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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2986 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2986
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A group of four people, Yang Kai took the lead with the little black dog, Zhu Qing and her sister in the middle, and Li Jiao behind the group, they were only three steps away from each other.

The surrounding scenery is not visible, and even the Divine Sense cannot leave twenty meter away. Yang Kai is not worried about going in the wrong direction. He only needs to walk in the direction that the cold demon qi is blowing.

After such a day, finally a trace of anomaly came from the front.

The power fluctuations of the strong space law went up and down from there, and Yang Kai’s Divine Sense shook, and he opened his mouth and shouted: “Come up, we are almost there.”

Hearing what he said, all the remaining three had a serious expression, especially Li Jiao, whose Emperor Yuan was extremely fierce, and a voice rang in his heart. As long as he could leave this ghostly place that makes people feel at a loss, after a while, he can return to his Fire Dragon Palace.

Thinking of this, his whole body was full of enthusiasm, full of expectation.

The coldness on the little black dog’s body became more and more serious, a thick layer of frost enveloped it, and the open mouth was also reduced a lot, obviously approaching its limit.

Hundred meters in front of everyone, there seemed to be a source of cold demon qi, and the cold wind was whistling. The cold demon qi that existed anywhere on Cloudy Wind Mountain was not terrifying like here.

Yang Kai discovered this place when he came over last time. He knew that this should be the location of the exit. The little black dog has grown a lot these days, so according to his estimation, it should be able to take them near the exit.

It is success or failure in one move.

Yang Kai kept cheering and encouraging the little black dog.

The little black dog can clearly understand, and probably also knows that life and death are tied to oneself. Suddenly, like a divine help, there was a dull roar from its throat, and its mouth, which had become much smaller, swelled again.

All the oncoming cold demon qi was swallowed.

The pressure on everyone has dropped sharply! Yang Kai’s pace has also accelerated a lot.

Seventy meter!


Fifty meter!

Thirty meter!

After reaching ten meter, Yang Kai finally saw what the exit looked like. At first glance, it looked like a gap in the void, and it looked like a purse with an open mouth. From that mouth, the demon qi and icy cold aura that annihilate all vitality was rich, converging in one place.

The gap is tens of meter long and stretches across the top of Cloudy Wind Mountain. The ups and downs are continuous and changeable, and it looks extremely unstable.

Such a gap is logically impossible to exist for a long time, because the world’s law will automatically repair such an incomplete place.

But the Wheel World was originally a peculiar little world. It was in the void between the demon territory and the star boundary. It was not surprising that the force of the two big worlds caused a crack in the Wheel World. [MSN: anyone else think this crack should be above the Qing Tree since it was the one blocking the passage?]

If one day the pulling force of a certain big world on the Wheel World suddenly becomes much stronger, it may tear the entire Wheel World to pieces. At that time, all the creatures living here will surely perish.

And such a crack is not enough for people to pass through at will, because its transformation will drive the power of the Space Principle. If people who don’t understand this way want to force it through, if you are not lucky, you may be killed on the spot.

If you want to leave through it, you must first stabilize it to create a safe entrance.

Many thoughts flashed in his mind, Yang Kai had a plan, and shouted: “I will cast a spell to stabilize this exit, but the time will not be too long. There will only be three breaths at most. You must follow up closely, don’t get lost in the rift in the void!”

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“Yeah!” Zhu Qing nodded her head, Zhu Lie and Li Jiao also looked tense, and were ready to leave at any time.

It’s about void cracks and space principle, no matter how strong their strength is, it won’t help. At this time, they can only listen to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s expression also became serious, and the Space Principle fluctuated in his body. Although the whole person was standing in place, it gave people a feeling of being far and near. That was because the space was affected.


With a loud shout, the invisible space principle was mobilized and turned into a visible impact, blasting on the ever-changing void.

In an instant, a certain position of the crack seemed to be fitted with a transparent gate, and the area covered by the gate became extremely stable.

“Qing’er, go!” Yang Kai greeted.

Zhu Qing, who had been prepared for a long time, rushed in along the invisible gate and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Zhu Lie followed closely without a word.

Li Jiao is last, according to his strength, if there is no accident, he should be able to rush in. However, the moment he left the little black dog protection area, he was completely stiff. At the entrance close at hand, the whole person was actually frozen in place.

His eyes went round suddenly, his blood was almost solidified, and his panic wrapped him in despair.

He was afraid that this will be the end. If he missed this best opportunity, he would never be able to leave here. The only end was to freeze to death.

In a hurry, he could only cast his eyes at Yang Kai for help.

“Rubbish!” Yang Kai yelled angrily. He didn’t expect this guy to lose his chain at a critical moment. He can’t wait to let him go, but he reached out and held the little black dog in his other hand, quickly rushed towards the crack.

The three breaths time has passed, the stabilized area has begun to collapse, and the crack is once again unstable.

Yang Kai had to urge the space force again, pushing a safe space in front of him, and disappeared.

