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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3068 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3068
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Li Jiao does not want to die, he ready his neck before because he can not see the hope of survival, now since there is hope, he naturally do not want to sit and wait to die.

Reaching out in his own space ring, pulled out a handful of pills out, all stuffed into the mouth, while a thought, the cracked bead flew and Li Jiao swallowed it into the belly.

That bead is his Dragon Bead.

Dragon Bead entor into the belly, and with the help of pills, Li Jiao finally recovered a little strength.

Reaching out, he brought back the golden lion halberd that barely has its spirituality, rush towards the distance to escape.

He did not know what the identity of the person behind him was, but he knew that the divine soul that let him escape must have known Yang Kai, so he had to rush over to Yang Kai to report the news, but unfortunately the divine soul did not make his words clear, or he did not have the opportunity to do so, otherwise, he should have been able to figure out the person’s true identity.


Dragon Roar shook the sky, above the void, Yang Kai and four dragons fight each other, even though Zhu Qing and Fu Ling rushed to share the pressure, he still fell in the downwind.

The Dragon Clan is a Holy Spirit, the four dragons present are all adult dragons, although there are differences in bloodline, but each dragon has the ability to easily crush ordinary 3rd order Emperor Realm, even though he transformed into eight meter dragon body, fierce and unmatched, but still not an opponent.

Secretly thankful, thanks to Zhu Qing and Fu Ling rushed to share the pressure, otherwise this battle will have been lsot.

Now the situation is not good, but more or less still have some chance.

He has been waiting for a suitable time to hit the four dragons in one fell swoop, he still has the trump card yet to be played. The reason why the trump card is called the trump card is because it can bring a great effect in the unexpected time.

He was drenched in blood, with almost no piece of his flesh body intact, and his aura was not at its peak, as if he might collapse at any moment.

The four dragons saw this and no longer hesitated, pouncing from the four corners to kill.

Yang Kai’s body swayed, avoiding a scratching claw, dodging a spray of dragon breath, resisting another dragon clan secret technique, his body shook wildly, but unexpectedly was wrapped in a fourth dragon.


The dragon is the strongest of the four dragons present, with a seventh-order bloodline, nearly 20 meter long body, the dragon body bound Yang Kai’s body, so he could not easily use the space divine ability to escape, all the bones are letting out cracking sound.

The remaining three dragons were delighted to see this, and rushed over to kill, each dragon’s eyes flashed with a cold light, if they could not get rid of Yang Kai today, it will be a bad luck for them.

Yang Kai roared, a flash of light flashes in his eyes.

At this point, he can no longer hide anything, can only use his last resort to fight to the death.

At that moment, his expression suddenly moved, followed by a wildly joyful look on his face.

With a flip of his wrist, an object suddenly appeared in his hand, and then he threw the object in his hand towards a pouncing dragon clan, and roared, “Screw him!”

His action was seen by the remaining three dragons, all of them were shocked, before they knew what Yang Kai threw out, they did not dare to rashly take the move, Yang Kai’s viciousness and tenacity had been seen clearly.

In this kind of time, with Yang Kai’s ability and means, it certainly will not be bad anywhere.

Under the eyes of all, only to see a round stone shot out, the stone is about a person high, round body, looks plain.

‘What is this?’ Several dragons saw the situation was a bit suspicious and do not understand.

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The dragon who was flying against the stone was impatient and flap the dragon tail, trying to sweep away the round stone that blocked the way.

But when the dragon’s tail swept the round stone, a sudden change appeared.

An explosive sound came out, stone chips splashed, the whole round stone suddenly split in pieces.

Such a change make the dragons astonished, fixed their eyes to see the broken stone, only to see a one-person-high stone man with strange appearance, this stone man was all angular, had all the five senses, strange long limbs, if only this is the case, then that’s all, but the key is that this stone man is covered with red flame, and there is a body belongs to the unique aura of the Holy Spirit.

“Stone Fire!” A dragon shouted, with a face of incredulity.

As the same Holy Spirit, the dragons are naturally not unfamiliar with stone fire, which is not too high in the ranking of the Holy Spirit, but not bad either.

What the dragons couldn’t figure out was how this stone fire could pop out from a round stone, and it was thrown out by Yang Kai.

Above this vast ocean, how did Yang Kai do it?

As soon as the Stone Fire appear, it roared, the sound waves bursting out of the mouth almost visible to the naked eye, like a shock wave will impact the void into ripples. The Dragon Clan that was hit involuntarily stopped.

He instinctively felt that this stone fire is not simple.

“Get out of the way!” Dragon claws suddenly scratch out, fiercely grasp down towards the stone fire.

So what if it’s a Stone Fire? In front of the dragon clan, no Holy Spirit could raise his head, and this Stone Fire seemed to have just been born, so it shouldn’t have much ability.

In the next moment, the dragon clan knew that he was very wrong.

