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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3054 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3054

The carriage and the people in the carriage are the protagonist today, and the four dragon clans that appeared before are just the carriage’s escort.

By the side of the carriage, there are two dragon girls, one with purple hair and fluttering, and it is Fu Ling. She was originally watching the dragon blood flower, but today is the day of the dragon clan’s marriage, so she was naturally summoned back, and the other dragon girl watched. There is nothing special about her, except for her outstanding appearance, it is no different from ordinary human race.

The two dragon girls are holding the flower baskets and standing around the carriage. When they fly over, the petals of the flower baskets fly out, and they pull out a pleasing rain of flowers in the sky, which is very beautiful.

That flower rain is not an ordinary flower rain, the petals of various colors are blasted and exploded in the sky, and the colorful light makes it look dazzling.

This single scene made everyone watch intently, secretly feeling that the dragon clan is worthy of being the dragon clan, and a big wedding can be played with all kinds of tricks. This kind of handwork is not comparable to ordinary people.

Not long after, the carriage was approaching, and the four dragon clan stopped moving, floating several tens of feet away from the palace.

A pair of eyes looked into the carriage, and a smile from the bottom of the heart appeared on Fu Chi’s face.

Today, the dragon girl in the carriage is his woman, which is naturally a happy event for Fu Chi.


Three figures appeared abruptly.

A half old man with a thin body, red hair and a non-irritating expression. Although there is no aura, anyone can feel the tremendous pressure from him.

That kind of unspeakable pressure is incomparable to the four giant dragons that show their real bodies in front of them.

Beside the half-old man, there were women in palace dress with silver hair and indifferent expression. The aura radiating from all over the body made everyone shudder. Everyone just glanced at her and did not dare to look at her again, as if when they look at her too much, the mind and body will be frozen.

The last person was not very old, he was a man, he looked like a young man, with a gentle smile on his face, standing there with restraint.

As soon as the three of them appeared, Fu Chi and others all looked serious, and bowed together: “I have seen the three elders!”

The arrogance of the dragon clan is only aimed at the creatures of other races. In front of the strong of the same clan, no matter how arrogant the head is, there will be times when it will be low.

Hearing the voices of Fu Chi and others, the three hundred martial artist also changed their expressions slightly, and quickly lowered their eyes, and everyone exclaimed in their hearts: So this is the three elders of the dragon clan!

The great elder Zhu Yan, the second elder Fu Zhun, and the fourth elder Zhu Kong!

These three are like giants in the entire Dragon Island, especially the Great Elder and the Second Elder, who are all tenth-order dragon blood, and there is no one on Dragon Island can compare. Although Zhu Kong didn’t have the tenth-order dragon blood, he also had the ninth-order bloodline, which was difficult for ordinary dragon clan to reach.

It is said that there were four elders on Dragon Island before, and there is also a third elder who is also a ninth-order dragon blood. But somehow, the third elder did not show up this time, but this kind of thing is not known by ordinary people. The Three Hundred martial artist lived in Half-Dragon City for a long time, so naturally they didn’t know the situation inside Dragon Island.

In front of the palace, as many as a dozen Dragon Clan gathered.

This can almost be said to be the power of the entire Dragon Island. Except for the rare dragon clan marriage, it is difficult to have the opportunity to gather so many dragon clan together.

The elder Zhu Yan looked unwavering like an ancient well, and the second elder Fu Zhun had a cold face, and neither of them said much.

Only the Fourth Elder Zhu Kong smile, nodded and said, “Congratulations.”

Fu Chi respectfully said: “The elders love, Fu Chi is grateful.”

Zhu Kong said: “After the big wedding, I hope you and your wife will respect each other, and your love will last forever.”

Fu Chi hurriedly said: “Fourth Elder don’t worry, Fu Chi will not treat Qing’er wrongly, and will give birth to dragon clan heirs for Dragon Island as soon as possible, extending the blood.”

Zhu Kong smiled slightly, noncommittal.

Fu Zhun frowned and said, “Stop talking nonsense, help Zhu Qing down.”

She gave an order, and the Dragon Clan naturally did not dare to disobey. The four dragon clan in front of the carriage took the initiative to separate to the sides. Fu Ling and the other dragon girl stretched out their hands to lift the gauze curtains, and whispered, “Sister Qing, it’s time to come down.”

Zhu Qing doesn’t move and sit still.

Fu Ling looked at the second elder timidly, and saw her expression getting colder, and then whispered a few words to persuade, but it still had no effect.

Fu Ling couldn’t help but sweat a little on her forehead.

She naturally knew that Zhu Qing was dissatisfied with this marriage. The whole Dragon Island knew about it, but several elders were here. What if you didn’t want to? If this matter is not handled well today, it will surely make a joke.

The smile on Fu Chi’s face also slowly converged, his face a little uncontrollable.

Fu Zhun’s expression also became cold, and she turned her head and glanced at Zhu Yan.

Zhu Yan was still indifferent.

Fu Zhun couldn’t help but snorted in her heart, and when she was about to get Zhu Qing off the carriage by herself, a figure suddenly flashed.

In front of the carriage, a young man appeared leisurely. Most people didn’t realize how he appeared. Only a few elders of the Dragon Clan narrowed their eyes and looked at the man together.

