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Martial Peak Chapter 3008

Knowing this, Yang Kai’s resistance was not so great. After thinking about it, he also sat next to Lin Yun’er, listening to the tumbling movement in the iron pot while sniffing the aroma.

Wait and eat!

After a while…

“It’s delicious!” Lin Yun’er was holding a big stick in her hand, and she was full of praise while chewing.

“Eat slowly!” Yang Kai stretched out his hand and wiped the oil stains on her face, “No one will snatch it from you!”

Having said that, his speed is not slow either, there is a pile of bones around him, and there are more on Lin Yun’er, almost all of them piled up into a hill.

Worthy of being a descendant of the Holy Spirit, there is an extremely surging energy essence in that flesh meat, one bite into the belly, full of vitality, and the belly is fiery.

Although there are no seasonings, this is definitely the most delicious food Yang Kai has ever eaten. The iron pot seems to have the power to turn decay into a magical power. Just cook it casually, and it can cook deliciousness that makes people swallow the tongue.

After eating a few mouthfuls of meat, Yang Kai picked up a big bowl and drank the soup, then glanced at Li Jiao who was standing next to him and said, “Brother Li, come and taste it?”

“No need…” Li Jiao said politely.

“Then why are you drooling, stop talking nonsense.”

Li Jiao smiled and said: “Then Li will welcome it.”

Although he was somewhat repulsive in his heart, after all, he was also a descendant of the Holy Spirit, and this thing was suddenly cooked in the pot, and it smelled good, but it will definitely be a bit contradictory if he eat it. But Yang Kai’s invitation like this was not easy for him to refuse. Furthermore, he really wanted to take a bite and taste it.

When he walked to the pot, Li Jiao grabbed a piece of spare ribs, took a light bite with guilty look, stared at it, then speeding up a lot.

“Delicious?” Yang Kai looked at him with a smile.

Li Jiao couldn’t help but nodded: “It’s not bad, it’s not bad, it’s really good to follow Palace Lord Yang.”

Lin Yun’er was thunderous over there, taking advantage of Yang Kai and Li Jiao’s talking to eat some more, a few more bones immediately appeared next to her.

Not to be outdone, the little black dog lay down on the side of the pot and grabbed a large piece of meat with a bite. It ate with relish. [MSN: so it only eat the Demon Race alive?]

An hour later, Xiao Yun’er lay on the ground, touching her belly.

If the descendant of the Holy Spirit was bigger, it will still be eaten cleanly by the three of them, they didn’t even leave a mouthful of soup.

Lin Yun’er had a satisfied expression on her face. It was finally a good time to eat. Since she secretly escaped, she hasn’t eaten enough for a day. She used to be with her master and don’t have to worry about eating and drinking. It was all taken care of by the master. Only the master knows that life is not easy, even eating a full meal is so difficult.

Thinking about it this way, She miss the master a little.

“Xiao Yun’er, you have such a trump card, why didn’t you use it earlier?” Yang Kai asked while picking his teeth with some stick as toothpick.

This iron pot Guiyi’s origin is unknown. If Xiao Yun’er had summoned it from the beginning, then the shit sword formation would have been broken long ago, and there would not be so many troubles.

Lin Yun’er squinted her eyes and said, “The Master said that the trump card cannot be used unless it is a last resort.”

It’s the Master again, the little girl seems to really take the Master’s words as a golden rule.

“I will take you to eat something better someday.” Yang Kai said casually.

Lin Yuner was pleasantly surprised: “Really?”

“Well, there is a Wild Ancient Land in the Eastern Region, and there is a lot of delicious food in it.”

Even the idea of ​​Wild Ancient Land was hit. Li Jiao was sweating cold sweat. He heard that there was a Holy Spirit in it, and Palace Lord Yang was too courageous.

“Thank you Uncle Yang.” Xiao Yun’er was very happy.

After lying down for a while, Yang Kai said, “Where are you going next?”

The Wind and Cloud Pavilion was ruined, and the little girl’s purpose was achieved, which was a sigh of relief for her.

“I don’t know.” Lin Yun’er shook her head. She felt bored at first. She ran away from home without any plans. It was a coincidence that she could meet Yang Kai.

“That’s it…” Yang Kai thought for a while, and said, “Why don’t you follow me to the Northern Territory, I created a High Heaven Palace over there.”

“High Heaven Palace?” Lin Yun’er immediately became interested when she heard it. After all, she had also been in the High Heaven Sect of the Shadowed Star for a while, and she felt cordial when she heard the name, and nodded: “Okay, okay. ”

“Okay, then we’ll leave tomorrow.” Yang Kai made a decision immediately.

The situation in Wind and Cloud Pavilion is a bit turbulent. A top sect is destroyed. If he and Lin Yun’er are martial artist of the Western Territory it’s nothing much, they key point is they’re not the West Territory martial artist. If they stay here, it’s unknown what the Great Emperor Sect might think.

The Night Shadow Great Emperor and the Shadow Killer Palace is not so easy to provoke.

Li Jiao was shocked when he heard it. It was not easy. After running out with Yang Kai, he finally saw the hope of going home.

No words for all night.

In the early morning of the second day, Yang Kai began to arrange the Space Law Formation.

