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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3059 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3059
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Dragon punishment, is the most powerful means of destroying the origin of the dragon race, this is the entire dragon race taboo technique.

If Yang Kai previously threatened to die with Fu Chi, the second elder was barely acceptable in anger, then this situation now she does not want to see no matter what, the dragon race can die, but the origin can not be destroyed!

“Stop!” Zhu Yan bellowed, face as deep as water.

Yang Kai really stopped, the syllables that had been jumping out of his mouth stopped, and the thunder dragon that was stripped from the top of Fu Chi’s head was no longer so painful.

“What else does the Grand Elder have to say!” Yang Kai asked in a deep voice, his heart is also secretly afraid, although the performance is very bare, but if not forced, who is willing to die? Fortunately, the Grand Elder gave face and jumped out at the critical moment, otherwise he really did not know how to continue.

The latter was not what he wished to see, but he was prepared to pay a sufficient price for the former.

Seeing Yang Kai stop the Dragon Punishment Secret Technique, Zhu Yan breathed a sigh of relief, this youth has received the dragon clan heritage, the ancestral dragon origin recognition and fusion, then he can not treat him as an ordinary human race, and putting on the dragon race’s arrogance is not helpful.

He pondered for a moment and was about to speak when a sudden change occurred.

A loud buzzing sound suddenly came from far away from the sky, the whole world seemed to tremble, followed by a sky-rushing light burst out in the faraway place, the heaven and earth spiritual energy rolled and shook, sorrowful and restless.

The three elders of the dragon race turned around with a sudden start and looked towards the place where the movement came from.

In the next instant, the three dragon race changed color in unison.

The second elder Fu Zhun even shouted: “Not good!”

At the end of the sentence, her body swayed, and she sped in that direction like lightning, disappearing in the blink of an eye, not even caring about this side of things.

This change made hundreds of mortals look dumbfounded, even Yang Kai was also amazed, his eyes slithering around.

No one knows what the second elder went to do in such a hurry.


The second elder also showed an absolutely strong posture before, and even said that the dragon race and Yang Kai will not rest until death.

This can almost be said to be an insoluble feud.

And what is it that can make such a strong person as Fu Zhun lose her face, even ignoring Yang Kai who robbed a bride in the dragon clan marriage?

Something has happened to Dragon Island, and it’s something big!

Everyone’s heart surged with such an unbelievable thought, observing words and looking at people’s faces, they saw that the great elder Zhu Yan and the fourth elder Zhu Kong were both with serious expressions, looking as if they were facing a big enemy.

When Yang Kai tore two arms of Fu Chi before, they did not show such a look.

Looking at the other dragon race, they all looked shocked and suspicious, as if they had some speculations.

“Qing’er, what’s that place over there? What’s happening?” Yang Kai quietly sent a voice to Zhu Qing, his heart secretly cheered up, keenly feeling that this might be an opportunity.

Among the three elders of the dragon clan, the second elder Fu Zhun is the most difficult, if she had not been so unreasonable, Yang Kai would not have gone so far before, this time she actually went straight away, Yang Kai naturally happy to see this.

Without the second elder huge resistance, the remaining is elders Zhu Yan and Zhu Kong, if he make an effort, they may sit down and talk peacefully, after all, these two elders are Zhu dragon clan, more or less biased toward Zhu Qing, this can be seen from the attitude of the two elders before.

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Hearing Yang Kai ask, Zhu Qing returned: “Dragon tomb, over there is the dragon tomb, the dragon tomb seems to be in trouble.”

“Dragon Tomb?” Yang Kai raised his eyebrows.

He naturally knew what the Dragon Tomb was, a place the dragon race would definitely enter before they died, a forbidden place for the entire dragon race. Before Zhu Qing went to the frozen earth to look for the lost dragon origin, the main purpose was to bring it back to the dragon tomb.

The dragon tomb is the dragon race’s graveyard, what can happen there? The fact that the second elder ran away without a word is odd.

Zhu Qing also can not say why, only know dragon tomb should have some accident.

Yang Kai and Zhu Qing exchange, the great elder and the fourth elder are also quietly exchanged, do not know what the great elder and the fourth elder said, Zhu Kong’s expression suddenly changed, gloomy.

Yang Kai’s eyes turned and suddenly raised his head and said, “Grand Elder, Fourth Elder, today’s matter the kid has wrong, but it is also forced, the kid is also single-mindedly moving for the sake of Qing’er’s happiness, that’s why he ruthlessly hit, I hope the two elders will forgive.”

The conflict between him and the dragon clan was basically focused on the second elder, Fu ZHun, and now that Fu Zhun was gone, if he could take the opportunity to talk to the great elder and fourth elder, he might be able to leave safely.

Whether the Dragon race is willing to let him off the hook, there is some apprehension in his heart.

Zhu Yan and Zhu Kong smiled, both looked at Yang Kai in good humor and amusement.

The previous time against the second elder, this kid showed a strong posture without showing weakness, can not wait to fight on the spot with Fu Zhun to prove his love for Zhu Qing, did not expect that in the blink of an eye he said soft words, but also able to bend and stretch generation.

