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Martial Peak Chapter 3089

“Does Your Excellency want to go to the Ancestor Territory?” He Yunxiang asked.

“En, do you two have any doorways?” Yang Kai looked at them expectantly.

Lu Huaishuang let out a bitter smile, “Although my Lu family is not bad on the Morning Sun Star, it is nothing in the entire Star Field, I don’t know about the Ancestor Territory.” The heart is a bit annoyed, if she can help this lord in this matter, then the Lu family will certainly be able to get a great return, the opportunity is in front of them but can not be grasped.

He Yunxiang’s eyes turned and said, “Although I don’t know how to go to the Ancestor Territory, I think someone should be clear.”

“Who?” Yang Kai’s expression twitched.

Lu Huaishuang also reacted and turned her head to look at He Yunxiang and said, “First Leader means the Yan family?”

He Yunxiang pursed her lips and said: “Five hundred years ago, an old ancestor of the Yan family once left the Taiyi Star and went to the Ancestor Territory, at that time this matter was full of excitement, although no one knows whether that Yan family old ancestor successfully entered the Ancestor Territory or not, but if you say who knows the most about this matter in the Everlasting Star Field, Yan Family is the best, if your Excellency wants to go to the ancestor territory, it is best to start from the Yan family. ”

“Yan family…” Lu Huaishuang eyes flashed a trace of scorn, “it’s not easy to mess with.”

“What is the origin of this Yan family?” Yang Kai asked.

Knowing that he is not a person in the Everlasting Star Field, the distribution of forces within the Star Field is not understood, the two women then carefully explain it.

The Yan family is a family name and a synonym for a collection of powerful people in the Everlasting Star Field. A Yan family not only has a cultivation star like the Taiyi Star, but also holds four or five other cultivation stars in its hands, any of which is no worse than the Morning Sun Star, and the Taiyi Star is even better than the Morning Sun Star.

If the cultivation stars are also divided into grades, then the Morning Sun Star can only be considered a medium level, while the Taiyi Star is the top level, whether it is the world’s spiritual energy or material output, Morning Sun Star is not comparable.

It can be imagined how terrifying the Yan family’s heritage is that it occupies so many cultivation stars.

The Yan family can be considered the hegemon of the hegemons in the Everlasting Star Field, and there are four or five 3rd order Origin King Realm powerhouses alone, of which the Yan family’s contemporary family head, Yan Luo, has the reputation of being the first person in the Everlasting Star Field.

The Yan family’s warships are the only ones that the Star Pirates did not dare to burn or plunder.

After listening to their explanations, Yang Kai had some understanding of this Yan family, and was immediately somewhat satisfied, if this is true, perhaps he can start from the Yan family side, to find out the method and route to the Ancestor Territory.

The two women saw Yang Kai look calm, and did not have the slightest movement because of the huge power of the Yan family, the more they feel that this person is unfathomable.

He Yunxiang heart is even more delighted, she feel that giving up self-respect and face to hug this thick thigh is really not a loss business, if she can go with him to the Ancestor Territory, what is the harm in doing so?

Thinking of this, her expression moved and said: “It’s a coincidence, Sister Shuang, isn’t the goal of your trip this time the Taiyi Star?”

Yang Kai said, “Really?”

Lu Huaishuang nodded and said, “We are going to Taiyi Star to exchange some supplies, if you don’t mind, why don’t we go together?” Every three to five years, the Lu family would bring a batch of specialties from the Morning Sun Star and go to other cultivation stars to exchange the specialties of those stars.

“Good.” Yang Kai naturally had no reason to refuse, although he was an emperor realm, but in this lower realm, there were many inconveniences, always felt that his power was suppressed in his body and could not be exerted, the slightest use of power would lead to the rejection of the Heavenly Law.

Since it’s along the way, he is naturally happy to take a ride.

The two women naturally explained to him with the utmost enthusiasm, and He Yunxiang’s intention was obvious and not at all disguised.

Two hours later, Yang Kai said he was tired.

Lu Huaishuang wisely got up to say goodbye, before leaving she hesitantly asked Yang Kai about the handling of the He family’s Origin King-class warship.

Yang Kai waved his hand: “You guys take it.”

A Origin King-class warship, why would he put it in his eyes.

He Yunxiang eyebrows jumped, lamenting that this lord is really a big deal, Origin King-class battleship is given away, but on second thought, standing on his height, see things completely different from their own, treasure on their eyes, might be a pile of garbage in his eyes.

Lu Huaishuang thanked him profusely and said she would exchange the battleship with Yang Kai with saint crystal of equal value, and only after Yang Kai refused did she leave.

It’s not that Yang Kai is pretending to be generous, but the saint crystal in the lower realm are of no use to him, and there are piles of high-rank source crystals in his space ring.

Lu Huaishuang left after giving a deep glance at He Yunxiang.

The door of the room was closed, and the room was only for one man and one woman.

