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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3104 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3104
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He Yunxiang suppressed the displeasure in her heart and said, “If anyone can inform this Mistress of the Heng Luo Star Field’s clues, this Mistress will be extremely grateful.”

The burly man smiled, “What are you thanking me with?”

She was only a 3rd order Origin King Realm, and it seemed she had only recently broken through, so what good things could she bring out? If she was willing to pay with her body, she would definitely be able to attract many people to help her inquire about Heng Luo Star Field.

At the very least, the burly man was extremely willing to do so, otherwise he wouldn’t have deliberately teased her just now.

He Yunxiang smiled and casually took out an object, “This is my token of appreciation!”

At first glance, this round mirror was unremarkable, as if it was only used for the dressing of a woman. It was simple and unadorned, but when He Yunxiang poured her Saint Yuan into it, a brilliant light flashed and at the same time, an astonishing energy fluctuation burst out from the mirror.

Everyone’s eyes were instantly drawn to the mirror, filled with greed.

A Dao Source Grade artifact! And it was a Dao Source Grade Mid-Rank… no, a Dao Source Grade High-Rank artifact!

Although they didn’t know what kind of power this round mirror had, its grade was something they couldn’t ignore. All of the Dao Source Stage masters present were only 1st order Dao Source Stage masters, so even if they had a Dao Source Stage artifact, it was only a low-grade artifact, not even a mid-grade one. When had they ever seen a Dao Source Grade High-Rank artifact?

Not to mention them, even the Sect Masters of the various Sects didn’t have such a treasure. Only the most powerful Sects in the Ancestral Domain had a few such artifacts, and all of them were like cornerstones.


A series of gulping sounds rang out.

Since ancient times, wealth had always moved the hearts of people. To cultivators of the Martial Dao, high quality pills and high-grade artifacts had an indescribable attraction to them. Any one of them could greatly increase one’s strength.

“I know about Heng Luo Star Field, so let me take a look at this mirror first. If it’s not bad, I’ll tell you the information you need,” The burly man said as he leapt upwards, his Dao Source Stage aura enveloping He Yunxiang as he stretched out his five fingers to grab the mirror.

He was obviously preparing to snatch it.


The other Dao Source Stage masters were all shocked, thinking that this was bad. They had all been here for a long time and understood each other’s temperament quite well. This big man was unscrupulous and unreasonable, so if this thing was really snatched by him, it would be very difficult for them to spit it out.

All of a sudden, a number of figures soared into the sky and rushed towards He Yunxiang, each of them targeting the Treasure Mirror.

He Yunxiang let out a long sigh as she looked at the crowd pouncing towards her with pity.

A 3rd order Origin King Realm facing so many Dao Source Staage masters, not only was she not surprised, she even showed such an expression. Many people who saw this were not only surprised, but also felt a sense of unease.

A fist suddenly appeared and shot out at lightning speed, leaving a spiral-shaped hole in the air.

Before his fist arrived, the burly man’s expression changed drastically, his eyes widening as he opened his mouth to speak, but before he could even spit out a word, his face was punched.

Like a watermelon being struck, the headless corpse flew a distance before landing on the ground, splashing water everywhere.

A series of gasps rang out as the seven or eight figures who had been rushing towards He Yunxiang all came to a halt, standing stiffly in mid-air, their blood almost freezing as they swallowed hard.

Everyone’s eyes turned towards the young man lying on the Star Shuttle, their eyes filled with shock.

At that moment, they clearly saw the young man move, and then… then the burly man died.

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They were well aware of the strength of this burly man, and none of them had any confidence in defeating him in a one-on-one fight, but now he had been blasted apart in front of so many people, unable to even resist, dying like an ant.

Who was this person!?

In fear, even their breathing was suppressed, lest they anger this man.

He Yunxiang was still smiling as she swept her beautiful eyes around, “Has no one heard of Heng Luo Star Field?”

No one answered, it was likely that the moment they opened their mouths, they would die.

He Yunxiang said, “My Lord is a man of his word. If anyone can provide us with information about Heng Luo Star Field, this mirror will be his. Of course, if you can point out the star passage entrance to Heng Luo Star Field, that would be even better. Since My Lord says so, he will definitely reward you!”

One of the old men bravely said, “Madam, we really don’t know anything about Heng Luo Star Field, nor have we ever heard of it.”

All he wanted to do was send this man and woman away as soon as possible. The pressure they gave off was too great.

“That’s a pity,” He Yunxiang didn’t expect to obtain any useful information as soon as she arrived. Perhaps she wouldn’t be able to find any clues even if she searched through all the star passage entrances, but she still had to try her best.

“We will not deceive you,” The old man said sincerely.

He Yunxiang pursed her lips and smiled, “I believe you, but since you’re all guarding this place, please keep an eye out for my Lord. If anyone comes through this entrance again, ask him where he comes from, if he comes from Heng Luo Star Field, ask him to go to Azure Dragon City three years later and say that Yang Kai is waiting for him!”