The sound of the wind whistling in the ears suddenly disappeared, and the surroundings were quiet and silent, and there was no light, and there was no world’s spiritual energy at all. This place seemed to be nothingness.

Suddenly from that noisy environment to such a secretive and quiet place, anyone is a bit uncomfortable.

In this place, only the Divine Sense still has some uses.

“Qing’er!” Yang Kai opened his mouth as soon as he came, but his voice could not be heard. Fortunately, he had sensed Zhu Qing’s aura, and immediately let go Li Jiao and came to Zhu Qing to hold her.

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“Are you ok?” Yang Kai asked.

“It’s okay.” Zhu Qing replied. She was the first to rush in. Naturally, nothing would happen, but Yang Kai’s concern still filled her with warmth, “Is this the void crack?”

“Yes, this is a crack in the void!”

This is not the first time Yang Kai has come to such a place. The void is omnipresent, and you can enter the void from any place. Although they are similar, they are vast. For some people, no matter how strong they are, such a place is extremely dangerous, and if one is not good enough, one will get lost in it, and you will never get out of it for the rest of your life.

Only those who are proficient in the Space Force are qualified to walk in it, and they are only qualified, they are still far from the level of walking in a leisurely manner like in the courtyard.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

At this time, Zhu Lie and Li Jiao also surrounded him. Zhu Lie was okay. Li Jiao was very cold from the cold just now. He was trembling at this time, and his face was full of lingering fears.

Yang Kai’s Divine Sense surged and transmitted to them: “There is a lot of turbulence in the void between the void cracks. Once that thing hits, you will either be involved in it and disappear, or you will immediately be teleported to an unknown location, so if you feel something is wrong, don’t be curious to investigate, be as far away as you can.”

“Palace Lord Yang said so, I listen to you.” Li Jiao nodded repeatedly.

In this situation, he could listen to Yang Kai. There is no other way. He was saved by Yang Kai just now, and if he wants to leave this place and return to the Star Boundary, he can only pin his hopes on Yang Kai.

“It’s also easy to get lost here. Even if you are close at hand, you may not be able to find anyone in a trance, so I suggest that everyone should hold each other, hand in hand, like a good friend!”

“This proposal is good.” Li Jiao was trying to find some sense of security. Yang Kai’s words undoubtedly touched his heart, and he hurriedly looked at Zhu Lie while speaking.

Zhu Lie said with a cold face: “If you dare to lean over, you will be dead.”

“Hey, that’s what Palace Lord Yang said…” Li Jiao replied awkwardly.

Zhu Lie frowned and took out a ribbon from his space ring without saying a word.

Although this place is nihility and chaos, when the ribbon appears, a gleam of glory blooms. This is obviously a good Emperor Artifact, and it is suitable for women.

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“Use this,” Zhu Lie said, letting Li Jiao hold hand with him is more uncomfortable than killing him.

“Okay!” Yang Kai nodded.

Zhu Lie immediately shook the ribbon and flicked it straight towards Yang Kai. Yang Kai reached out and grabbed one end and tied it around his waist. Zhu Lie tied the other end to himself.

Li Jiao stared blankly, and said with a shy face: “Keep a little bit, keep a little bit for me.”

Zhu Lie snorted. Although he was full of dissatisfaction, he didn’t do anything. He really left a section for Li Jiao, and Li Jiao hurriedly tied it to his wrist happily.

In this way, the three men are connected together, and the ribbon is of good quality and it is not so easy to be broken.

As for Zhu Qing, there is no need to worry. She has always been held in Yang Kai’s arms. It can be said that she is the safest one. It’s just that she is so close to Yang Kai in front of others that she blushes somewhat uncomfortably.

“Okay, let’s find the exit now.” Yang Kai greeted.

“Do you know where the exit is?” Zhu Lie asked.

“A little bit.” Yang Kai turned and looked in a certain direction. He swayed and galloped over there, Zhu Lie and Li Jiao hurriedly followed.

After walking for a while, Zhu Lie realized something was wrong.

Using ribbons to contact each other is indeed a good way to avoid the embarrassment and discomfort of holding hands, but now it feels like Yang Kai is holding two animals…

At this point, Zhu Lie’s face suddenly turned dark.

Shame, a great shame, he secretly decided in his heart that if anyone mentions today’s things in front of him in the future, he will never let it go easily!

Turning his head, he warned Li Jiao viciously with his eyes.

Li Jiao was startled, cold sweat on his forehead slipped, and inexplicably, he actually felt that Zhu Lie gave birth to murderous intention.

He didn’t provoke him. He don’t understand what is this situation.

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  1. Astra says:

    It should definitely be above or near Qing. Too bad we probably won’t get much more of an explanation about this world. Perhaps when the small world tore off from the Star Boundary and the Demon World, tons of cracks appeared, and were either sealed by the wizards or the heavenly law, and thats the only one left because it’s basically impossible to get to.

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      Pena que só sai 5 capítulos por dia ???? Obrigado pela tradução, se tivesse tudo já eu ia devorar dia e noite kkk

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