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Martial Peak Chapter 3065

Even though Yang Kai kept resisting and dodging, he was no match against more enemies, and he looked desolate, as if he might be killed at any moment by a fatal blow from the seven dragons.

Zhu Qing roared, the sky blazing flame spewed out, straight towards the seven dragons.

All the dragons were alarmed, and turned their head together to look, even Yang Kai, and a depressing thought popped up in everyone’s mind at the same time: how did Zhu Qing come over?

A mouthful of blaze relieved Yang Kai’s crisis, Zhu Qing immediately flew towards him, obviously wanting to fight alongside him and share the pressure for him.

But the seven dragons just glanced at each other, and already had a plan to deal with it.

Two of the dragons leaped out of the crowd, swinging their heads and tails to stop in front of Zhu Qing, three dragons instantly confronted each other, each other’s dragon prestige rushed forward, causing the void to tremble and the universe to shatter.

“Get out of the way!” Zhu Qing roared.

The two dragons confronting her naturally could not give way, one of them said in a deep voice: “Zhu Qing, don’t mislead yourself! You are now a ninth-order dragon, and will be the fifth elder of my dragon clan if there is no accident.”

Zhu Qing said coldly, “I’m just a woman, I don’t know anything about the big picture, I only know that you are bullying my man!”

The dragon clan was furious: “Watch your words, that’s just a despicable human race! Don’t smear my dragon clan with shame!”

Another dragon clan also said in a deep voice: “Zhu Qing, have you forgotten what happened more than ten years ago? You know what happened to her, do you want to follow in her footsteps?”

Zhu Qing leisurely said: “More than ten years ago I did not understand why she was so stubborn, but today I understand, if I was given another chance to choose, i would have chosen to help her, rather than stand against her.”


“You’ll be banished to the Dragon Tomb! Zhu Qing, stop.”

“It’s you who should stop!”

While several people were talking, Fu Ling also finally arrived, more than ten meter long purple dragon but also beautiful form, not bad power, but as soon as she appear it attract the two attention and she was scolded: “waste!”

One sound is naturally from the Dragon Clan, the seven dragons couldn’t understand, how Fu Ling and the blue dragon teamed up, but actually did not stop Zhu Qing, and looking at the situation now, it seems that the blue dragon has been wasted, otherwise it would not be left only Fu Ling to chase over.

According to reason, when Fu Ling and the blue dragon teamed up, with the Dragon Temple Blessing Technique, they should be able to stall Zhu Qing, but in fact, Fu Ling and the blue dragon only stall Zhu Qing for a few dozen breaths of work, so they had no choice but to split two dragons to face Zhu Qing.

Another rebuke naturally came from Yang Kai.

He did not expect Fu Ling even failed to complete such a simple task, if Fu Ling can accurately communicate his plan, let Zhu Qing first help the others to break the opponent one by one, then today’s matter will lean towards his side.

But now Zhu Qing rushed over directly, obviously the task of Fu Ling was not completed.

This made him quite dissatisfied with Fu Ling.

Fu Ling’s expression is also a bit embarrassed, paused in mid-air, somewhat helpless.

“Still not going to help yet!” The dragons confronting Zhu Qing, gave a low shout at her.

Fu Ling smiled and could only rush towards Yang Kai’s side, seeing her arrival, the remaining five dragons grunted lightly. They originally had the upper hand with seven against one, although Zhu Qing’s sudden appearance forced them to split two of their men, but at least there was an additional Fu Ling, and the overall strength was not too much different.

Now they basically touch the bottom line of Yang Kai, knowing that today’s battle, Yang Kai can not have the hope of victory, now they only need to slowly wrangle him, wear down his energy and strength, so that he can no longer perform that ghostly space divine ability, they will be able to capture and even kill him.

A thought to this, the dragons look at Yang Kai with full of teasing and ridicule eyes.

They don’t know what kind of nerve this person has, but he dares to come to Dragon Island to cause trouble.

What kind of place is Dragon Island? What good can come out of it if you dare to make trouble here.

“Choose one.”

Just as the dragons were showing contempts in their hearts, Yang Kai suddenly looked sideways at Fu Ling and said an inexplicable word.

The dragons were shocked and uncertain, choose one? Choose what?

A trace of struggle and hesitation flashed in Fu Ling’s eyes, Yang Kai immediately coldly snorted and said morosely, “Don’t think I dare not take your life!”

The ten-meter-long purple dragon’s body trembled slightly, and without hesitation, it opened its mouth and spat out a purple aura, blasting at one of the dragons.

The dragon’s body size is about the same as Fu Ling’s true dragon body, strength and bloodline level should be similar to Fu Ling, belong to the bottom of the existence here, originally focused on Yang Kai, did not expect Fu Ling to suddenly make a move on him, when caught off guard by the purple gas directly on the body, suddenly tumbling and rolling, and kept roaring.

“What’s wrong with you, Fu Ling?” Some Dragon Clan roared.

