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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3055 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3055

This is simply a great shame! Not only an insult to himself, but also an insult to the entire dragon race! His eyes were incomparably cold, and he looked at Yang Kai as if he was looking at a dead man.

“Where did you come from? How dare you be so presumptuous!” He burst out in anger and shouted.

A good wedding was disturbed, and the dragon girl that belonged to him was nestled in someone else’s arms, Fu Chi could not bear it even if he was well cultivated.

Zhu Qing coldly stared at him and said in a cold voice: “Fu Chi, clean your mouth, this is my man.”

“Your …… man ……” Fu Chi’s eyes popped, his body staggered a bit, snapped back to his senses, looked at Yang Kai with resentment: “It’s you!”

The first time she go out, she got into a relationship with a Human Race, he knew about it. If not, he wouldn’t have had the chance to get the elders to give him a wedding with her. He thought he would subdue Zhu Qing after the wedding, and then go out from the Dragon Island to find trouble with that human race, but who knew that this guy actually came to the Dragon Island himself, and also on his wedding day.

He had long listed Yang Kai as a must-kill, and now when enemies meet, they naturally see each other with red eyes.

“Yes, I am her man.” Yang Kai smiled faintly, embraced Zhu Qing, kissed her on the forehead, his posture was wanton, as if no one else was around.

The face of Fu Chi was even more ugly, his bride was kissed, kissed by another man in front of so many people, and did not have the slightest rejection, but also showed a hint of blushing happiness, the anger in the chest is like a suppressed volcano that is about to erupt, even the exhaled breath became hot and heavy.

The three elders, Zhu Yan looked at Yang Kai surprisingly, he also only just now thought clearly of Yang Kai’s identity, not much annoyance, but also some amazement.

He did not approve of the marriage between Zhu Qing and Fu Chi, but Zhu Qing did make a mistake, and the dragon clan really needs to extend the bloodline, and the second elder was bent on having her own way, he could not interfere too much, so he could only let things develop.

In his thought, after Zhu Qing and Fu Chi marriage, and then a few hundred years, she may forget the human race, then it is not too late to think about it, but who knows today will have such a scene.

Fu Zhun glanced at Zhu Yan coldly and leisurely, lightly humming: “Do you know something?”

Can someone enter the Dragon Island and leave at will? The Dragon Island’s defenses were strengthened more than ten years ago, even if the Great Emperor came in person, the Dragon Clan would have sensed it, when the entire clan was mobilized, the Great Emperor would not be able to trespass, she suspected that the reason why Yang Kai was able to enter the Dragon Island was from the Great Elder’s handiwork.

Zhu Yan shook his head and said, “What can I know?”

Fu Zhun coldly grunted, her heart doubted, if this matter has nothing to do with the Great Elder, how did this person appear on Dragon Island unnoticed? Could it be the formation from ten years ago losing its effect?

The heart suddenly surged a trace of uneasiness, Fu Zhun’s brow wrinkled.

“This guy has a lot of guts.” Fourth Elder Zhu Kong looked at Yang Kai with interest and smiled, “No wonder he can make Qing’er so devoted to him, I just don’t know how his luck is.”

If today’s matter is not handled properly, he and Zhu Qing will be in great trouble, the iron-heart second elder is ruthless.

The Great Elder smiled, his expression also could not help but gaze up.

“Dare I ask, which one is the second elder?” Yang Kai turned his head and looked at the place where the three elders were.

Although he asked this, his gaze was fixed on Fu Zhun’s face. Among the three elders, the great elder and second elder is a 10th order Dragon Blood, it is easy to tell, the half-grown old man is older than the cold-faced woman, and the head, naturally is the great elder, so even though Yang Kai saw the second elder for the first time, but he also recognize her at a glance.

The woman’s cold face is like the everlasting ice, and she look at him with this face. He has no good feeling about this second elder, and even some dislike for her in his heart, this woman is simply full of bullshit, and do not know which nerve in the brain was on the wrong line, actually forcing the marriage of Zhu Qing to Fu Chi.

He is not happy, Yang Kai doesn’t want to tear his face with the Dragon Island as soon as he comes up, today’s matter can be resolved peacefully the best, but if not, then we can only see the real thing under the hand, he has held the psychological preparation for a big fight, today no matter what, he will take Zhu Qing away, even if it will turn the place upside down.

“Let her go!” The second elder coldly spat out a sentence, the tone of voice is full of the flavor of unquestionable, and did not answer Yang Kai’s question.

Yang Kai stared at her, his face calmly said, “Kid Yang Kai, meet Second Elder, today I came here unexpectedly, I really have no choice, please bear with me Second Elder.”

“I know who you are.” Fu Zhun gazed at him indifferently and said indifferently, “Let Zhu Qing go if you want to live.”

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “I am in love with Qing’er and we are in love, Second Elder should know this matter well. I saw her in trouble today and came to save her from the fire, not to hold her hostage, so how can I let her go? Is Second Elder mistaken about something?”