He originally wanted to find a hidden location on the Western Territory, so that it would be convenient for him to come and go in the future. If he wants to come to the Western Territory, he can directly pass through the Space Law Formation, but he is not familiar with the Western Territory and it’s not easy to find such place, it may take a month or two or even more time.

So after careful consideration, he gave up his original plan.

It’s better to go back first. If he really need to come to the Western Territory any day, it’s okay to take a hard trip.

He arranged it directly on the peak of Wind and Cloud Pavilion.

Li Jiao meditated on the sidelines, but in fact he was secretly paying attention to Yang Kai’s movements. The more he watched, the more he was shocked.

He is also a Palace Lord, with good eyesight, and he can naturally see the extraordinary features of this cross-domain Space Law Formation.

Lin Yuner was doing nothing, playing with the little black dog.

Half a day later, the Space Law Formation has been set up properly.

Yang Kai said hello, Lin Yun’er immediately ran over with the little black dog, and Li Jiao also walked into the formation.

The Space Principle fluctuated, wrapped the three of them with the dog, Yang Kai looked solemn, and when the Emperor Yuan surged, the space law formation lit up.

“Start!” He whispered, the light was dazzling, a feeling of weightlessness wrapped everyone up, and disappeared instantly.

At this moment, Yang Kai suddenly felt a strange power coming. The power was not too strong, but it was extremely brilliant, and it actually interfered with his transmission.

Yang Kai was shocked, yet he hadn’t figured out if something went wrong, and a voice suddenly sounded in the Consciousness Sea.

“So courageous, dared to abduct my disciple. Since you’re not malicious i will let you go this time, next time I will kill you!”

The voice sounded directly in the Consciousness Sea, clearly breaking through the defense of the Consciousness Sea, but what shocked Yang Kai was that he hadn’t noticed the slightest strangeness.

This is simply unbelievable. His Divine Sense is extremely powerful, comparable to the 3rd order Emperor Realm. Who can quietly break through his Consciousness Sea defense and send the voice into his head?

Before turning his thoughts, a wind hit his face and he had already returned to the Northern Territory High Heaven Palace.

Turning his head, Li Jiao was standing by his side, brows clenched, obviously not recovering from the sequelae of the cross-domain transmission, the little black dog stood by his feet with a dull expression on its face.

Only Lin Yun’er was missing!

Yang Kai’s expression changed, and he wanted to go back to see the situation, but when his Divine Sense was poured into the space law formation under his feet, he found that the connection with the space law formation in the Western Territory had actually been broken.

Impossible, he and Li Jiao had just teleported over, and it was impossible for them to be cut off suddenly.

The Space Law Formation he arranged can be connected to each other. As long as the adjustment is good, he can freely shuttle through it. After so many transmissions, Yang Kai can be sure that there is no problem with the formation he has arranged. It is definitely not the kind that will have some malfuntion easily.

Reminiscing about the words in his mind just now, Yang Kai’s expression changed.

Xiao Yun’er should have been caught by her Master.

‘Xiao Yun’er’s master has been following Xiao Yun’er? If not, how could it be possible to let Xiao Yun’er stay in such a timely manner?’ The reason why the connection with the formation was broken was obviously because of being destroyed.

Needless to say, the person who destroy it is Xiao Yun’er’s Master.

Yang Kai directly cursed. This was the second time he had encountered this kind of thing. The last time was in the Wild Ancient Land. The space law formation he left in the wild ancient land was destroyed by Vermilion Bird Phoenix. This time he actually encountered it again.

‘Who is Xiao Yun’er’s Master?’ After following behind him for so many days, he didn’t even notice it. Thinking of this, Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel cold and sweaty.

That’s not right! Yang Kai suddenly remembered that when he was in that city some time ago, he inexplicably sensed a hostility, and that hostility came and went quickly. At that time, he thought there was an illusion, but now thinking about it, it is not an illusion at all.

That hostility clearly came from Xiao Yun’er’s master.

‘Why are you hostile to me!’ The words that came into his mind just now also brought some prejudices, and the tone was very bad. Yang Kai felt inexplicable, thinking that he didn’t treat Xiao Yun’er badly anyway.

But after trying to understand this, Yang Kai was relieved, as long as it was not a transmission problem that caused Xiao Yun’er not to follow him, it didn’t matter. Her master must be a strong person, and he probably had his own consideration to keep her behind. It is inferred that this strong man still cares very much about Lin Yun’er.

Wind and Cloud Pavilion, above the mountain.

“Huh?” Lin Yun’er stood alone on the formation with a dazed expression. She looked left and right, and there was no figure left. She suddenly said anxiously: “Uncle Yang, Uncle Yang!”

No one responded.

She yelled a few more times, and the surroundings were still quiet.

“Don’t shout.” One person’s voice suddenly came out, and when the words fell, a middle-aged man suddenly appeared on the mountain peak.

Lin Yun’er heard it and suddenly said in surprise: “Master, why are you here?”

She ran over in a few steps and looked at the middle-aged man with a smile.

The middle-aged man sighed: “You will be abducted if I don’t come, can I not come?”

He hadn’t planned to show up so early, but he finally got a heir like Lin Yun’er. He cared very much about Lin Yun’er. After getting along these years, Lin Yun’er has lived up to his expectations. He is doting this little girl in every way.

It was only Lin Yuner’s wishful thinking to run away from home secretly.

With his eyes, how could Lin Yun’er escape without his intentional pampering?


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