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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3109 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3109
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Chi Yue and Ai Ou’s adventures in the Star Boundary were still vivid in Yang Kai’s mind, and he was well aware of how much they had suffered and how tired they were. Even Wayless, who was known as the Star Field’s number one, had fallen, let alone Su Yan, a lone woman.

A voice from the depths of his heart roared.

He wanted to see her!

Immediately! Immediately!

Love flooded out like a tide, almost drowning Yang Kai’s body and mind.

“Master!” Liu Yan grabbed Yang Kai’s arm, and the delicate sensation caused Yang Kai to snap out of his daze. The man who had been grabbed by the neck suddenly rolled his eyes, his face pale as if he was about to die.

Yang Kai quickly released him and threw him onto the Star Shuttle.

A series of violent coughs rang out as the man half-kneeled, his hand clutching his throat as he coughed so hard that his tears were about to fall. The eyes of the cultivators watching from below twitched.

“I’m really sorry,” Yang Kai stretched out his hand towards the man, but he couldn’t help trembling slightly.

With his current temperament and cultivation, there were very few things in this world that could shake his heart to such an extent, but the information he had obtained about Su Yan in the Ancestral Domain was definitely the same. The fact that this guy in front of him called Su Yan Senior Sister meant that after Su Yan came to the Ancestral Domain, she had joined the Sect behind him. No matter what, bullying her Junior Brother was not something to be proud of, not to mention Yang Kai still had to ask him for help later.

The man paused for a moment before grabbing Yang Kai’s hand and standing up, a look of lingering fear still on his face as he stared at Yang Kai.

His cultivation was also at the 3rd order Origin King Realm, but in the hands of this young man, he was like an ant without the slightest ability to resist. Obviously, this young man was not someone he could provoke. Yang Kai’s quick change in attitude also made him feel that this young man was somewhat temperamental, making him feel even more fearful. Such strength and temperament were extremely strange.

“How should I address this Junior Brother?” Yang Kai tried his best to maintain a calm expression.

The man swallowed his saliva and said, “Xiang Fei.”

“So it’s Junior Brother Xiang,” Yang Kai smiled and patted him on the shoulder, causing him to bend over slightly, “I’ve offended you just now, please forgive me, Junior Brother Xiang. En, you called Su Yan Senior Sister before, but did she become your Sect’s disciple?”


After a few simple questions, Yang Kai learned some clues.

It was just as he had expected, after Su Yan came to the Ancestral Domain, she had joined the force behind Xiang Fei, the Red Cloud Sect, and Su Yan had come to the Ancestral Domain through this Star Path entrance.

However, at that time, it was not Xiang Fei who received her, but another person from the Red Cloud Sect, so Xiang Fei didn’t know the exact details. He only knew a little about her after Su Yan joined the Red Cloud Sect.

Su Yan’s beauty was unparalleled, her temperament was cold, and her aptitude was extraordinary. After only a few years of joining the Red Cloud Sect, Su Yan had gained a large number of supporters, and there were countless Senior Brothers and Junior Brothers who were trying to curry favor with her. She had become an influential figure in Red Cloud Sect.

There were only a few such people in every Sect, more or less. As a disciple from the Lower Planes Star Field, Su Yan naturally received more attention. This was how news of her birth in Heng Luo Star Field spread.

Xiang Fei had also met Su Yan a few times, but he didn’t have the courage to speak to her. He only felt that her cold expression had a kind of coldness that repelled others a thousand kilometres away. If he were to approach her, he might even be frostbitten.

“Senior Sister Su’s aptitude is extraordinary, reaching the Dao Source Stage in less than five years after joining our Sect. Such aptitude is truly amazing.” Xiang Fei sighed. He could tell that Yang Kai and Su Yan had some kind of relationship, so he was trying his best to put it nicely.

Sure enough, Yang Kai was overjoyed when he heard this, ‘She has broken to the Dao Source Stage?’

He had always been worried that she would suffer unfair treatment or be ostracized in this world, but now it seemed that she was living quite well.

“How about now?” Yang Kai asked.

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Xiang Fei replied, “I don’t know either.”

Yang Kai frowned, “How could you not know? Aren’t you also a disciple of Red Cloud Sect?”

Xiang Fei was startled and quickly said, “It’s true that Little Brother is a disciple of Red Cloud Sect, but more than ten years ago, he was sent here to guard this place and rarely returned to the Sect, so there’s no way to know what happened in the Sect.”

Yang Kai looked at him with sympathy. Generally speaking, those who were sent to guard the Starry Way entrance were not well-liked in the Sect and had no backers, which was why they were assigned such a time-consuming task.

This Xiang Fei was obviously this person in the Red Cloud Sect.

“Do you want to go back?”

“Of course I do.” How could this lonely life outside compare to the comfort of the High Sect?

Yang Kai patted him on the shoulder, “Congratulations, your wish will soon be fulfilled!”

“Wha… what!?” Xiang Fei didn’t have time to react, only instinctively feeling that something was wrong.

“Go to Red Cloud Sect!” Yang Kai ordered He Yunxiang.

He Yunxiang immediately activated her Star Shuttle.

“Lead the way!” Yang Kai turned to Xiang Fei.

