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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3086 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3086
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And it looks like it’s Lu Huaishuang’s own room, which is also one of the best rooms in the whole warship.

Women avoid suspicion, under normal circumstances, no matter how respectful she is to the guest, it is impossible to give up her own boudoir for guests to live, which will inevitably provoke suspicion. But Yang Kai has far exceeded the guest category, Lu Huaishuang can only think to do her best and not be rude to Yang Kai.

Even if he had molested her before, Lu Huaishuang did not dare to have the slightest grudge.

Sheng Yao glanced deeply at Lu Huaishuang with a smile on his face.

Lu Huaishuang’s cheeks blushed red, although she did not have other thoughts, but letting a man live in her boudoir, and this man looks about the same age as her, she is always a little embarrassed, said softly: “Sir, are you satisfied with this place? If not, you can change to another room.”

“Have a heart.” Yang Kai nodded, and did not avoid anything, for him, for a place to rest, boudoir or not boudoir is no difference.

“As long as Sir is satisfied.” Inexplicably, Lu Huaishuang actually felt relieved, the vague expectation in her heart turned into reality, which made her heart startled, and she was busy saying, “Your Excellency take a rest for now, I’ll come back to talk to Your Excellency after I go take care of the outside matters.”

“Get busy.” Yang Kai waved his hand.

Lu Huaishuang then excused herself, before leaving, she glanced at Sheng Yao, she did not like this uninvited guy, but Sheng Yao acted under Yang Kai’s banner, she could not kick him out, she just glared at him as a warning.

The door was closed, Yang Kai walked around the room, casually picking up something, and then put it down, and then pick up another to look, as if everything felt new.

Sheng Yao seems to be a tail, following behind Yang Kai.

Yang Kai suddenly turned around.

Sheng Yao dodged, almost collided with him, and hurried back to the side, a look of fear emerged after Yang Kai looked at him with a smile: “Going bath with me?”

Sheng Yao’s eyes jumped at the corners, lowered his eyebrows and said, “I dare not, I will leave for now, if you have any orders, please feel free to greet me, I will wait outside the door.”

Saying that, he flee out of the room, smoothly closed the room door, respectfully stand outside the door.


Suddenly revealed a bitter smile.

He thought his disguise was flawless, that is, the Wild Wind people and fellow brothers who share food and play with woman did not see his true face, but he knew that his own disguise is not worth mentioning in the eyes of this Sir Yang.

The disguise was seen through the moment he saw him, just too lazy to say it.

When he thought about what that lord had done to Lu Huaishuang, and then thought about what he wanted, Sheng Yao’s eyes flashed with determination, and he nodded secretly, his hand suddenly pinched a magic arts, and then, his figure changed dramatically.

In the bath, Yang Kai took off his clothes, his body leaned on the wall of the pool, hands spread out, showing a look of relief, the lean muscle is extremely proportional, if the wicked womans see it, they would scream.

Now that he has arrived in the lower realm, although he has come to a completely unfamiliar Everlasting Star Field, but he has barely accomplished his goal.

When he created the High Heaven Palace, he had thought of one day to take his friends and relatives on the Shadowed Star, but for so many years he had been trying to improve his cultivation strength, and had no opportunity to return to the Star Field, much less the doorway.

Right now is an opportunity.

Although he had come to the Everlasting Star Field, there might not be no chance to return to the Heng Luo Star Field. He knew that Star Field were very different from each other, and some Star Field were connected to each other, and perhaps, the path and method to other Star Field could be found in this Everlasting Star Field.

The primary goal is to find a way out to Heng Luo Star Field, the secondary goal is to inquire about the whereabouts of Wu Kuang. He had a feeling that Wu Kuang might also be in this Everlasting Star Field, if so, he could look for his whereabouts, he must know how to travel between the two Star Field.

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Yang Kai took a quick shower, then he re-dressed, brushed his hair, summon the Mysterious Boundary Bead, gritted his teeth, carefully urge his aura, and flashed into the Mysterious Small Boundary.

In the Mysterious Small Boundary attic area, Liu Yan meditating with closed eyes suddenly open her eyes and flew outside the attic along with Embodiment on the way, glanced at each other, all saw the thoughts in each other’s eyes.

Li Jiao and Lu Sanniang mother and daughter were having a good time, and did not know what they were talking about, seeing them appear, Li Jiao could not help but say: “Liu Yan girl, what is it?”

“The Master is here.” Liu Yan beautiful eyes glowing towards that side.

Li Jiao was stunned by the words, then suddenly reacted and looked in surprise.

Over there, Yang Kai’s figure fluttered and soon arrived in front of the attic, grinning, “Everyone’s here.”

Liu Yan stood there and opened her arms to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai stared, “What for?”


Yang Kai said: “Are you teasing me? The more you live, the younger you seem.” He said, but walked to her, reached out and picked her up, as if he was holding a baby.

