Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3003 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3003

Boom boom boom…

The sword fell like rain, blasting on Yang Kai’s body, splashing dazzling flames. The huge five meter body was also skewed by the force from all directions, and it seemed that it might fall down at any time.

Chi Chi Chi Chi…

As the blood flew, Yang Kai grinned in pain, making that hideous face even more terrifying.

He stayed on the spot and didn’t move. He curled up into a ball, exposing his back, protecting Lin Yun’er from the slightest harm.

“Uncle Yang!” Xiao Yun’er raised her head and exclaimed, shock and surprise flashed in her eyes. She obviously did not expect Yang Kai to suddenly change so much, but after feeling the attack Yang Kai was enduring at this moment, her eyes suddenly turn red.

Yang Kai grinned, “Avoid the edge for now, and clean them up later.”

Lin Yun’er nodded, a ruthless look flashed across her face.

The endless sword rain lasted for a long time before it gradually subsided.

“This…” The voice of the great elder came out, obviously astonished to the extreme. He really never thought that Yang Kai could survive in the Sword Diagram. This is the Yin-Yang Five Elements Yi Xuan Sword Diagram with hundreds of people, and his 2nd order Emperor Realm was acting as Formation Eye, and there are five or six 1st order Emperor Realm assistance, the rest are all 3rd order Dao Source Stage.

Even if the 3rd order Emperor Realm bear the same attack, there will definitely be no bones left, right?

But not only was this guy alive, he also changed his appearance.

Two horns were bulging on his head, his hands turned into sharp claws, and the exposed skin was covered with scales.

What the hell is this?

The great elder was so shocked that he couldn’t speak, his mind turned sharply, and he urged the power of the sword diagram.

Originally, after that round of sword rain, there were not many long swords in the Sword Diagram, but after this moment, another sword with different shapes and different aura appeared in all directions, as if it was endless.

Those sharp swords are illusory, it’s unknown whether they are real or not.

Yang Kai’s expression stunned, and his Divine Sense swept across the four directions, anxious in his heart.

She and Lin Yun’er are trapped in this Sword Diagram. If they don’t break the Sword Diagram or escape from this place, their power will be consumed as much as possible sooner or later. After all, there are many enemies and the power of the formation can be maximized. He and Lin Yun’er are strong in will but weak in strength, and they can’t last a lifetime. It’s just that he swept through his Divine Sense and didn’t find any loopholes in this place.

He didn’t have a deep research on the Formation Way, thinking that if Nanmen Dajun were here, he might be able to provide some advice.

When his brows were frowning, Lin Yun’er said angrily: “Uncle Yang, buy me some time.”

She had killed a lot of people before, but she was calm, as if it was not a person who was killed, but a small stone on the side of the road. Some time ago, she was repeatedly attacked by people and did not get angry. This time she is really angry.

Uncle Yang suffered serious injuries in order to protect her.

Yang Kai was shocked when he heard the words: “Can you break the formation?”

Lin Yuner said: “I have a trump card, I should be able to break it!”

“That’s great.” Yang Kai was overjoyed, “You can cast the spell with peace of mind, Uncle Yang will not let them interfere with you.”

“Yeah!” After Lin Yun’er finished speaking, she sat down cross-legged, closed her beautiful eyes, placed one hand flat in front of her lower abdomen, and pinched a weird seal arts with the other hand, her whole body aura floating in uncertainty.

Yang Kai didn’t know what she was going to do, but since Lin Yun’er said so, he could only give her the greatest trust. This formation would probably not be broken by him for a while, since Lin Yuner had a way he naturally wanted her to try it.

He hope she can surprise him, even if it fails, he will think of other ways.

“Junior wants to break the formation, its’ really boasting shamelessly.” The voice of the great elder came again, obviously hearing the conversation between the two, and his tone was full of disdain.

If the Yin-Yang Five Elements Yi Xuan Sword Diagram was really so easy to crack, it would not have helped Wind and Cloud Pavilion several times. Even if the two juniors had some accomplishments in the formation way, they would not be enough to spy on the flaws in this formation way.

Having said this, the great elder screamed again: “Cut!”

A huge sword light was cut down suddenly, and the target was directed at Lin Yun’er.

The sword light was more than ten meter long, like a pillar, when it fell from the top, even the void was cracked.

The power of this blow is comparable to that of a powerful 3rd order Emperor Realm, and the power is naturally extraordinary.

Yang Kai let out a low cry, his huge body blocked between Lin Yun’er and the sword, the big fist smashed forward, right where the sword was.

With a bang, the sword light fell apart, Yang Kai took two steps back, and there was a crack in the peak of his fist, and blood was flowing.

“Good skill!” The great elder was moved. Although he didn’t know what secret technique Yang Kai urged, he actually made his body so huge. It is also very incredible that a flesh and blood body can take a blow from the Yin-Yang Five Elements Yi Xuan Sword Diagram, snorted coldly: “I want to see how long you can last.”




One after another huge sword beams attacked, ruthlessly attacking Yang Kai and Lin Yun’er.

