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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3087 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3087
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Lu An is the clan uncle who met her eyes but dodged away.

The thing is very obvious, Lu Huaishuang is not blind, without asking more she has understood the truth, she has no time to deal with this traitor before, now she is free, naturally can not let this traitor alone.

Lu family, have no place for traitor.

Lu Bing was shocked at the words: “Him? No way?”

He and Lu An are also cousins, the month before they even drank and chatted together, he cannot believe that he would betray the Lu family, but he knows that Lu Huaishuang will not say this for no reason, since she said so, then there is conclusive evidence, he said with a stern expression: “I will go and see.”

Turned around and went out the door.

In a few moments, he returned and said with an ugly face, “Lu An has escaped!”

He searched the entire warship but no trace of Lu An, asked the Lu family martial artists, no one has seen him for a long time.

“As expected.” Lu Huaishuang is not surprised, if she were Lu An, she would definitely run away too. The traitor is always more hateful than the enemy, if he did not run, the end will certainly be miserable beyond compare.

The heart is slightly relieved, if Lu An does not run, she really do not know how to deal with it, kill the chicken to make an example of monkeys? That person is also her elder, her clan uncle. If she really do it, will it not make some people thinkg she is iron-blooded and ruthless?

The fact that he ran away saved her a lot of trouble, as did the few fish from the He family, who probably wouldn’t be very happy even if they lived on this dead star without any aura, so Lu Huaishuang didn’t plan to chase them, and letting them go was the biggest punishment for him.

“How could he betray the Lu family?” Lu Bing sais painfully.

“Either for profit or someone has seized the handle.” Lu Huaishuang said indifferently, waving her hand, “That’s all, don’t publicize this matter, lest it cause unnecessary suspicion.”

“Yes.” Lu Bing nodded, “But Lu An still has his family in Morning Sun Star, if those people ask about it after this time, how to explain?”

“Third uncle, you have to come up with an explanation.” Lu Huaishuang looked at him.


Lu Bing nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll take care of this.” After a pause, he added: “By the way, that battleship of the He family ……”

Lu Huaishuang jerked her head: “Before getting that person’s permission, absolutely do not hit any idea on that battleship.” Although the He family’s people were eliminate by their hands, that Origin King-class battleship is also the Lu family’s spoils of war by definition, but in the final analysis most of the credit must go to Yang Kai.

The Origin King class battleship was invariably labeled as Yang Kai’s.

Lu Bing said: “I naturally know, these days i also restrained the clan to not board ong that battleship. But I think that person should not put that battleship in his eyes, can you go… to ask his opinion?”

The Lu family is a hegemon in the Morning Sun Star, but only one Origin King-class battleship is on hand, if they can get another one out of thin air, then the strength will certainly be able to upgrade a grade, Origin King-class battleship is the biggest weapon to attack the city, back to the Morning Sun Star, if they want to make a move on the remaining members of the He family, the deterrent effect of the battleship is essential.

Lu Huaishuang rubbedher temples, remembering that person, she remembered the incident when they went down the mountain, the touch on the chest was still clear, and her expression was slightly unnatural.

‘He said he did not mean to, huh…’

“That person’s origin, inquired clearly?” Lu Bing asked again.

Lu Huaishuang shook her head: “Only know that he is not the people of the Everlasting Star Field.”

Lu Bing jumped: “Not the people of the Everlasting Star Field?” Suddenly remembering something, he whispered, “Could it be…”

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Lu Huaishuang nodded: “I am now also suspecting that he comes from that place.”

“No wonder.” Lu Bing said thoughtfully, “even the great leader of the Wild Wind are willing to be his follower, if he is from that place, Sheng Yao would not surrender to him, Sheng Yao must have also seen it, right?”

Lu Huaishuang gently laughed: “People like him tend to avoid disaster, if there is no benefit, why would he be willing to be a tail.”

Lu Bing said with a solemn look: “Then our Lu family should have a good relationship with him, can not let Sheng Yao take advantage of the first opportunity, um, it is best to cast the right person, just do not know what this person likes, but men pursue, most of the money and power, perhaps we can start from this aspect, our Lu family also have many good woman in this trip.”

“I know, let me think about it.” Lu Huaishuang nodded.

This has an obvious meaning of expulsion, Lu Bing said: “Then I’ll go out and be busy, if there is any news you can notify me.”

Sitting on the chair, Lu Huaishuang’s face kept changing, thought for a long time but had no clue, finally decided to go and see that person before.

And whether or not she can get along with him, the main thing is to be familiar, Sheng Yao is climbing on the side, if she really let Sheng Yao get the first opportunity, I’m afraid there is really nothing for the Lu family.

This is a great opportunity, Lu Huaishuang also do not want to miss it.


The sound of light footsteps came from inside the passage, and Lu Huaishuang’s figure slowly revealed itself.

When she arrived at her boudoir, Lu Huaishuang was startled and stared ahead and shouted: “Who!”

