Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3040 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3040

Yuan Wu was unconscious, and Mrs. Hua’s face was blue.

There was silence on the beach.

For a long time, the woman shouted at Yuan Wu, “What are you doing pretending to be unconscious? Get up for this lady!”

How could a dragon descendant of the 2nd order Emperor Realm be knocked out by the palm of a human race in the 1st order Emperor Realm? She concluded that Yuan Wu was pretending, and although she did not know the reason, only Yuan Wu could be ordered at the moment, and she could only continue to give orders to him.

Yuan Wu didn’t move, he seemed to have passed out.

Mrs. Hua walked up to him a few steps and kicked him hard, but Yuan Wu still didn’t respond.

“It’s up to me then!” Madam Hua was furious, and when she was going to scold him, her eyes suddenly went dark, and she looked up and her beautiful eyes couldn’t help but shrink.

Yang Kai was already standing in front of her, staring at her coldly.

Mrs. Hua felt nervous, she couldn’t help but back off a few steps, and said in horror: “What are you going to do?”

When the words fell, suddenly Emperor Yuan surged, raised her hand and patted Yang Kai’s chest. This palm seemed to have been planned for a long time, and there was no sign when she shot it, plus the expression on Mrs. Hua’s face and the actions just now. No one would have thought that she would shot.

With a palm, Mrs. Hua showed a tricky smile on her face.

She expected that Yang Kai had no defense against herself, and with the same level of cultivation, she was confident that Yang Kai would be hit hard.

“Insidious enough, I have been taught!” Yang Kai snorted coldly, and slapped it out with another palm, but the palm came first and hit Madam Hua’s shoulder directly.

With a “puff”, Mrs. Hua flew upside down in exclamation, and a fishy smell came up in her throat, which instantly filled her mouth. At the same time, there was a sharp pain in her shoulder. It seemed that the bones had been smashed. The violent force rushed into her meridians, spreading to the internal organs, making the emperor yuan turbulent.

‘Why is it so strong?’ Mrs. Hua’s beautiful eyes were round.

At the same level of 1st order Emperor Realm, Mrs. Hua found that the strength of the other party was not comparable to her, and she was aware of the huge gap between each other with just one blow.

The beautiful body fell heavily, before she got up, the light in front of her was covered by a figure, Yang Kai looked down at her condescendingly, with a sneer on his face.

“You dare… dare to hit me?” Under the shock of her mind, Madam Hua forgot the pain on her shoulder and stared at Yang Kai incredulously.

“Tell me, why should I not dare to hit you!” Yang Kai lifted a foot slightly, stepped on her chest, and the full chest immediately changed shape.

Madam Hua was in pain, her pretty brows wrinkled together, and Yang Kai’s rhetorical question made her a little dazed.

‘Why should you not dare to hit me? This lady is one of Fu Chi’s most graceful women. On this spirit island, who dares to beat me?’

“You’re looking for death!” Madam Hua was completely furious, madly condensing her own emperor yuan, and wanted to resist, but under the suppression of Yang Kai’s one foot, it was extremely difficult to get up, let alone resist, she fluttered with her teeth and claws. The meeting will be chaotic, like an aggrieved shrew, there is no beauty at all, her eyes are full of spiteful expressions, even the expressions are extremely distorted.

“When you’re dying, you still dare to boast shamelessly.” Yang Kai snorted coldly, and with a slight force on his feet, Mrs. Hua face became pale.

Lu Sanniang finally recovered.

Since Yang Kai pinch the golden-backed red carp to death, she was shocked by a series of changes, making her completely stupid, and she was suddenly awakened when she felt Yang Kai’s murderous intentions, and rushed to him. She touched Yang Kai’s arm and whispered: “Brother Yang, don’t, you can’t kill her!”

“There is no one who cannot be killed in the world.” Yang Kai turned his head and stared at her, looking a bit fierce.

It was the first time that Lu Sanniang saw Yang Kai look like this. The previous few contacts with Yang Kai were very close, and she suddenly changed her face, which made her startled and instinctively a little scared.

But today’s matter is caused by them mother and daughter. If Yang Kai really kill Mrs. Hua, he will not leave this place alive.

Even the current situation is not easy to deal with. Lu Sanniang knows the temper of Mrs. Hua. It is probably impossible to give up the humiliation today. There is always a price to pay for Mrs. Hua to calm her anger.

“You can’t kill her, Brother Yang, let go first!” Lu Sanniang kept persuading. She knew that Yang Kai was standing up for her and her daughter, and she was grateful, but when things happened like this, she is helpless.

No matter what, Mrs. Hua cannot be killed, and the rest can only be considered in the long term.

Madam Hua saw her weakness and this made her suddenly arrogant, and she shouted fiercely: “Bitch, this young lady will tell the Lord about the matter today. You mother and daughter will die.”

Lu Sanniang’s face turned pale and begged: “Sister, this matter is Sanniang’s fault, and it has nothing to do with Qin’er. Please also ask my sister to raise your hand and don’t mention Qin’er in front of the Lord.”

Mrs. Hua smirked: “Now you know to beg for mercy? It’s a pity that it’s too late, and you are all going to die today!”

