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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3031 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3031
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Coupled with the friction with Yang Kai just now, new hatred and old hatred surged up, Yuan Wu’s face suddenly sank, and he pointed at Yang Kai and said, “You, go mine Ice Soul Snow Jade for me! If there are not enough 500 pounds every day, this king will make you look good.”

Whoosh, everyone looked at Yang Kai, full of sympathy.

Previously, the small friction between Yang Kai and Yuan Wu, it did not attract much attention. They only knew that this young man was with the dragon descendant who had beaten Yuan Wu. Now Yuan Wu call his name first, he must be affected after being in the same pond.

This is of course an innocent disaster.

If it’s other errands, it doesn’t matter much.

The key is that mining Ice Soul Snow Jade is definitely a dangerous thing.

The birthplace of Ice Soul Snow Jade is extremely cold. Even if the Emperor Realm stays in it for a long time, there is no good fruit to eat. Maybe it will be frostbite or even death, and Ice Soul Snow Jade is extremely hard. Mining 500 pounds a day? This is simply an impossible task.

Yuan Wu was clearly looking for some trouble deliberately.

Everyone know his heart, Yuan Wu didn’t hide it, sneered in his heart, ‘aren’t you arrogant? If you dare not put this king in your eyes, and dare to be hostile to this king, this is the end.’

He also thought about Lu Sanniang and her daughter, and felt that as long as Yang Kai was gone, he could do whatever he wanted.

Thinking about it this way, this is not a bad job. At least he can order the five hundred people present. Anyway, within a month from today, he is the king here, everyone has to listen to his words.

As for whether he can mine 500 pounds of Ice Soul Snow Jade in one day, that is not what Yuan Wu needs to consider. It is good to be able to mine back. If not, he also has an excuse to clean up Yang Kai and let him know the consequences of offending him.

Yuan Wu felt that Yang Kai could not complete this task, and he was secretly calculating how to torture and humiliate him in order to vent his hatred.

Others obviously also saw Yuan Wu’s plan, and they couldn’t help but feel a sudden change in their expressions.

The shock from the work given by the Dragon Clan and the difficulty of building the palace flash in their mind, now when they heard of the task Yuan Wu assigned to Yang Kai, everyone suddenly woke up.


Mining ice soul snow jade is not so easy to do. No one wants to do it, and it will take their life if not careful. Now that Yuan Wu is in control, if they want to avoid such a dangerous task, they must have a good relationship with Yuan Wu.

The mining of ice soul snow jade certainly cannot be done by one person, at least twenty or thirty people are required to pass.

At this point, someone immediately said: “Brother Yuan, Zhou’s cultivation technique is just suitable for mining that green gold and red copper. I think it will be left to me.”

It is also mining. The difficulties and dangers faced by mining green gold and red copper and mining ice soul snow jade are not at the same level. The person is naturally rushing to take the work.

“Yes, I also think I am suitable to mine green gold and red copper.”

“Hehe, Liu thinks mining Celestial Meteorite Sand is more suitable for me, Brother Yuan…”

More than a dozen Emperor Realm surrounded him, and one by one took the initiative to take over the work of mining, and it was extremely lively.

A touch of pride appeared on Yuan Wu’s face, and he felt more and more prescient. After taking such a good job, the previous complaints have long since disappeared. Although he used to be arrogant and domineering in Half-Dragon City, he had never experienced such a powerful scenery, this time he finally passed the addiction, and suddenly felt that this trip was worthwhile.

However, he ignored the requests of those people. Those in power must have the authority of those in power. If he agree with anyone who suggest themselves, how could he show his wiseness? They can make suggestions, but the final decision must be in his own hands. Who mine the ice soul snow jade, who mine the green gold and red copper, and who mines the celestial meteorite sand must all be assigned by him.

He just looked at Yang Kai coldly, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, and he hummed: “Boy, what about you, are you deaf?”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Yang Kai glanced at him, then withdrew his gaze, looking into the depths of the sea.

‘Which direction is Zhu Qing in? On the way here, I saw some spirit islands, and Lu Sanniang also said that the Dragon Clan live scattered, and Zhu Qing must also live on a spirit island in this vast sea.’

But the key is that he didn’t know which Spirit Island Zhu Qing lived in, so he had to inquire about it first.

“Presumptuous!” Yuan Wu was furious when he saw that he showed no face to him.

‘That dragon descendant doesn’t give me face, it’s fine, his cultivation level is stronger than me, and his dragon bloodline level is higher than me, i am indeed not an opponent, but what are you? A human race at the 1st order emperor realm don’t give me face?’

It’s almost ignorant!

Yuan Wu is in a time when the scenery is boundless, how can Yang Kai ruin his prestige? Shouting in his mouth, he raised his hand and slapped Yang Kai with a palm. A huge cyan palm print appeared in the sky, and he slapped it downward.