Different from the endless sword rain just now, each of these sword lights is infinitely powerful. Although the number is much smaller, the power is increased by a thousand times.

Yang Kai strode forward to greet them, his huge body was indescribably flexible and elegant, his fists danced, taking one sword after another.

Every time he took a sword, he had to back up a few steps, and every time he took a sword, there was an extra wound on his fist, and the blood fell on the ground, and there was a ticking sound.

With the last sword, his fists were bloody, and the dragon scales covering them all cracked open. He lift his head up.

With a bang, the sword light slashed on his head, embedded more than an inch, Yang Kai’s body felt short, and the blood slid down his cheeks.

“Hiss…” The great elder took a cold breath, shocked.

Can’t die!

Where on earth does this guy come from, his defense is so strong? He didn’t even fall down even after eating so many slashes from him.

If it’s any other 3rd order Emperor Realm, it’s impossible to stand like this, right? This kid is heaven-defying.

There was a sharp flash in his eyes, and another sword light struck Yang Kai, but another sword light struck Lin Yun’er silently.

‘Can’t kill you, but i can kill that girl, right?’

As soon as the sword light appeared, the great elder suddenly fought a cold war, and for no reason gave birth to a feeling of being locked in place by a powerful Divine Sense. Under this terrifying Divine Sense, it seemed that he would die without a burial place with the other party’s thought.

“Who!” the great elder exclaimed.

No one answered.

It’s strange to say that the feeling just now disappeared strangely, as if it was an illusion.

The great elder frowned, not knowing what was going on. He secretly wondered if he was too nervous. He is now in the eye of the Yin-Yang Five Elements Yi Xuan Sword Diagram, and he merges with hundreds of disciples into one. In the Sword Diagram, if anyone really wants to be disadvantage to him, he also needs to break the Sword Diagram to find out his true body.

That inexplicable murderous intent could not directly lock himself in, it should be just an illusion.

The sword light had already struck Lin Yun’er. Lin Yun’er was motionless, as if she hadn’t noticed the danger coming, but silently cast the spell, preparing to display her own trump card.

It’s unknown what her trump card is, it took so long to prepare.

This made Yang Kai secretly slander Xiao Yun’er’s Master for being a little unreliable, the preparation time is so long, how can this trump card power be strong? In the real battle of life and death, who will give you time to prepare?

Although he was dealing with the Great Elder and others, he did not relax his attention to Lin Yun’er, so Yang Kai noticed it as soon as the sword light appeared.

As a last resort, he could only offer the Mountains and Rivers Bell. The small Mountains and Rivers Bell was held by his big hand, like a child’s toy.

When the light was spinning, the Mountains and Rivers Bell had already enveloped Lin Yun’er.

The Sword Light arrived as expected, but hit the bell.

“This is…” The great elder was shocked again, his eyes pierced through the void, biting like a leech on the Mountains and Rivers Bell, his eyes gleaming with strange light.

With his eyesight, how could he fail to see the mystery of this artifact, the ancient aura that diffused out seemed to have straddled from the ancient times, giving people the illusion of entering the ancient world.

“A great wild treasure!” The Great Elder exclaimed, his eyes suddenly becoming greedy.

He couldn’t help but want to laugh.

He never thought that the young man actually had such a heavy treasure in his hands. He is a 2nd order Emperor Realm and has his own Emperor Artifact. However, the Emperor Artifact and the wild treasure are two different concepts. In the later period, the number is scarce but unpredictable. It is of great benefit to the improvement of one’s own strength.

Looking at this bell again, it is extremely extraordinary. Obviously, even among the wild treasures, this bell must be a high-level existence, which can be compared with the extraordinary ancient wild treasures.

Greed immediately appeared in his heart, and he secretly decided that he must snatch this wild and exotic treasure. How can a 1st order Emperor Realm be worthy of possessing such treasures? Putting it on him is simply a stupid thing.

If he could get this wild and exotic treasure, the great elder would even be confident that he would be able to fight against the 3rd order Emperor Realm powerhouse, which was simply too attractive to him.

The great elder’s heart was full of scheming thoughts, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and wiped the blood on his face, took a gentle breath, a cold and severe color flashed in his eyes.

If not for this, he would not use the Mountains and Rivers Bell.

Because the repressive power of this wild and exotic treasure is too strong, although it can provide Xiao Yun’er with strong protection, but Xiao Yun’er is brewing her own trump card right now, and that repressive power will interfere with her somewhat.

But that’s the end of the matter, and he has nothing to do.

He only hope that Xiao Yun’er won’t be disturbed too much. For this reason, he also weakened the power of Mountains and Rivers bell to the greatest extent.

“Now i can fight freely, old dog, you hide well, don’t be found by this young master, I will peel your skin when I find you!” Yang Kai looked around coldly and sneered.

“Junior dare to be rampant!” The great elder shouted angrily, frustrated.

His face is also a little unsustainable, after all, even the formation is open. Hundreds of people have joined hands, and it should be possible to solve Yang Kai soon, but this guy is not only alive, but also threatening him.

This is unbearable!


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