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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3025 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3025

Hearing Yang Kai’s question, Li Jiao also became suspicious and frowned, “Yes, why are you here? Where is the guy who harmed you?”

Lu Sanniang lowered her head, silent for a while, and whispered softly: “After being taken back to Dragon Island, Sanniang was imprisoned in the Dragon Palace and lived a life that is no better than death.” Her voice choked and her body trembled endlessly. “Until fourteen years ago…”

She turned to look at her daughter and smiled sadly: “I was driven out when Qin’er was born.”

Li Jiao was stunned, somewhat didn’t understand, but after he recollected, his face immediately became extremely sullen, and he patted the table and said, “Scoundrel!”

Yang Kai’s face was not good, and he felt that the Dragon Clan was really nothing good.

Catching a woman like this on Dragon Island for so many years to harm her. When the child was born, they actually drove the mother and the child away. Is this still human? Yang Kai didn’t have much prejudice against the Dragon Clan before, he just felt that the Dragon Clan was too arrogant. This point was carved out by a mold, whether by Zhu Qing or Zhu Lie. But this is also harmless, if the dragon clan is not arrogant, then it will not be called the dragon clan.

But how could he have thought that the Dragon Clan who prides himself on the strength of all souls and the head of the Holy Spirit actually has such nasty behaviors inside.

“This girl is…” Yang Kai asked while looking at the girl.

Lu Sanniang didn’t speak, but the meaning was already obvious.

“Since she is a dragon clan heir, why would she be expelled from the Dragon Palace?” Yang Kai frowned and asked, Lu Sanniang’s daughter has Dragon clan blood no matter how she was born, how could she be driven away with her mother when she was born.

Lu Sanniang whispered: “The rules of the Dragon Palace are like this. Those who don’t have the Dragon Bloodline will be expelled from the Dragon Palace. Qin’er… does not have the Dragon bloodline.”

“What kind of shit rules is this!” Li Jiao was furious.

Regardless of whether there is a Dragon bloodline or not, it is after all the flesh and blood. How can they be thrown out like sweeping garbage? The Draagon Clan is too unreasonable.

“It’s really too much!” Yang Kai suddenly had no good feelings for that Dragon Palace.

Lu Sanniang smiled sadly, shook her head and said: “In Dragon Island, this kind of thing is not uncommon.” She turned her head to look outside, pointed to the pedestrians who came and went in a hurry, and said: “You think, where does this people in Half Dragon City came from?”

“Where did they come from?” Li Jiao asked.

Lu Sanniang said: “Many of them were expelled from the Dragon Palace, even if they weren’t, their ancestors were also expelled.”

“What?” Yang Kai and Li Jiao stared together.

“The number of Dragon Clan is sparse, fertility and its difficulties. Often no new members are born for thousands of years. Coupled with the inconsistency in the ratio of males to females among the Dragon Clan, the adult male dragon clan often leave Dragon Island and go out in search of outstanding women. Catching them back and used as a tool to vent their desires. If things go on like this, many women are pregnant. When the offspring is born, if they have the blood of the dragon clan, they can stay in the Dragon Palace and continue to observe. If there is no Dragon Bloodline or the bloodline level is too low, they will be expelled from the Dragon Palace. Countless years, there will be many human races, monster races, and dragon descendants with impure blood on Dragon Island.”

“Later, with the increase in the number of these human race, monster race and dragon descendants, everyone established a Half Dragon City here. This is the initial prototype of the Half Dragon City. The residents of the Half Dragon City combined with each other and gave birth to heirs. Over the years, the population has increased and gradually developed into the current scale.”

After listening to Lu Sanniang’s words, Yang Kai and Li Jiao were shocked and could not speak for a long time.

This half dragon city actually came from this way?

The creatures in this half-dragon city, whether it’s a human race or a monster race or those dragon descendants, are all dragon descendants and grandchildren?

This… this is simply incredible.

Lu Sanniang made it very clear. In this half-dragon city, some people were driven out by the Dragon Palace, and these people were all women captured by the dragon clan and their children, just like Lu Sanniang herself, this group of people should be a small number, and most of the remaining ones have been continuously multiplied through the ages.

No wonder this place is called Half Dragon City, it turns out that there is this layer of reason.

All the residents of Half-Dragon City are more or less related to the Dragon Clan. What about calling it Half Dragon City?

Li Jiao originally felt that he was being put on a green hat, and he had nowhere to vent his anger. Even with Lu Sanniang herself, it was a bit too much to see. The reason for asking so many questions was just to make it clear.

But after listening to these words, there was a lot of intolerance in his heart.

It was not her fault that Lu Sanniang was captured. After all, at that time Lu Sanniang was only in the 3rd order Dao Source Stage. How much power did she have to fight back against a dragon clan?

The encounter was so bleak at this moment, so that Li Jiao didn’t even mean to blame her.

With a long sigh, he only feel that he and Sanniang are really destined to have nothing to do with each other in this life.

“What is the child’s name?” Li Jiao asked, looking at the girl.

Lu Sanniang said: “Yuqin, Lu Yuqin!”

Li Jiao nodded, and then asked, “Who is the dragon clan that harmed you?”

Lu Sanniang looked up at him and said nervously, “What are you going to do?”

