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Martial Peak Chapter 3017

“It’s useful or not, just try it!” Yang Kai took a deep breath, urging Emperor Yuan to pour into the Dragon Island Token.

Li Jiao stared at it, afraid of missing something.

Dragon Island Token has been in Yang Kai’s hands for many years. When he first got this token, he also tried this way. He wanted to know what purpose the token had. But no matter how he motivated Emperor Yuan, Dragon Island Token would have no reaction at all.

There are no exceptions this time.

Emperor Yuan was swallowed by Dragon Island Token, but the simple token was not reacting.

The expectant eyes of Yang Kai and Li Jiao quickly became disappointed.

“This…how is this useless?” Li Jiao was feeling a little guilty. Although what he said just now was speculation, it was based on some basis. Who knew that under the experiment, there was no effect at all.

Yang Kai sighed slightly, when he was about to take back the Emperor Yuan, the sudden change suddenly appeared.

He saw the lifelike Dragon on the front of Dragon Island Token suddenly blinked.

Yang Kai raised his head and looked at Li Jiao, staring at him with wide-eyed eyes as he saw him.

With eyes facing each other, Yang Kai said, “Did you see it?”

Li Jiao said: “Did you see it too?”

The two of them were shocked, and once again turned their attention to the Dragon Island Token. This time they finally saw clearly that the lifelike dragon was indeed blinking. Not only did it blink, the entire dragon shape seemed to be given life, as if trying to jump out of the Token.

The lifelike dragon shape stretches the dragon body, it seems that it really has its own life, swimming in the token on the palm of the hand.

Of course, no matter how much it swims, it can’t escape the shackles of Dragon Island Token, but that movement does give people the feeling of swimming.

Yang Kai observed carefully, and then as if thinking of something, he dragged Dragon Island Token flatly, slowly rotating the direction.

The shape of the dragon does not move. No matter how Yang Kai rotates the direction of Dragon Island Token, it always faces a certain direction, and the dragon claws are tossing like clouds and fog in the sky.

“The dragon head faces, where the Dragon Island is!” Li Jiao let out a low voice.

“Go!” Yang Kai was overjoyed and galloped away in the direction the Dragon head facing.

Li Jiao also hurriedly followed behind him.

Speeding all the way, there is no need to pay attention to the surroundings, Yang Kai only needs to follow the direction guided by the dragon’s head.

It’s unknown how many miles they have flown, the shape of the dragon on the token suddenly turned one direction in a straight line. The original position of the dragon’s head became the dragon’s tail, and the position of the dragon’s tail was replaced by the dragon’s head.

Yang Kai stopped, and Li Jiao suddenly stopped beside him and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Yang Kai didn’t answer, but walked back slowly.

After several dozen steps, the dragon shape on the token suddenly changed again. The dragon shape actually folded a right angle, the dragon head disappeared, only one dragon tail was facing Yang Kai.

“What does this mean?” Li Jiao was also always paying attention to the changes in the Dragon Island Token, and couldn’t help being a little dumbfounded when he saw this.

Yang Kai frowned, looked carefully, and then pointed his finger at the sea: “Dragon Island is below!”

“What?” Li Jiao was shocked, “Dragon Island is below? Did you make a mistake?”

Yang Kai said, “If this Token is really guiding the way, then I am not mistaken.”

Dragon Island Token kept pin-up on his hand. At this moment, the shape of the dragon was obviously perpendicular to the sea surface, and the dragon head pointed to the depths of the sea.

“How could it be? How could Dragon Island be under the sea!” Li Jiao was a little unacceptable. Since Dragon Island is an island, it should be at sea, and it is impossible to be under the sea in any case.

But he couldn’t explain the Dragon Island Token’s guidance.

Yang Kai said, “If that’s the case, it wouldn’t be surprising that Dragon Island has been extremely mysterious.”

Everyone thinks that Dragon Island is above the sea, and no one has thought that Dragon Island is under the sea, which increases the concealment of Dragon Island.

“Let’s take a look!” Yang Kai said, piercing his head downward.

With a bang, the sea water splashed in all directions, and Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen. When Emperor Yuan was urged by him, a protection was formed on the body surface, squeezing the surrounding sea water away.

At the beginning, the light was relatively sufficient, but as Yang Kai go deeper, the light under the sea became darker and darker, and more massive sea beasts passed by. The black shadow like a giant gave people an extremely strong sense of depression and heart palpitations.

Sea beasts have always been huge, and their strength is amazing.

Fortunately, Yang Kai and Li Jiao were not weak either. When they urged Emperor Prestige, the nearby sea beasts did not dare to approach at all, and the road was unimpeded.

It’s unknown how long it has passed, the sea is already dark, even fingers can’t be seen, and the pressure around has become extremely terrifying. With such a huge pressure, the Dao Source Stage will be crushed, and only the Emperor Realm can barely go deeper.

A flood of Emperor Yuan passed quickly.

Li Jiao’s forehead was already in cold sweat, but his Divine Sense found that Yang Kai hadn’t stopped, and could only bite the bullet to keep up.

A powerful aura quickly ushered in front, but a sea beast rushed over without asking.

Although the Emperor Prestige of the two can scare away most sea beasts, there are also some overlords who are not afraid of it.

