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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2999 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2999
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“Then go to the City Lord’s Mansion!” Li Jiao waved his big sleeve.

Cai Shi quickly led the way.

After a few breaths, everyone arrived in front of the city lord’s mansion, where blood was flowing into a river. Many martial artist dressed as disciples of the Wind and Cloud Pavilion died here, and the gate of the city lord’s mansion collapsed.

Cai Shi pointed there and said, “Senior, it’s here.”

Li Jiao swept away his Divine Sense, and he found the aura of the Emperor Realm inside, but it was somewhat different from the information he knew. There were actually two people in it, not one like he was told.

The aura is not too strong, it is indeed only the level of 1st order Emperor Realm.

“You wait outside, I will come back as soon as i go!” Li Jiao snorted, not worrying about the change in the number of people, and rushed towards the city lord’s mansion in a blink of an eye.

Immediately afterwards, Cai Shi heard Li Jiao shouting loudly: “Bold junior, dare to offend Wind and Cloud Pavilion, Li is here, quickly surrender or die!”

When the words fell, the power of the Emperor Prestige burst into the air, centering on the city lord’s mansion, there was a buzzing in the world with a radius of thousands of meters.

Cai Shi’s face changed slightly, showing a sense of admiration. He thought to himself that the 3rd order Emperor Realm is indeed the 3rd order Emperor Realm. This shot is really different, and it is not comparable to those of the 1st order and 2nd order Emperor Realm. Now it seems that the pavilion lord is not being humble when he said he is not an opponent, he is indeed better than the Pavilion Lord.

This time, with Senior Li taking action, there shouldn’t be any changes. It’s just that the second elder and many disciples died tragically at the hands of those two man and woman. If this Senior Li came sooner, they might be a different ending.

Thinking of this, Cai Shi sighed, and this is also fate. His cultivation is not as good as the second elder, but in the end he can survive. His luck is good. The martial artist is cultivating against the heavens, and luck could be considered as a strength too. Faintly, the escape from dead this time gave him a trace of understanding, and the bottleneck for many years showed signs of loosening.

Realizing this, he was overjoyed. He is now at the 1st order Emperor Realm. If he can break through, it will be the 2nd order Emperor Realm. Such strength is enough to rank in the top three in the Wind and Cloud Pavilion elder hall. Secretly made up his mind, if the matter is settled here, immediately go back to retreat and practice hard. If he don’t break through, he will never get out.

There was a boom, just as the clutter in Cai Shi’s heart was tumbling, there was a burst of noise in the city lord’s mansion. It was the movement of the Emperor Realms. The overflowing power seemed to turn the sky upside down, causing the building to collapsed.

Cai Shi watched intently, his heart was throbbing, and his heart became more and more respectful of this Senior Li.


The fighting stopped abruptly, and the noisy movement calmed down.

Solved? Cai Shi was shocked again, this is too fast, right? He had fought against that pair of dog men and women. Knowing the fierceness of the other party, he never thought that Senior Li would deal it easily.

A figure flew out from the ruins of the collapsed City Lord’s Mansion and galloped towards this side.

Cai Shi look at it, who was it if it wasn’t that Senior Li?

He greeted him with surprise on his face, and said with a clasped fist in the distance: “Thank you, senior for your move, and congratulations to senior for coming back victorious!”

Instead of the smiling faces in his imagination, this Senior Li frowned tightly, as if encountering some problems. What surprised Cai Shi the most was that there was a black mark on the eye socket of Senior Li. That was obviously hit by a fist. This punch was very heavy. Someone as strong as this Senior Li was actually punch until his eye swelled. It’s unknown how long it will take to recover.

“Senior, what are you…” Cai Shi was a little confused, He don’t know what happened to him.

“Hey!” Li Jiao sighed heavily, looked up at the sky, choked with silent tears, and after a long time he tilted his head to look at Cai Shi: “Who did you provoke?”

“What?” Cai Shi didn’t understand, looking at him stupidly.

“Your name is Cai Shi?” Li Jiao asked.

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“Yes!” Cai Shi nodded, and felt that this Senior Li was a little weird. The vigorous spirit just disappeared without a trace, unexpectedly showing a look of loneliness and sadness.

What happened to make a 3rd order Emperor Realm show such a look?

“This king want to borrow something from you.” Li Jiao looked at him blankly.

Cai Shi felt a sudden burst in his heart, instinctively feeling a little uneasy, and subconsciously stepped back two steps, and said a bit, “I don’t know what the senior would like to borrow?”

“I will borrow your life!” Li Jiao said like this, and suddenly he sprang towards Cai Shi.

Although the two of them are both in the Emperor Realm, there are two small levels between them. Each of these small levels is the difference between heaven and earth. How can Cai Shi resist his surprise attack? In a trance, he felt his neck tighten and was directly caught by Li Jiao in his hand.

A surging power that made him feel terrified came from that big hand, and rushed into his flesh and blood and meridians unscrupulously, making him tremble all over, and his heart was numb, and he couldn’t spur resistance at all.

“Senior… why are you… doing this!” Cai Shi continued to struggle, looking at Li Jiao with a strange expression on his face.

