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Martial Peak Chapter 3047

A touch of white light appeared in the east.

When the sky was lightening, Yang Kai returned to the Spirit Island of Fu Chi.

This night can be described as ups and downs. After learning about Zhu Qing’s affairs in one month, he captured Fu Ling, planted the Divine Soul Brand in her consciousness sea, and controlled her life and death. The anger in his heart was suppressed. He knew that it was useless to get angry now. The plan for the present was to find a way to rescue Zhu Qing after one month.

The dragon clan’s big wedding, it is estimated that all the dragon clan will come by then, and the elders will certainly not be absent. Both the great elder and the second elder are comparable to the existence of the great emperor. With his current strength, can he save people under their noses?

The chance of success is minimal, unless he find a way to get the great elder to stand on his side and let him take action against the second elder, only in this way can there be a ray of hope for success.

This is not nonsense, but very operable. Listening to the meaning in Zhu Lie’s words, the great elder is relatively gentle, but the second elder is somewhat selfish. The great elder should also disagree with this marriage affair, but because of the clan rules, he maintained his neutral attitude.

‘What should i do to make the Great Elder help me?’

‘Dragon Island Token may be a good choice, but it is not safe.’

Yang Kai now only hopes that Fu Ling can dig out useful information for him, otherwise, after one month, he may really be dead.

Making Fu Ling surrender is a good choice. At least he has now placed a chess piece on the Fu family Dragon Clan. If this chess piece is useful, it might be able to achieve unexpected results.

Thinking all the way, when returning to the Spirit Island, Lu Sanniang and her daughter were still standing on the beach and waiting.

Seeing Yang Kai landed, Lu Sanniang hurriedly greeted him: “Brother Yang, are you back?” There was a worried look in her beautiful eyes. She didn’t know what Yang Kai was doing out, but she also guessed that something big had happened.

Seeing Yang Kai’s expression gloomy, she didn’t dare to say more.

At a young age, Lu Yuqin witnessed yesterday’s events, especially the tragic death of a few people before her eyes. It seemed that she hadn’t recovered, her small face was pale, and she was cuddling tightly in her mother’s arms.

Yang Kai stood still and thought for a while before he sorted out his chaotic mood.

What he have to do now is to ensure that he can see Zhu Qing after a month. If he can’t even see Zhu Qing, how can he take her away?

He took a deep breath and had plans in his heart. He looked at Lu Sanniang sideways, and said as calmly as possible: “Where is Yuan Wu’s space ring?”

“Here.” Lu Sanniang handed over a few rings quickly, “Mrs. Hua and the others rings are here too.”

Yesterday, when she took Lu Yuqin to bury Yuan Wu and others, she collected the space ring. She didn’t want to hide it secretly. Yang Kai asked about it at this time and naturally took it out immediately.

There are five space rings in total, four of which are owned by Yuan Wu and others, and the other one was handed to him by Fu Qi a few days ago, and it contains the rare materials used to build the palace.

Yang Kai swept through his Divine Sense, took the space ring belonging to Dragon Island, and returned the remaining four to Lu Sanniang.

“This…” Lu Sanniang took it hesitantly.

“Take it away.” Yang Kai said, and flew towards the island.

The place where the palace is located is full of enthusiasm and excitement.

In just a few days’ time, there is already a rudimentary form of a palace here. Although only the foundation has been built, the progress is pretty good for such a large-scale creation.

More than two hundred people are busy here. No one dares to be lazy. After all, this is something that the dragon clan asked. There is still an 8th order thunder dragon living on the island. Who can guarantee that they will not be noticed when they are lazy?

Therefore, everyone is very hardworking, busy day and night, and only when they are really tired will they take some spirit pill to recover for a while.

“What a rare visitor, why did Brother Yang come?”

An enthusiastic voice came over, and Wu Chen with the sharp-mouth smiled and greeted Yang Kai.

When the martial artists around heard this, they all looked up at Yang Kai, and they all showed displeased expressions.

The martial artist who came here were all assigned different tasks by Yuan Wu. Everyone was not idle. Even Lu Sanniang and her daughter went to the sea to search for the Night Pearl. Only Yang Kai was the only one who seemed to have nothing to dure, extremely laid back.

This kind of treatment naturally caused dissatisfaction in the hearts of everyone, but Yang Kai was very mysterious. He had easily crushed Yuan Wu before. Even if some people were dissatisfied, they would not easily conflict with him.

So after looking at him, those people continued to get busy.

“Brother Wu!” Yang Kai nodded.

Wu Chen frowned and walked to Yang Kai’s side and said, “By the way, Brother Yang, have you ever seen Lord Yuan? I heard that Lord Yuan went to your side, why didn’t he come back?”

“Yuan Wu is dead!”

Wu Chen was taken aback and looked at Yang Kai blankly.

The martial artists all around also looked at Yang Kai again, with incredible expressions on all their faces.

Wu Chen twitched the corner of his mouth, and said bitterly, “Dead? Why did he die?”

