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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3081 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3081
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The young girl showed a distinctive cultivation talent and qualification at a very young age.

With a noble birth and a good family background, there is no shortage of cultivation resources.

The outstanding aptitude, coupled with the unconditional support of the family, can represent the rise of a new star in cultivation, step by step to the Origin King realm, it took only a hundred years.

She does not have the strange temper of other big family ladies, and treats her subordinates with great kindness, and has a very high popularity in the Morning Sun Star.

If not for the old family head suddenly recurrence of old injuries, she will still be in seclusion cultivation, cultivation is not boring to her, instead she like it, experiencing the power in her own body a little bit stronger, there is an indescribable joy.

Leading the Lu Family is not something she want.

The quiet time of cultivation is broken, replaced by a variety of chaotic chores, every day when she open her eyes, she seems to hear the sound of countless mouths wailing, the last thirty years, she spent all her efforts for the entire Lu Family, but her own strength did not grow at all.

She never expect someone from the Lu Family will actually betray her.

For what? And what is the figure?

Thirty years of dedication, this kind of betrayal is the return? Her grip on the sword was very hard, and then slowly loosened, her gaze swept past the clan uncle, turned to Fatty Ma, and said indifferently: “Since the second leader is here, the first leader and the third leader must also be around, right? Why don’t you show up and see me?”

Her beautiful eyes swept over the four directions, and her red lips opened lightly.

Although Fatty Ma is not bad, but she is not afraid, the fight now also let her test more or less his bottom line, probably almost the same, both have the 1st order Origin King Realm, no one is much worse than anyone else.

She has the advantage of majestic Saint Yuan, while Ma Chaoqun has the advantage of combat experience. After all, they are star pirates, a strong man who has killed mountains of corpse.

If only Ma Chaoqun is here alone, with the strength of the Lu family, they can also kill a bloody road.

But the Wild Wind never set out alone.


Wild Wind has three leaders, the first leader is Sheng Yao, enough to have the cultivation of the 2nd order Origin King Realm, the second leader is the fat white Ma Chaoqun, the third leader is Ge Ming, cultivation also has the 1st order Origin King Realm.

Wild Wind can survive the siege of many forces so far, not only by virtue of luck, but also their own strong strength.

Ma Chaoqun laughed: “Young Lady Lu, i’m afraid you will be disappointed. Only Ma came here today, the Boss and old third have other things to do. If Young Lady Lu would like to meet them, you might as well go to Crazy Wind Estate.”

Lu Huaishuang’s beautiful eyes narrowed: “Second leader is inviting me?”

Ma Chaoqun’s smile remained unchanged: “If Young Lady Lu is cooperative, then it is an invitation.”

“What if i do not cooperate?”

“Hehe…” Ma Qun smiled but did not say anything, the intention is obvious.

If you do not cooperate, then it is a threat.

Lu Huaishang calmly said: “I have heard of the fame of the Wild Wind, the star field is vast, to meet here by chance is also fate, nothing to prepare, my Lu Family would like to offer some small gift, to invite the Wild Wind brothers to eat wine and drink tea, but also ask the second leader to give way.”

Most of the star pirates are just seeking money, if possible, Lu Huaishang is also reluctant to start any conflict with them, of course, the main reason is that she has a bad feeling.

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Ma Chaoqun is definitely not alone in this place.

The first leader Sheng Yao and the third leader Ge Ming may be lying an ambush here waiting for an opportunity to strike, if they really fight, the Lu Family may not have a way out, she herself may not be able to escape.

The best thing is to be able to use fortune to eliminate disasters.

Ma Chaoqun’s eyes blossomed, praising: “I have heard that the Lu Family young lady is a woman who is not afraid of men, and today I see that her name is really true.”

Since ancient times, it is difficult to raise a woman, but this Lu Family young lady has the mind and courage that ordinary woman do not have, no wonder she can lead the Lu Family, occupying half of the Morning Sun Star. If she is a man, in the near future, the Star Field overlord will add one more.

Shaking his fat head: “Unfortunately, although Ma wants to let young lady Lu go, some people might not agree.”

“What people!” Lu Huaishuang asked in a deep voice.

A pitch-black warship suddenly broke through the thick mist and landed from among the clouds, the huge hull of the ship compared with the Lu family’s warship is not inferior in the slightest, almost carved out by a template.

The ship, a waving “He” word can be seen from a long distance.

The crowd was in an uproar.

“It’s the He family’s warship.”

“How could it be them.”

“This is a trap, damn it.”

“The He Family has actually colluded with the Wild Wind, how shameless!”

The He family, another major top family of the Morning Sun Star, jointly dominated the Morning Sun Star with the Lu family, divided and ruled. As the saying goes, one mountain can not tolerate two tigers, a cultivation star, two top families opposing each other, naturally there is a lot of friction, today you fight over, tomorrow I fight over, small friction escalates, big friction becomes life and death feud ……

The two major Morning Sun Star families can almost be said to be incompatible.

But Lu Huaishuang could not imagine that the He family actually has a connection with the Wild Wind.

