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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3110 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3110
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Red Cloud Mountain, covered in lush greenery, had a beautiful scenery, with rolling mountain ranges and flying beasts roaming about.

Outside the mountain gate, the Star Shuttle descended and the disciples guarding the mountain immediately came up to greet it, staring at Xiang Fei in surprise, “Senior Brother Xiang, why are you back? These people are…”

Although Xiang Fei didn’t have any backing in the Red Cloud Sect and wasn’t favored by his elders, his 3rd order Origin King Realm cultivation was still there, so how could these disciples not respect him?

Xiang Fei hesitated for a moment, not knowing how to explain himself. He had not been summoned back to the Sect and had broken the Sect’s rules. If he wanted to enter, he would have to explain the situation to these people in front of him and have them pass on the message.

The disciples guarding the mountain looked at Xiang Fei suspiciously, not knowing what he was thinking.

“I’m looking for someone!” Yang Kai was in a hurry to see Su Yan, so he didn’t have the time to waste. Waving his hand, he waved the disciples aside and walked inside.

Seeing this, Xiang Fei’s heart skipped a beat as he cursed in his heart. He knew that things were going to get bad, but he didn’t expect this guy to be so rude and unreasonable. If he had politely handed over the letter, it wouldn’t have been impossible for him to enter, but what was with this rampage?

With him causing such a ruckus, he would probably have to bear the crime of secretly colluding with an enemy.

Run? Or not? If he didn’t run, he would definitely be punished by the Sect, but if he ran, where could he run?

Thinking quickly, he could only grit his teeth and beg, “Senior Brother, please wait!”

He Yunxiang stood in front of him and smiled, “There’s nothing else for you to do here, this bottle of Spirit Pills will be your gift.” Throwing down a bottle of Spirit Pills, she also chased after Yang Kai.

The few disciples guarding the mountain were stunned for a moment before waking up from their daze. One of them immediately took out his communication compass and poured his Divine Sense into it.

A short while later, the alarm bell in Red Cloud Sect rang loudly.

Xiang Fei’s face paled as he slumped to the ground, the bottle of pills in his hand becoming extremely hot.

Numerous figures flew out from the Red Cloud Sect and rushed towards the mountain gate.


Yang Kai soon encountered the first layer of the Great Mountain Defending Formation!

Every Sect had their own Great Mountain Defending Formation which would not be fully activated on ordinary days, but it also had some defensive and vigilant effects. Without a special method, it was impossible to pass through this Formation. If it was used in battle, this Great Mountain Defending Formation would also become a powerful protection.

An invisible wall blocked his path, forcing Yang Kai to stop.

Shua, shua, shua. One figure after another appeared in the surroundings, all of them staring at him with unfriendly expressions. Although Red Cloud Sect wasn’t a top force, they weren’t pushovers who could be easily bullied. This fellow in front of then had barged into the mountain without any prior notice, obviously not placing Red Cloud Sect’s rules in his eyes. This was a great taboo to any Sect, an act of hostility.

“Halt, report your name!” A red-faced man stood in front of everyone and shouted. This man had a 1st order Dao Source Stage cultivation and was obviously a rare master in Red Cloud Sect. He held some important positions and was likely an Elder or Hall Master.

Yang Kai frowned deeply, not because he was blocked by the Great Mountain Defending Formation or because the Red Cloud Sect had so many people.

He didn’t sense anything!

In the Red Cloud Sect, there was no trace of Su Yan’s aura!

He and Su Yan had encountered a fortuitous encounter in the past, obtaining the inheritance of the Yin Yang Joyous Unification Art and the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress inheritance. They shared the Yin Yang Creation Technique, and as long as they were within a certain distance, they would be able to sense each other’s existence.

This Red Cloud Mountain was only a few hundred kilometres long. If Su Yan was really here, there was no reason he couldn’t sense her.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Since there was no response, it meant that there was no Su Yan in Red Cloud Sect.

Was he mistaken? Could it really be that they shared the same name, that Su Yan in Red Cloud Sect was not his Su Yan? But the person Xiang Fei was describing was clearly the person he had been thinking about day and night.

Or could it be that Su Yan was not in Red Cloud Sect at the moment? En, that was quite possible.

The red-faced man was indeed an Elder in the Red Cloud Sect, but under the attention of so many disciples, he was actually ignored, causing him to become somewhat angry. Sweeping his Divine Consciousnes over, he found that one of the three people below was a 3rd order Origin King Realm, while the other two didn’t show any signs of cultivation. What surprised him even more was that there was a seven or eight-year-old little girl.

Did this family of three accidentally get lost on a trip?

“Are you deaf? This Elder asked you a question, did you not hear me?” The red-faced man shouted angrily.

Only then did Yang Kai raise his head and look towards him. When he raised his hand, a phantom suddenly appeared in the air, as if it was a living person, its black hair fluttering in the wind, its features exquisite, its face carrying a faint smile, dazzling everyone who saw it.

Yang Kai looked at the red-faced man and asked, “Is this person in your Sect?”

Before the red-faced man could answer, some of the Red Cloud Sect disciples burst into an uproar.

“This is…”

“Is this Senior Sister Su?”

“A bit like Senior Sister Su, no, this is Senior Sister Su!”

“Heavens, Senior Sister Su’s smile is so beautiful.”

The image of Su Yan Yang condensed from Yang Kai’s energy was something he remembered, but these Red Cloud Sect disciples had never seen Su Yan’s smile before. The title of ice beauty was not for nothing, so at this moment, none of them dared to recognize her.

