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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3012 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3012

When she said that, the three Monster Kings finally found Yang Kai’s figure, hurriedly clasped their fists and saluted, with an extremely embarrassing expression.

Ying Fei was quick in his hands, and put away the dice cup and dice on the stone table.

Three Monster Kings and one Emperor Refining Expert, who did not do their jobs properly, actually gathered here to gamble, and they were caught by Yang Kai. It was indeed a bit too shameful.

“Well, I feel that you are here, just come and have a look.” Yang Kai said casually.

Xi Lei hurriedly said, “Does Young Master Yang have any instructions?”

“Nothing to order!” Yang Kai didn’t mention their gambling. He reached out and grabbed Hou Yu, who had been walking around and wanted to retreat.

“Palace Lord… we won’t dare next time.” Hou Yu was held by Yang Kai, with a flattering smile on her face, “If you go around us this time, I will go and do Item Refining, didn’t you bring back a lot of things a few days ago? Don’t worry, they will be given to me.”

Yang Kai let her go and asked, “What will you do when you encounter a bottleneck in your cultivation and cannot break through?”



“What bottleneck?”

The three big Monster Kings all looked at him in amazement, didn’t expect him to suddenly ask such question.

Ying Fei said: “We have never encountered a bottleneck.”

Yang Kai stared at him: “Not once?”

Xi Lei laughed and said: “Young Master Yang, what I and the monster race pay attention to is the Bloodline and Origin, which is somewhat different from your Human Race. Blood and origin basically determine the highest achievement in this life. Of course, there are also some accidents and opportunities, but generally speaking, there is no bottleneck in Monster Race’s cultivation.”

“Yes, yes.” Xie Wuwei nodded, “Monster Race practice cultivation based on natural talent, unlike the human race cultivation technique, so the term bottleneck doesn’t make sense to us.”

“Forget it, you are a monster race!” Yang Kai nodded, looking at Hou Yu and said, “How about you?”

“Me?” Hou Yu hadn’t recovered from the panic and fear, seeing Yang Kai looking at her, smiled embarrassedly: “Palace Lord, i am Item Refining Expert, i don’t pay much attention to cultivation, and I don’t know how i bump into the Emperor Realm, you ask me this question…a bit too esoteric.”

“Have you never encountered a bottleneck?” Yang Kai looked at her in disbelief.

“It seems like it.” Hou Yu recalled for a moment, nodding and said, “Yes.”

“How did you break through.”

“Wait, practice Item Refining, gambling… when the time comes, I will naturally break through.”

Yang Kai groaned for a moment, and nodded lightly.

“Young Master Yang…” Ying Fei looked at him, but stopped talking.

“It’s okay, go ahead.” Yang Kai smiled slightly, and disappeared while his figure was shaking, just like when he came, there was no trace, and there was no trace when he went.

“Young Master Yang, encounter a bottleneck in cultivation?” Xi Lei said thoughtfully.

“It should be.” Xie Wuwei nodded and said, “I heard that he has been practicing in retreat these days, but his cultivation level has not increased today, and it may indeed be a bottleneck.”

Ying Fei said: “Human Race have the power and secret technique to help. The cultivation level may generally be improved faster than the monster race, and the growth rate is higher. However, if you encounter an insurmountable bottleneck, you may stop moving. I hope Young Master Yang will not stop at the 1st order Emperor Realm.”

Xi Lei said: “He is still young, even if he encounters a bottleneck, it is no big deal. Who will not suffer a bit of setbacks? Young Master Yang doesn’t seem to be easily beaten. Don’t worry, he will pass this barrier.”

“I hope!”

“Do you still want to gamble?” Hou Yu looked at the three Monster Kings blankly, her hands itchy.

Xi Lei squinted at her and said, “What else can you lose?”

Hou Yu thought for a while, but didn’t say anything.

Medicine Pill Peak, one of the main peaks of the High Heaven Palace, is not inferior in terms of scenery and spiritual energy compared to the High Heaven Peak. It is also the place where the fifth disciple of Wonderfull Pill Great Emperor, and High Heaven palace Chief Alchemist Ji Ying live.

When Yang Kai arrived, he heard only a gentle voice, and it seemed that someone was explaining the Pill Refining method.

He looked around and saw a man sitting cross-legged on the top of the peak, eloquent and constant stream of words.

Below him, a dozen martial artist with different cultivation level were listening attentively, looking thoughtful.

These martial artist are all disciples of the Thousand Leaves Sect. They wanted to learn the Pill Refining Method, so they came here to learn art from a teacher. However, Ji Ying’s status, one of the few emperor alchemists in the Star Boundary, naturally could not give them a lecture, even if Ji Ying had this heart, they might not be able to understand it.

At this moment, one of Ji Ying’s disciples was lecturing, and Yang Kai had also met him, knowing that he was a Dao Source Grade alchemist with a solid foundation.

“Brother Yang is here, please come in quickly!” Ji Ying’s voice transmission suddenly came from his ears, which was obviously discovered by him.

Yang Kai smiled slightly, and walked into a hall with a sway.

In that hall, the heat wave was rolling, the pill fire was tumbling, and a pill furnace stood in the center of the hall. Ji Ying stood aside with a smile, and when Yang Kai arrived, he said with joy: “Brother Yang, you just came here. I wanted to find you before. But Manager Hua told me that you are in retreat and it is not convenient to bother you.”

