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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3051 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3051
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Half a day later, there were as many as a thousand dragon blood flowers in Yang Kai Space Ring, and he had walked almost the entire Spirit Island.

Li Jiao also picked a few strains under Fu Ling’s gaze. It’s unknown if he is excited or scared, his hands were trembling constantly, feeling extremely irritating.

Leisurely, Yang Kai looked in a certain direction, and was attracted by the two dragon blood flowers over there.

Those two dragon blood flowers are obviously a little different from the ones he collected earlier. Both flowers are crystal clear and near transparent, the Dragon Breath is pure. The red air that pervades them has a tendency to transform into dragon.

“The best quality dragon blood flower?” Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed. Although he had never seen the best dragon blood flower, he recognized the two flowers the moment he saw them.

“Brother-in-law, these two flowers…” Fu Ling was a little anxious.

The best quality dragon blood flower is something that can not be found even on the dragon island. Only the elders have been qualified to take it. These two best quality dragon blood flowers have long been entrusted with an owner, and they will be mined only two months later. Given to the Great Elder and the Second Elder, how can it be taken by Yang Kai now?

Knowing that she couldn’t do anything, Fu Ling still had to try to persuade him.

“Get away!” Yang Kai stretched out his hand to put her aside, walked to the two dragon blood flowers, his eyes burning.

Reaching out, the red dragon phantom on the flower made a roaring sound.

Fu Ling sighed, knowing that it was really over now, and after the things here were revealed, the only ending waiting for her was to be exiled into the Dragon Tomb.

Another hour later, the mature dragon blood flowers on the entire Spirit Island had been swept away by Yang Kai.

“You will stay on this Spirit Island. I will greet you when i need to, try not to expose the things here.” When leaving the Spirit Island, Yang Kai commanded Fu Ling.

“Got it.” Fu Ling dealt with it listlessly, wishing to slap Yang Kai to death. Causing this big mess, expecting her to wipe his butt, it was simply too unreasonable.

Yang Kai nodded, and then flew away with Li Jiao.


Although Li Jiao was a little weak, because Yang Kai rescued him in time, he didn’t hurt his foundation much. He only needs to cultivate for a while to recover, and there is no risk of his cultivation level and his realm falling.

On the way, Li Jiao repeatedly hesitated and stopped talking.

“Sanniang is fine.” Yang Kai knew what he wanted to ask, so he took the initiative to speak.

Li Jiao’s expression was a little complicated when he heard the words, and finally said, “Thank you, Brother Yang, for taking care of her.”

Yang Kai nodded: “Sanniang is not bad, and the things back then were not her fault.”

Li Jiao said: “I know, it’s just…haa.” He sighed heavily and shook his head constantly.

Although Lu Sanniang was extremely innocent in the past, this kind of thing cannot be easily let go by any man.

Yang Kai understood his feelings, so he just said a few words at random and stopped mentioning it. After thinking about it, he said: “You are the Dragon Descendants, and the goal is obvious. If the other Dragon Clan saw your traces, there might be some accident. Let’s go into a safe place.”

Li Jiao said suspiciously: “Where!”

Yang Kai stopped, turned around and patted him, and shouted in a low voice, “Don’t resist!”

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Li Jiao was startled, and instinctively wanted to resist, but he immediately let go after listening to Yang Kai’s words. He believed that Yang Kai would not harm him.

A feeling of dizziness came, and Li Jiao realized that he had entered a very strange world…

Returning to the Spirit Island of Fu Chi, Yang Kai found Lu Sanniang and her daughter, did not explain much, and took them into the Mysterious Small Boundary, let them meet with Li Jiao, and then flew towards the depths of the sea.

Just like last time, rushing into the sea, Yang Kai directly open the Mysterious Boundary Bead and get into the Mysterious Small Boundary.

Time is running out, there are still about 20 days left when it comes to full play, so he doesn’t want to waste a moment.

After checking his own medicinal materials, Yang Kai took out all the auxiliary medicinal materials needed to refine the Dragon Blood Pill and piled them beside him.

Although he has a lot of spirit flowers and strange plants in his hand, it is not a problem to refine dragon blood pills, but now he has collected thousands of dragon blood flowers, if he really wants to refine them, he can refine thousands of dragon blood pills.

But there are not so many auxiliary medicinal materials left. At most, he can only refining about 20 furnaces before it will be exhausted, so he has to make a good calculation.

There are thousands of dragon blood flowers, of which there are one or two hundred middle-grade ones, twenty to thirty high-grade ones, and only two best quality ones.

In order to ensure the maximum effect of the medicine, this time he refined the dragon blood pill and directly used the top grade dragon blood flower.

Open the pill furnace, control fire, engrave spirit formation, cast medicinal materials…

An hour later, the first batch of Dragon Blood Pill has been released.

The results were so-so, the number of four dragon blood pills was not much, but the quality was greatly improved compared to the previous ones. After all, they were refined from the high-grade dragon blood flowers, and the previous ones were incomparable.

Yang Kai’s expression is calm and did not waver, he casually recovered, and immediately began the refining of the second furnace of spirit pills.

