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Martial Peak Chapter 3095

Boom, the violent energy hit Yang Kai chest.

Yan Qing did not squint his eyes, did not even look at him. Even though the blow just now is only his casual hand, but his 3rd order Origin King Realm is there, hitting a guy with a trace of aura, how can there be any good end?

It will be lucky enough to have broken body, it’s normal to turn into ashes.

The body suddenly trembled, incredibly turned his head to look, only to see that the youth over there as if nothing had happened, reached out and flicked the chest hit place, and then grinned, strolled towards him.

What the hell?

Yan Qing almost thought he was wrong, how could he be fine?

He can’t believe what he saw and release the Divine Sense to re-examine Yang Kai. It is certain that there is no trace of cultivation, this guy is almost no different from an ordinary person.

Under the frown, Yan Qing swept out another palm.

This palm he has exercised 30% of the power, some test intentions.

The young man who came across did not dodge, let the fierce attack hit his chest, his body did not shake, like a breeze, very comfortable.

Yan Qing was shocked, which did not know that he had looked away? Did not use any power to resist his own two palms, this person can not be…

“You are a body refiner!”

In this world, there is a group of extremely rare existence, do not cultivate meridian strength, only cultivate the physical body, rumor has it that it can also reach the ultimate martial dao, so that the physical body is sanctified. But no one can confirm this claim, because this path is as narrow as a sheep’s intestine path compared to the mass cultivation, there has been no one specializing in the flesh body for countless years, only in that long ago ancient times, there are records of such.

The person that He Yunxiang relies on is this person? This thought came to Yan Qing’s mind.

If this person is really a body refiner, it will never be easy to deal with, because body refiners only cultivate the physical body, vitality is extremely strong, it is difficult to be killed, and although this path is full of thorns, it is extremely difficult to walk, but once achieved, the power that can be brought out is terrifying, under the same level, almost no one can beat.

The third palm strike, Yan Qing has no reservations.

He wanted to see how far this body refiner had grown.

The sound of whistling wind came out, the power in the palm converged into a vortex, the sensational aura fell out, and a palm slammed down.


The energy stirred, the hall was upside down for a while, visible to the naked eye, a cyan palm print blasted at Yang Kai chest.

Yan Qing’s eyes were wide open and he could not wait to snap his eyes off and put them on the youth to get a clear look.

The result made him shocked and appalled, the full force of the blow still could not shake the youth, even his clothes did not even crease.

He was no match!

A trance, there was already one more person in front of him.

The youth, who was more than a dozen feet away, seemed to be able to shift his position and suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Huh!” Yan Qing’s reaction is also God’s speed, open his mouth to shout, a green light suddenly burst from the mouth, straight towards Yang Kai defenseless eyes. That is a three-inch long needle, Origin King Grade artifact, shadowless and invisible, there is no way to defend against.

The long needle artifact is rare, difficult to refine, but often extremely powerful, and is one of Yan Qing’s most powerful killer move.

But this most powerful killer weapon does not give Yan Qing the slightest sense of security, after a blow, the body is trying to retreat, want to pull away from the distance between the youth.

The body suddenly froze, a large hand covered his neck, he was out of breatch when pinched, Yan Qing collapsed like a dead dog, the body’s Saint Yuan no longer listen to mobilization.

With a clink, the long needle artifact fell to the ground.

Yan Qing was horrified beyond words, he saw the youth in front of him actually just blew his breath, then broke his own killer weapon.

‘How is it possible, how is it possible, i’m dreaming, right? Hahahahaha!’

The doors and windows of the hall shattered with a clatter, and a dozen people entered.

The movement inside naturally could not be concealed from the perception of those strong people outside, so as soon as they detected signs of action, they immediately rushed in, each emitting the aura of the Origin King realm.

The head is a venerable old man, hair white, hale and hearty, but also the 3rd order Origin King Realm, the aura is stronger than Yan Qing by a point.

Yan family Great Elder, Yan An!

The sword in his hands blossoming, the tip of the sword swayed, and suddenly shook straight, thousands of sword glow converge a little light, straight to stab Yang Kai.

The murderous aura, as if no one else is in the world! The swordmanship cultivation level is displayed to the fullest at this moment, which is breathtaking, seems to be drawn into the world of endless sword cultivation.


The long sword stabbed from the back, did not encounter any obstacle, straight from the front of the chest and out.

It’s a hit!

The feeling coming from the longsword on his hand let Yan An know that his sword did not stab empty place, that is the unique feeling that only comes from stabbing into flesh and blood, the breath of blood diffused out, and the many Yan family Origin King realm that followed in afterwards all showed joyful faces.

“Ah!” He Yunxiang let out a shriek.

She never imagined that Yang Kai, who was crowned as invincible in her eyes, actually did not even follow the sword of the Yan family’s Great Elder.