“What else does your Excellency want? If you need anything, just say it to this mistress.” The room is not hot, but He Yunxiang cheeks is red, a pair of peach blossom eyes full of water, when talking she lightly pursed the red lips, if other man saw this look, they would sacrifice their soul for a piece of it. The implication in that words is so obvious.

Facing the young man in front of her, the only thing she can rely on is her own beauty, coincidentally, she is also very confident in her own beauty.

Yang Kai is a man, but also a vigorous man, such an environment, such a beauty, such hints, naturally inevitably on fire, but he cultivated so far, the self-control is not lacking, wandering for many years, the eyes are wide open, all kinds of beauty has been seen, how can a simple He Yunxiang tempted him.

Raising his eyes to look at her, he smiled and said: “Is it worth it?”


“You have not lost your Primordial Yin, you are still a virgin, right?”

He Yunxiang made a big red face, if just now the cheeks flying red is still a bit suspicion, then at this moment it is really true feelings flowing, lowered her head and bit her red lips, when she raised her head again, she said firmly: “As long as the Lord can take me to a higher martial dao, then it is worth it.”

Yang Kai shook his head: “I don’t make deals with such things.”

The topic had already been pointed out, He Yunxiang also did not hide, leisurely said: “In this life, a woman always needs to find a man she can trust, looking at the entire Everlasting Star Field, the one who can enter my He Yunxiang’s eyes has not yet been born.” In her eyes, the figure of the young man was reflected, not only has it entered her eyes, she simply can’t pull it out.

Not love at first sight, not even half love, but she knows, if she really want to find a lifelong commitment to a man in this life, then this person is the best choice.

The opportunity is right in front of her, if she don’t grab it hard, it will soon slip through her fingers, and she doesn’t want to look back when she’s at the end of her life and regret her hesitation today.

“Are you so sure I can give you a broader world?”

He Yunxiang stroked the hair around her ear and said with a faint smile, “Although I don’t know exactly what kind of energy your lordship has, but a woman’s sixth sense is not wrong.”

“You’re too confident, I’m going to the Yan family on this trip.”

“I know.” He Yunxiang looked at him curiously, wondering why he brought this up.

“I’m going to the Yan Family to pry for a way to enter the Ancestor Territory, how do you think the Yan Family will treat me?”

He Yunxiang was stunned, this hadn’t occurred to her, but thinking deeper down along with Yang Kai’s question, she immediately associated it with many things.

The method of entering the Ancestor Territory has always been a secret, although there are rumors of many strong people from different eras successfully entered the Ancestor Territory, but from where to enter, how to enter, no one knows, the method has always been in the hands of only the most powerful forces.

Since it is confidential, they’re naturally not willing to open it to outsiders.

Yang Kai will not go smoothly all the way, in all likelihood, he will have some kind of conflict with the Yan family.

Taiyi Star is the Yan family’s home base, It is the place where the entire high-level Yan Family gathers, anyone who had a conflict with the Yan Family in that place will suffer.

This young man in front of her, even if he can’t defeat them, retreat is certainly no problem, but if a 2nd order Origin King Realm like her is close with him, will she not be targeted by the Yan family? When the time comes, I’m afraid it will be difficult to fly.

She is also a thoughtful generation, a turn of the head, then thought of a lot of things.

The determination on her face disappeared and was replaced by hesitation.

She previously felt that it was good to ride on this big tree of Yang Kai, but now it seems that she was thinking too simply.

“Go out.” Yang Kai waved his hand.

He Yunxiang did not move, suddenly clenched her teeth, kneeled down on one knee as she did at first, and said in a deep voice: “Lord, please allow me to follow you, to serve as a dog and horse.”

Yang Kai said, “I thought I made it clear with you.” Just now she had a trace of hesitation on her face, how could she change her mind in the blink of an eye? Is a woman’s heart changing too quickly, or is he too straightforward.

He Yunxiang lowered her head, chest flap wide open, but not intentionally, but this posture will inevitably go naked, firmly said: “life in the world, there is always a chance, but only those who can catch it can say its a chance.”

“There is also the possibility of catching a deadly poison needle.”

“Your Excellency must have gambled many times in this life, then I ask your Excellency to give me the chance to gamble once.”

“You will regret it.”

“The path is chosen by myself, with my own decision, i will not regret it.”

Yang Kai stared deeply at her, He Yunxiang did not move a muscle.

As she said, in martial dao, in the face of opportunities, any decision made carries the nature of gambling, some people win the gamble, take a step to heaven, some people lose the gamble, and fall into the abyss.

She also gambled all the way over, if she didn’t dare to gamble, why would she cultivate? Although she is a woman, but often mixed in the middle of a group of crude men, there is less of the fainthearted of woman, and more decisiveness of man in her.

She wants to gamble! Bet that she can take advantage of the momentum, and soar into the sky!


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