“Offended the Dragon Clan and was killed by the Dragon Clan.”


There was a sound of inhaling cold breath, and everyone’s expressions changed.

Previously, Fu Qi brought everyone here and directly handed everything to Yuan Wu. Everyone thought he was valued by the Dragon Clan, but after only a few days of work, he actually died, and he died in the hands of the Dragon Clan.

The ever changing mood of the dragon clan makes people feel shocked, and secretly warns themselves not to make a mistake on this dragon island, otherwise they won’t even know how to die by then.

Wu Chen was silent for a moment, as if sorrowful, and asked: “Then what should we do now? Without Lord Yuan, the palace here…”

“It’s up to you.” Yang Kai threw the space ring over as he spoke.

“Me?” Wu Chen was startled, and took the ring in a hurry, and said with a wry smile: “Brother Yang, stop joking, what skill and abilities does this wu have…”

“There is always someone in charge. Brother Wu doesn’t need to refuse. I am only responsible for conveying the meaning of the Dragon Clan. If anyone dares not to obey the order, just tell me that, there will be a Dragon Clan to take care of him.” Yang Kai glanced at him as he spoke. The indifferent expression make those martial artist who looked over their side silent for a while.

The amount of information revealed in these words was so extraordinary that they had to re-examine Yang Kai.

Wu Chen obviously realized something, and asked in a low voice, “Brother Yang is connected with the Dragon Clan?”

“You can rest assured that within the time limit, this palace must be built, otherwise everyone will die!” Yang Kai did not answer him directly, but said it ambiguously.

In fact, it is true to say that he is connected with Zhu Lie, and now he has tamed Fu Ling. If someone really refuses to accept it, it is okay to summon Fu Ling.

Wu Chen looked down and nodded: “I understand Brother Yang, there will be no mistakes here.”

“That’s the best.” Yang Kai stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder, then turned and left.

If he want to see Zhu Qing, he must ensure that this palace is completed on time. Otherwise, if it don’t even have a palace on the wedding day, how can they get married? If so, he won’t even be able to see Zhu Qing’s face.

He wanted to preside over the construction of the palace himself, but this was too frustrating. How can there be a man in the world who is worried about his own woman and other people’s marriage?

If he really preside over it, maybe one day his temper will directly ruin this palace.

So he made a decisive decision and pushed the matter out when he saw Wu Chen.

Without seeing anything, there is nothing to get upset about.

Just take advantage of this period of time to cultivate hard, and strive to be able to make a breakthrough in strength and realm, and then take Zhu Qing away with greater confidence.

With a plan in his mind, Yang Kai returned to the beach, explained to Lu Sanniang, and headed straight to the sea.

An hour later, in the depths of the sea, the surface of the sea is endless, with only the blue sea in the field of vision, no other scenery.

Yang Kai released his Divine Sense to investigate, and after confirming that there was no one around him, he plunged his head into the sea.

When he reached the bottom of the sea for several hundred feet, Yang Kai suddenly summon the Mysterious Boundary Bead, and shook his figure before hiding in the Mysterious Small Boundary, while the Mysterious Boundary Bead fell straight toward the seabed.

Next to the medicinal garden of the Mysterious Small Boundary, Yang Kai sat cross-legged, clear his mind and swallow the spiritual energy.

It took a full two hours, and he would become calm and let go of many distracting thoughts in his heart.

Purple Void Cauldron came out, and he took out a bunch of spiritual flowers and grass, and placed them next to each other one by one.

In the end, he took out three delicate and bloody spirit flowers carefully.

Dragon Blood Flower!

In the whole world, only Dragon Island can produce such strange flowers.

It looked similar to the Dragon Blood Flower of Li Jiao before, but its quality and size were not the same.

This is the Dragon Blood Flower cultivated by Dragon Island, and naturally it is not comparable to that of Li Jiao’s. Comparing the two, the Dragon Blood Flower of Li Jiao is just like a weed on the side of the field.

There are not many dragon blood flowers, only three.

This is what he got from Fu Ling, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is snatched.

When Fu Ling handed over these three dragon blood flowers, her face was grieved and distressed, but under the influence of the Divine Soul Brand, she could not resist Yang Kai’s request.

Although a dragon clan can be allocated a fixed share of dragon blood flowers every year, the number is not too much. A sixth-order dragon blood like Fu Ling can get up to 20 plants per year, it also depends on the maturity of the dragon blood flower, and it is possible to only get ten plants when in bad luck.

The Dragon Clan do not have to cultivate, because they have a long life span. As they grow older, their bloodline will gradually become pure and improved, and they will not stop until they reach a peak.

Besides that, taking a Dragon Blood Flower is a shortcut for their growth.

This year has not yet arrived at the time to distribute dragon blood flowers. Last year, Fu Ling had a dozen plants, but they were almost used. There were only three plants left, and now they are all in Yang Kai’s hands.

She regretted it in her heart, and she would not have saved it if she had known it. It would be more cost-effective to swallow it whole than to give it to Yang Kai.


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