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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3082 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3082
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The three leaders of the Wild Wind, each has a strong skills, needless to say the first leader Sheng Yao, the powerful cultivation of of 2nd order Origin King Realm, if you look at the entire Star Field, it is also able to rank the top existence.

Although the second leader Ma Chaoqun is a fat man, but the fat is not for eating too much, that is also his capital to survive. His defense is extremely amazing, like a meat shield existence, with that fat, he can and the strength of a higher level of strong people on a few moves without losing.

Of course, only a few moves, the cultivation gap is not some fat meat can make up for.

As for the third leader Ge Ming, he is a thin and sturdy man, the most adept at stealth assassination, sneaky and unpredictable movements, come and go without a trace.

The enemy that hides in the dark is the most terrifying, the spear is easy to hide and the arrow is difficult to prevent.

The one who suddenly attacked Lu Huaishuang was none other than Ge Ming, the third leader of Wild Wind.

Lu Huaishuang’s previous guess was correct, the Wild Wind set out, indeed not alone, Ma Chaoqun words about them having other things to do is simply talking nonsense when opening his eyes.

Ge Ming, with his superhuman concealment ability, quietly sneaked into the side of Lu Huaishuang, just when Lu Huaishuang’s attention was attracted by Ma Chaoqun and He Wuzui, the water splitting thorn strikes storms out leisurely.

He also has the cultivation level of 1st order Origin King realm, and has the advantage of sneak attack, with this blow, he is confident that even if it does not kill Lu Huaishuang, it is enough to seriously injure her!

The Lu family is led by Lu Huaishuang, as long as this woman is seriously injured, the rest of the cats and dogs are not enough to be worry about.

Everything is in the plan.

Suddenly there was an accident that made Ge Ming stunned.

In the light of day, a ragged youth stood in front of Lu Huaishuang, calmly gazing at him, the eyes don’t have the slightest color, but Ge Ming could not help but give birth to a feeling of humility, the youth in front of him is like a 10,000-meter mountain, he looked up, but could not see the view from the top, even the halfway point of the mountain is also a cloud of fog, hazy.

Who is this man?

He had noticed this person when he was quietly lurking over, and he had been lying at the feet of Lu Huaisheng, with no vitality, obviously dead.


But why could he stand up again? And also in a moment burst out extremely powerful vitality.

Where is this a dead person? Clearly alive and well.

The panic is only a moment, Ge Ming can cultivate to the level of the Origin King realm, both the heart and wisdom are first-class, he slightly deliberate between retreat and advance, splitting water thorn burst out dazzling cold light, with a faster speed towards the front.

‘Whatever you are, at such a close distance, even if it is the 3rd order Origin King Realm, it can also poke a hole out.’

“Go away!” Lu Huaishuang also finally came to her senses, seeing Ge Ming not retreating but advancing, with a fierce light in his eyes, and the youth in front of her is unresponsive, she immediately shouted, one hand on his shoulder, want to pull him back.

But she was appalled that the other side actually did not react at all, the feet seemed to have roots in the ground, not only she did not pull the other to the side, but almost make he fall, almost hit the other side’s back.

A crisp sound rang out.

The ruthlessness on Ge Ming’s face stiffened and was replaced by extreme fear, looking up towards the youth, his eyes trembled violently.

At that instant, he envisioned many scenarios in his mind.

The biggest possibility is that the guy was killed by him, there is also the possibility that he was only injured, there is also a possibility that the other party will have a counter-attack, so he will see the opportunity to act for it.

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But he did not expect this situation in front of him.

The other side did not move, allowing his water splitting thorn hit on the chest.

The flesh and blood is not broken, even the skin is not half damaged, but his own water-splitting thorn’s light flashed, the color darkened a little, and it’s almost break off.

The water splitting thorn is a Origin King Artifact, sharp and matchless, not to mention the flesh and blood body, even gold and iron can also be pierced at will.

Ge Ming did not even feel any power fluctuations from the other side, in other words, this weird youth did resist his blow with flesh and blood, and then nothing happened.

This is still a fucking human?

Ge Ming is proficient in stealth assassination, good at killing people with one blow, and has a keen sense of danger. So when he found that his full force of a blow was actually ineffective, he made a split-second decision to shake his body, his thin body was hazy and seemed to be about to blend into the air.

He had to escape.

The existence of the youth in front of him was beyond his perception, and deep inside a voice was shouting: Escape or die!

The youth slowly raised one hand, obviously not fast, as if there is still some stiff feeling, but just the casual grabbing in front, already made Ge Ming like a big hand is holding his throat, the body also instantly solidified.

The concealment divine ability inexplicably broken.

Ge Ming’s courage flew away in a flash, only to feel a strong force coming from his neck, as if it could break his neck at any time, he struggled to get free, but to no avail.