Then the third furnace, the fourth furnace…

After practice makes perfect, the quality of the dragon blood pills refined in the future seems to have improved.

When it reached the tenth furnace, there were five pill formations, one more than the previous one.

This is a good improvement, one more Dragon Blood Pill will give him more protection, and Yang Kai is naturally happy.

However, five dragon blood pills seem to be the limit. After refining twenty furnaces, the number of pill success/formation has not increased, but the quality of the dragon blood pills seems to have reached a limit. The medicinal effect in the spirit pill is totally different from the one that was refined at the beginning.

He clears his mind, sit cross-legged to adjust his breath, and restores his own strength.

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One day later, Yang Kai opened his eyes and opened the furnace again.

He still has the last two materials for refining the dragon blood pills, and these last two materials are naturally made with those two best quality dragon blood flowers as the main materials, and he has great expectations for the two furnaces of spirit pill.

All the procedures are easy to learn. After 20 furnaces of dragon blood pills are refined, Yang Kai knows when to do something even with his eyes closed, without any mistakes or flaws.

When the first pot of spirit pills was released, Yang Kai couldn’t help but look forward to it. He took a closer look at the spirit pills, and suddenly smiled.

Fortunately, there are six pill success refined with the best quality dragon blood flower, and two of them have the pill vein. On the two spirit pill, the patterns are dense, and it looks just like the human meridians.

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The value of the pill that gives birth to the pill vein is naturally incomparable with the value of the pill without the pill vein. This is also the standard for testing whether the Alchemist Grandmaster is skilled. Although some alchemists know how to do Pill Refining, they cannot refine Spirit Pill with the pill vein in their lifetime, because these alchemists just follow the recipe, and they don’t have their own unique methods and insights. In other words, they have no good sense in Pill Refining, and everything is very rigid.

Yang Kai is naturally different from those alchemists.

After simply clearing up his mood, Yang Kai opened the furnace again, preparing for the final refining of the spirit pill.

This time the state is better than just now. There is no need to investigate carefully after Pill Formation success, and Yang Kai also knows that the results will not be worse than just now.

The result is not unexpected.

Of the six spirit pills, three of them gave birth to pill veins.

At this point, Yang Kai’s Pill Refining was over.

If he count the previously refined Dragon Blood Pill, he have refined 25 furnace of Spirit Pill, and there is no experience of failure. If this result is known, enven the Wonderful Pill Great Emperor will praise.

There are nearly 100 Dragon Blood Pills in his hand, one of which is of better quality than the other, and five of them have pill vein.

Appreciated a little bit of his masterpiece.

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Yang Kai started his own cultivation plan without stopping, and with a low groan, his body suddenly swelled, and the five-meter dragon body was as tall as a mountain.

Taking a dragon blood pill, stuffing it into the mouth, swallowing it into his abdomen, Yang Kai circulated the Dragon Transformation Secret Technique, and the Dragon Breath spread.

As Yang Kai was swallowing the Dragon Blood Pill for cultivation, at the same time, in a dragon palace above a spirit island…

This spirit island is a little different from other spirit islands. The cold is pressing within a thousand miles, the entire spirit island seems to be frozen, and the sea on the side of the island is even more thick with ice.

This is an Iceland.

Everything on this Iceland seems to be frozen, there is no birds and flowers, and no greenery. In addition to the extremely strong spiritual energy, the entire Spirit Island seems to be filled with an extremely uncomfortable aura, which looks extremely dull.

Even among the Dragon Clan, this Iceland is not a place that can be approached at will.

Because this is the site of Fu Zhun, the second elder of the dragon clan.

Regardless of the dragon clan, whether it is in the Fu family or in the Zhu family, the second elder is very respected, especially after the event more than ten years ago, this respect has almost increased to the level of fear.

Ten years ago, the second elder personally exiled that person into the dragon tomb. In the entire Dragon Island, no one had the closest relationship with the second elder than her.

The two were almost as close as mother and daughter, but even so, the second elder was not at all merciless in punishment.

That time, all the dragon clan realized the ruthlessness of the Second Elder.

At this moment, Zhu Qing was placed under house arrest in this Iceland.

In the center of the Iceland, there is a ten thousand year ice bed. Zhu Qing sits cross-legged, her cultivation is suppressed, and her dragon bloodline are sealed. Now Zhu Qing has no strength at all, except that her flesh body is relatively strong.

However, under the erosion of the cold of the ten thousand years ice bed, the whole person also shivered from time to time, her small face was pale, and the breath she breathed out was foggy.

She knew this was the punishment of the second elder, so she didn’t complain, just endured it silently.

Recalling the bit by bit between her and Yang Kai, she felt a pain in her heart. In this life, she don’t know if there is any chance to meet again, and she have fallen into such a field, even if she have a chance in the future, she will not have the face to see him again.

Before coming back, she had been mentally prepared, knowing that her affairs with Yang Kai would be greatly hindered.

But she was a dragon clan and had to come back. If she stayed with Yang Kai stubbornly, she would definitely cause trouble to Yang Kai, so she returned to Dragon Island with the hope of persuading the Second Elder.

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