Isn’t he the helper invited by the pavilion lord? He also said before that the villain is handed over to him to deal with. How could he change his mind in the blink of an eye and turn his friend into an enemy?

Cai Shi only felt that the world was changing too fast, and he was somewhat unacceptable.

“The blame is that Wind and Cloud Pavilion provokes someone who shouldn’t be provoke. The person inside… this king can’t afford to offend, hey, don’t talk about it anymore, there are so many companions on the road to the underworld, presumably you won’t be alone!”

‘What? What? The person inside is someone even he can’t provoke?’ Cai Shi even wondered if he had heard it wrong.

He was just about to speak again, but violent power squeezed from all around.

With a boom, Cai Shi’s whole body burst into a cloud of blood, with no bones left.


The rest of the Wind and Cloud Pavilion disciples were all dumbfounded, and they never expected such a scene to happen.

The original savior and hope suddenly became an executioner, and even the Ninth Elder Cai Shi was crushed by him. What is going on?

It’s too late to hink about it, and they scattered all over the place.

The wind was surging, and a huge blue palm suddenly fell from the sky, covering a large area, and fell fiercely.

When several screams came out, these Wind and Cloud Pavilion disciples were wiped out in an instant.

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Their cultivation level are not high, no matter how strong the attack is, they will all turn into meatloaf in a single blow.

“wang wang!” Two dog barks came from behind.

The indifference on Li Jiao’s face disappeared suddenly, replaced by endless flattery, turned his head, nodded and bowed: “Hehe, Palace Lord Yang, I have already killed them all, you see…”

How can there be the slightest prestige of the previous 3rd order Emperor Realm? The dignified North Territory Fire Dragon Palace’s Lord, at this moment it is no different from a pug.

“You’re sensible!” Yang Kai snorted softly.

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Li Jiao is sweating, knowing that Yang Kai was still angry, and explained quickly: “Palace Lord Yang, Li has been wronged, Li has no knowledge of this matter. If he knew it was you, Li would not come here.”

He had already cursed Hua Xing bloody in his heart.

A while ago, he managed to get away from Yang Kai, Zhu Qing and others, and only a few days later, he ran into him again. There is nothing more sorrowful thing in the world than this.

Yang Kai squinted at him and said, “You sound like you hate me.”

Li Jiao was sweating like rain, and said hurriedly: “No, no, no, Li meant that if he knew Palace Lord Yang was here, he would come immediately, how would he dare to be an enemy of you? That was just a misunderstanding.”

“Okay.” Yang Kai waved his hand. “I know what you are thinking. Let’s talk about it. What’s going on with the Wind and Cloud Fengyun Pavilion? How could you do things for them?”

Li Jiao was embarrassed and quickly explained.

Yang Kai looked at Lin Yun’er while listening.

The little girl was holding the little black dog and playing with it, opened her small mouth and bit at it, still making a humming sound in her mouth. The little black dog seemed to like this naive game too, and it was shaking its tail.

It’s strange to say that when Yang Kai and Lin Yun’er met again a few days ago, the little girl didn’t care much about the little black dog. After getting along for a while, she couldn’t put it down, she was holding it all day.

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After all, the little beasts look good, and they are always loved by women.

After Li Jiao finished explaining, Yang Kai said, “So, you have a good relationship with the Lord of Wind and Cloud Pavilion?”

Li Jiao hurriedly said: “We meet in the past, nodding acquaintance, and there is no contact for a hundred years, even some friendships are weakened, hehehe…”

Do not say that his friendship with Hua Xing is really not too deep, even if it is a life-and-death acquaintance, he can’t tell the truth at this moment.

He really can’t afford to offend Yang Kai. Everyone is seeking a living in the Northern Territory, and he is still a big creditor. IF he really offends Yang Kai, there will be no way out for the Fire Dragon Palace in the future. Not to mention, Yang Kai and the Dragon Clan have an extremely close relationship.

In comparison, what is his little friendship with Hua Xing? If it weren’t for Hua Xing, how could he throw himself into the net and be caught by Yang Kai.

Thinking of this, he felt a bit resentful towards Hua Xing. He felt that this guy was too unkind and gave himself inaccurate information. It was Hua Xing’s fault that he now fell into Yang Kai’s hands.

“Palace Lord Yang, this girl is…” Seeing Yang Kai’s silence, Li Jiao asked him for information about Lin Yun’er without a word.

This little girl is incredible! HE was hit in the eye with a punch just now, and he almost lost his old life, he is fine thanks to his Dragon Descendant body. Otherwise, it is not as simple as a small injury. That punch is enough to make his head dizzy, during the life and death battle, that moment of trance was enough to make people lose their lives.

‘This little girl is so powerful, is it another Dragon Clan!’ Li Jiao was shocked.

At the same time, he admire Yang Kai. He just got a 9th order red dragon some time ago. It only took a few days to get another one.

Maliciously speculating in his heart, if Zhu Qing meets this little girl, he don’t know if it’s going to be turned upside down, and no matter who is strong and who is weak, Yang Kai will definitely be overwhelmed by that time, flashing these images in his mind, Li Jiao is in a good mood.

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