What is Wild Wind? It is the most notorious group of star pirates in the entire Star Field, there is no other! But if there is any relationship with them, it is not clear anyway.

The He family is not afraid that the news will leak out and lead to a mass attack on them by the strongest people in the entire Star Field? Even if they swallowed the Lu Family’s industry, they won’t have a chance to enjoy it.

But soon, the Lu Huaishuang face sank.

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Since the He family’s warship dared to run out so blatantly, it obviously had no intention of leaving any survivors.

Dead people will never open their mouths to reveal any secrets.

Her eyes were cold, and she turned her head towards the clan uncle, who was now also opening his mouth open, full of shock, his eyes overflowing with horror, obviously such a change was not within his expectation.

The battleship landed not far away, the hatch opened, a hale and hearty old man stepped out, this old man looks about sixty, head half white, there is a kind of superior majesty, the look is not angry.

There is no movement from him, but he came not far away.

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And behind him, hundreds of He family elite followed, rushing a group of Lu Family gaze.

The situation suddenly became tense, the Lu Family people swallowed their saliva, everyone is nervous and anxious.

Ma Chaoqun still had a smiling expression, as if he did not see He Wuzui’s arrival.

He Wuzui, on the other hand, stared at Lu Huaishuang, sneering three times before speaking, “Little girl, this is your last day!”

The face is like villain who is rampant when he gets his way.

Lu Huaishuang lightly breathed out, also know today will not end well, at such a crisis she became more and more calm, lightly said: “Senior He, the feud of Morning Sun Star is a matter between you and me, it may be inappropriate to involve others, right.”

He Wuzui snorted coldly, “The third leader of the Wild Wind is my foster brother, so how can they be considered as outsiders!”

One word, is a shock to the sky!

Lu Huaishuang was also shocked, she had never heard of such a thing, no one in the entire Star Field knew, but the matter had come to this, she believed that He Wuzui would not be joking with her, and looking at Ma Chaoqun’s appearance, he did not have the intention to refute, obviously things are really as he said, he and the third leader of Wild Wind is indeed brothers.

Looking at Lu Huaishuang expression, He Wuzui’s heart was pleased.

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After holding back for many years, it has finally paid off today. From now on, the Morning Sun Star will be the world of the He family, and there will be no more business for those surnamed Lu.

“Old Fourth, the others are just fine, but the Lu Family young lady really has to die?” Ma Chaoqun suddenly turned his head and asked He Wuzui.

The Lu Family’s miscellaneous will be killed, but this Lu Huaishuang let him quite a bit teempted, there are many beautiful woman, strength and status to the level of Ma Chaoqun, there is no shortage of beauty around.

But the cultivation of the Origin King Realm is a rare beauty, he really did not know the taste.

What’s more, he have long heard that this Lu Family Young Lady has been in secluded cultivation, even the taste of men have not been tasted, so dying like this is also a pity.

As soon as he said this, He Wuzui know what idea he is playing, solemnly said: “Second brother, although the rose is fragrant, but it is full of thorns, careful not to let it hurt you.”

Ma Chaoqun thought seriously for a moment and nodded, “So be it.”

He also knew how difficult it was to capture a 1st order Origin King Realm, so he simply dismissed the idea in his mind, otherwise the slightest hesitation in making a move would lead to death.

“Make a move!” He Wuzui suddenly let out a low shout, obviously wanting to start a battle, not giving the Lu Family any chance to resist.

When the words came out, Ma Chaoqun put his hands together, the hands suddenly appeared two golden golden balls, that golden ball aura is compelling, clearly not a bad artifact.

He Wuzui’s body also shook, Saint Yuan in the body is booming.

Lu Huaishuang’s face is serious, and swipe the blue sword, sword intent rushed to the sky.

A big battle is imminent.

However, a ghost-like figure burst into the side, and a water splitting stab towards her in a flash.

Lu Huaishuang was shocked.

All her attention was on Ma Chaoqun and He Wuzui, and when she saw them move, she was immediately on guard.

Who knows that those two are just a front, the real killing move has already sneaked in beside her, by the time she reacted it was already too late.

He Wuzui and Ma Chaoqun both smiled and looked like they were watching a good show.

The cold light flashed on the water splitting stab, scattering a deadly aura, as if the next moment there will be blood light to bloom.

And in this instant, the owner of the water splitting stab involuntarily developed a feeling like falling into an ice cellar, and all the blood seems to be frozen.

Lu Huaishuang’s beautiful eyes also stare out, revealing a stunned look.

The young man who has been lying quietly at her feet, actually moved at this time.

Moved in a very weird gesture.

First, a pair of feet stepped on the ground, the calves suddenly stand on their own, followed by thighs straightening, then the body suddenly popped up.

Lu HUaishuang looked down and was confronted with a pair of clear and deep black eyes, the black eyes were like a bottomless abyss, with just a glance, Lu Huaishuang felt as if her whole body was going to sink.

She was horrified and hurriedly used her Divine Sense power to stabilize her mind.

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