The two hands grabbed Yang Kai’s ears and played with them, as if they had a new toy, wanton to the extreme.

Yang Kai shook his head, but she did not relent, and could only let her.

“Brother Yang.” Li Jiao came to greet him, “Li is thankful for brother Yang’s grace. In the future, if Brother Yang has any order, Li will never fail it.”

Lu Sanniang also came forward, salute and said in a polite manner: “Thank you brother Yang for avenging Sanniang grievances.” As she said that, her eyes were red.

Lu Yuqin also followed and said, “Thank you, Uncle Yang.”

She didn’t have any feelings towards her dragon father, and she had heard her mother talk about many past events these days, in her opinion, Li Jiao was her father, and that guy named Fu Chi was the biggest villain under the sky.

Yang Kai reached out and lifted them up, and spoke: “It’s not me who took revenge, it’s Brother Li himself, there’s no need to thank me for this.”

Li Jiao was ashamed and said, “I am not a good learner, if it wasn’t for Brother Yang’s help, how could I have the opportunity to take revenge?”

Although Fu Chi did not die in his hands, but Fu Chi’s death had much to do with him, and if Yang Kai had not give him the Dragon Temple Blessing Technique, he would not have had the opportunity to fight against Fu Chi.

This alone, he is grateful to Yang Kai, the resentment accumulated on the Dragon Island was swept away, and looked forward to the future, and secretly made up his mind that when he returned to the Fire Dragon Palace, he would treat Lu Sanniang and her daughter well, and also treat his womens well.

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After chatting for a while, the Embodiment suddenly interjected: “Did you encounter any trouble?”

It is a stone puppet with Yang Kai’s divine soul, to some extent it is connected with Yang Kai’s mind, he naturally perceive a little bit of clues.

“En, there is a trouble.” Yang Kai nodded his head and spoke, “Sit down and talk.”

Reaching out and beckoning, from the attic immediately flew out several chairs and a wooden table, which were made by people on the Tongxuan continent in the early years and left here.

Yang Kai took Liu Yan’s arms and tried to put her on a chair, but Liu Yan did not comply, and finally he could only put her on his lap, with one hand over her body to hold her.

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In a few words, Yang Kai told what happened in the Dragon Temple, and when they heard that Wu Kuang had escaped, shattered the void and infiltrated into the lower realm, everyone was shocked.

Hearing that Yang Kai also chased to an unfamiliar Everlasting Star Field, the crowd was even more amazed.

“The current situation is like this.” Yang Kai’s face was solemn, “The lower realm has its own laws of heaven and earth, which will reject the existence of martial artists above the Origin King realm, so all of you, except for Yuqin, cannot move around outside peacefully, once you go out, you will definitely be rejected by the Heavenly Law.”

Liu Yan said, “What about you, master?”

Yang Kai is an Emperor Realm, and this lower realm rejected even the Dao Source Stage, not to mention more powerful existences.

“I’m also rejected.” Yang Kai touched his nose, “Although I did my best to suppress and seal my cultivation before entering this Star Field, I was still struck by lightning after arriving here.”

The Thunder Penalty was the most obvious feature of the laws of heaven and earth that rejected Yang Kai.

Thanks to the fact that he had sealed most of his cultivation long ago, otherwise the extent of the thunder penalty would have been even greater. Although only the lower planes Star Field, but the laws of heaven and earth is very powerful, even Yang Kai could not provoke it and survive in this Star Field.

“And then …… I also fell down.”

“Poof……” Liu Yan laughed out loud, it’s hard to imagine and Emperor Realm in that scene, the others also can not help but laugh.

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Yang Kai reached out and gave her a knock on the head, and Liu Yan immediately took both hands to cover her head, her mouth puckered up.

“So Brother Li and Sanniang can only stay here for the time being, and there is no way to return from the Star Field, but don’t worry, after I finish my own business, I will find my way back.”

Li Jiao nodded and said, “It’s nothing, since Brother Yang can come, he can definitely leave, but does this place need our help? Although it is impossible for your cultivation level to have a rival in this kind of lower realm, but there is nothing wrong with having a helpers, we can more or less contribute our efforts.”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “If Brother Li wants to help, just seal your own cultivation level first.”

“Good.” Li Jiao nodded his head.

“I also want to help.” Liu Yan said.


Liu Yan smiled sweetly.

He always felt that her personality had changed a lot after this reunion.


“Where is Lu An?” In the other room, Lu Huaishuang finished handling some trivial matters and opened her mouth to ask at Lu Bing.

Hearing the coldness in her words, Lu Bing’s heart was aghast and he said suspiciously, “What’s wrong with him?”

Lu Huaishuang said, “It was he who betrayed us and reveal our location and attracted the people of Wild Wind and He family.”

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