“Brother Ji has something to ask?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

“It’s like this, Ji is going to refine a furnace of Nine Heavens Good Fortune Pill, condensing the medicinal solution and engraving the pill formation, there are a few obscure places, and want to ask Brother Yang for some advice.”

“Nine Heavens Good Fortune Pill!” Yang Kai was surprised when he heard this. He naturally knew this emperor pill. It was a kind of emperor-level spirit pill that was difficult to refine. Even if the emperor pill master went all out, he might not be able to successfully refine it, Although Ji Ying was the fifth disciple of Wonderful Pill Great Emperor, he was not as good as the Wonderful Pill Great Emperor, and there was not much confidence in refining such a spirit pill.

As for the entire High Heaven Palace, only Yang Kai could discuss with him one or two.

“I didn’t dare to guve advice, it just happened that I was free, let’s study together.” Yang Kai said modestly.

“I have this intention, with Brother Yang’s help, this spirit pill should be no problem.” Ji Ying was overjoyed.

Three days later, Yang Kai walked out of the Medicine Pill Peak, with a tired expression but extremely bright eyes.

As he walked, his expression suddenly changed, showing a wry smile. He came here to ask Ji Ying about the bottleneck of cultivation. He didn’t expect to be dragged by him to study the Nine Heavens Good Fortune Pill, and he had forgotten it.

Ji Ying has already begun to practice Pill Refining, so it is naturally inconvenient to bother, and if he ask him about this matter, he may not be able to say anything. After all, Ji Ying and Hou Yu are in similar situations and are not focused on cultivation. One is obsessed with Pill Refining, and the other is obsessed with Item Refining. Even if they encounter bottlenecks during cultivation, they may not take it too seriously, so there is no experience in this area.

After sighing, he raised his eyes and looked around, and he couldn’t find anyone to talk to.

At this moment, there were beautiful figures flashing in his mind, and the feeling of missing them rolled on his chest.

After a while, he stepped out and disappeared in place.

When he reappeared, the person had already reached the space law formation.

“I have seen the Palace Lord!” The disciple guarding the formation hurriedly saluted.

Yang Kai nodded and stepped onto the formation.

A disciple hurriedly said: “Is the palace lord going out? When will you come back? The Chief Manager may ask about this.”

“I’m going to Ice Heart Valley.” Yang Kai replied, urging the Space Principle, and the light instantly wrapped him.

Ice Heart Valley, the forbidden area of ​​ice lake.

Yang Kai’s figure was revealed, and immediately there was a soft cry: “Are you a friend from High Heaven Palace?”

“Yes!” Yang Kai replied.

This Space Law Formation only connects Ice Heart Valley and High Heaven Palace, so that it is convenient to communicate with each other, so only people from the High Heaven Palace can transfer from the Space Law Formation. Seeing the Space Law Formation running, the Ice Heart Valley disciple who is guarding the formation naturally has to ask.

After confirming that he was from High Heaven Palace, the disciple walked forward, saw his face clearly, and suddenly shouted, “Is… is it Palace Lord Yang?”

Yang Kai looked at her and found that he didn’t recognize the other person. This was a girl with a baby face. She looked only 18 or 19 years old, but she had a cultivation level of Dao Source Stage. Obviously, the true age was more than that.

At this moment, the woman looked surprised, her beautiful eyes flashed with strange brilliance, as if she had seen some relatives.

“Do you recognize me?” Yang Kai smiled slightly.

The woman excitedly said, “All the sisters in Ice Heart Valley recognize you.”

Yang Kai sighed, but thinking about it, the last time Ice Heart Valley was besieged by the Asking Passion Sect, he took the Monster King to turn the tide, many Ice Heart Valley disciples had seen him in that battle, even if they didn’t see him at the time, they could still get some information from other teachers and sisters.

“Palace Lord Yang, are you here to find the Patriarch? Or are you looking for…Master Aunt Ji Yao?” The entire Ice Heart Valley knew that Yang Kai and Ji Yao had a good relationship. Yang Kai brought her back to the sect. They heard that she had suffered a lot from being outside these years.

“I’m here to see Senior Bing Yun.” Yang Kai said politely.

“Then I’ll pass the message for you!” The disciple hurriedly took out her communication compass, poured her Divine Sense into it, and said after a moment: “Palace Lord Yang, please come with me.”

“There is work!”

Following this disciple to go inside, he met many disciples from Ice Heart Valley along the way, many enchanting womans was simply beautiful for the eyes.

Indeed, as she said, Ice Heart Valley’s disciples recognized Yang Kai, and most of them saluted immediately after seeing him. People who were far away gathered together and muttered, pointing at Yang Kai, not knowing what they were talking about. But from the look of it, it’s not a bad words.

Ice Heart Valley is a female sect, and all the women in the valley basically do not allow men to set foot here.

That is to say, only Yang Kai had this treatment when he came, if it was other man, they will be shattered long ago after coming.

The scenery in the valley is beautiful, the spiritual energy is rich, and the countless thin and chubby beauties, many man will want to stay here.

The leading female disciple seemed to be very proud of herself, and chatting with Yang Kai from time to time along the way, aroused the envy of many fellow apprentice sisters.

After a short walk, they came to a palace.

The female disciple stopped walking and said, “Palace Lord Yang, please, Patriarch is inside.”

“Thanks a lot!”

The woman waved her hand quickly: “Palace Lord Yang is serious, the disciple only do her best.”

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Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰, 무련전봉
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Status: Completed Type: , Author: , Released: 2013 Native Language: Chinese
The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Yang Kai managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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