“I said let her go!” The second elder shouted, the surrounding temperature dropped, the laws of heaven and earth were in turmoil, and the hundreds of martial artists, regardless of their level of cultivation, were all shivering.

The second elder of the dragon clan is so angry, if you dare to contradict this recklessly, you really must not know the word dead.

The fire in Yang Kai’s heart drifted upward, and his face sank. He did not want to get too stiff with the dragon clan, not because he was afraid, but Zhu Qing was also a dragon clan after all, if he had a bad relationship with the dragon clan, it would only make Zhu Qing caught in the middle, so he repeatedly lowered his posture and spoke sincerely, but he did not expect this second elder to be unreasonable, and she was bossing him around and scolding him constantly.

He took a deep breath, suppressed the anger in his heart, and said in a deep voice: “Second Elder please give me and Qing’er a chance, this couple will be grateful!”

“Couple?” Fu Zhun’s good-looking eyebrows jumped up at once and said in a morose voice: “Zhu Qing is getting married to Fu Chi today, and her husband is only Fu Chi, what are you, how dare you speak out of your mouth and ruin the reputation of my dragon clan!”

Zhu Qing immediately retorted, “Second Elder is wrong, Qing’s husband is only him, whether the Dragon Clan acknowledges it or not, allows it or not, in this life, Qing’s is his.”

“You are unbridled!” Fu Zhun shouted, dragon prestige almost turned into substance, instantly enveloping Yang Kai and Zhu Qing.

Zhu Qing’s face was white, directly limp in Yang Kai’s arms, her dragon bloodline were sealed, cultivation was suppressed, the first to bear the brunt of the second elder’s anger, how can she withstand it, if not for her strong body, this is enough to kill her.

Yang Kai is also suddenly dizzy, head buzzing, heart horrified.

This is the wrath of the great emperor level, with his current strength, if he want to fight head-on, it also seems a little weak.

Zhu Qing’s resistance will undoubtedly completely anger Fu Zhun, she coldly and slyly looked at Yang Kai and said: “Today is the dragon clan’s happy day, originally did not want to kill, but since you are so stubborn, this palace master will be merciless.”

As she spoke, the killing intent was already like a tide.

The faces of all the people changed greatly.

Even if they were not deliberately targeted, hundreds of martial artists were having difficulty breathing and felt a huge mountain pressing down on their chests, almost vomiting blood, as if they might die at any moment.

Yang Kai’s situation is naturally not good, the killing intent enveloped, he felt a clear sense of death never before, all cold, all the blood almost seem to be frozen.

Fu Chi stood on the sidelines and watched coldly, happy to see this, earlier Yang Kai’s few remarks made him angry, shame, if not for the elders here, he would have struck Yang Kai, but in front of the elders he did not dare to be too reckless, now seeing the second elder really angry, immediately gloating. [TL: well, if you go, you’re already dead.]

The entire Dragon Island, no one does not know the second elder’s temper, she has always said one thing, and no one dares to disobey her. Yang Kai is so stubborn, not destined for a good end. The first thing he need to do is to take a look at the woman in his arms.

‘Only hateful, this b*tch’s primordial yin was actually taken away by that human race, a dragon girl’s primordial yin is a great tonic, this is true for both dragon race and human race, he is the eighth order thunder dragon, if he can get Zhu Qing primordial yin help, he may have a chance to break through the ninth order soon, just a pity……’

Thinking of this, Fu Chi can’t help but be a little depressed, glanced at Yang Kai with hatred.

“Wait!” Yang Kai suddenly gritted his teeth and shouted lowly, the veins on his forehead rose repeatedly.

The second elder looked at him with cold eyes, not moved at all, her hand slightly raised, the white palm is surging with law, cold intent pervades, as if to drive to the end.

Yang Kai’s wrist flipped, a token suddenly appeared in his hand, shouted: “Here is the Dragon Island Token.”

Fu Zhun’s movements gave a beat.

Zhu Yan, the Great Elder who had been silent, also seriously examined the token in Yang Kai’s hand at this moment and nodded, “Not bad, it is indeed the Dragon Island Token.”

Zhu Kong said, “Oh? The last Dragon Island Token is actually in your hand? This is really interesting.”

The Dragon Island Token is something that the Dragon Clan has made, and there are only ten pieces in total. For countless years, the Dragon Clan has gone to great lengths to recover only nine pieces, leaving the last piece out in the open, and it has been impossible to find out news about it.

Zhu Qing left Dragon Island last time, the main task is to find this last piece of Dragon Island Token, but unfortunately, although she know the Dragon Island Token in the hands of Yang Kai, she failed to successfully recover it, all kinds of misadventures, and she already have a close relationship with Yang Kai.

Yang Kai will now take out the Dragon Island Token to show people, his intention has been obvious to the extreme.

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