Azure Dragon City was one of the largest cities in the Ancestral Domain. Everyone in the Ancestral Domain knew about it, so it was a perfect place to meet. Three years was also the time Yang Kai had calculated. If he wanted to travel through all the Star Path entrances in the Ancestral Domain, three years was just about enough time. If there was any harvest, he could only wait in Azure Dragon City.

“Of course, of course!” The old man replied.

He Yunxiang said, “When the time comes, if possible, I would like to ask everyone to escort us to Azure Dragon City. When we arrive there, everyone will receive a reward.” She raised the mirror in her hand and smiled, “Sir has many of these things.”

Everyone’s expressions shook as they became excited.

This was a great deal, just escorting a person to Azure Dragon City would allow them to obtain a Dao Source Grade High-Rank artifact, how could there be such a good deal in this world? Of course, the prerequisite was that a cultivator from Heng Luo Star Field had to come through the entrance.

Yang Kai, everyone silently remembered this name because this might be their opportunity.

At the same time, they also secretly guessed that Yang Kai’s background was not simple, otherwise, it would be impossible for him to deliberately leave behind his name after killing someone. Obviously, he was not afraid of the force behind this burly man seeking revenge.

Judging from the strength the other party displayed just now, his cultivation was also unfathomable. If someone really wanted to seek revenge, they would only be throwing meat buns at dogs.

The Star Shuttle transformed into a stream of light and soon disappeared.

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One Star Path entrance after another was searched, leaving behind the same instructions and requests.

Many people who wanted money were killed, and even more people remembered the name Yang Kai and the Three Year Agreement and Azure Dragon City.

In the blink of an eye, half a year had passed. During this time, Yang Kai and He Yunxiang were constantly rushing around the various Star Path entrances, not knowing what fatigue was. He Yunxiang also knew that this matter was of utmost importance to Yang Kai, so she was very diligent in her work. On normal days, she would only focus on her own cultivation without any complaints.

Although she had been in the Ancestral Domain for half a year, she had not even experienced the wonders of the Ancestral Domain and had spent all her time traveling and searching for people.

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“Sir, we’re almost at the next entrance.” The Star Map in her hand played an important role. If she didn’t have it, searching through this vast Ancestral Domain would be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

As she spoke, she stared at a seven or eight-year-old girl with a strange expression.

On a certain day half a month ago, He Yunxiang woke up from her meditation and looked back in shock.

This was because there was a new person on the Star Shuttle, a seven or eight year old little girl. She was extremely cute and her eyes were as clear as a spring.

Listening to Yang Kai, this little girl seemed to be called Liu Yan.

However, she didn’t notice how Liu Yan had appeared on her Star Shuttle, and this little girl was just as strange as Yang Kai. There was not the slightest trace of Spiritual Energy fluctuation from her body, as if she had never cultivated.

However, when facing her, He Yunxiang felt a great pressure. This pressure was not much worse than facing Yang Kai.

Could it be that she had the strength to stand shoulder to shoulder with this Lord? He Yunxiang couldn’t believe her own thoughts. Although a cultivator’s age was extremely vague after cultivating, she was still just a little girl, so how strong could she be?

She had asked Yang Kai where Liu Yan came from.

Yang Kai casually picked it up, causing He Yunxiang to not know whether to laugh or cry.

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What’s more, Liu Yan’s address of the Sir also confused her, calling him Master without the slightest bit of pretense, making He Yunxiang wonder if Yang Kai had some kind of special fetish, otherwise how could he not be tempted by her?

At this moment, Yang Kai was sitting cross-legged on the Star Shuttle while Liu Yan was leaning against his chest, playing with her long and soft hair, seemingly bored. Yang Kai yawned and said, “En.”

Suddenly turning his head, he looked over and grinned, “How lively.”

Liu Yan immediately said, “Let’s go take a look.”

“What are you looking at? A group of ants fighting, what’s there to see? Business is more important.”

Liu Yan pouted.

“Good, good, good, let’s go take a look,” Yang Kai helplessly pinched her cheek.

Liu Yan smiled. Her retreat on Spirit Beast Island had greatly changed her personality, making her seem like a child. Perhaps it was because of the Phoenix’s Nirvana inheritance.

Without needing any instructions, He Yunxiang changed directions and flew off to the side while simultaneously using a Secret Technique to conceal her presence.

It was indeed quite lively down below. Several hundred people were flying forward at lightning speed, each of them leading a group of people who were all Dao Source Stage masters. The most powerful of them was a 3rd order Dao Source Stage master, while there were at least five 2nd order Dao Source Stage masters.

He Yunxiang felt a great pressure from these people.

Her little concealment technique was unable to escape the senses of these people, so many of their eyes swept over her, but none of them paid any attention to her. It was obvious they had something important to attend to.

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