing understood it right away, and felt like a rabbit in her heart, her face burnt.

The days passed by, and suddenly, it has been three months since Yang Kai and others came to Demon Fury City.

In these three months, the demon kings and demon chief commander of Demon Fury City were not as good as being dead, constantly wandering in the process of recovery and being swallowed, and often they were forced to enter the battle after only recovering two or three moments.

After three months, all the demon kings and demon chief commanders’ cultivation level dropped by one or two small levels.

This is simply cutting meat with a stewing knife, which is more painful than being killed directly. Sometimes the demon kings simply want to fight with Yang Kai and others at all costs, but after thinking about it, it’s better to live than die. The ancestors have been operating here for hundreds of thousands of years, and the Demon Fury City cannot be cut off in this generation. Thinking about it this way, they can only wait bitterly, looking forward to sending away this batch of plague gods as soon as possible.

The little black dog still looks like that, only exuding the fifth or sixth-order aura, but through many experiments by Yang Kai, it has been learned that it has become much stronger.

The unknown space in its belly was more than a hundred times larger than it was at the beginning, and it was already able to take Yang Kai to a very deep position.

After three months of work, Yang Kai and Zhu Qing occasionally went out to “tour the mountains and rivers”, and then returned to Demon Fury City after a day or two outside. Zhu Lie complained about this and made cynicism many times. But there was no effect. Zhu Qing had a thin face and blushed with a guilty conscience every time she was told, but Yang Kai was in a hob-like posture. No matter what he said, it was like a fart.

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Li Jiao’s life was not quite satisfactory, because every time the world’s law was biased towards the Demon Territory, he had to be knocked out by Yang Kai and would not be awakened until the transformation was over.

To this day, he still doesn’t know exactly how Yang Kai saved him from being eroded by the Demon Qi, but his gratitude to him is increasing day by day.

By this time, Yang Kai was already a little grateful that he didn’t let the little black dog swallow the demon kings of this place. Because if he really did that, the little black dog would definitely not be able to grow to this level within three months.

It is indeed better to keep the chickens that lay eggs than to swallow them.

The hard days of the demon race are finally coming to an end.

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Because when Yang Kai returned from Cloudy Wind Mountain with the little black dog last time, he told Zhu Lie that he had vaguely grasped the position of the exit, as long as the little black dog became stronger, they should have a chance to leave from here.

This news made all the demon race very excited. They have been here for three months, just for such a day. Now that they see hope, they naturally recover even harder.

The treasures of demon fruits that they were reluctant to use in peace days were taken out, and spared no effort to restore their own power.

After another change in the world’s law, Yang Kai took Li Jiao out of the Mysterious Small Boundary and awakened him.

On the square, all the demon kings and demon chief commander sat cross-legged on the ground, with a weak face, could be described as withered, and looked at Yang Kai eagerly.

Yang Kai grinned, and said loudly: “Since ancient times, human race and demon race have been at odds with each other. You and my two races have had blood and deep feuds that are difficult to resolve. According to reason, I should kill all of you.”

As soon as this statement came out, many demon race faces changed slightly, but they didn’t panic too much, because from the meaning of Yang Kai’s words, they also heard that Yang Kai didn’t have this plan.

“However, thanks to your help in the past few months, I have the hope of leaving, so I am willing to save your lives.”

“Thank you, sir!” The succubus yelled, but there was no other response from other Demon Race.

Yang Kai smiled and said, “I hope we won’t have the chance to meet again.”

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‘Who wants to see you again?’ Many demon kings and demon chief commander are slanderous in the heart!

“Farewell!” Yang Kai smiled slightly, stretched out his hand to invite the little black dog, and took the lead to fly in the direction of Cloudy Wind Mountain.

Zhu Qing and her brother and Li Jiao quickly followed.

“I wish you great martial dao and success!” The succubus waved her hand vigorously, and the corners of her eyes were a little wet.

It’s not easy. Finally, these plague gods have been sent away. Many demon kings and demon chief commander looked at the back of Yang Kai and others, praying sincerely in their hearts to let them leave this world.

Yang Kai has been to the Cloudy Wind Mountain for no less than a dozen times, and every time he came here he brought the little black dog to do experiments, and each time he could walk a long way longer than before.

Therefore, he was very familiar with the whole process.

The cold demon Qi that swept from unknown places was endless, and the deeper it went, the more terrifying it became.

At the very beginning, everyone was in peace, and with their own cultivation level, they could resist the influence of that cold demon qi. But after a thousand meter, it started to be a little strenuous. Without the help of the little black dog, no one would be able to go more than a hundred meter away.

The little black dog is obviously also very familiar with this, so after a thousand meter, it immediately opened its mouth and swallowed all the oncoming cold demon qi into its abdomen.

In an instant, the pressure of the group of four people was greatly reduced, and almost 90% of the cold demon Qi blowing from the front was swallowed by the little black dog, and the remaining 10% was also dispersed. Yang Kai and the others should be able to deal with it.

Continually advancing forward, the power of the cold demon Qi is getting stronger and stronger, but the little black dog is safe and sound, accepting everything as it is.

It wasn’t until ten thousand meter later that its body surface began to show a faint chill, and it was obvious that the cold demon Qi began to have some influence on it.

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