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Martial Peak Chapter 3094

“By taking this spirit pill, you can ask to be above the Origin King?” Yan Qing’s throat was a little dry, this is something that has not been encountered for many years.

He Yunxiang said, “There is just a chance, the spirit pill is just an external object, the root is still in oneself.”

There is another sentence she did not say, taking this spirit pills do have a chance to reach above the Origin King, but the premise is that it needs to be taken for a large amount for a long time to do so, one Source Congealing Pill is unlikely to have much effect.

The transformation of the Saint Yuan in the body of a Origin King realm martial artist is an extremely long process.

“How do I know if what madam said is true or not?” Yan Qing frowned, he at least lived such a large age, accustomed to the big waves, after the initial shock, the mind has been stabilized, can not help but doubt, if this so-called Source Congealing Pill really have such a divine effect, why doesn’t this woman take it herself? She actually took it out to tempt him, is she not afraid that he will eat her to the bones?

“I have a request for the Yan family, what good will it do to lie to you?” He Yunxiang said solemnly.

Yan Qing shook his head: “There is no proof in empty words, if that is true, I would like to examine this Spirit Pill personally.”

He Yunxiang smiled faintly, “Good.”

A white light flashed in front of his eyes, Yan Qing grabbed the Source Congealing Pill, still a bit unbelievable. This woman has no problem, since these spirit pill are so precious, how come they are so easily given to him?

“Madam is not afraid that I will take this Spirit Pill?” Yan Qing asked.

“Will you?” He Yunxiang asked in surprise, like a young girl who is not versed in world affairs. If you want to hog it, then you have to be able to do it!

“Will not!” Yan Qing shook his head, the world is bustling, all for profit, what will not be done in front of the huge benefits? He just can’t understand where this woman’s bottom line is, her head seems a little abnormal.

He Yunxiang pursed her lips and smiled: “If this spirit pill is real, I wonder if it can be exchanged for information on the way to the Ancestor Domain?”

Yan Qing exhaled lightly: “Enough, but only if this Spirit Pill really has the efficacy you say. Madam, wait a moment, I need to find someone to test it.”

“Elder Yan Qing just make yourself comfortable.” He Yunxiang stretched out her hand to indicate.

The matter is important, Yan Qing does not dare to be slow, quickly turned around and entered the inner hall, quickly disappeared.

He Yunxiang turned her head to look at Yang Kai and quietly transmitted a voice: “The fish has taken the bait.”

Yang Kai nodded calmly.

He Yunxiang said, “In fact, with your strength, you can make the Yan family hand over the method to the Ancestor Territory without much effort, why go to such lengths?” [TL: of course to waste chapters. JK]

Source Congealing Pill is just a bait, this place is the Yan family’s stronghold, an outsider with no history taking such spirit pill here is inviting the Yan family to rob it. There is nothing better than overwhelming the people, it will be less troublesome.

This is the style of the Wild Wind, as the Wild Wind’s leader, He Yunxiang will carry out this concept to the fullest.

Yang Kai said: “I have my own plans.”

In fact, it is a bit embarrassing, bullying the weak is always unattractive, with his emperor realm cultivation to bully a group of Origin King Realm, it always feel like an adult is robbing from a child. But if the child is a disobedient brat, then it needs to be properly disciplined.

Twin Peaks summit, a secret room.

Yan Luo, the head of the Yan family, was holding the Source Congealing Pill, his face changing, while Yan Qing stood by the side, licking his dry lips from time to time.

Only after a long time did he open his mouth and asked, “Patriarch, does this spirit pill really have that kind of divine effect?”

Yan Luo thought for a while and shook his head, “I can’t tell, let’s wait for a few masters to come over for a look.”

Even the patriarch can’t tell! Yan Qing was not surprised but happy, and felt more and more that this Source Congealing Pill was something extraordinary.

In a short time, several people came in, regardless of their cultivation level, but their bodies are emitting a strong aroma of pills, obviously people who deal with herbs and spirit pill all year round, and this type of people, naturally, are alchemists.

These people are the Yan family’s most outstanding alchemists, each at the level of Origin King level alchemists.

After entering the secret room and meeting Yan Luo and Yan Qing both, a soap-robed old man at the head said, “Patriarch, urgently summoning us here, I wonder what’s the matter?”

“Take a look at this Spirit Pill.” Yan Luo handed over the spirit pill in his hand.

The soap-robed old man took it, the rest of the people also cast their eyes over, the initial carelessness disappeared at once, each of them widened their eyes and exclaimed: “This..”

“What kind of spirit pill is this?”

“Quickly show it to me.”

“Don’t grab it!”

The group of highly respected pill masters instantly lost their manners, as if they were country bumpkins who had never seen the world, and the shock in their eyes simply overflowed out of their sockets.

It was only after a few moments of work that the soap-robed old man at the head of the group looked at Yan Luo excitedly, “patriarch, dare I ask where this spirit pill came from?”

“Can you see what grade it is?” Yan Luo replied.

“I can’t tell, but with our means, it is absolutely impossible for us to refine such a spirit pill.”