Then she saw a scene that made her incredulous.

What happened? It is impossible, against the second elder Yan Qing, Yang Kai carried out the overwhelming power, directly crushed him, how can he be stabbed through by a sword from Great Elder Yan An? Even if one’s back was turned, one would not be able to make such a cheap mistake.

“Overestimating oneself!” Yan An coldly snorted, the long sword in his hand fiercely blossomed with an extremely icy cold aura, freezing Yang Kai’s back, a layer of cold frost quickly spread out in all directions with the wound as the center.

“Great Elder… you… poof…” Yan Qing’s panicked voice came out, grief-stricken, and when he opened his mouth to speak, he seemed to have spit out fresh blood.

Yan An looked up towards him, but saw that he actually had a weird smile on his face.

‘Frowning, what is this second elder doing? Why is he smiling at me like this? The familiar face facing him actually distorted and changed into an unfamiliar young man’s appearance.’

“What?” Yan An was shocked.

If the one facing him is the youth, then who is the one being stabbed through with his own sword?

No longer dare to think about it, his forehead is dripping with cold sweat, fixed his eyes to see, suddenly the spirit is lost, familiar figure, familiar clothes, familiar height and hair…

The one who was stabbed by him, who is it if not the Second Elder?

‘What’s going on? What the hell is going on here? The first thing that happened was that the young man had been hit, and he had gotten it, but why did it turn out this way?’ Even though the Great Elder was not a bad cultivator and had a calm heart, he could not help but be a little confused at this moment.

“Illusion!” He Yunxiang’s beautiful eyes lit up, the heart’s worry was suddenly put down, that’s right, how can it be easy to deal with this Lord?

It turns out that in that instant just now, everyone in the hall was hit by a profound illusion, mistaking Yang Kai and Second Elder Yan Qing for each other. There is no trace of anything, but can make many Origin King realm fall into the illusion and can not extricate themselves, this kind of skill, can be called terrifying.

Yang Kai left eye have a bit of golden light convergence, the surge of divine soul power also calmed down, and there was a voice: “Great Elder is fierce, i really do not know what grudge the Great Elder and Second Elder have. Did he steal your wife or kill your parents? The Great Elder actually took advantage of this time to take personal revenge, ruthlessly strike, this young master can only say you did a wonderful job! As a man, it should be quick to take revenge, sharp and dry, the great elder is really a model for us.”

“You…” Yan An was furious, reached out and pulled out the long sword.

“Poof…” Yan Qing spurted out another mouthful of blood, easily dodged by Yang Kai, his face is pale and bloodless, if not for the deep knowledge of the Great Elder as a person, he will really think that he has something against himself, taking advantage of the opportunity to retaliate against himself.

After the sword is pulled out, there was a heartbreaking pain, and bone-chilling ice cold, almost to freeze people, Yan Qing knew that it is Yan An’s Yin cold Qi, extremely domineering and poisonous.

“I’ll kill you!” Yan An anger attacked his heart, his beard and hair opened wildly, raised his sword and stabbed towards Yang Kai.

Because of this young man in front of him, his reputation was ruined, and the crime of killing and maiming his fellow brothers was not a light one. He will have to return to his field and live in seclusion to retire.

In the face of Yan An, and the anger of the veteran 3rd order Origin King Realm, Yang Kai just show a faint smile, reach out a hand.


The aftertone curls up, crisp and pleasant to the ear.

Yan An was full of anger, but the head was like thrown with a pot of cold water, instantly extinguished, the only thing left is fear and horror.

He fixed his eyes, only to see that the youth one hand choke Yan Qing’s neck, parting a hand with a flick, his own long sword artifact was actually steadily clamped between his fingers, as if not handling a Origin King Grade artifact, but a light leaf.

Yan An was shocked, can not hide the shock in his eyes, hurriedly poured his entire cultivation level into the longsword, not retreating but advancing, stabbed down again.

Yang Kai’s eyes are full of ridicule, flexing his fingers on the longsword flick, the longsword immediately emitted a clear sword cry, showing a little chill.

The longsword almost out of hand, Yan An spent a lot of effort to grab the hilt and did not let go, but the longsword momentum has been uncontrolled, went straight towards the side.


With a soft sound, the longsword pierced through Yan Qing’s front chest, piercing into the chest at the heart!

“Ugh…” Yan Qing’s eyes instantly glared round, a breathless exhale sounded in his throat, arduously turning his eyes, his gaze fixed on Yan An, opening his mouth and spitting out a few words with all his strength: “I…… fuck your mother!”

The head tilted, completely out of aura.

Everyone was dumbfounded, Yan An almost lost the ability to think, his head was blank, his lips shivered fiercely a few times.


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