At the doorway of the room, there was actually a woman standing, the body is hot to the extreme, slender and delicate, chest bulging high, almost bursting out of the clothes, a long lavender dress fit decently, the waist tied a similar purple silk ribbon belt, the waist is outlined to the fullest, behind the waist concave into a distinct arc, and then the hips fiercely rises, thrilling.

A blue silky hair, draped over the shoulders, a pair of moist peachy eyes, as if able to speak.

Even the same woman, Lu Huaishuang looked at this woman also can not help but have a heart thumping feeling.

This woman is simply a fairy!

Of course, it would be better if it wasn’t for the 2nd order Origin King Realm on her body.

Lu Huaishuang is not in an appreciative mood at the moment, no matter who it is, suddenly discovering such a completely unfamiliar strong person inside her battleship, it will certainly be like seeing a great enemy.

A splash of blue light bloomed out, Lu Huaishuang holding a sword, pointing it a cold face, although her cultivation level is lower, but this is her battleship, if they really fight, it is not necessarily obvious who is stronger or weaker.

To her surprise, in the face of her frank hostility, the woman actually looked indifferent, holding a rouge box in one hand, smearing her face in front of the mirror inside the box, looking meticulous.

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Suddenly the hand movement stop, annoyed: “how many years have it been, actually not quite used to it, Sister Shuang, can you help me draw an eye shadow.”

‘Shuang… sister?’

Lu Huaishuang frowned: “We know each other?”

She confirmed that she had never seen this mature and charming girl. At first glance, she is a juicy woman, the other party calling her like this makes her doubtful.

The woman pursed her lips and smiled: “It’s only been a short while since we separated, how come we don’t know each other?”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“What are you talking about…” Lu Huaishuang was a little impatient, but the next moment she looked at her in shock, thinking of a possibility.

The woman suddenly changed a voice: “What about now?”

“Are you Sheng Yao?” She simply couldn’t believe her eyes, Lu Huaishuang’s small mouth opened wide, as if two invisible fingers had been stuffed in it.

The famous Wild Wind big boss in the entire Everlasting Star Field actually turn into a woman with white skin and the beauty of a peach blossom! In an instant, Lu Huaishuang only felt that her views were destroyed and her thinking stalled.

“Giggle ……” the first leader laughed repeatedly, the flowery thing is trembling in the chest, her clothes were almost collapsed.

Lu Huaishuang could not believe it, but here and now, who else can be here with the cultivation level of 2nd order Origin King Realm except of the first leader?

“How do you…” Lu Huaishuang simply do not know what to say, at this moment the mood is mixed.

The big boss smiled, showing some sad expression said: “We are all women, and all stand in high places, I think you can probably understand the reason for it?”

Lu Huaishuang was stunned and slowly came to understand it.

When she took over the Lu family, there was a voice of doubt, not thaat her cultivation level is not enough, with a Origin King realm, the entire Lu Family has no higher cultivation level than her, but it was because she is only a woman!

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Several tough battles were fought, and numerous enemies were destroyed by her hand, which stabilized the swaying situation of the Lu Family, which established her status as the head of the Lu Family.

But the freedom of the past is gone, always pay attention to their words and actions.

As if in this world, men always have an extra advantage over women.

What is the reason? All the man in the world born from a woman, why look down on women? Both men and women are human beings, why is there a distinction between inferior and superior?

This is the case with the Lu family, not to mention the fierce and vicious group of star thieves like Wild Wind, who have gathered all kinds of evil in the Star Field.

The first leader said: “If those boys know that I am a woman, and such a beautiful woman, do you think I can rule them? My sworn brothers alone will eat me up.”

Lu Huaishuang nodded in deep thought.

Ma Chaoqun and Ge Ming could drink and eat with Sheng Yao and play with women, but that was only if Sheng Yao was as stout a man as they were. If Sheng Yao regains her woman body, it is inevitable that Ma Chaoqun and Ge Ming will have any bad thoughts.

Inexplicably, Lu Huaishuang had a sympathetic feeling towards her.

In a way, the two are in a similar situation.

Both are extremely beautiful women, both are in high positions, and both have various constraints on them.

“Sheng Yao is not your name!” Lu Huaishuang said, no woman would have this masculine name.

The first leader pursed her lips and smiled delicately: “Just a random pseudonym.”

“What will you be called from now on?”

“He Yunxiang.” The big boss pursed her lips and smiled, “I am originally a child of a poor family, and my name is not very catchy.”

Lu Huaishuang nodded gently, and frowned again, with an odd expression, “I heard that you have a hundred woman a night?”

Since she is a woman, how can she do this thing, but there would be no wind if there is no holes, with such rumors, that must have really happened.

He Yunxiang covered her mouth and smiled: “Shuang sister you are very gossipy.” Her eyes flashes and said: “Want to know, you can come to me when you have time to try.”

Lu Huaishuang immediately looked solemn, slightly unnatural and said: “No need.”

Secretly regret, how could she thought about asking her this kind of question.

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