She swept across Lu Sanniang and her daughter with a pair of vicious eyes, admiring the horror of Lu Sanniang and her daughter.

But she didn’t see any fear from Yang Kai’s face, instead he was serene, as if he had done some trivial thing.

This person…what the hell is going on?

“Big Sister Lu, you have seen it too. You are so kind to her, but she doesn’t want to stop. It’s better to let me kill her a hundred time.” Yang Kai stared into Mrs. Hua’s eyes, but was talking to Lu Sanniang in a flat tone.

Lu Sanniang was silent and anxious in her heart. She really didn’t know how to deal with the situation before her.

‘Release Mrs. Hua? It’s like letting the tiger go back to the mountain, but what if you don’t let it go? Who can bear the anger of Fu Chi?’ [TL: you can still think like this, in the end you will suffer anyway, so just kill her, why stretch the chapter.]

No matter how she choose, there is no good result. She is also very angry. The origin of today’s event is only because the red carp was stripped of two scales. It is not a big deal at all, but Mrs. Hua is so excited. Come to inquire. What’s more, she and her daughter had also been modest before, but Mrs. Hua was still in a strong position and want them to pay for it.

“You…want to kill me?” Mrs. Hua finally understood what Yang Kai’s eyes meant. There was a horror in her heart. The previous arrogance suddenly withered, she only felt cold all over her body, and her blood seemed to freeze.

She didn’t expect that on this Spirit Island, someone really wanted to kill her.

Yang Kai sneered: “Do you think I’m joking with you?”

If it is in other places, it doesn’t matter whether Mrs. Hua is killed or not, but this is Dragon Island. Since there has been such a big conflict with Mrs. Hua, he can’t let her go.

As for the consequences of killing her, he can only take one step at a time. [TL: true]

Feeling Yang Kai’s murderous intent shrouded herself like a tide, Mrs. Hua finally panicked, her face was white and she regretted it.

She didn’t know that things would develop into this way. If she had known that this person was so daring, she would have accepted it long ago, but then again, she didn’t expect that even Yuan Wu would not be able to help her.

“Don’t kill me, please don’t kill me. I won’t pursue the previous matter. I really won’t pursue it. You leave me alive.” Madam Hua trembled lightly, begging for mercy, and the breath of death rushed towards her face. She just wants to survive now, how can she care about her face? Because of the panic, tears have slipped down her cheeks.

Seeing that Yang Kai was indifferent, she hurriedly shouted to Lu Sanniang: “Sanniang, you and me are sisters for hundreds of years, sister has treated you well in the past, and today it is this sister who is wrong. Please go around me and let me live.”

Lu Sanniang was so soft-hearted that she couldn’t bear it.

Lu Yuqin was very angry. The stinky woman was scolding her mother just now. She was so arrogant and unbelievable. In a blink of an eye, she became so low-pitched. She only felt extremely happy, but uncomfortably tight in her chest.

She had never seen a murder scene, and didn’t know until this moment that a person’s arrogance was so vulnerable under the threat of life.

“Sanniang…” Madam Hua was still begging.

Lu Sanniang was in a daze, and she didn’t know whether she should intercede for Mrs. Hua again.

She had a docile personality. Although she had been bullied by Madam Hua many times on this Spirit Island in the past, it would still be uneasy for her to see Madam Hua being killed.

In the end, her nature had the upper hand. She opened her mouth, and when she was about to speak, she suddenly frowned and turned her head to look over the sea.

The next moment, she changed her face and exclaimed: “Dragon Clan!”

A pure Dragon Aura quickly approached from there, and it seemed to be a very advanced dragon clan, at least much stronger than Fu Qi. Lu Sanniang has lived on Dragon Island for so many years, and she feels naturally keen on this point.

She immediately looked at Yang Kai and said anxiously: “Brother Yang, stop!”

The dragon clan is here, no matter which dragon clan is here, they can’t be allowed to see this scene before them, otherwise Yang Kai will undoubtedly die.

Yang Kai had obviously noticed it earlier, but unlike Lu Sanniang’s panic, he showed an extremely weird look and stared at the direction the dragon clan came from.

“Hahaha!” Mrs. Hua suddenly laughed. The previous low-pitched tone disappeared cleanly, and the insidiousness climbed back on her cheeks, looking at Yang Kai triumphantly, and said coldly: “Want to kill me? Do you dare to do this! You dare to bully this lady like this. The lady will calculate this account carefully with you later, and this lady will definitely want you to experience all the torture in the world.”

When the dragon clan came, she suddenly became confident and stared at Yang Kai fiercely, as if she wanted to imprint this nasty face into the depths of her mind. Don’t forget it for a lifetime. Then she turned to look at Lu Sanniang mother and daughter, her cold eyes like sharp swords. Want to penetrate them.

Lu Sanniang’s face turned pale and whispered: “Brother Yang, let her go quickly, there is a dragon clan coming.”

Mrs. Hua is indeed just a plaything, but after all, she is a woman of Fu Chi. No matter which dragon clan is here, they will not let it go when they sees this scene. The most likely thing to happen is to kill Yang Kai.

Lu Sanniang was anxious like an ant on a hot pot.


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