The youth raised his hand and lifted him up directly.

This situation makes people feel creepy, if they don’t know Ge Ming’s identity and strength it’s nothing, but Ge Ming is a Origin King Realm after all, how is he like a defenseless chicken and was captured like this easily.

“Old third!” The smile on Ma Chaoqun finally disappeared, the fat face is full of grim.

He Wuzui’s expression was also grave, silently offering up his artifact, his gaze drifting, seemingly looking for a way back.

In full view of everyone, the youth looked at Ge Ming, examining up and down, and after a moment he frowned and bristled: “Weak, simply too weak!”

He has not had play with the Origin King realm for many years, which of the enemies encountered over the years is not the cultivation of the heavenly generation, at first glance, he is not familiar with it, but also have some reminiscence, the mood is inexplicably complex.

Thinking about the past, he was also like this.

“Who are you?” Ma Chaoqun asked in a deep voice, his mind flashed through the faces and figures of several major overlords of the Star Field, but none of them could match the man in front of him.

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He had never heard of a youth with such amazing strength.

“A bunch of trash, also want to know the name of this king?” The youth coldly snorted.

The tone is rampant to the extreme, but no one has the abrupt feeling, people talk big, but there is a corresponding strength, if the other people say this, it will only provoke laughter.

Ma Chaoqun did not even dare to get angry, swallowed his saliva, clasped his fist and said: “Your Excellency calm down his anger, we have no eyes, but please be generous enough to bypass my third brother, we will leave here, and never come again.”

The face is accompanied with caution, scolding He Wuzui bloody in his heart.

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The idiot Old Fourth, he don’t even know the Lu Family had such a solid backer, he and others also run over to find humiliation, kicking the iron plate this time, it’s unknown if they can get home alive. If they have the opportunity to go back, he will have to break off with the old fourth!

Continue to be with him, sooner or later they will be killed.

“If you want to come, you can come, if you want to leave, there is no such cheap thing in this world!” The youth sneered.

Although he was previously in a special state, but not ignorant of the surrounding, the people’s conversation was also heard in the ears, naturally know what these people are really doing.

Although he is not a hero, but it’s no problem killing people coming in his doorway.

Ma Chaoqun heart screaming bitter, but can only repeatedly lower the posture: “Your excellency please draw a road, my Wild Wind will recognize it.”

He could not even see the depth of the other party’s cultivation, so he really did not have the courage to be an enemy, otherwise why would he trample on himself like this. He is at least a man with a face!

The youth frowned and deeply despised this fat white man, who had no backbone at all and simply could not provoke him to kill.


A muffled thunder-like sound suddenly came from the sky, and at the same time, the whole atmosphere of heaven and earth suddenly became dangerous to the extreme, there were thunder arcs in the air that began to roam.

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Everyone’s face changed, looking up towards the sky, only to see that the clouds have somehow a dark vortex, and in that vortex, there seems to be electric dragon swimming, transmitting a heaven-destroying atmosphere.

“Are you so bored bitch! I have hidden so deep!” The youth was also looking up, and suddenly broke into a cuss.

Lu Huaishen frowned, her expression oddly gazing at the youth’s back.

Is this cursing to Heavens?

Suddenly a burst of sympathy appeared in her heart, this youth cultivation seems to be extremely strong, the body is also extremely handsome, with a glimpse, the appearance is not bad, how come the head seems to have a little problem?

If not, curse the heavens for what.

Heaven is jealous of talent? This thought came to Lu Huaishuang’s mind.

The thought did not finish, there was a loud crackling noise, shaking people’s eardrums, as if in response to the youth’s curses, from the cloud vortex, a thick as a bucket of lightning blasted down, connecting the sky and the earth, such as the brush of God, the heaven and earth will be cut open.

Everyone’s hair stood on end, the closest to the youth Lu Huaishuang was more pale.

No other reason, the lightning is actually coming straight to the youth, the target is obvious, accurate positioning.

Lightning Penalty!

This youth has done so many bad things that heaven and earth will not allow him alive!

“Go!” The youth suddenly turned around, grabbed Lu Huaishuang’s collar, and tossed her with his hand.

Before Lu Huaishuang could react to what was happening, her whole body flew out like an arrow from a string.

Then she saw the lightning strike down on the body of the youth, the youth’s black hair instantly stood up, with him as the center, a hundred meter around, is a sea of lightning!

A few dodging martial artists can not even scream, all of a sudden turned into nothing, the smell of scorching meat diffused out at the same time, as if someone is roasting meat, the smell rose into the nose, disgusting.

Lightning struck down a full ten breaths of work, in this ten breaths, the lightning in the sky, such as the moonlight pouring out, constantly pouring down, the youth was struck by it and the body is twitching, as if it had the chicken plague, look all painful.

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