Several other alchemists nodded their heads in deep understanding. This spirit pill was beyond their knowledge and insight, let alone refining it, they couldn’t even distinguish the ingredients.

The answer was already obvious, the sudden appearance of the Source Congealing Pill, 3rd order Origin King Realm powerhouse and Origin King Grade alchemists are unable to distinguish, the only possibility is that this spirit pill is above the Origin King level!

The soap-robed old man still wanted to ask something, Yan Luo already waved his hand and said, “Go down.”

Several master alchemists, even though they were reluctant, did not dare to be disobedient and bowed out, looking at the spirit pill with reluctance before leaving.

After several people left, Yan Luo said indifferently, “You just said that the woman named He Yunxiang casually handed you this spirit pill?”


“It looks like she has more than just this one spirit pill in her hand.” Yan Luo suddenly laughed.

Yan Qing saw it and immediately understood what he was thinking, how could he didn’t have this idea in mind? The two sides think alike, but hesitantly said: “But being able to take out such a thing with her hands, is she so easy to provoke? In case she has a backer.”

“Not very likely, and, do not forget, what is this place.” Yan Luo faintly glanced at him. [TL: yea sure, that spirit pill come from air, no one is giving it to her.]

Yan Qing looked stunned, nodded and said, “I understand.”

Turning around, he walked out of the secret room.

A woman with no origins, even if she was killed and captured on the Twin Peaks, I’m afraid no one would know, right?

“It’s starting now, my lord.” In the hall, He Yunxiang smilingly looked at Yang Kai, then a burst of air-breaking sound came to her ears, a powerful aura like a sleeping dragon awakened, the group surrounded the hall.

A man with a grim look stepped out of the inner hall, it was Yan Qing who had left not long ago.

He Yunxiang said: “Elder Yan Qing, what is the result of the appraisal?”

Yan Qing sternly shouted: “Daring woman, how dare you swindle my Yan family with a fake spirit pill, you really have eaten the heart of a bear.”

He Yunxiang was shocked, “Elder Yan Qing, what are you talking about? What fake spirit pill?”

Yan Qing coldly snorted: “Although I don’t know where you found the stuff, but that spirit pill was verified by several Yan family Origin King level alchemists, but it is useless, you want to exchange it for my Yan family secrets? Do you really think my Yan family is easy to bully?”

He Yunxiang was terrified and said with a pale face, “How can it be a fake elixir? That is a real spirit pill that is useful for promotion above Origin King, how dare I cheat the Yan family?” The heart was amused, some understanding why Yang Kai had to go to great lengths before.

Even the Yan family had to find a reason to deal with her first, this is just how the outside world are.

The first thing you need to do is to get used to the outside world.

“Can’t it be that the eyesight of my Yan family’s several Origin King level alchemists is not as good as yours?” Yan Qing coldly snorted.

He Yunxiang sighed: “Since that’s the case, then please ask Elder Yan Qing to return that spirit pill to me, just pretend that I didn’t have that offer before.”

Yan Qing sneered, “Still want that spirit pil? The old man threw it away long ago.”

He Yunxiang’s eyes were red: “How could your Yan family do this? That is a very precious spirit pill, even if you don’t know the goods, why throw it away.” It was full of aggression and helplessness, which made people look at it with pity.

‘This woman is really stupid or fake stupid?’ Yan Qing is a bit confused. It’s hard to believe that she has been hiding in some place to cultivate, and only recently came out of the gate? Otherwise such a cultivation, how can this be so uninitiated in the world.

‘That’s right, it must be so! Otherwise, how could such a 3rd order Origin King is unheard of? Perhaps she has got some kind of remarkable inheritance and has been in retreat somewhere to cultivate.’

The only trace of concern left was gone.

“It’s just a spirit pill, just lose it, since the Yan family is so uncaring, then I’ll take my leave.” He Yunxiang stood up and wiped the corners of her eyes, sad and despondent.

“Is my Yan family a place where you can come and go whenever you want?” Yan Qing shouted sternly.

He Yunxiang panicked, “Then what do you want?”

“Swindling my Yan family, trying to steal Yan family secrets, if I let you get away, how can my Yan family have its face? Mrs He will stay here.”

He Yunxiang fell back a few steps and said in shock, “You want to detain me?”

Since he had already torn his face, Yan Qing had nothing more to hide and said in a deep voice: “Madam He, if I were you, I would definitely give up my hand and surrender, Madam’s body is delicate and weak, it seems that you have just been promoted, if you fight with me, it would be bad if you hurt anything.” He has full confidence to take down He Yunxiang, in contrast, he is a veteran 3rd order Origin King Realm, it is not comething He Yunxiang can compare. The various deployments outside were just a precaution.

He Yunxiang cursed angrily: “You are despicable and shameless, how can the Yan family have people like you? I demand to see the old Yan patriarch and ask him to do me justice.”

Yan Qing sneered, “The patriarch will not see you.”

He Yunxiang opened her mouth and was about to say something else when Yang Kai suddenly got up.

When he moved, He Yunxiang immediately shut her mouth, Yan Qing coldly glanced at him, frowned slightly, then raised his hand and swept towards Yang Kai’s location, the action was easy and free, as if to drive away mosquitoes.


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