When the black shadow passed by, the two of them were swallowed into the abdomen before they could react, and a stench surrounded them.

Yang Kai’s face sank, and after raising his hand, Moonblade slashed out.

There was a puff puff sound, and Yang Kai rushed past the direction of the moon blade slash, piercing through the sea beast’s abdomen.

When he looked back, he saw the huge black shadow tumbling constantly, the pitch-black sea seemed to be dyed red, and Li Jiao also smoothly broke through the location of the wound. The sea beast has strong vitality and will not die even if it suffers such damage, but after suffering a loss, it immediately understands that it has provoked an enemy that should not be provoked, and flings its tail in embarrassment.

“Keep up!” Yang Kai gave Li Jiao a voice transmission.

Li Jiao nodded, speeding up and hovering behind him.

Another quarter of an hour passed, and the bottom of the sea floor was still missing, but Yang Kai stopped suddenly.

This place is no longer known how many miles under the sea, there is no light coming from all around, and there is no sound, it is extremely quiet, as if the world has not been born, amidst chaos.

“What’s the matter?” Li Jiao was standing beside Yang Kai, the Emperor Yuan guard on the surface of his body was squeezed by the sea and was a little deformed, so he asked unclearly.

Yang Kai said, “We didn’t find the wrong place.”

Li Jiao was overjoyed when he heard the words: “It’s good if it’s right, it’s good. But… Is Dragon Island really under the sea?”

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “It’s not under the sea.”

Li Jiao was a little confused: “What do you mean?”

Both of them ran down to the sea, and Yang Kai didn’t say that they was looking in the wrong direction, so where could Dragon Island be if it wasn’t here?

“The front is the entrance of Dragon Island!” Yang Kai raised his finger in a direction.

Li Jiao quickly released his Divine Sense to investigate, but he didn’t find anything.

“Void tunnel!” Yang Kai exhaled softly, “There is a void tunnel here, but it’s very hidden. Take a closer look.”

He reminded that and Li Jiao finally found something wrong. There were indeed traces of the existence of a void tunnel in a certain place. Although he had not practiced Space Force, he was a 3rd order Emperor Realm after all. This experience and vision still exist, immediately said, “Dragon Island is hidden on the other side of the void tunnel?”

“Not bad!” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

In this way, everything is explained.

He also didn’t understand before, he didn’t know why Dragon Island Token pointed to the sea, and he realized it after he discovered the entrance of this Void Tunnel.

There is no need to mention where the Dragon Island is. This entrance is obviously to enter Dragon Island, and the direction of Dragon Island Token is the location of the entrance.


Li Jiao swallowed his saliva and said, “By passing here, we can enter Dragon Island?”

The pursuit and perseverance of his life were in front of him, and Li Jiao inevitably became nervous. He had fantasized about what Dragon Island would look like and how he would feel after setting foot on Dragon Island. This goal suddenly became within reach, and he was a little bit worried about gains and losses.

“Brother Li, if you want to go back, you can go now, I can do the rest alone.” Yang Kai said.

When Li Jiao heard this, the urge to leave here and return to the Northern Territory really surged in his heart, but this urge only rolled in his heart and disappeared without a trace.

“I want to go in!” Li Jiao said solemnly.

“Then… are you ready?” Yang Kai turned to look at him and asked with a smile.

Li Jiao’s expression was solemn, and he took a few deep breaths, calmed down the tumbling emotions in his heart, and said with a nod to his head: “Hmm!”

“Go!” Yang Kai shouted in a low voice, the power of space force wrapped Li Jiao and rushed into the void tunnel.

The surrounding space suddenly changed, a tearing force came from all directions, the barrier of space was breached, and the two seemed to be able to enter a new world in the next moment.

But at this moment, a high-pitched dragon roar suddenly came from the void in front, and several huge dragon shadows rushed from the front, aggressive and murderous.

When the dragon roar sounded, Li Jiao was shocked, his entire body was erected, only feeling the breath of death enveloping him.

Yang Kai’s expression also changed. He felt the horrific killing power hidden in those dragon shadows. Without even thinking about it, he shout: “Dragon Transformation!”

Another high-pitched dragon roar sounded, and the golden dragon shadow flashed behind Yang Kai, rushing into his body and disappeared.

The dragon clan bloodline was aroused, and there was a burst of explosion. Yang Kai’s body suddenly swelled to a height of five meter, with short horns on his forehead protruding, his hands turned into dragon claws, and his body was covered with dragon scales.

After he just incarnate into the body of a half-dragon, the dragon shadows in front of him have already hit him.

The power struck from the front, Yang Kai retreated ten meter away, his throat was sweet, and he almost didn’t vomit a mouthful of blood.

And those dragon shadows immediately turned their heads under the impact, high above, overlooking below.

Yang Kai was in a cold sweat. If he reacted a little bit slower just now, he would be seriously injured even if he did not died. It was thanks to the dragon transformation protection, otherwise it would be troublesome.

He looked at the dragon shadows intently, frowning slightly.

Because he found that these dragon shadows are not real objects, nor are they like divine soul spirit bodies, but more like a secret technique.

Dragon Clan Secret Technique!


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