After roaring, the one-person tall stone fire actually swelled up rapidly.

Three meter, five meter, ten meter, twenty meter…

Almost just a breath of effort, the stone fire that is like an ant in the eyes of the Dragon Clan, actually expanded to a size comparable to it, the flame that emerged from the body is surging fiercely, seems to be able to burn everything under the sun.

Boom, the dragon claw scratch on the chest of the stone fire, splashing out dazzling sparks, and ear-splitting friction, the stone fire’s body also stagger slightly, retreat a few steps, the chest instantly have more than a few scratches.

The dragon clan was stunned, obviously not expecting such a change.

Is this still stone fire? When did the stone fire have such a divine ability.

The stone fire was hit by a claw, looked down at his chest, and then raised his head, two flashing red eyes danced like flames, and a strange laugh came out of his throat.

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Then it fiercely stretched out its arms, grabbed the lower half of the dragon’s body, fiercely dragged toward his side.

The sound of dragon roar came out, the dragon was caught off guard and dragged over, the two bodies hit one another, a shocking sound came out, followed by a smell of roasted meat, the dragon roar in pain, entangled with each other then fell towards the sea, splashing huge waves and steaming water mist.

The four dragons joined forces, and now one of them was taken away because of the appearance of stone fire, now Yang Kai only has 3 Dragon Clan left to deal with.

“Heh heh heh!” Yang Kai suddenly grinned, and his laughter rolled like thunder.

“How dare you be so arrogant at the end of your life!” The dragon clan that bind him shout at Yang Kai, really do not understand what’s so funny, although today’s events continue to change, but Yang Kai is still at a clear disadvantage.

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The three dragons were dealing with him, and they were also in a solid position to win.

“It’s time!” Yang Kai’s face was solemn, and his voice lowered.

When the words came out, the three dragons all had an extremely bad feeling, no longer hesitated, united in a killing strike, the dragon that had been using its own body to bind Yang Kai even used all its strength to bind him, not allowing Yang Kai to have room to struggle.

The other two dragons also swooped in from the left and right, with sharp cold light flashing on their claws, cutting through the space barrier and coming straight at Yang Kai’s vitals.

“Dragon… transformation!”

When the low voice sounded, all three dragons froze.

Dragon Transformation? He is now in this appearance, is it not still a dragon transformation? A human race, able to transform into eight meter dragon body is already an unimaginable achievement, actually want to do another dragon transformation?

Could it be that he still wanted to transform into a True Dragon?

This thought surfaced, the three dragons could not help but snicker a little, in their opinion, even if Yang Kai tried harder, he would not become a true dragon in this life, this is a racial limitation, not something a human race can break through.

But immediately after, that contempt turned into horror.

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Because after Yang Kai said the ‘Dragon Transformation’ in his mouth, the already not bad dragon prestige actually climbed, all of a sudden climbed to a level that made the three dragons feel terrified.

At the same time, a crackling sound of explosions came out, Yang Kai, who was already eight meter tall, actually began to rise again.

“This is ……” The dragon that had been binding Yang Kai stare out his eyes, only to feel the immense power pushing in from all around, causing his coiled up body to involuntarily be propped up.

Eight meter, ten meter, twelve meter, fifteen meter!

The head above the sky, feet on the void, Yang Kai stand tall like a giant, the terrifying pressure unrestrainedly open, straight to make the heaven and earth tremble, the sea, rolled up a thousand waves.

The eyes of the three dragons trembled violently.

The dragons who fought with Zhu Qing and Fu Ling were all lost in thought, and all focused on this side.

Zhu Qing also froze for a moment, but soon, a flash of joy flashed in her eyes.

She also did not expect that Yang Kai had actually been hiding his strength and had been waiting for an opportunity to counterattack.

And now, this opportunity has come.

Eight meter dragon body, and 15 meter is a world of difference, the dragon clan body size distinguish the bloodline strength and weakness, Yang Kai Dragon Transformation Secret Technique naturally also inherited this characteristic, the larger the body size, it means that the bloodline is more pure.

A month ago, he was only five meter dragon body, but a month later, he was 15 meter, three times the difference in body, brought not three times the strength growth, the real strength enhancement is not too much, but brought more than three times the dragon bloodline pressure and bloodline suppression.

To be able to grow to this extent on the Dragon Transformation Secret Technique, naturally it is the credit of those Dragon Blood Flower.

Especially the Dragon Blood Pill refined from those two extremely high quality Dragon Blood Flowers, most of the results of this month’s growth were brought about by them, and the rest was only due to those top quality Dragon Blood Flowers.

If he had been given a little more time, the 15-meter dragon body would have been even taller.

The change is not only in size, originally Yang Kai’s body covered with dragon scales is not special, but at this moment, the dragon scales actually glowed with a faint golden light, all over the body, seems to be poured a layer of gold water, glittering in the reflection of the sun.

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