Yuan Wu didn’t use his full strength in this palm, after all, he didn’t want to kill Yang Kai either. Not to mention the arduous task, one less person would make the one month period more tiring. What’s more, he didn’t want make things easy for Yang Kai. He had already transferred Li Jiao’s hatred of humiliating him to Yang Kai. How could he give up if he didn’t humiliate him severely?

He couldn’t beaat Li Jiao, neither his cultivation level nor his dragon bloodline could match him, so naturally he could only retreat to second place.

‘Don’t you have a good relationship with that dragon descendant? Don’t you want to protect the mother and daughter flower? I have to see if you have this ability.’

Therefore, Yuan Wu only used half of his power in this attack.

But it is enough.

He is a dragon descendant, and his cultivation level is also 2nd order Emperor Realm. The opponent is just a human race of 1st order Emperor Realm. Even half of his power is not something he can contend. If this palm is applied, the kid on the opposite side must have his bones broken.

“Be careful!” Lu Sanniang exclaimed, her beautiful face paled, her condition has been a bit wrong since she came to this island, her expression nervous, her face pale, and she didn’t pay attention to the conflict between Yang Kai and Yuan Wu until Yuan Wu suddenly called out.

Lu Sanniang moved around as she spoke, and Emperor Yuan swelled, apparently trying to block the blow for Yang Kai. Of course she is not Yuan Wu’s opponent, but if she joins forces with Yang Kai, she may not be able to deal with Yuan Wu, but at least she can intercept this palm.

In a big deal, she will take the initiative to accompany Yuan Wu, and the big things will be turned into small things.

She was naive and simple, but unexpectedly Yang Kai suddenly grabbed her. She didn’t even feel how hard Yang Kai pulling was. Suddenly her Emperor Yuan was suppressed, and she couldn’t even move her body.

Lu Sanniang’s beautiful eyes widened in an instant, but she couldn’t react to what happened.

The powerful people gathered around slowly shook their heads, secretly feeling that Yang Kai was in great trouble. This guy was also unlucky, just because he was with the dragon descendant and offended Yuan Wu, the rest of the day would be sad.

They are not relatives to Yang Kai, and they have not even met before. Although some people sympathize with Yang Kai, they will naturally not help him at this time. Everyone can see that Yuan Wu is the one who needs to be pleased.

From daotranslate dot com

To offend Yuan Wu for a stranger, who would do that.

Everyone could almost expect the miserable appearance of Yang Kai and others, and they became more determined in their hearts that they must not offend Yuan Wu, otherwise they might not have their lives to return after a month.

Between the electric light and flint, the huge cyan palm print has fallen on the top of Yang Kai’s head.

Yang Kai didn’t move at all, and the expression on his face did not change, as if he was frightened and dumbfounded.

It wasn’t until the palm print fell that they saw him gently raise his hand, and the emperor yuan surged in his palm, and the power of a mysterious law surged.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

He lifted his palm up slightly and pressed it against the cyan palm print.


There seemed to be the sound of something cracking.

The huge cyan palm print suddenly split apart, turning into a little bit of fluorescence and disappearing.

Yuan Wu was stunned.

Lu Sanniang was stunned.

Everyone was stunned.

No one knows exactly how Yang Kai cracked this blow. He seemed to just lift his hand slightly, and Yuan Wu’s blow fell apart.

Real or fake? Is this a joke? Is Yuan Wu underestimating the enemy too much?

Most people think this way. After all, Yuan Wu’s strength is there, and Yang Kai’s cultivation level is a small level behind him. Even if Yuan Wu didn’t make a full power shot, it would not be something Yang Kai could contend.

From daotranslate dot com

The only explanation is that Yuan Wu underestimated the enemy, so his attack was cracked. [MSN: nah, are you stupid? the reason is obvious, he is stronger.]

But there were also a few people whose eyes shrank slightly and looked at Yang Kai in amazement, with an incredible light flashing in their eyes.

They didn’t care about Yang Kai before, because they had nothing to care about, but now it’s different, and the gentle hand just now is enough to get Yang Kai into the field of vision of a few strong men.

This young man is not a soft persimmon! He was able to break Kai Yuan Wu’s blow, not because Yuan Wu underestimated the enemy.

On the other side, Yuan Wu froze for a moment, his face suddenly changed. He originally wanted to show his prestige, who knew that not only did he didn’t show prestige with his move, but he felt like being beaten in the face, and he immediately shouted angrily: “Courting Death!”

Burning with anger, a few dragon scales under the neck suddenly darkened in color, a faint dragon prestige spread, and the aura of the 2nd order Emperor Realm urged to the peak.

Yang Kai’s resistance undoubtedly angered him. He was only planning to clean up Yang Kai a little bit, let him recognize the situation, and be obedient in the future, but now he plans to try his best to teach him a lesson.

‘Beat him half to death!’

Secretly decided in his heart, but before he could make any more moves, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him, and the figure stood in front of him abruptly.

Yuan Wu was taken aback. When he stared, he was shocked to find that Yang Kai, who was still some distance away from him, somehow ran to him, only three steps away from him.

what’s the situation?

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