The expression was calm, Zhu Yan Said: “You hurt the clansman, shame my Dragon Clan reputation, this is not something that could be explain as last result.”

Yang Kai raised his eyebrows and said in a buzzing voice: “Then what does the Grand Elder want? You have seen the attitude of Qing’er, a melon twisted by force is not sweet, why should the dragon clan deceive themselves and others like this, Fu Chi is a dragon clan, is Zhu Qing not a dragon clan? You should also think more about Zhu Qing.”

Zhu Yan shook his head: “That said, today’s matter is not destined to end well.”

Yang Kai’s face sank, “Since the Grand Elder has said so, then I can only accept the move, so please forgive me if I have offended you.” The way he treated the Grand Elder was very different from the way he treated the Second Elder.

He had already offended Fu Zhun to death, so if there was still a chance to turn around, he didn’t want to really offend the Grand Elder.

“What happened today should have been paid in blood.” Zhu Yan said in a deep voice, his words suddenly turned: “But I don’t want to bully the small with the big and spoil the prestige of my dragon clan.”

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and said, “What does the Grand Elder mean?”

“If you let go of Fu Chi, I won’t take action against you.”

“Really?” Yang Kai was happy to hear that, the whole Dragon Island, he is most afraid of the Grand Elder and the Second Elder, these two are comparable to the existence of the great emperor, now the Second Elder inexplicably left early, if the Grand Elder also do not strike at him, then the Dragon Island is large, he can come and go when he wants to, the fourth elder will have some difficulty to keep him here.

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In a flash, Yang Kai felt that the Grand Elder became cordial and amiable, even his face became much warmer, it is really the Zhu lineage dragon clan, the heart is still somewhat biased to Zhu Qing.

“The Dragon Clan Grand Elder is a man of his word, the kid naturally trusts him.” Yang Kai couldn’t stop nodding his head, looking cheerful, hundreds of mortals roll their eyes listening to this.

Just a moment ago, he looked like he was questioning people, but in the blink of an eye, he gave people a high hat.

“Then let him go.” Zhu Yan looked at him indifferently and said.

Yang Kai also say no nonsense, directly threw out Fu Chi that had been clutched in his hand.

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The two arms were lost, the face was pale with pain, he thought he would definitely fall here today, but he never thought that he would have a chance of survival, immediately after being thrown out by Yang Kai, he grabbed the two broken arms that were thrown away by Yang Kai and sped off in a direction.

He did not dare to stay here, just want to hurry to find a place to heal properly, although the arms were torn off by Yang Kai, but the dragon race vitality is strong, as long as he recuperate for a while, he will certainly be able to recover.

Before leaving, he gave Yang Kai a vicious glare, as if he was going to come back to take revenge.

He was an eighth-order Thunder Dragon, if not for Yang Kai’s surprise just now, he would not have been directly subdued by Zhu Qing, and now that he had suffered such a great loss, how could he swallow his anger?

In front of so many people, he was injured, Zhu Qing was snatched away, if this bad temper can still be endure, then he is not Fu Chi.

Among the crowd, Li Jiao face was gloomy and stare at the fleeing Fu Chi, his face is struggling.

When Yang Kai taught Fu Chi a lesson before, tearing off his two arms, Li Jiao heart is full with pleasure.

If it wasn’t for this beast, how could Sanniang have suffered for two or three hundred years of pain? He could not wait for Yang Kai to kill Fu Chi directly.

But now that Yang Kai has negotiated a deal with the Dragon Race Grand Elder and let Fu Chi go, he has a trace of loss and a trace of happiness at the same time.

The loss is that Fu Chi actually escaped a disaster, happuness is that Fu Chi did not die in Yang Kai’s hands.

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Vengeance, it is natural to pay back with their own hands to be enough relief! So Fu Chi came back from the dead give Li Jiao a chance to take revenge.

But after all, Fu Chi is an eighth-order Thunder Dragon, even if he is heavily wounded, Li Jiao also no match for him, he is only a third-order low rank bloodline, against an eighth-order dragon race, how can he have any chance of victory? Unless he can also raise his bloodline up.

So he was hesitating and struggling with what to do in order to kill Fu Chi!

He knew very well what the consequences of killing a dragon race would be, but when a man is in the world, there are things that can be done and things that cannot be done, there is a scale in his heart that belongs to him.

At the time of his hesitation, Fu Chi had already fled out of sight.

Among the crowd, in addition to Li Jiao staring at Fu Chi, there is a pair of eyes greedily staring at the direction of Fu Chi’s departure, the color in his eyes changing.

“I have released the person, the Grand Elder must keep his word.” Yang Kai turned his head to look at Zhu Yan.

Zhu Yan nodded his head and said, “Naturally, I will not regret it.”

At the end of the sentence, he glanced at Zhu Kong, then turned and left.

The direction he left, he was also going to the Dragon Tomb, and his speed was not slower than the second elder, a few ups and downs and he had disappeared from the view of the crowd.

This discovery caused the crowd to burst into an uproar.

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    So the beast Emperor is attacking, and wu changs on the loose… no wonder the author spend so much time building up this arc.

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