Xiang Fei hurriedly said, “No, no, let me go quickly. Without the Sect Master and Elders’ orders, I… uh, it’s going in the wrong direction, this way!” In front of Yang Kai’s clay pot-sized fist, he had no choice but to surrender. This temperamental young man in front of him was not someone he could afford to provoke. When he was under the eaves, he had no choice but to lower his head. When he returned to the Sect and someone asked him about it, he would at least have an explanation, but he didn’t know what kind of punishment he would receive. He probably wouldn’t have any monthly salary for this month. Thinking about the few extremely important Source Congealing Pill he had, he couldn’t help feeling somewhat dejected.

Yang Kai’s fist smashed into his chest, scaring him so much that two of his three souls flew away. When he realized that this punch did not injure him, he cried out, “Senior Brother, don’t scare me.”

“Tell me more about Su Yan. If you do, you’ll definitely benefit.”

‘I’ll be thankful if you don’t implicate me.’ Xiang Fei doesn’t know whether bringing this guy to Red Cloud Sect is a blessing or a curse, but it’s obvious that this person has a deep relationship with Senior Sister Su Yan and is likely one of her suitors. Otherwise, why would he try to find out about Senior Sister Su Yan? Moreover, his strength is so great, if he were to run to the Sect, wouldn’t he be in conflict with some people?

However, after thinking about it, this matter didn’t seem to have much to do with him. Everyone wanted to eat swan meat, but most of them were toads that were crawling on the ground. All they could do was stare at the swan flying in the sky and drool. If he were to really cause trouble in the Sect, he would be the one to suffer.

After stabilizing his state of mind, Xiang Fei picked up some of the things he knew.

He didn’t know much about Su Yan. Although the Red Cloud Sect wasn’t one of the top Sects in the Ancestral Domain, it was still a Second-Rank Sect. There were more than a thousand disciples in the Sect and very few people he wasn’t familiar with had the opportunity to interact with. Most of his understanding of Su Yan was only hearsay.

However, regardless of whether this news was true or false, Yang Kai listened with a smile, as if he had personally witnessed Su Yan’s life during those years.

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“That’s right, not long after Senior Sister Su Yan entered the Sect, she was accepted as a disciple by Elder Ruan. I heard that when Elder Ruan saw her, the composure was lost and insisted on taking her as disciple. It was because of this that Senior Sister Su’s name spread throughout the Sect.”

“Is that Elder Ruan… male or female?”

“Female… Elder Ruan is the oldest and most qualified Elder in the Sect.” Xiang Fei felt that when Yang Kai asked this question just now, a cold light flashed across his eyes, but now that he looked again, there was no trace of it. He didn’t know if it was just his imagination.

Yang Kai laughed and patted Xiang Fei’s shoulder, “Your Elder Ruan’s eyesight is quite good.”

“Haha…” Xiang Fei grinned, “Elder Ruan’s temper is quite strange. We didn’t dare approach Spirit Peak where she lived, and although she is an Elder of my Red Cloud Sect, she doesn’t seem to participate in the Sect’s affairs and has never accepted a disciple, so when news of her wanting to take Senior Sister Su as her disciple spread throughout the Sect, it caused quite a stir.”

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From Xiang Fei’s mouth, a strange, moody, and wrinkled Old woman appeared in Yang Kai’s mind.

Yang Kai was very grateful to this Elder Ruan whom he had never met before.

Su Yan had met a great benefactor on her way out. Otherwise, with her appearance, even if she joined the Red Cloud Sect, she would likely be in a lot of trouble. There were many talented people, so why would she be able to break through to the Dao Source Stage within five years? This was likely due to the full support of Elder Ruan. Just the amount of Source Congealing Pill needed to break through to the Dao Source Stage was a massive amount. Su Yan had just arrived, so how could she have gathered so many pills?

Along the way, Xiang Fei went through all the information he knew about Su Yan, but Yang Kai still wasn’t satisfied and kept asking, as if he was extremely hungry and wanted him to draw a few big pies in front of him.

Xiang Fei couldn’t say anything, but he didn’t dare to offend him either. He could only feel sadness welling up in his heart as he silently cursed, What kind of person is this!

Gritting his teeth, he said, “Senior Sister Su has countless suitors in the Sect.”

He could tell that this young man was definitely familiar with Senior Sister Su Yan and was definitely interested in her. Previously, when they were talking about Su Yan, he had deliberately not talked about her emotionally because he didn’t want to disturb her.

Now that there was nothing to say, he could only say this.

This is your own fault, don’t blame me!

Unexpectedly, Yang Kai only smiled and didn’t seem to care.

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Even if Xiang Fei didn’t say anything, Yang Kai could guess that Su Yan would have many suitors, which would be strange if there wasn’t any, but in this world, how many people could catch her eye? In Yang Kai’s eyes, these suitors weren’t even his love rivals.

Seeing no reaction from him, Xiang Fei continued, “It’s fine with the others, Senior Sister Su is Elder Ruan’s only disciple after all, it’s not appropriate for her to be pestered. After being rejected, they will always retreat, only one person…”

“What? Is there really someone so shameless?”

“If I tell you, don’t say it’s me,” Xiang Fei looked around, but seeing no one around, he lowered his voice.

“If you have something to say, say it!”

“Our Young Sect Master is extremely fond of Senior Sister Su and once said in front of many people that he would take Senior Sister Su as his concubine.”

“Fck your mother!” Yang Kai was furious, his expression fierce as his previous calmness was swept away.

‘Motherfucker, don’t let this old master see you, otherwise I’ll beat you until your mother can’t recognize you! It’s one thing to secretly admire, but how dare you boast so shamelessly!’

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