This scene is too abrupt, as a dragon clan, she actually help Yang Kai to attack another dragon clan, it’s a bit unreasonable, Zhu Qing and Zhu Lie are sibling so it’s no surprise, why does Fu Ling have this idea?

The huge body has turned into a purple light and pounced towards her target.

Her opponent finally came back to his senses in anger and turned his head towards Fu Ling, and in a flash the two dragon clan were in a battle, dragon language buzz, the secret technique is blooming, their bodies tumbling into the sea, raising huge waves.

“What did you do to Fu Ling?” Not everyone is stupid, a dragon clan’s eyes flickered a few times, apparently saw something, turned his head to stare at Yang Kai viciously.

Yang Kai laughed and wiped a handful of blood from his face, revealing a hideous face: “Guess!”

This dragon clan’s face suddenly sank, feeling that the development was getting out of control.

Originally, their seven dragons against Yang Kai alone, no matter how good Yang Kai is, he will not be able to turn out any more waves, getting the victory is only a matter of time, but Zhu Qing came and split two of the clan, Fu Ling turned against the other, and split another dragon.

The seven dragons now all of a sudden became four dragons, this number almost instantly less than half, making people on edge. They have deeply experienced Yang Kai Space Divine Ability, previously relying on the huge advantage in numbers to Yang Kai chase, finally did not make too big a mistake, now only four dragons left, certainly will not be as perfect as just now.

If Yang Kai really find the opportunity to break the Dragon Temple Blessing Technique, then today’s battle will have the Dragon Clan as the loser.

Such a shame, any dragon clan can not accept.

Alert and cautious, the four dragons no longer dare to rashly launch an attack, each other’s eyes meet, obviously communicating something.

Yang Kai, however, did not give them this opportunity, eight meter dragon body wrapped in a fierce aura, and rushed under the trembling gaze of the dragons.

A big battle, part two.

A deserted island, Fu Chi is pale and bloodless, sitting on his knees in a place full of spiritual energy, silently running excercises.

The arms that were torn off by Yang Kai have been reattached, but even with the strong vitality and recovery power of the dragon clan, it is not a simple matter to recover from such injuries, and it will take at least a year and a half to return to the peak.

His face twisted, It’s unknown if it was because of the pain or something, while healing, gritting his teeth and cursing: “Bitch, bitch, bitch!”

Today’s incident, the dragon clan was certainly humiliated, but the humiliation he received was a thousand times greater than the entire dragon clan.

His bride was robbed on the wedding day, and the marriage partner even subdued him, and that despicable human race even tore off both of his arms.

With that man’s decisiveness and viciousness, he actually did this.

Such a shame is like a big mountain pressing on his chest, making him almost breathless.

He can imagine that after today, his reputation will be swept away, and he won’t have the face to meet the rest of his clan in the future. Thinking about how they might look when facing him, Fu Chi felt a blockage in his chest.

When the blood surges, a mouthful of dragon blood was spit out, stained the earth in front of him.

The figures of a man and a woman keep flashing in his mind, Fu Chi secretly hated Yang Kai and Zhu Qing to the bone, secretly vowed that today’s revenge will be repaid a hundred times, otherwise it is difficult to eliminate his heart’s anger. Especially Zhu Qing, Fu Chi’s hatred for her is still above Yang Kai.

While thinking about this, Fu Chi suddenly seemed to notice something, opened his eyes and looked forward, and his eyes immediately hostile.

In the void not far ahead, there is actually a person standing there quietly, no, not a person, but a dragon descendant!

Fu Chi felt the messy dragon blood aura from him, he is all too familiar with such aura, those half blood in the half dragon city, everyone has this disgusting aura.

This kind of aura was hated by every dragon clan, almost an instinctive rejection, and naturally, Fu Chi would be no exception.

“Get lost!” Fu Chi’s face was cold and stern, and his mouth exploded.

He had been greatly humiliated and had fled to this island to heal his wounds alone, but he did not expect a dragon descendant to follow him and stand not far away to look at him.

A despicable human race humiliated him, and now even this half blood also want to humiliate him?

If it were normal time, Fu Chi would have finished him off, but now it was time to heal, and he was in no mood to talk to this half blood.

He had thought that with a roar, this half blood in front of him would be scared and flee in disarray. In fact, any half blood in the Half Dragon City can not resist the heart to flee when facing the pure blood Dragon Clan, all this has nothing to do with strength, it is from the depths of the inferiority complex.

Dragon Bloodline is strictly divided, pure dragon bloodline and half dragon bloodline is almost the difference between heaven and earth.

But what surprised Fu Chi is that when he roared, the half blood did not respond at all, still quietly looking at him, as calm as ancient well.

Fu Chi was completely angry, the anger held in his chest finally found an object to vent, and said in a loud voice: “Don’t know how to live!”

As he spoke, the dragon prestige diffused, head down towards Li Jiao.


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