Li Jiao said: “The insult to this king is all thanks to that guy. Isn’t it right to know his name?”

Lu Sanniang shook her head without saying a word, obviously unwilling to say the name of the dragon clan, lest Li Jiao would do something. She knew about Li Jiao’s situation, but that was the Dragon Clan, and this place was Dragon Island. How could it be easily offended?

She didn’t want to see Li Jiao’s tragic end.

Seeing this, Li Jiao didn’t get angry. When he was about to say something, his brows suddenly frowned, and he turned his head and looked in one direction.

At the same time, Yang Kai was also aware of it and focused his attention on the past.

“Dragon Clan!” Li Jiao let out a low voice, his face difficult to look.

He and Yang Kai have been searching here for a long time, but they have not found a trace of the dragon clan. Who knows that at this time the dragon clan took the initiative to show up, and the dragon clan has not yet come close, the monstrous power has already struck from a distance, the blood suppression, it made Li Jiao’s whole body wriggle.

Many dragon descendants in Half-Dragon City were obviously aware of this and stopped to wait and see.

After a short while, a high-pitched dragon roar came from far, and then, the figure of a giant dragon was printed in front of everyone’s eyes. It was a green dragon, about ten meters long, rolling in the clouds, and soon came to the sky above the half-dragon city, the huge dragon body was entrenched, the dragon head looked down from the high sky.

The entire Half-Dragon City seemed to be trembling, and all the residents were panicked.

In the Dragon Island, the dragon clan is the absolute ruler, and the dragon clan rarely comes to the half-dragon city. Now that one suddenly appears, it naturally makes people feel uneasy. They don’t know what is going on with this green dragon.

The green dragon fluttered in mid-air for a long time, and had a panoramic view of the situation in the entire Half-Dragon City before slowly turning into a human form.

The light flashed, and a young man in his twenties or thirties appeared on the spot, dressed in fancy clothes, looking like a butterfly that swaggered across the market.

A figure suddenly flew up from the half-dragon city.

Yang Kai and Li Jiao fixed their eyes and looked at them with surprised expressions, the guy who flew over to meet the green dragon was actually the guy who had been beaten by Li Jiao earlier.

At this moment, the shady man carefully accompanies the smile, and respectfully landed in front of the green dragon, shorting his body, his previous injury has not recovered, his cheeks are high and swollen, and a few teeth have fallen off. Coupled with his flattering gesture at the moment, it looks quite funny.

Green Dragon glanced at him, frowning slightly, and the contempt and disgust in his eyes were obvious.

“I’ve seen Lord Fu Qi, I don’t know what’s the order for coming here?” He didn’t file a complaint with this green dragon named Fu Qi as soon as he came up, because he knew that in the eyes of the Dragon Clan, everyone in Half Dragon City, including himself are all just ants. Although he can talk to Dragon Island, he is no different from ants in the eyes of the dragon clan. At this time, Fu Qi will not pay attention to him, and it will only annoy him.

Fu Qi didn’t look at him, but said indifferently: “The dragon blood flower needs watering.”

When the shady man heard it, he nodded hurriedly and said, “Understand, the villain will do it now. Same as before, two hundred is okay?”

Fu Qi nodded lightly and said: “En.”

“Lord, please take a step back first, villain will take someone to the Dragon Palace immediately.”

Fu Qi said: “Also five hundred mortals!”

The shady man was startled when he heard the words: “You want five hundred mortals?”

He looked blank, wondering why Fu Qi suddenly made such a request, because previously, the Dragon Clan brought people to Dragon Island, basically for the dragon blood flower, so only need to bring two hundred dragon descendants. They have never taken a mortal once.

In the eyes of the Dragon Clan, no matter how high your cultivation level is, as long as you don’t have the Dragon Bloodline, you are all mortals.

What is this for? The shady man can’t figure it out.

“Are you asking me?” Fu Qi turned his head and glanced at him lightly.

The shady man looked shocked and knew that he shouldn’t ask this question. No matter what the Dragon Clan was doing, he could just do what he ordered. He was not qualified to probe too much. He immediately lowered his head and said, “Don’t dare, Lord Fu Qi calmed down, the villain will not say anymore. ”

“Get out!” Fu Qi spit out a word, then closed his eyes and stood in the void.

The shady man was like receiving a pardon, and quickly turned and flew towards Half-Dragon City.

In the teahouse, Lu Sanniang was eclipsed, and screamed: “Brother Li, you guys go quickly, it will be too late if you don’t leave.”

Li Jiao frowned, looked at the shady man flying towards him over there, and said lightly: “I can’t get away anymore.”

He had beaten the shady man before. The other party was obviously holding grudge. What he and the dragon clan talk about Li Jiao didn’t hear, but he knew that he had ill intention coming to him. He can’t escape.

Regret? No regrets.

Lu Sanniang was tortured in front of him, if he was still indifferent, then he wouldn’t deserve to be a man.

It’s just that he didn’t expect the trouble to come so quickly.

Lu Sanniang also said before that the shady man could talk to that side, now it seems that this so-called ‘that side’ is the Dragon Palace, the Dragon Clan.

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Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰, 무련전봉
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Yang Kai managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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