Fu Zhun frowned and shouted, “Kick him away.”

What is this guy doing? Actually ran out on this occasion and stopped in front of the carriage. Is he trying to die?

In normal times, Fu Zhun had already shot him and killed him, but today is the dragon clan marriage after all, and it is best to not see blood, so she endured it for a while.

There was a high-pitched dragon roar, and the twenty-meter-long red dragon actually wrapped up the carriage, with its head high, the dragon’s eyes rounded, and it leaned forward in a guarding posture. The remaining three dragons was immediately blocked outside.

“Zhu Lie, what are you doing?” Fu Qi frowned, looking at the red dragon pulling the carriage.

Dragon mouth opened and closed, and Zhu Lie’s voice is thundering: “Don’t do anything, please wait a moment!”

Zhu Yan, who had always been indifferent, finally raised his eyes and couldn’t help raising his brows after seeing the figure blocking the front of the carriage.

Zhu Kong also had a surprised expression. It was because of his good cultivation that he was a bit at a loss at this moment.

Under everyone’s eyes, Yang Kai took a breath and looked at the girl with a red veil in the carriage. He stretched out a hand and smiled gently: “I’m here to pick you up.”

With a word, the world shook.

The three hundred martial artist all looked at Yang Kai’s back in shock, and there was a wailing deep in their hearts.

What is this?

It would be crazy to say such words to a dragon girl who is about to get married so presumptuously in front of a dozen dragon clan.

If it were to happen on a human race turf, it would definitely be a snatching of relatives.

But where is this place? This is Dragon Island. Today is the wedding day of the two dragon clan. Isn’t this guy going crazy, grabbing the relative of the Dragon Clan?

A group of dragon clan have weird expressions, obviously they haven’t recovered.

The same is true for Fu Chi, he hasn’t realized what this scene actually means.

But the next moment, his face suddenly turned pale.

Because after the human race said that sentence, Zhu Qing, who had been sitting in the carriage, shuddered and lifted the red cloth on her head. She looked forward in shock and lost her voice: “How are you here?”

She couldn’t believe her eyes.

Yang Kai unexpectedly appeared in front of her.

Looking at the face in front of her, for a moment Zhu Qing thought she was dreaming. But the person in front of her was so real, and the familiar aura and taste told her that this was not a dream.

Yang Kai really came.

In front of all the Dragon Clan, he appeared without scruples, and on a day that made her desperate today, the people in front of her were like a scorching sun, and the bright light swept away the haze in her heart.

“Come here to pick you up.” Yang Kai blinked at her.

Zhu Qing’s eyes turned red all of a sudden, and she shook her head and said, “You shouldn’t have come.”

She was happy in her heart, but more worried about Yang Kai. Today, if Yang Kai don’t come, she’s just suffering alone, but Yang Kai has already come, how can he escape?

The dragon clan can’t bear the humiliation the most. After today, Yang Kai will become the enemy of all the dragon clan, and he has no hope of leaving here alive.

“That’s it…” Yang Kai lowered his head and thought for a while, then turned around and said, “Then I’m leaving.”

“You dare!” Zhu Qing got up in a hurry, rushed out, grabbed his arm, stared and said, “Want to leave when I’m here?”

Yang Kai grinned: “It seems that you don’t want to get marry, so I can rest assured.”

Zhu Qing took his arm, her expression suddenly turned sad: “We will die.”

“It’s a beautiful thing to share the same bed when we are alive, and the same bed when we die.”

Zhu Qing’s eyes were a little moist, she nestled beside him, and she figured it out in just a few moments, Yang Kai came, and now it is unrealistic to let him leave again. The only thing she can do is to face the storm of the dragon clan with him.

She turned her head leisurely, looked at her people, and saw an incredible pair of eyes.

There are not many things in this world that can shock the Dragon Clan, but this scene is definitely worth it.

In the dragon clan marriage, someone blatantly came to grab the bride!

The one who snatched the bride was actually a human race!

Zhu Qing is so intimate with that human race!

A group of dragon clan were all dumbfounded.

The dragon clan is like this, let alone those human races and monster races, they are all dumbfounded. Among the three hundred martial artists who stayed to observe the ceremony, many people had seen Yang Kai as displeasing. After all, they worked hard in the previous month, but Yang Kai didn’t need to do anything, so the comparison was naturally somewhat imbalanced.

They didn’t know until this moment that this man turned out to be so fierce! It’s unknown what he ate, and he dared to snatch the people of the dragon clan. Compared with this, what is the laziness of the previous month?

There are so many wonders in the world, but today’s event is an eye-opener for everyone.

Fu Chi’s face was particularly ugly.

The object of his marriage is now actually holding another man’s arm, with affection. The man also say they will be in the same bed in life and death. Where does this place him? As soon as the matter came out, no matter how it was resolved in the end, his face was completely discredited.

Fu Ling had persuaded several times before, Zhu Qing remained motionless in the carriage, which made her quite unable to get off the stage. On the contrary, it was this human race who said a few words, and Zhu Qing took the initiative to rush out…

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Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰, 무련전봉
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Yang Kai managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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