Who was this person? Why was he able to see Senior Sister Su Yan’s smile? For a time, many people were filled with righteous indignation, feeling that this fellow’s appearance was somewhat disgusting. Why would such a good thing happen to him?

Hearing the whispers around him, the answer was obvious. Yang Kai let out a sigh and asked, “Where is she?”

“Who exactly are you?” Being ignored by Yang Kai time again, the red-faced man was thoroughly annoyed.

“Where is she?!” Yang Kai looked at him and shouted.

The red-faced man smiled angrily, “Why should I tell you?”


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With a loud bang, the entire mountain shook and the Great Mountain Defending Formation in front of Yang Kai suddenly collapsed, turning into specks of light before disappearing.

Yang Kai withdrew his fist and calmly said, “I’m sorry, my temper is quite bad today. If I have offended you in any way, please forgive me.” As he spoke, he took a few steps forward and arrived in front of the red-faced man.

Before the red-faced man could recover from his shock, he was suddenly approached by a fierce aura. Raising his eyes, he saw Yang Kai’s face right in front of him and couldn’t help taking a few steps back, asking vigilantly, “What are you doing?”

Breaking the Red Cloud Sect’s Great Mountain Defending Formation with a single punch, even if this Formation was not fully activated, it was still not something an ordinary person could accomplish. Moreover, from beginning to end, there had been no energy fluctuations at all. What kind of brute force was this?

Yang Kai reached out and grabbed his collar, “Are you deaf or an idiot? I’ve asked several times, where is she?”

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Spits flew all over the red-faced man’s face, causing him to fly into a rage, “Junior, don’t act so arrogantly. This is my Red Cloud Sect, if you know what’s good for you, quickly retreat, or else you’ll regret it for the rest of your life!”

Although Yang Kai had displayed extraordinary brute force, as an Elder of Red Cloud Sect, how could he show weakness? There were more than a thousand disciples in the Sect, more than a dozen Dao Source Stage masters, and the Sect Master was a 2nd order Dao Source Stage master. If this little brat really wanted to act presumptuously here, he would definitely tell him to come in and lie down.

Moreover, after witnessing Yang Kai’s brute strength, he had already sent a message to many Elders and Sect Master, so they should have arrived by now, right?

A stream of light flew towards Yang Kai with a cold intent. When it was close enough, it suddenly revealed a long blade and slashed towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai flicked his finger and struck the tip of the blade, sending it flying back with a flash of light. An old man caught it in his hand, causing his face to distort. In that instant, he felt that his artifact’s spirituality had been damaged.

Who was this guy?


Several powerful auras appeared, and seven or eight people suddenly appeared. When the many Red Cloud Sect disciples saw them, they all felt a deep sense of respect for them. These people were all Dao Source Stage Elders of the Sect, and normally it was rare to see any of them, but now that so many of them had appeared, it seemed that besides the few who had gone out to attend to some business, the Sect Elders had already gathered.

A black-robed man flew over, his sleeves fluttering in the wind, his expression dignified, his aura stronger than anyone present.

“Sect Master!” Everyone bowed respectfully to him.

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He was the Sect Master of Red Cloud Sect, Han Zhengyuan.

Since the Great Mountain Defending Formation had been broken, there was no need for the red-faced man to inform him. He had to come and investigate.

When he saw his Elder being held by the collar by a young man, his face immediately sank.

“Let go!” The red-faced man coldly smiled, his gaze sharp as he stared at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s mood also calmed down a little. Since things had become like this, he was also responsible, mainly because this matter involved Su Yan, so he let go of him.

In the eyes of the Red Cloud Sect’s disciples, this display was actually a sign of guilt. The red-faced man thought to himself, at least you know how to adapt to circumstances, so he proudly cupped his fists and said, “Greetings, Sect Master.” He had not lost face for Red Cloud Sect, so at this moment he was naturally full of confidence.

Han Zhengyuan nodded and looked at Yang Kai, “How may I address you? Why have you come to my Red Cloud Sect?”

Yang Kai replied, “It doesn’t matter what my surname is or what my name is, I only came to your Sect to find someone.”


“Su Yan!”

Han Zhengyuan couldn’t help frowning, “Who are you to her?”

Yang Kai replied, “I am her husband!”

As soon as these words came out, the entire crowd went into an uproar. The group of Red Cloud Sect disciples were all dumbfounded as they stared at Yang Kai like he was an idiot. Su Yan had been in the Sect for more than twenty years, but they had never heard of her having a husband. The scene of her talking to a man was rarely seen, so how could such a close relative suddenly appear? Their first reaction was that it was impossible, followed by anger.

Su Yan was extremely popular in the entire Red Cloud Sect and was regarded as a beloved by many of her Senior Brothers and Sisters. Now that someone had suddenly appeared and called him her husband, they were naturally enraged and felt that this fellow had blasphemed against the beauty in their heart. They wanted nothing more than to rush up and tear this fellow into pieces to vent the anger.

“Bullshit!” Han Zhengyuan didn’t answer, but suddenly a young man stepped forward and cursed.

Yang Kai turned his head to look at him and saw that this guy’s face was oily, his skin was fair, and his figure was thin. Although he was a Origin King Realm, his aura was unstable and it was obvious that his foundation wasn’t solid. This kind of cultivation must have been accumulated with medicine.

Looking at his face again, he seemed somewhat similar to Han Zhengyuan.

Yang Kai immediately understood who he was.

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